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  1. Rum

    The Mannix Family

  2. Was fun while it lasted, great faction, good people, hope to see what you have in store next, cheers.
  3. Quite a treat really, can't wait for the fall.
  4. The money that must be wasted to run that, jesus.
  5. Rum

    The Mannix Family

    Thank you all so much. Through the time spent in this server and further communities I've never had as much fun as I have currently with these bunch of boys and gals inside the faction and the surrounding factions we're working with. I want to thank everyone that made this possible, and to those inside the faction, thank you so much for giving me a reason to get right back on this server.. day in and day out. Can only prosper and go further from here on out. Major big ups to - @oli @ShadowNG @Jaskman220 @Montana Fats @Fogry @Imp @Dub5ty @[email protected] @AlphaZER0 @Geo. @Fritz @SPA
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