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Found 12 results

  1. Pancho Villa - Barrio X3 ___Description of Tavio Castrillo___ Age range: 29 to 35 Hispanic. 5 foot 11. Around 165lbs. Brown eyes. Prison build. Huge Mustache. Heavy chicano accent. - [Tattoos] "BARRIOX3" - "SOUTHSIDE" & "XIII" on his neck "PANCHO VILLA" across his forehead. Large mural of Pancho Villa on his back. "SURENO" - "SurSide" - "BARRIO3CE" on his head. Many other tattoos and prison tattoos all over his body, gang, kanpol, aztec, sureno and chicano pride related. sur
  2. ——————— Twin Towers Correctional Facility ——————— Los Santos County Sheriff's Department Sheriff Dale Kelly Est. 1850 "A Tradition of Service" (( This thread is an extension of the main Los Santos County Sheriff's Department faction thread. )) — Faction Introduction (( The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department is a faction based off of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, that seeks to emulate the often-overlooked facets of American Law Enforcement. The premier goal of the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department is to provide quality police and correctional roleplay. The primary emphasis in membership with this faction is character development through realistic roleplay & portrayal, with a high standard to ensure quality retention. Further, it is imperative for one to understand that this faction seeks to improve the quality of the server's criminal justice atmosphere - by providing services directly related, or affiliated to items such as court services, civil process, warrants, detention & custody through the county jail, inmate services, and much more. We hope to establish a long & productive partnership with all members of the GTAW roleplay community, and shall always strive to maintain a constant dialogue through the efforts of this faction. )) — Our History (..continued branch from main faction thread.) Twin Towers Correctional Facility opened in the summer of 1997, under the leadership and patronage of Sheriff Darrell Button. However, following several scandals of brutality and misconduct involving the LSPD and LSSD — notable funds were pulled from circulation and the newly opened facility remained unstaffed and unoccupied by the inmate population till 2001. During the aforementioned time, deputies had to prevent people from breaking in and squatters from habituating within the empty correctional facility. Unlike LS Men's Central Jail, the Twin Towers Correctional Facility; or amply referred to as the Twin Towers Jail, enjoys a more positive reputation among civil rights and human rights watchdog groups. The institution is, however, not without fault. During the early two thousands, Federal probes and independent researchers showed concerning treatment of inmates that was often done through the guise of profiling, impeding on inmate guaranteed rights, and overly aggressive conduct towards the mentally well and unwell. The aggressive conduct towards inmates and outright violations of core civil rights caused the Twin Towers Jail to be shut down by the federal government following an inquiry by which the LSSD did not abide. One notable incident involved the favoring of established "white" gangs over African American and Latino sets that would set up in the jail, to the point where the deputies were outright supporting and advancing the efforts of white neo-nazi groups inside the jail at the expense of other inmates, of whom some were not gang associated. Following an unnamed whistle blower, and the FBI informant scandal, the Los Santos Times ran an article that attracted attention of watch groups and activists. The department conceded and gave into the request for reform and the temporary shutting down of the jail. The reform never occurred, and the jail population was shifted to other jails operated by the LSSD. Former Sheriff Peter "Pico" Collins headed the department from 2009 until his downfall in 2017. During Collins' reign corruption was rampant and close-knight deputy gangs were prominent. Within the ranks of the county's finest were individuals keen to oppress less fortunate individuals in the county jail system and rural towns. Following whistle-blower tips, an ACLU lawsuit brought down the Sheriff after the FBI took interest as part of their public corruption mandate. Pico and his Undersheriff were both sentenced to federal prison. Following a brief hiatus mandated by the Federal Department of Justice, Patrick Machado won the seat as Los Santos County Sheriff after a special election was held. Almost immediately after swearing into office, Sheriff Machado ordered the re-opening of the Twin Towers Los Santos County Jail to massively aid the growing overcrowding issue of the region's detention facilities. This facility that soon become the most highly populated jail in San Andreas. Through a consensus that ranged through early 2018 to early 2020, it was found that there was an overwhelming elevated number of male inmates within incarceration compared to their female counterpart. As numbers within the jail continued to rise, Sheriff Machado announced a revamp of the facility to further cater to the rehabilitation of the facility. Administration in the jail was soon appointed to Captain Isabella Ramirez who enacted numerous programs to ensure the safety and well-being of inmates as well as initiatives to monitor rehabilitation. Heat was put back on the department in May 2020 when a fatal stabbing occurred within the facility during a jail riot, Oscar Marina, a high risk inmate with numerous documentations of being connected to various criminal organisations, mutilated Jayden Hernandez. Justice Isaac Rhodes with the Superior Courts of San Andreas, under the command of the Chief of Justice Edward Cline, ordered the first death penalty under his administration. This is believed to have been a contributing factor to further harsh critiques upon the jail. Sheriff Machado released a statement to numerous news sources; "The sentence handed down on the matter of Oscar Marina is justice for the victims of his crimes and the families mourning the losses of their loved ones. Marina murdered without remorse or regret and had an established propensity for violence and remorseless killing. With this sentence, it means Marina will be transferred to death row within a highly secure facility wherein he has no ability to threaten the safety or security of fellow inmates. Marina's sentence should show to the criminal enterprises of this state that we will pursue them judiciously, even behind bars, to ensure their criminal activity will not continue unabated.". — Services Provided Ancillary to traditional American Counties, the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department operates a number of facets subordinate to Criminal Justice. Detention Operating from the Los Santos County Jail, or 'Twin Towers Correctional Facility', the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department provides detention services to the county & its' affiliated Criminal Justice entities. Both pretrial detainees & convicted persons are housed within the Los Santos County Jail. Court Services Subordinate to the Los Santos area Judicial Circuit, Deputies of the Sheriff's Department service the constituency of Los Santos County through criminal warrants, civil process & papers, transportation, and much more at the behest of the Courts. Parole and Probation The San Andreas Department of Corrections established a regional Parole Enforcement Task Force (PETF) together with the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department in an effort to reduce the risk to public safety from parolees who avoid supervision and seek to expand on the enforcement of parole within the state. Thus, assigned deputy sheriffs are considered parole liaison agents and shall exercise the authority of a parole agent within the State of San Andreas. The Parole Enforcement Task Force is responsible for protecting the community by enabling parole agents to have an active part in the local community’s public safety plans while providing a range of programs and services that offer state-supervised parolees the opportunity for change, encouraging and assisting them in their effort to reintegrate into the community. Assigned personnel is committed to working with parolees and ensuring they are being referred to appropriate rehabilitation and transition programs that are currently available to help them find success and opportunities within their communities. — Operations Twin Towers Correctional Facility The Twin Towers Correctional Facility, also known as the Twin Towers Jail, is the primary facility for all individuals initially processed within Los Santos County. The facility is 1.5 million square feet and opened in 1997, making it one of the most modern facilities the Los Santos Sheriff's Department operates. After the North Los Santos Earthquake damaged the Halls of Justice, the project for a new county jail facility was started. Alongside the Men's Central Jail facility in downtown Los Santos, the facility ranked as one of the ten worst jails within the United States by national magazines. The jail is utterly overcrowded due to state-wide mandates for court reorganizations, with many state prisoners staying in the jail system for prolonged periods of time while awaiting trial, release, or processing. The jail functions both as a pre-trial facility and state prison, as many inmates abuse the courts to stay in jail rather than enter the SADCR institutions. — Thread Engagement This thread is a place to broadcast roleplay within TTCF, we invite everyone who has something to add to get involved so that this can showcase the experience that we are ever developing. All community members may have the chance to interact with this thread and post their content. Please ensure that you follow the following rules when posting screenshots: 1. If in an official faction that has a thread, you may post on this thread as long as you have clearance from your own faction leader. 2. If you are not within an official faction that has a thread, please submit your content to honey. on the forums.
  3. Character thread for Samuel "Danger" Chavez.
  4. akhi


    Character thread for Frank "Jester" Rivera.
  5. Short description: Adding an ATM or /withdraw & /deposit commands inside TTCF Customization interior. Detailed description: Since inmates have no way to withdraw money while in TTCF to spend in the TTCF Customization (tattoos especially), add /withdraw & /deposit inside the Customization interior to make everything easier. Commands to add: /withdraw, /deposit Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? Additional information: As most of us know, the latest changelog brought a new, OOC interior to Twin Towers Correctional Facility which lets an inmate customize their character in the jailhouse disregarding the previous term of a player having to /report to be handled & teleported by an administrator to a barbershop, clothing store or a tattoo shop. It's also a detail worth noting that when a player is arrested & sentenced, upon arriving in the jailhouse, they only have $1000 on hand and the rest of their money they receive with paychecks goes to their bank, from which they have no way to withdraw if one was to spend their money in the TTCF Customization interior on clothes and tattoos especially. Side-note is that this interior is a beautiful addition to TTCF, and implementing my suggestion would give a progressive push to the server's developing prison roleplay.
  6. Julius "Jules" Hernandez started in journey in the TTCF at the age of sixteen on a drug charge, with his choice of taking it to trial he sat in the county for longer then expected which resulted in him ultimately getting involved with the Sureno's and Cuatro getting him down with the program. Julius had family on the outside and was in constant contact as things went on during his stay in the TTCF, before leaving a few days after his seventeenth birthday he stabbed a black inmate 11 times inside of the shower, leaving him for dead and getting clear of the scene. After being released Jules went to get the "XIII" tattooed over his eyebrow and the tear drop to follow under it representing the work he did on the inside. Not long after his release Jules ended up murdering a man in cold blood in a parking lot with a handgun, Jules shot the man 4 times in the chest before standing over him dumping another 6 rounds into the male. Jules would then get into his car and flee to his girlfriends house where he was caught and brought in on first degree murder charges. He was given Life at sentencing and since then Jules has undergone two birthdays making him 19 at the time of this writing. He has been involved in riots and other activities throughout the TTFC. Jules has built up a name for himself and is aspiring to be a top name/well respected in his new home. Whatever he is called upon to do he accepts with gratitude. Julius now has little to no family on the outside after the death of his two sisters and one of his cousins going missing. He maintains contact with his mother and one of his other cousins, his girlfriend ultimately left him after finding out what he has done. Day by day Julius takes time to reflect and hopes to make parole but understands he has a duty to fulfill and he needs to make sure he can take care of what he needs to on the inside. This thread will follow the development of Julius "Jules" Hernandez from this point forward. This character has already been developed to a certain point so the beginning of his story will be cut out on this thread regarding screenshots. This aims to represent a troubled teen within the TTFC facility that is in too deep and content with his current situation. Anything can happen within the story and major events will be documented.
  7. This thread will closely follow the day-to-day dealings of Samuel Lenero, a Sergeant within the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department.
  9. This thread follows the development of Artie Salinas, a custody assistant in the Los Santos Sherriff's Department.
  10. Short description: Adds more clothing options for people inside of TTCF. Detailed description: While inmates are given a standard set of county blues upon processing, they are also issued more clothing for their stay in the correctional system. From denim jackets to jumpsuits for inmates serving time at fire camps, there is a wider selection of clothing available for those in custody. You can see them in pictures of inmates and in 15 CCR § 3030 which lists the standard issue clothing for inmates. Male: (A) Jeans, blue denim, three pair. (B) Shirts, blue chambray, three. (C) Undershirts, white, four. (D) Undershorts, white, four pair. (E) Jacket, blue denim, one. (F) Belt, web, one. Female: (A) Blouses/T-shirts, three. (B) Slacks, three pair. (C) Dress, muumuu, robe or duster; one. (D) Coat, one. (E) Nightgown, one. You can find an extensive list of these clothing options in the California Prison Industry Authority website, it lists all products made by inmates and also features a list of clothing options for inmates. Everything would have to be approved by the leadership of a facility before being issued out. Commands to add: A scrip that functions like /uniform which can allow inmates to make outfits that are limited to the clothing options allowed by the CDCR. Items to add: Solid white or blue variants of long-sleeve sweaters, t-shirts, shorts. A variety of white sneakers. Beanies. How would your suggestion improve the server?: Will add more diversity to what people can wear in TTCF and the ability to roleplay what inmates in the CDCR wear. Additional information: https://catalog.calpia.ca.gov/store/shirts-tops-vests/?f:clothingStyle:like=institutional https://catalog.calpia.ca.gov/store/pants-shorts-underwear/?f:clothingStyle:like=institutional https://govt.westlaw.com/calregs/Document/I47FA30ACBAD54E93A68BECE707CBA45B?viewType=FullText&originationContext=documenttoc&transitionType=CategoryPageItem&contextData=(sc.Default)
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