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Found 22 results

  1. About us Paleto Bay has always been a beautiful area for such scenic routes, the best spot to enjoy a delicious hardy meal after a long days night, or maybe you'd like to stop in for one of our savory morning hours, delicious waffles, pan-cakes with a slab of bacon and sausages on the side, what's not to love?! The beach is only a few steps away from taking your dinner and or serving in a to-go package and enjoy the nights sky or the mornings rise. Location Just off the highway take a left and go on the main drag into Paleto Bay, you can't miss us, we're the biggest diner around! | Contact E-Mail: [email protected] (( @Rum )) Main businesses page: The Mojito Inn The Dance Floor One of our finest attractions is our dance-floor and the parties that range from nine to five, never too early to get your jig on! Bring your drink and mix to the floor, scoot boot with your best friend or perhaps significant other and let the stress flow off your shoulders. Restaurant If you're looking for some southern-styled traditional dishes, you came to the right place, the best in the county in fact! We have a menu to choose some mighty dishes from, all offering large plate fulls of soothing warm dishes to satisfy any foodie! Our Menu
  2. For sale - A stunning 2 floor property in the heart of Paleto Bay, one of the larger home for sale in the area. It features a large drive way with a double garage perfect for a family. Home is for sale due to the current owners relocating closer to the City. It has been fully renovated and is ready to move into. Take a look into the gallery for the full overview. Pictures Starting bid: $700,000 Buyout: $1,500,000 Auction ends: 08/11/2021 at midnight.
  3. "What ever happened to the woman I knew?" This thread has been created to follow the development of Maura Lyne, after the abandonment of the Mannix Family and her late husband's death. Maura Lyne was born into an Irish lineage, as a second generation immigrant in West Virginia. Raised as an only child with a rare acceptance of an absent mother throughout her years, her father was left to make ends meet to keep the two comfortable. She developed a sense of independence and responsibility at a young age, gaining her passion for working with plants and serving others within the family-owned bar. A simple childhood to a poor family. Her parents eventually filed for divorce, leaving her mother to pass away around her late teen years. Heartbroken and unsure on how to deal with his daughter, he sent her to Los Santos around the age of nineteen with a minimal amount of money. Maura found her way to Paleto Bay and started a job at the Mojito Inn, serving as a waitress and bartender for the family running the Inn. She became close to Harvey Mannix, joining the family and working alongside others in legal and illegal terms. The duo went steady falling in love for a little over three years, leaving Harvey to propose; and Maura accepted. Mannix treated her well, but eventually his harsh life and ways caught up to the pair, and Maura was left as a young widow at twenty six years old. Left to guide her own late husband's legacy and help out her straining brother in law, she was forced to change. [ Please do not metagame the information posted in this thread. ]
  4. Myself and a few other people have come up with the idea of a demolition derby somewhere in the county. It's a really early project at the moment and we're still coming up with how exactly things will work in game, such as how many vehicles will compete at once, or even what vehicles to allow, obviously we want to stick to lower end cars that realistically wouldn't be much to lose. We currently were thinking around 5-6 vehicles at once participating. We do have a discord server set up with those who are interested, if you would like to discuss and mention any ideas or suggestions there, please join us. https://discord.gg/dpXUVUfF
  5. This thread will follow the development of two cousins, Hugo Garza and John Romero.
  6. The Tongva Nation The History Historical evidence suggests that the Tongva Tribe are descended from Uto-Aztecan peoples who originated in western North America. It is thought that these initial migrants moved into the region and absorbed or pushed out the earlier speaking Hokans. A majority of the Tongva territory is in what’s known as the Sonoran life zone. A land rich with ecological resources that allowed the group to thrive. Tongvans managed to get along well for many generations in this area. Prior to Christianization, they lived a fruitful life with a focus on the mutual respect of others and nature. However, this was all to change with the tide of colonization and Christianity looming. Recent Events Timeline Undated photo of the Hahamog’na, a band of native Tongva people. Modern Day The Tribe’s culture is considerably scattered given the prior centuries of history. The mistreatment of Tongvan people and land has led to the Tribe losing much of its sense of togetherness. Their home split, sold, and bartered away as the dawn of a new country shone through. Along with this came the loss of portions of their culture. With this disconnect growing, many sought a new life, one outside of their home. It’s not uncommon for members of the Tribe to be living through the County, the City, and even the greater United States. Although, there is some hope. The establishment of new members of the Tribe’s council has led to an uptick in general liveliness. While there is certainly a distrust of the government that actively helped destroy the group’s way of life, the younger and more ‘liberal’ members of the community make their stand to co-exist instead of watching their history get snuffed out. The Res' Location The Reservation Members of the Tribe commonly visit and interact with their family members that live on the reservation. Currently, the group has been displaced in what is technically *not* their land, however, the Tribe has little say when billion dollar corporations and American greed have taken precedence over the people’s history. The land is a common piece of contention for both members of the Tongva Tribe and local indigenous peoples alike. Technically, this is a displacement of Tongvan peoples, however, it is all they currently have to call 'their own'. OOC Info This faction focuses heavily on the portrayal of modern day indigenous people(s) and the hardships they experience in an average life of a run-down reservation. More specifically the Tongva Tribe. Encompassing life challenges into our RP like sustainable drinking water, being threatened by hunters and focusing on the sensitive political relationships with law enforcement and integrating socially to an area they are unfamiliar with. The goal of this faction is to not strictly be viewed as an illegal group, rather a community of individuals with individual motivations, goals, etc that share commonality via their heritage. There is no specific path to crafting a character for this faction nor becoming a member of our community. However, only characters with a specific ‘blood quantum’ (highly controversial measurement of the amount of "Indian blood") are technically eligible to be a full fledged member of the Tribe. These members help govern and check our IC systems that are being established, including a small scale Tribal Council. However, we welcome anyone that’s interested in exploring this concept to reach out. Rules We hold everyone to the highest OOC standards. Faction bashing, trolling, and general OOC tomfoolery is expected to be avoided. Faction leadership reserves the standard CK rights that apply. However, we promise that this will only be a final resort and will not come without exploring all other possible routes. Screenshot posting requires approval to ensure quality. PM celestialrage or post in our approval channel prior to posting! We invite anyone interested in viewing our collected resources, research, etc. to join us on Our Discord!! We have a compilation of useful resources accessible to anyone.
  7. I'm only asking this out of sincerity since I'm pretty tired of city RP and want to give out county life a try. How would a character that lives in Blaine County be portrayed correctly other than lack of expensive vehicles?
  8. "Church, bank, gun store, bar... what more do you need to enjoy life in rural America?" Paleto Bay Paleto Bay is a small rural town located in Blaine County, San Andreas, situated northwest of the Paleto Forest, west of Procopio Beach and sits on the coastline of the Pacific Ocean and the northwestern foot of Mount Chiliad. It is mainly a residential area with some small local shops and a well known community of tight knit and close individuals. Developing criminal activity has been slowly building along side of such said calm local town. The family known under the name "Mannix" has been slandered into various conversations and rumors situating around the county as a whole, crimes such as smuggling narcotics, guns, sales of shine and various illegal products. The Mannix Family was a widely known drug trafficking organization of like minded individuals that was established back in 1958 within the hills of War, West Virginia, founded by a Richard "Dick" Mannix. Years continued to soar by and the name kept up to its reputation, slowly becoming a well talked about subject around the bars and various nooks and crannies of War, West Virginia. With their main operations running out of West Virginia and the West Coast, they had various ties to the few groups that remained inviolable to the surrounding area, Dead Man Incorporated and The Pagan's MC who would supply them with an immediate line into the Western Hills. The family made their name known around tables by getting into business with the surrounding locals, keeping their money regulated and their shares safe within various small businesses from the family diner to the local bar. The Family grew into parts of West Virginia that were "untouched" by larger criminal folds, giving those under the family to take bitter-haste and capitalize into their next interest. Even though mostly keeping out of sight and behind closed doors the family still managed to have their names defamed across the county, the larger figures becoming publicized in the drug-trade along the northern border by doing hand in hand business with those who kept the inland waterways clear and on route. Present Forwarding into the present time [2012 - 2020] the numbers of said organization have lessened due to an onslaught of arrests on the surrounding members "Gary Hartson", "Amber Ments", "Christopher Ments" & "Benjamin Mac", due to a formal member taking a slip of words to various bar patrons, ultimately leading said members into their own jail-sentences. This left a good sum of the origin to fall and fade out between the current years, most names residing away from the heat of law as they kept their mouths shut when they knew it was time to call it quits. In result of difficulties and onset of problems, a majority of the lasting members decided to move to get away from the scene, packing what cash and respects they had left. Harvey Mannix and his two younger brothers, Landon Mannix, Eden Mannix and his younger sister, Penelope Mannix managed to move down country to Baton Rogue, Louisiana in hopes to find further refuge away from what law was out on tail, in all hopes to put and end to the organizations antics. Harvey met a good sort of like minded individuals and managed to get involved in further distribution, safely away from what law was ranging around West Virginia by keeping safely under the radar in his friends household by the name of Robert Lane, often traveling from one end of the county to another, making sure that money was made by any means necessary, most often enduring long hours in trafficking cocaine and small arms to a group known by "The Black Dollars" a little known group mainly reigning from Louisiana, the group being motivated by violence, drug sales and ensuring their so called clique was "white in and white out". Harvey kept astray with what company was around, leading the few into a life of respect, fortune and soon enough, luxury and mud. "We're a happy family, that's it, blood has nothin' to do with it" ~ Harvey Mannix It was only a few years later when the company ran their course in Louisiana, taking a good more set of outsiders and degenerates along the way. It was on October 24th 2019 when the family made their last stop along the shores of Los Santos, seeking out a primary location to finally call home, settle down, live steady and calm with what money was made, something they all knew was in a distant future. The organization kept form and strength around a small county town by the name of Paleto Bay, situating just beside the great waters of the Pacific Ocean. The organization keeps strong in means of keeping money over all, performing various illegal acts from extortion, sales of narcotics, guns, and furthermore protection to the locals. They tend to keep words tightly kept until behind closed doors, most minds are set on one thing, to get enough money in hopes to get what they need, when they need it, to further what enterprise and projects they are currently projecting out to the community. Crime, violence and money has become the norm for said company around the family, all more better that those under such influence are held strong and tight around the county border, perfect for those who're wishing to stay away from such policing and forces that could put an end to such said goals. Out of Character The Mannix Family is attempting to portray a realistic environment around the county and surrounding area. With both characteristics of illegal and legal ventures around, the aspect of the faction will be portrayed and based around Paleto Bay as an outlaw group. Those under the faction will be wished to hold a good and creative atmosphere for those who're willing to join, always creating role-play for those who're around the county. The faction by no means is a racial group, there's members that have had long lasting relationships with one another, working hand in hand from various ethnicities, as long as you're understanding that we're county based, and your character is county based, that's good enough for us as long as your character has a story that'd fit and or makes sense to portray along our organization. Don't expect to go around guns blazing and getting into the thicket of known beef and or events right away, it takes time to build character and it takes time to get your character set up. Most day's we're relaxing, there's beer, fishing, mud, 4x4ing, hunting and all the necessities an outback country character would want. Most characters inside the faction have hobbies and needs just like anyone else, they're people after all, so expect some good long portion of the role-play to be passive. The faction reserves all rights to character kill people involved with their group, as long as there's a good reasoning behind it. We don't ever character kill anyone without reason and will most likely always be considered the final option out of most outcomes, we want you to grow, not to have your character killed in a week here over some little mishap. It's highly expected that those in the faction get permission from @Rum before posting screenshots on the thread. We prefer quality over quantity. Any questions or ways to join the discord, please message @Rumor @Montana Fats Any further inquiries, please let us know.
  9. Photo: (Robert Fortunato (left), Johnny Butler (middle), Richard Moore (Right - deceased) circa 2009) Johnny Butler, in his early twenties, served four years in Afghanistan under 1st Battalion, 5th Marines (1/5) infantry battalion in the United States Marine Corps. 1/5 was deployed to Afghanistan from May to December 2009 as part of Task Force Leatherneck and conducted combat operations in the Nawa-I-Barakzayi District of Helmand province. Task Force Leatherneck was commanded by BGen Lawrence Nicholson during the 2009–2010 deployment to Afghanistan for NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). In 2010, Task Force Leatherneck spearheaded both the Operation Strike of the Sword and the Battle of Marjah, the largest battles since the start of the Afghanistan Campaign. Johnny participated a lot of operations during his service, and in those years, he and his close buddies secretly did some sidelines by distributing confiscated weapons to the black market. How did Johnny and his crew pulled that off? Nobody knew; they weren't caught since then. Also, Johnny wasn't the mastermind of said illegal operation, he was just one of the strings who made it happen. Johnny left the military on 2014 together with his close buddy Robert "Bobby" Fortunato. Both of them continued to live their lives separately and enjoyed what they got from the "service". Although, they didn't get that much that would change their lives, both of them were just soldiers who follow orders from their superior who handled the black market transactions. It was just enough for them to live for years without working. After five years, Johnny is now reunited with his friends from the service, and some of them (including Bobby) is now involved into security work in the state. They've been planning to do what they did back in the days, and they are now currently setting up the network they need for this project to happen.
  10. ((This thread will consist of Bentley Ward's character development.))
  11. This Character Thread follows the story of; Kinsley O'Reilly. (OOC NOTE): The following thread may include sensitive material/content as Kinsley's story progresses. Such content is generally displayed as drug abuse and mental health. I am still doing my best to research these things so that I can provide a decent portrayal of said content. If you see something wrong with the content displayed; be sure to contact me via Forum PM as I can take criticisms which will improve my roleplay standards. Thank you in advance.
  12. Supervisor (Minimum wage + bonus + 20% weekly incentives from total sales) - Preferably a local Blaine County resident - Able to work full time - Good hiring skills - 18 years old and above Cook (Minimum wage + bonus) - Preferably a local Blaine County resident - 18 years old and above - Basic cooking knowledge required Route 68, Great Chaparral, Blaine County Contact #: 4216 Email: [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  13. I’m interested in purchasing any property within the county, limitless budget. The bigger and more remote the better, but not mandatory. Please email through anything that may be of interest. [email protected] ((forum pm))
  14. Title says it all, I'm open to any locations outside Los Santos, and any on the outskirts of town as well. Something close to Route 68 preferred but not necessary! Contact me here or via messages.
  15. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. First Name: Charles. Middle Name: Moses. Last Name: Oakley. Hobby's: Off-roading, hunting, passion for old weapons and vehicles, and he likes hanging out with his friends. Addictions: Camel Cigarettes, Alcohol & Drugs every now and then. Character's Background. Charles grew up in a small town called Bisbee in Arizona, he grew up poor and physically abused by his parents, both violent and addicted to alcohol and drugs. After finishing his school at the age of 18 he bought himself a small trailer in the same village as his parents, Bisbee. Not long and he found himself a job as accountant for a Ammunation. It didn't took very long before he met his first wife Amanda, they met at Ammunation, both with a very strong passion for old weapons. After several dates and wild nights they moved in together, and got married after several months. Now we're three years further, Charles turned 30 and his wife Amanda is pregnant. Great his first kid is on its way, wait did I say first kid? There's two of them actually, she got fuckin' twins! After several hospital visits its official.. Amanda is going to give birth to two twin boys, Charles was really happy about it that he started reconstructing his own Trailer, adding an extra bedroom, bathroom and even expanding the garden. So far so good, he tought. We're now one year further, Amanda gave birth to the babies, and they're now six months old. Charles couldn't stand the crying of the babies, and started to drink. Since he got really bad hangovers from drinking he didn't show up at his work several times, leading to getting fired. Now Charles is 36, his children 6 years old and he got really fucked.. Drinking all day, and cocaine was no problem at all. Hanging in the bar with his friends day & night, not looking after his family. If he was home he abused his wife, and children physically. The Sherrif knew by now even the size of my underwear, thats how often he had to show up and put Charles behind bars. When he got out of jail the last time and got home he found that both his wife and children are gone, and took everything with them. The only thing he had left was his old Declasse Junker that he got as a present from his god Father and a eviction warrant on his front door of his trailer. A few days later he got a letter from the Courts that he had a court case. He seeked for a lawyer as fast as he could and went to the court. Long story short, after alot of crying the conclusion is that Charles now completely alone, he can not even see his children anymore. As angry as Charles was, he grabbed all of his shit together and drove off to the airport where he had his vehicle shipped to Los Santos, along with a one-way ticket for himself, leaving everything behind. Once arrived at the airport in Los Santos, he drove straight to Sandy Shores and bought himself a beautiful small red trailer, love at first sight. The first few days he was quiet, getting to know the neighboorhood and all bars. We're now a few days later and Charles is trying to settle down, and with succes. Charles goal in Sandy is to get Sober from his alcoholic and drugs problems, trying to start a carreer and fight the lawsuit so he can see his children again. First chapter ends, when a new one opens, so the story goes on.. The end. Characters Flaws: Charles is becuase of his past abusive sometimes, has a big mouth and is having alot of problems getting sober. Song thats fits into Charles Situation with his Wife ?
  17. Short description: Speed radar Detailed description: Would be wonderful to have a new speed-radar system. Commands to add: /radar [on/off] [Speed Limit] Items to add: N/a How would your suggestion improve the server?: Our system is pretty out-dated and bad. We need to be able to see the plates, as modern law enforcement vehicles are equipped with plate scanners - Automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) - so when a vehicle would run through the radar, we'd have a plate. Also, none of that /radar [DISTANCE] [Speed Limit] - no distance, it hardly works. Instead, once the radar is activate, it'd cover 40-50 meter radios (covering the 3-4 lane-highway. So each vehicle that'd drive infront of us, would get caught speeding with its plate showing. [Speed Radar: Vehicle going 95 - Licenses plates: COP205] Additionnal information: None
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