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  1. About us The Salty Clam, a place to go for a quick drink, quick laugh and a barrel full of regret, at least from what he heard with our patrons! In the heart of the city, we chose to be the center of fun, creativity and constant source of entertainment with what our atmosphere has to offer. The ATM is only a step away and our beers are here to stay! Our Patrons It's no doubt our bar isn't for the light of heart, being in the middle of the city with our certain type of atmosphere can be a real burden, but this is where we stand out. To all our patrons: your safety is priority! We will call you a cab, ensure you're safe and sound and arrive at home at the darkest of hours! We like to keep our customers just as happy as our staff, coming back for another day and another beer! So please don't be a stranger and let us know what we can do for you! Location Contact E-Mail: [email protected] (( @Rum )) Main businesses page: The Salty Clam The Dance Floor From 1:AM to 1:AM this floor is always open, it's never too early to get your legs moving, especially with the new contests, events and parties being thrown as of late! Bring your mix and poison to the floor, dance with the locals and drunks, don't forget to drink water! Events & Contests Every other week we plan on releasing a new contest for the patrons to get in on, yes this does sometimes include a cash prize or perhaps a free bottle of beer or wine, who knows! We have everything from: Charity Night. Open Mic Night. Bar Olympics. Stand Up Comedy Night. Dance From The Past. Disco Night. Halloween Bash. Trivia Night.
  2. Rum

    Amazon's New World

    Was surprisingly really fun. I haven't seen any pay to win aspects yet, only a single cosmetic. Will remember that spear / ice gauntlet is op.
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