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  1. The Mongols Motorcycle club is a “one-percenter” motorcycle gang and alleged organized crime syndicate. The club was originally formed in Montebello, California by hispanic Vietnam-war veterans who were said to be refused entry into the Hells Angels due to their ethnicity. The Mongols Motorcycle Club is currently headquartered by their “mother chapter” in Southern California where their main presence is felt, and the club is still in active war with their notorious rivals, the Hells Angels. The club has chapters in fifteen states, as well as international charters in Mexico, Australia, Canada, Russia, Germany, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Switzerland and New Zealand. The Mongols started much like most clubs in the late sixties. A rowdy bunch of misfits, closely bonded by friendship, family, and brotherhood who enjoyed riding motorcycles, partying hard, and had a strong distaste for the views and ideologies of mainstream society. It didn’t stay that way for long. They eventually began pushing guns and narcotics, making a profit from anything they could, all while making their presence known. The Mongols are known for a broad spectrum of crime ranging from petty theft, to arms and narcotics trafficking, prostitution, robbery, and even murder. In the first five years after 1969, the club grew from the backstreets of East Los Angeles to establishing chapters in San Diego, Bakersfield, Long Beach, and also the San Gabriel and San Fernando Valleys (SGV/SFV). The club’s name is a tribute to the Mongol army of the legendary Genghis Khan, and their logo is a representation of Genghis, the founder of the empire, riding a motorcycle. The Mongols colors are black and white. The Mongols M.C. developed an immediate strong hold in the Southern California area. At the time and even now there were really no other 1%er clubs co-existing in these areas. During the early 1970’s the Mongols M.C. launched this new American biker movement into the West Coast area. This was a lifestyle, a culture, and a way of life for the brothers riding around on their chopped Harley Davidson motorcycles on the streets of East Los Angeles showing power and solidarity. The majority of new member were ex Vietnam veterans returning from the recent war. The brothers were accustomed to a strict disciplined, regimented program that was about honor, loyalty, respect, and camaraderie. This made them a force to be reckoned with. The Mongols name derived from the Mongol Empire that was led by Genghis Khan. The Mongols divided and conquered big countries throughout Eastern Europe in the early 1200’s. They were known to be highly disciplined, superbly coordinated and brilliant in tactics. The Mongols were fearless warriors on horseback. Yet small in numbers with a lot of heart they dominated and decimated their enemies; Hence the Mongols name that we now wear proudly on our backs, but the difference now is we ride iron horses. At the end of the day it’s about “Quality not Quantity!” - Lil' Dave (National President) It is our aim to create a realistic and enjoyable outlaw 1%er Motorcycle Club role-play environment, more specifically, a portrayal of the Mongols MC's Compton, East Los Angeles, Hollywood, and San Gabriel Valley Chapters. We strive to uphold our strict image of a primarily Hispanic motorcycle club and live up to the colloquial nickname of "cholos on wheels". Standing true to the stories of real life Mongols members and the club itself, many members here role-play as ex gangbangers from different Sureño sets, although this is not mandatory as Caucasian members are also welcomed, encouraged & accepted. Mongols MC chapters operate semi-independently of each other, so it's important to think about your character's portrayal and demographic when choosing a chapter to interact with. We recommend thinking about the local demographic of the area, the style of roleplay you'd like to be engaged in, and your character's future progression and growth. These things are all important to consider when starting out. You can find Mongols MC chapters in the following locations: DAVIS EAST L.S. VINEWOOD SAN CHIANSKI VALLEY Any questions, concerns, or other queries can be directed to @Psychedelic, or @CULTure. MONGOLS MC and the Mongols logo (R) are trademarks owned by the Mongols Nation Motorcycle Club, and full credit and respect is given to the club. Scenes, depictions, edited photographs and opinions associated with this faction on GTA:World are not necessarily the opinions of the real-life Mongols Nation Motorcycle Club.
  2. After the NAZI REGIME TYRANTS AT FACEBROWSER DELETED MY PROFILE AND BANNED ME, I was forced to make my OWN website to PURSUE MY CAREER AS A PHOTOGRAPHER. Please visit, and leave nice comments about my work! http://allison7521.weebly.com/ WELCOME TO WEST VINEWOOD! (( Comments are enabled ))
  3. A GUIDE TO VINEWOOD & MEDIA PRODUCTION During my two and a half years on the server I noticed that a lot of people want more of a celebrity presence in LS, and while this (sortof) exists in the form of long-lasting characters, or funny niche characters, or characters who are known for being a bartender at every club, it isn’t really formed in the right way. These are more so OOC celebrities passed through word of mouth on discord or by seeing a character’s name tag a lot, not because your character sees them as a celebrity in their world. Of course, someone can’t just create a character and start their story as an A-List movie star when no one has ever heard of them before. It just wouldn’t work in a GTA:W setting where characters constantly change, many characters being changed every couple of months. So really, the only way to generate some kind of celebrity status is to start small and build up the fame status organically. That’s where this guide comes in. I graduated university with a degree in Media Production and have explored various avenues of this on GTA:W before, but that doesn’t mean I know everything, so if there’s anything you would like added to this guide just comment on the thread or drop me a Forum PM and i’ll update it. I just want to see more of an authentic LS (LA) atmosphere full of the creative hipsters the GTA 5 story mode does such a good job of emulating. VINEWOOD BACKGROUND It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Vinewood is Rockstar’s interpretation of Hollywood, an area of Los Angeles bursting with wannabe actors, directors, editors, models, musicians, blah blah, you name it. Not only that, but it is often home to more affluent neighbourhoods and businesses, such as high-end fashion stores, luxury hotels and busy nightclubs. Like mentioned previously, it’s a hipster’s wet dream. If you wish to RP someone wanting to make it big in the entertainment industry, I suggest roleplaying them by being obsessed with this enclosed “culture” of creativity and fame. A lot of people are desperate to just get their foot in the door, while doing menial and dead-end jobs in the meantime to sustain them as they set out to achieve their dreams. This is naturally going to be a different story depending on the character you’re aiming to portray. Unfortunately, Vinewood doesn’t have the same influence in GTA:W as Hollywood does IRL, obviously. That goes without saying and it will remain that way even if multiple people start to RP it. However, Vinewood within the GTA lore is an influential area and would likely make up a large amount of San Andreas’ economy and tourism if it was functioning properly. Bare this in mind if you plan on RPing this concept - your character would have to be very, very, very lucky to get into a high-end production straight off the bat. Or if they are a director, they won’t be producing the next blockbuster, and a musician won’t be instantly playing at the biggest club/concert in town. It’s very much a rags to riches story that only a handful of people actually succeed in. With that in mind, don’t be scared to start small. When I made the Paleto Boys (a jackass inspired film) on the server, it was just me and two other dudes. MEDIA PRODUCTION So you have a character, an entertainment industry related goal and a few ideas up your sleeve. This is when things go from IC to OOC. Unfortunately, just roleplaying the production of something usually isn’t enough to grab the rest of the server’s attention. Not only do people want to see an actual finished product, but it’s better RP all around when the collaboration leads to something you can share. However, a lot of people get intimidated at this stage because they haven’t tried filming game footage before, or they haven’t used editing software or have no idea how to use Menyoo. This is what stops people from getting involved in a lot of cases, so hopefully this guide can provide some insight on what to do and how to do it so more people can get involved with the scene. FILMING OOC TECHNIQUES A lot of people think that you have to use menyoo to get any footage that looks remotely good. This takes a lot of time and takes away from the collaboration of doing it on the server. Menyoo is a great tool if you wish to use it, but this guide will be more focused on how to film things within the server itself, as there’s already plenty of menyoo tutorials out there. Not only that, but filming within the server can be beneficial RP for everyone and not just those involved in the production. The production company could hire people to block the roads where a specific scene is being filmed and on-lookers can see this while they walk through the street and watch it happen. This is something that happens IRL especially in places like LA, and will add even more of an authenticity to the state we’re trying to base our world off of. This goes without saying but any screen recording software is capable of doing this. The one I personally use is the geforce experience overlay, it’s easy to use and most people have a Nvidia graphics card. To bring up the overlay, just press Alt + Z. All recording and screenshot settings can be found in there as well as keybindings for recording (default: Alt + F9 to start recording, then again to stop recording). The footage automatically saves to your PC’s videos folder, or any other file destination if you change the settings to suit yourself. Now the software is out of the way, the fun itself begins. The main technique is the GTA 5 first-person view, then pressing F7 to remove the GTA:W chatbox and name tags. Now you are viewing the server through what would be the camera’s lens. However, the first person view is very limited on it’s own, so this is why we use the server provided animations. The ones I have frequently used are /anim liedown1 and /anim crouched1, as they give the first person perspective a lower angle, for example: https://streamable.com/ezgbeo Another option is to climb up onto in-game structures and buildings, giving you a higher up perspective. Just make sure to RP this - potentially falling off the structure while filming can be a funny situation to change things up a bit. If the shot still isn’t working for you, you can go into the game’s settings and adjust the first person camera field of view. This is easily done. While it doesn’t change much, it’s enough to make a difference and could transform a shot into something better. To film moving shots, you can use the /walk anim while in first person and it will create a smooth movement similar to that used in films when they pan a camera. It can be a bit glitchy at times but that’s just the nature of it and the number one thing you will need OOC is a little bit of patience. IC INFORMATION AROUND FILMING This is the most important part as obviously we are all on the server for the IC aspect, otherwise we would just be filming on another server or on GTA:O. A lot of people are unaware of the processes that go into filming and just how much time and organization is behind it. CREW STRUCTURE In blockbuster films/bigger productions: Producer: In charge of keeping everything organised. The paperwork person. Responsible for organizing filming dates, time, making sure equipment is available/booked, actors are looked after, etc. Director: More often than not the director will also be the writer. In very big productions they might be separate roles but in a RP setting this is unlikely. They have a clear vision of how they want the film to look in their head and will work directly with the Director of Photography to bring this to life. Writes shot lists, holds auditions for actors, etc. Works directly with the actors on filming days. Director of Photography: Might be a separate person or just the director depending on the size of production. Works alongside the director to decide on how they’re going to film a specific scene, what camera they will use, whether to use close ups, mid-shots, etc. Camera operator: Is responsible for the actual shooting of the film. Script Supervisor/Set team: Responsible for how the set looks and ensuring it matches up with the script and the writer's vision. Will make sure everything looks good between shots, including the actor's hair, make up, etc. Actor: Self-explanatory. Plays a character in the film. Often encouraged to put their own unique spin on things. Video editor: Takes the footage and puts it all together at the end. Adds any vfx or colour grading. Sound designer: Works on the soundtrack, sound effects, etc. Works alongside a video editor to turn the footage into an enjoyable film. In independent companies and short film productions, usually one person will take on several roles. For example, the director, producer, and editor may be all one person. Bigger companies, especially those on a Vinewood level, would aim to have a separate person for each role and even assistant sub-roles. Directors will often create a clear dialogue with the actors. It won’t be entirely just shooting scenes and working with them directly that way. There will be communications on the side too, such as having small meetings to discuss what’s going well, any challenges faced, any ideas the actors may have, etc. This is just another avenue of RP that could be very interesting but often overlooked and not thought about. FILMING DAY These are heavily structured in a professional Vinewood setting and even in Indie settings. The crew usually agrees on a time and date and everything they wish to achieve in that time will be already planned out by the producer. Usually all would go in one vehicle to the filming location, most likely a company van that can accommodate everyone and the equipment. For films shot on a set, the actors just show up to work and may have their own trailers to relax in when they’re not needed. There is usually a risk assessment carried out before filming days to consider all the potential risks that come with filming and to ensure employee safety. Contracts would be signed with the actors too prior to this. One last thing to bare in mind is that filming days are getting longer and longer in the industry, perhaps not in an independent company but in Vinewood, people can be working 13-15 hours a day close to the deadlines. This can be an interesting avenue of RP, perhaps roleplaying a corporate production company CEO who cares more about getting the film released than the work rights of the actors and film crew, or someone who is a victim of this. There’s more to it than showing up and standing in front or behind a camera for a few hours then heading home. EQUIPMENT A subject often overlooked when roleplaying media production on GTA:W, since there’s no requirement to buy anything scriptly to record things and all the lighting is done for you by the game engine. But to RP this authentically, there are several things to consider, especially if you want to realistically RP a budget for the film production. Equipment can either be owned by a company or individual, or rented (usually in indie productions it is rented). A camera, obviously. These can vary from simple DSLR or mirrorless cameras all the way to the big production cameras you see on traditional film sets. Doing research about this is a must to create immersion for everyone you are RPing with. Lens often come separately to the cameras and are attached as of when they’re needed. Lighting equipment. These are usually LED lights with plastic gel sheets that go over the light to change the colouring of it. Can also be tungsten lights, which are warm light and often used to replicate the sun. Obviously you won’t have to do anything with this IC but it’s good to RP setting them up as though they were having an effect, or if using an indoor set, you can use furniture items to make the room brighter or have a specific colour to it. Generator. If you’re shooting outside with no power sockets in sight, a generator may be needed to provide power to the lighting equipment or charge up equipment. This is usually in extreme cases where the shooting location is in the middle of nowhere. Microphones. The most commonly used microphone in a film setting is the boom mic, the ones on a long pole with the furry covering. The furry covering is there to block out wind noises so the microphone only picks up what we want it to. Another type of microphone you might use is the Lavalier mic. These are essentially the clip on microphones with their own battery pack. Which you use depends on budget and context. POST-PRODUCTION AND EDITING Visuals Not going to touch much on this as for most, if not all, editing software has plenty of tutorials available on Youtube already, however I will recommend using Davinci Resolve, or if you can afford it/get a cracked version, Premiere Pro. Davinci Resolve is free and very beginner friendly. The editing is most likely the biggest part of the production as this is the section where you take it from everyday game footage and turn it into something cinematic or funny or thought-provoking or all of the above. Don’t be afraid to experiment with it and to mostly have fun with it since it is still just a game. It doesn’t have to be the perfect edit theoretically or even practically, just something substantial enough for the rest of the server to see it and think “hold on a minute, that’s pretty cool, i’ll support this.” Sound Probably the hardest part of the whole production as it’s near impossible to get people willing to act in game as well as to do voice acting OOC for the sake of the production. If you can get some like-minded people who aren’t afraid to voice act then perfect, but unfortunately this is rare, so I recommend taking audio from pre-existing videos on youtube and adding it to your content to bring a bit more life to it, if the context works. For example, when I do BMX edits, I will find audio from IRL BMX edits and place this in the edit to give the video more authenticity and life. Music/soundtrack is something to consider before you even start editing. The music should dictate the pace of the editing, not the other way around, only in rare circumstances should you edit without the music in that moment already decided. FINISHED PRODUCT - NOW WHAT? So now you have a video to share. You’ve worked on it for OOC months and maybe even IC years, you’ve had some good RP from it and now you want to do something with it. The first step is to find a pre-existing company that specializes in showing film, most notably is the Doppler Cinema or any variety of that. Working out a deal with them to showcase your film and getting a cut is usually the way that companies wanting to get big in the industry go. Smaller, independent companies may just share their work on YouTube and other social media sites (in this case, Facebrowser). They may submit their work to short film festivals or competitions, assuming the IC government or other IC businesses starts to facilitate those who wish to RP the entertainment industry. Hell, maybe you could start your own short film festivals where you can share your own work and other people’s work. At the end of the day, this is the part where media production and fame meets, and the only way to increase that fame is to continue putting your projects out there. Happy to write in more detail about anything mentioned here if anyone is wanting to get into the scene and not sure where to start, forum PMs are always open. Have fun with it and really don’t be intimidated to at least give it a go. Here’s some examples of what has been created entirely in-game through the methods mentioned above: https://streamable.com/696qsx Check out Torwald Pictures as well for a few menyoo examples.
  4. Tranoulis

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    (( L&A ))
  5. THREAD WILL FOLLOW A GROUP OF IRISH-AMERICAN & OTHER ETHNIC CRIMINALS AS WE DEVELOP FROM A LOOSELY STRINGED CREW, INTO A ORGANIZED CRIME GROUP UNDER THE CARDONA NETWORK. The Irish in San Andreas in 2005, when it became clear that the Ronald Reagan Pub in Ballyporeen, Tipperary was no longer a viable novelty to locals or tourists, Irish-American businessman and Republican booster Frederick Ryan Jr. facilitated the bar’s relocation to Simi Valley, San Andreas, also the site of Reagan’s presidential library. This anecdote is humorous and poignant, and – for Irish critics of Reagan – maybe even a bit satisfying. But it also captures several central themes concerning the Irish experience in San Andreas. President Reagan’s great-grandfather Michael was born in Ballyporeen, and moved to London around the time of the Famine. The Reagans – like so many Irish San Andreans – lived elsewhere in the U.S. before settling in San Andreas. Reagan’s father, John, was a practicing Catholic, who converted after marrying a Protestant. The Rise to Prominence It was just before and during the early years of John Reagan’s life – the 1860s, 1870s and 1880s – that the Irish rose to prominence in San Andreas. During this era, benevolent and fraternal groups such as the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Hibernian Society, and the Sons of the Emerald Isle were formed. Over a decade before New York or Boston elected an Irish mayor, San Fierro elected Frank McCoppin, born in Longford, in 1867. But McCoppin’s election as mayor of San Andreas’s largest city was just the latest in a string of electoral wins for Irish candidates. Seven years earlier, Roscommon native John G. Downey became the state’s governor. Galway native John Conness was elected a U.S. Senator in 1862 while Westmeath native Eugene Casserly won election to the same body in 1868. Also during the 1860s, two Irishmen who would have a huge impact on the state’s future politics arrived: Boss Chris Buckley came to the region at the age of 17 with his immigrant parents in 1862, while perennial reformer James D. Phelan (also the son of immigrants) was born in San Fierro in 1861. Ronald Reagan’s father, of course, would not achieve quite the same level of fame. But his son, born in 1911, joined a trail of Irish-American talent that flowed into Vinewood. Reagan’s second career, as a politician, saw him become the world’s most powerful leader. Ballyporeen, perhaps, could not sustain the Reagan Pub, but San Andreas certainly could. The Most Irish Americans Because it is home to the All-American dream factory – Vinewood – as well as the sprawling polyglot metropolis of Los Santos, San Andreas is rarely mentioned as an Irish state on par with the likes of New York or Massachusetts. But according to the 1990 census, San Andreas actually had the largest number of Irish-Americans, with nearly two million residents identifying themselves as Irish. Movies such as True Confessions (based on John Gregory Dunne’s novel) and L.S. Confidential have touched upon Irish-American characters navigating the underbelly of San Andreas urban life in the 1940s and 1950s. But the vast Irish contribution to San Andreas stretches back to the days of Spanish colonization and the Gold Rush of 1849. By the early 20th century, Jimmy Cagney, John Wayne and Grace Kelly were members of Vinewood’s Irish royalty, while politicians such as Ronald Reagan and Los Santos mayor Richard Riordan epitomized the endurance of Irish-American political influence. To this day, new Irish traditions continue to thrive, with schools such as the New College of San Andreas, San Fierro, establishing an Irish Studies program. (How the Irish Invented Slang author Daniel Cassidy is one of the directors.) The Spanish Irish Two of the most important Irishmen in early San Andreas history are Count de Lacy and Hugo Oconor (spellings of his name vary). De Lacy came from a “distinguished Norman-Irish family of aristocratic stature, long prominent in stirring events in Irish history,” Thomas F. Prendergast writes in Forgotten Pioneers: Irish Leaders in Early San Andreas. De Lacy was one of the so-called Wild Geese, exiled Irish military men who served in the armies of Spain and other nations across Europe and the Americas. De Lacy never set foot in the U.S., but while stationed in St. Petersburg in the 1760s he did warn his Spanish superiors that the Russians might be looking to settle the westernmost lands of what would become the United States. The Spanish set out to settle the region first, led by “Captain Colorado,” as Hugh O’Conor (that is, Hugo Oconor) was known. General Alexander (or Alejandro) O’Reilly also took part in the expedition. All three of these Irish Spaniards battled the Native Americans up and down the West Coast and laid the foundation for European settlement of the state. By the 1820s, John O’Donoghue, an Irishman, was instrumental in implementing the treaty under which Spain recognized Mexico’s sovereignty, while Wexford native Timothy Murphy was made a regional administrator while living on a ranch of well over 20,000 acres. The Donner Party One of the most famous episodes in the history of the Western frontier involved several Irish families and occurred in 1846. Patrick Breen was among those trekking to San Andreas as part of the Donner Party. In his diary on November 20, the Irish immigrant wrote: “We went out to the pass, the snow was so deep we were unable to find the road, then turned back to the shanty on the lake. We now have killed most of our cattle, having to stay here until next spring. It snowed during the space of eight days with little intermission.’’ In the end, half of the Donner Party’s 100 or so travelers died. It could be said that this dark episode marked the end of one era in San Andreas, before the start of what would literally be a Golden Age. Gold! The Gold Rush – just before San Andreas became a state in 1850 – swelled the region’s population, and the Irish seem to have been particularly attracted. One estimate suggests that gold camps were consistently 10 to 20 percent Irish, while nearly one in four miners at the Grass Valley camp were Irish-born. Sam Brannan (the son of Irish immigrants from Maine) is believed to be the first person to become a millionaire in the wake of the Gold Rush. By the mid-1850s, Brannan owned about 20 percent of the land in San Fierro. Even those Irish who made a more modest fortune were able to flex their newfound muscle, electing the aforementioned politicians to public office in the 1860s. The roots of San Fierro’s Irish and Democratic machine were being formed. San Fierro & Los Santos As early as the 1860s, San Fierro clearly had a strong Irish Catholic presence. The city’s St. Patrick’s Day parade started in the early 1850s. Within two decades, 6,000 people marched in the two mile procession, which is said to have drawn over 50,000 spectators. There was sporadic anti-Irish and anti-Catholic organizing, but just as often the Irish were taking advantage of discriminatory sentiments, as when they were among those who fought to keep Chinese laborers out of San Andreas. By contrast, Los Santos had a more consistently Anglo-Protestant tradition. One 1830s survey lists a single Irish-born resident in the city. Even by 1900, while almost 70 percent of San Fierro’s churchgoers were Catholic, Protestants significantly outnumbered Catholics in L.S. Still, Irishmen played key roles in the creation of modern-day Los Santos. Edward Doheny (born to immigrant parents in Wisconsin) went west looking for gold but instead found oil, becoming one of the region’s wealthiest oil tycoons. Daniel Day-Lewis is playing a character based on Doheny in the movie , currently on release, There Will Be Blood. Perhaps even more important to L.S.’s evolution as a city was Belfast-born William Mulholland. Once a lowly worker for the city’s water company, he rose up the ranks to become L.S. Chief City Engineer. It was Mulholland who developed the Los Santos Aqueduct, delivering water to this thirsty city. Later, John Joseph Cantwell, the Limerick-born bishop of L.S., welcomed Hispanic immigrants with open arms during the first half of the 20th century. Vinewood Of course, San Andreas’s most famous industry is the motion picture business. From Hal Roach of Our Gang fame to Joseph P. Kennedy (an executive at RKO), Irish-Americans played a key role during Vinewood’s earliest days. The roster of Irish-Americans who relocated to Vinewood ranges from John Ford and Spencer Tracy in the early days to Roma Downey and Ed Burns today. As is often the case, however, under the glitzy surface there are darker problems. These days, San Andreas’s Irish Catholics struggle with issues related to immigration and abuse. Cardinal Roger Mahony was the public face of the Los Santos Archdiocese when it settled a multi-million-dollar sex abuse lawsuit. Finally, a debate regarding the clash of Irish and Hispanic Catholicism in San Andreas has erupted. Last year, the New York Times Magazine published a cover story by David Rieff entitled “Nuevo Catholics: The Hispanicization of American Catholicism.” The “last four decades have been such a catastrophe for American Catholicism,” Rieff notes grimly, reciting a litany of by now familiar statistics about how few American Catholics enter the priesthood or care for their religion deeply. Rieff notes, however, that America’s swelling Hispanic population (centered in Los Santos, where Rieff did all of his reporting) may breathe new life into the American Church, thus transforming it from an Irish institution to a Hispanic one. But famed Irish-American priest and sociologist Andrew Greeley believes the San Andreas Irish deserve credit for helping the Church make a transition into the 21st century. Indeed, whether you agree more with Greeley or Rieff, one thing all of this makes clear is just how Irish the current Church remains. Rieff talks at length with an L.S. parish priest named Jarlath Cunnane, a Sligo native. Rieff also talks to priests named O’Connell, Boyle and Carroll. You could make the case that the U.S. Catholic Church is so thoroughly Irish that it will remain “Irish” even when those O’Connells and Boyles are replaced by Guzmans and Lopezes. This makes perfect sense. After all, it was the Irish and Spanish who created San Andreas as we know it. The Future Technology has created a new Gold Rush of sorts in San Andreas. Late last year, Irish trade minister Michael Martin visited Palo Alto to meet with founding members of the Irish Technology Leadership Group. Made up of Silicon Valley Irish executives, the group, established by Palm Inc. Senior Vice President John Hartnett, includes current and former executives from Sling Media, Intuit, Apple, Intel, Cisco and Hewlett-Packard, and aims to help Ireland take advantage of fledgling technological opportunities. The McKenna Gang The McKenna Gang a/k/a The Wild Wicks is a predominant Irish-American organized crime crew primarily based out of the Uptown area of Los Santos, mainly consisting of the neighborhoods Vinewood, Hawick and Alta. The McKenna's originally came to fruition in the Hawick neighborhood of Los Santos, but grew to have influence all throughout the Uptown area of Northern Los Santos. The crew was formed by Eileen McKenna a/k/a Lips and Donovan McGuire a/k/a Del Boy in their teenagehood days, and often associated with members of the Family Affiliated Irish Mafia's Hawick chapter and Northern District's Hawick chapter for sometime way back. By the late-2010s the McKenna Gang was one of the main criminal groups around Northern Los Santos that held strong presence, although not a majorly big group, they held their ground somewhat and were one of the most tight-knit Irish criminal groups on the West Coast as a whole. The Irish in San Andreas didn't have a major hub like in New York or Massachusetts, but Hawick was one place most Irish-American families settled in, which made it to perfect breeding ground for an Irish-American crew. The McKenna Gang is suspected to have their hands dug into countless business fronts around the Hawick, Alta and Vinewood areas of Northern Los Santos. The criminal activities that the McKenna Gang partakes in can range from: Auto theft, bank fraud, bid rigging, bookmaking, building violations, calling card fraud, cement violations, construction violations, credit card fraud, drug trafficking, firearm trafficking, kidnapping, extortion, identity theft, illegal gambling, labor racketeering, loan sharking, mail fraud, money laundering, mortgage fraud, murder, pornography, pier and port theft, racketeering, securities fraud, truck hijacking, waste management ,street tax wire fraud, witness tampering. Although drug trafficking, firearm trafficking, auto theft and street tax wire fraud tend to be the four most suspected criminal activities they're involved in as it's what most busts they get arrested are for. The group is suspected to be ran by Eileen McKenna a/k/a Lips and Donovan McGuire a/k/a Del Boy, whom reportedly operate the crew out of the areas listed above. McKenna's also the daughter of a Family Affiliated Irish Mafia affiliate who's currently serving life in High Desert State Prison after drug trafficking charges were thrown onto him during sentencing, her father being; Michael McKenna a/k/a Vinewood Mike. It has been confirmed though that the McKenna Gang are not under the Family Affiliated Irish Mafia, and are a decentralized Irish-American Organized Crime Group that use Hawick, Alta and Vinewood as their recruiting grounds for potential new members. The group however, has managed to maintain a strong presence over the Hawick neighborhood specifically, most likely due to influence from within as most residents in the Hawick area are of Irish descent which has made it easier for the McKenna Gang to win approval over from the locals. Authorities such as the Los Santos Police Department and Los Santos Sheriff's Department have tried speaking to locals when crimes were committed in the local area, but to no avail had anything came through; with them refusing to speak to the authorities. Many of the residents in the neighborhood are suspected to instead goto one of the associates under the McKenna wing for help if they need something, which plays into Ireland's olden traditions of the cód onóra (English: Code of Honor) motto. Although the McKennas are a group of predominately Irish-American criminals, several African-American, Mexican and non-Irish Caucasian-Americans have been considered associates of the criminal group. Although it is said that you must be able to trace your roots back to Ireland to be brought into the inner circle and have ancestry tracing back to Ireland, the group doesn't limit non-Irish ethnic criminals from affiliating with themselves as associates on an outsider point of view. The group of organized criminals are consistent of gangsters and mobsters alike, but mostly gangsters who get down and dirty when need being. This is one of the things that made the McKenna Gang rather feared by some in certain parts of the city, but in other parts they're respected tremendously; I.E Vinewood, Hawick and Alta. The McKenna Gang is rumored to have ties to the Armenian Power criminal organization, Aryan Brotherhood when it comes to prison related affairs and the Family Affiliated Irish Mafia and are rumored to supposedly have a connection to a large criminal network that operates in Los Santos. The name for it is unknown. HAWICK, VINEWOOD A/K/A THE WICK A/K/A IRISHTOWN Hawick is primarily a shopping district located in Los Santos, San Andreas, United States of America. There are several stores located in Hawick, including Ammu-Nation, Hawaiian Snow, and Suburban, and also includes an almost five decade old Mexican restaurant; Taco Libre. There is one main road that passes through Hawick's central grid which contains most of the businesses that are located within the neighborhood, Hawick Avenue and Alta Place. Despite Hawick's relatively close proximity to the infamous Rockford Hills, it unfortunately does not feature that many luxury businesses unlike some might actually suspect; instead the district is full of middle-class Irish-American families that settled in the neighborhood around the early 1950s to late 1970s. Hawick itself most likely serves as a commercial district for the likes of East Vinewood and Mirror Park to the east, as many residents from East Vinewood and Mirror Park tend to visit Hawick for their shopping. Hawick is also a contested neighborhood too, many people from Hawick claim it's Vinewood when in reality it's actually not. But that is besides the point, as many people from Hawick always claim they're from Vinewood as well. This may be because of the fact Vinewood is just under one mile away from the neighborhood, and one mile west is Burton. Hawick has many different different cultures engrained into it from Irish-Americans, Polish-Americans, Greek-Americans and Armenian-Americans, but quite a lot of the population; more than 47% rated per the 2019 ratio, are of Irish descent. Hawick has also been a hub for many criminal groups in the area such as the: Family Affiliated Irish Mafia (FAIM), Armenian Power (AP), McKenna Organized Crime Gang (MKOCG), Northern District Organized Crime Gang (NDOCG) and Los Santos Death Squad (LSSD); a mini-sub set of the Public Enemy Number One organization. Hawick's population has been counted at 5,423 as of the 2021 annual census ratio per the Los Santos district population chart. Around 40% to 50% of the local residents are of Irish descent, whilst the others are of Polish, Greek and Armenian descent with a bit of Italian descent there too. Hawick has been rated as one of the locations on the Los Santos Tour Guide for tourists to visit, due to the history of the neighborhood and the shops on the main avenue. THE WILD WICKS BECOME THE IRISH MAFIA FAMILY Although as the years went on, the Wild Wicks otherwise known as the McKenna Gang would gain a strong grip and presence over Hawick to the point they offered protection to local businesses and startup gangs around the neighborhood. The McKennas began to form themselves an identity that was meant to live on for decades to come, the identity? The Irish Mafia Family (I.M.F), the name? It came from the fact that they were primarily of Irish descent, operated like a Mafia but were all a Family in the end. This would've marked I.M.F being the second Irish group in Los Santos to fully establish ppresence over a neighborhood, just like their predecessors; the Family Affiliated Irish Mafia (F.A.I.M) who also claimed and ran Hawick with an iron fist for many many years. Although it was the same neighborhood that the Family Affiliated Irish Mafia dominated, the group still became acknowledged by local authorities and the Los Santos Police Department's Gangs & Narcotics division within the Hawick neighborhood. The Irish Mafia Family (I.M.F)'s current membership count and internal hierarchal structure is still unknown, the "McKenna Gang" as we knew it appears to be no more and the "Irish Mafia Family" seems to have taken over and dominated the scene. It's questionable if the McKennas as an entire entity actually did directly become the Irish Mafia Family, but it is what is assumed right now anyways by the media and authorities. The Irish Mafia Family in simple terms has been spotted all over Hawick, Vinewood and Downtown Vinewood, Vinewood. It's pretty evident and clear that the group's main influential area tends to be Vinewood, in the Northside of Los Santos. This has led the authorities to actually mistaking them as the Northern District, although they aren't directly Northern District, the authorities have mistaken them for it due to their area of operandi. There has been a few affiliates from the Irish Mafia Family that have been spotted with tattoos relating to their group in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility, in both the male and female wings. The tattoo: "cód onóra" on the right side of the neck, alongside tattoos such as "Irish Mafia Family", "I.M.F", "Shamrocks tatted with I.M.F", "Roses tatted with I.M.F" and "Harps tatted with I.M.F" have all been photographed on several Irish-American inmates in the Twin Towers. Thread is used to showcase the roleplay of a predominate Irish-American group under the CARDONA connection.
  6. (The content seen below and throughout is not to be taken into in character aknowledgement and conversation. It is solely a thread to provide context as well as media that depicts the development of James Provenzano's character). James (Jimmy) Provenzano Jr. (born September 10th, 19950) is an inducted member of the Martorano crime family. He was arrested and charged with racketeering on April 18. Personal life Born in San Diego, James was raised in a household that preserved its native culture despite the fact that both his parents (Maria & James Sr. Provenzano) were second generation. James’ family celebrated the culture within San Diego’s Little Italy and held tightly to it, within everyday life and yearly events such as the Little Italy Festa held in October. James Sr. was a part of the Little Italy Neighborhood Association, an organisation that was responsible for maintaining low crime rates as well as looking after trash collection, special events, and community outreach. As well as this, his father ran a small salon business and his mother was an employee of said business. James Jr’s grandparents were popular among the farmers markets within Little Italy for their seafood. The Italian family and culture was very well embedded into James Jr’s upbringing, engulfed within the gentrified neighborhood. From a young age, James played soccer competitively, participating in the local soccer leagues hosted by the US Youth Soccer National League. An out-right box-to-box midfielder, James was scouted in his early teens and moved up to the Golden Valley League during his tenure through middle & high school. The future was bright for the young, talented athlete who was making waves within the community for his engine that he brought to the field; plenty of stamina to give alongside a killer eye for a deadly pass behind the defense. After the passing of James Jr’s father in 2006 he became a social recluse and opted to take care of his grieving mother. Provenzano Jr. began to resent Maria years on from Provenzano Sr.'s death which motivated him to leave his family home. Death of James Provenzano Sr. On a winter’s night in 2006, James Sr. Provenzano drowned unexpectedly at approximately 12:30 in the morning, swallowed up by the aggressive winter current on the Sweetwater channel whilst under the influence of alcohol. His body was recovered two weeks later after an investigation launched for the well-known James Sr. among his community. Mourning began within Little Italy, a minute’s silence was held among the mercato. The death of her husband left Maria severely devastated, and she struggled to recover. Los Santos early years James revisited soccer years after his father's passing. James reached out to previous coaches and teachers and requested letters of recommendation to ULSA so that he could enroll on a scholarship program. The University of San Andreas, Los Santos, accepted James Jr. Provenzano for a grad coach scholarship program. Thus, James moved into the campus of ULSA and pursued a career in traditional sports coaching, specifically in soccer. Two years into his studies, James became a product of the college culture that at the time surrounded ecstasy escapades and other class A drugs. James was caught dealing an eighth of cocaine to a neighboring student in their dorm hall. The mishap was caught on camera after suspicions had arisen due James’ lack of aptitude. After two years at ULSA, James dropped out. He began couch surfing shortly after his depature from ULSA, brushing shoulders with criminally minded individuals. Eager to maintain a champagne lifestyle with lemonade money, James worked casual labor jobs involving but not limited to: forklift driving, heavy machinery operation, construction, delivery driver etc. All whilst cliquing up with some of Los Santos' amateur underworld figures. At 22 years old James connected with a Chinese-American drug dealer named Kingsley Chiu and began couriering drugs into San Fierro for Kingsley’s crew, who had tight-knit relations with the Wo On Lok, or Water Room Gang, a notorious Triad. Feeling the heat, Kingsley Chiu slowed down operations, which inevitably left James out of pocket. The Martorano crime family Associate James Provenzano linked with Ralph Sciandra, a known affiliate of the Martorano crime family. The pair, alongside Frank Ida, formed a formidable partnership that began to make waves in Vinewood's show business. An ESPN contracted, pay-per-view, mixed martial arts event held at The Rockford Dome under Ralph Sciandra was a monumental success and inevitably catapulted the trio into Vinewood's circle of nightlife tycoons. This later encouraged James Provenzano to muscle his way into a business lease for the popular nightclub Tequi-La-La. James Provenzano and Frank Ida masterminded a complex credit card fraud scheme that takes in an estimated $40,000 per week. The scheme involves purchasing gas using fraudulant information, obtained and administered by Melody Hadley, Frank Ida's girlfriend. Becoming more and more integrated within the ranks of the Martorano crime family, James Provenzano began to commit and act as an acomplice on a series of murders. Ralph Nedra, a known associate of Nathaniel Agro was shot and killed in James Provenzano's home by Provenznao himself. Domenick Cessaro was murdered by Nathaniel Agro in Provenzano's vehicle and thereafter took part in the burial. Victoria Miller, LSNN reporter, was pronounced missing on March 16. Provenzano was an accomplice to Miller's murder. During the tensions within Vinewood between the Martorano crime family and a Eurasian organized crime group, Provenzano murdered two Armenian associates. Club Malibu, one of Los Santos' most renown nightclub was burnt down in an arson attack headed by James Provenzano, understandably in relation to the war in Vinewood between several illegal outfits. Made Man James Provenzano was inducted into the Martorano family per Ralph Sciandra's recommendation. Shortly after Provenzano's initiation, he was arrested and charged for racketeering and involvement in organized crime.
  7. Introduction The Pink Sandwich was established in 1997 by Jennifer and Richard Longport and initially formed as a sandwich lounge that catered for citizens of Los Santos during the late nineties to early two thousands. It had a controversial Grand Opening due to various news scandals revolving around the quality of its ingredients and sandwich fillers which lead to both Jennifer and Richard declaring bankruptcy. The project was picked up by Terry Craggs in later years who had seen potential in the industry after a recent decline in fast food joints, specifically those that were able to produce handmade meals for business men and women within the upper-class area of Vinewood Boulevard, however, this was again a short-lived run due to financial difficulties. Today, The Pink Sandwich has been rebranded and reformed as not only a popular sandwich lounge, but also a nightclub by a couple of friends with expertise in both management and interior design. This article serves as an informative page where people are able to follow the success of the company and find out more about what it has to offer, hope you enjoy the journey and we look forward to sharing more! Daytime Menus Contact Us Email: [email protected] (( Forum PM @CrisisGG and @scarlyfox )) Social Page | Station
  8. Exclusive interview with Vinewood actress Alicia Johansson. Soon be returning to the big screen! By Nina Garavano Not every day we have the privilege to get to know and interview one of the most iconic figures in Vinewood movie industry. Tonight, actress Alicia Johansson shares her life with us. From her first steps as an actress for Vinewood Studios, her role in the movie “Pulled Apart”, her work as a model for Magnolia records, her relationship with DJ LeCamp, to her plans for the future with Torwald Pictures. Welcome Alicia, it’s an honor to have you with us. Can you tell us about you? What were your first steps in acting? How did you manage to become the Vinewood star you are now? Well, I’ve just wanted to act since I was a kid. Always found it fun to entertain, and to act like I'm someone else. As soon as I finished school back in Sweden, I moved to London, to study at ISSA, the International School of Screen Acting. After graduating I moved down here, los Santos was like, /the/ place to be if you wanted to be in the movies. It was hard at first. Struggling to make ends meet, living in a tiny apartment near here in Morningwood. I worked at the local 24/7 at the gas station here, but I was very lucky to be welcomed in at Vinewood Studios, after not too long.They were the big studio back then. Oh, Impressive, it must have been hard getting into big roles. Oh yes. I had to start small of course, work my way up, so I started getting small roles in some of their shows. They were doing some TV shows back then, in addition to movies, so luckily there were plenty of productions to get a part in. I see, what were their shows about? Most of their shows were like a bit of a dark portrayal of the high-crime areas of Los Santos, and made-up characters from these parts. I was lucky to get to work alongside the then big stars, like Bodhi Hillier, Chuck Sullivan, Lacey Warren and Cody Jones. Oh, I see. It seems like Los Santos didn't change at all, still a lot of high crime areas. Los Santos is still Los Santos, yeah, will always be. And after working at Vinewood Studios what did you do? Well. After some very good times with Vinewood Studios, they started to struggle a bit with finances and getting talented directors. Sadly, they eventually had to shut down. For a long time there were no movies being made in Los Santos. However, after a while, the industry started to blossom again. We got multiple studios starting up, like Eiga Productions, Marchese Films and Vinewood Video. Those were a bunch of small studios, with mostly smaller productions. I managed to get cast in these productions but most of them never saw the screen. I could spend weeks filming for one production, only for it to get shut down later. Oh, that 's sad! It's part of the industry though. Not everything makes it to the screen. It's a tough business. I see, that must be heartbreaking, did any of those small studios manage to release a movie or show? The one worth mentioning is of course Marchese Films, and the movie Pulled Apart, it was definitely the one that got the most attention at this time. How was it like shooting that movie? What do you think about the final product? Personally, I enjoyed working on that movie and I liked the results too. It had mixed reviews, but it felt like people expected a serious blockbuster action movie, which was something this film wasn't trying to be. It was written and made as a college-film, sort of comedy and horror mix. And I think it served that role nicely. Despite the controversies around Marchese Film and the director, I quite enjoyed it. I see, it sounds like fun. But what did you feel about the negative reviews? How do you handle that kind of pressure? Well, those reviews are always going to be there, you know. People are different, and one movie is never going to please everyone. I think if the bad reviews were more directed towards my personal contributions to the film, I'd have a harder time with it. Do you think that those high expectations from the audience are what makes those projects fail? I think that's a big challenge for anyone wanting to make a movie today, yes. The public can be quite ungraceful, you know. But I think it's important to focus on those who actually enjoy it. The value you bring to them. Moving on, can you tell me about your experience here, working as a model for Magnolia? Sure. I generally look back at my time at Magnolia as a happy time. The best thing about Magnolia was how we were like a family, everyone who worked here, no matter what your position was, got close to each other and cared for each other. It was an honor to work with such a recognized and established brand, to be part of all the great music that came out of here and the great experiences Magnolia DJ's and staff created at the different nightclubs around the city. Did you think your voice and opinion was heard? What are your thoughts about the management back then? Well I did eventually decide that it was time for me to move on. Like many others from the company at that time. It was a great place, but it was also very strict, it didn't leave room for people to grow, or to really bring their skills to the table. It was sort of an old hierarchical management style, where all decisions had to be done at the very top and the rest of us just had to be okay with whatever the big boss decided. Some things never change! It became clear that the company didn't want to do anything that wasn't related to music, there was an impression that the models were there to make the artists look good. We even used to have a stripping pole here. I didn't approve of this being a party den for the male managers and artists to take advantage of the girls. I see, and what happened when you tried to change things? What ideas did you bring that weren't accepted? As head of the modeling department, I tried getting more work for our models, by signing deals with other brands about using our models to market their products or brand. It was quite successful too and brought in a lot of money. But it wasn't about music. We also wanted to do a magazine that would cover music, entertainment, fashion, gossip, and so on, but that just ended in me getting a warning. It was not appreciated at all. Rather the opposite, it was like the management was offended if we did something outside of music. I can totally relate to that as the current manager of Magnolia modeling scheme. Man is the only animal that trips twice over the same stone. Well said. Let's move on to another subject, are you currently in a relationship, Alicia? How do you handle dating and fame? I currently am not, and yeah, fame can easily complicate things. I feel like I've kept a rather low profile recently though. Which is good, to get a break from all the attention in between big releases. Oh, can you give me more details about your most meaningful relationships you had in the past? I should have known this would come up. I've had a few relationships. But they usually don't end well. I'm sure they deserve a whole article on their own! But can you briefly tell us what happened? I don't even know where to start. But yeah, it's definitely something for a scandalous article in itself. I was with DJ LeCamp for a while, he was like a very famous DJ back then, and the fame didn't really help either of us. He was actually engaged to someone else when I started seeing him, someone else here at Nolia, and so of course the unavoidable drama of getting caught and all that. So he eventually broke it off with her, which was my boss here at Nolia. That's when we officially got together and we did great for a while. Oh wow! That must have been really complicated, what happened in the end? Well, I guess the tables turned. I felt like he was distancing himself more and more from me and I saw him with other girls all the time. And then lots of rumours started floating, it ended quite badly, it was an ugly breakup. To comfort me in everything after that, was his best friend and we eventually got together. That was too much for Leo so he left the city. Oh! That's sad... a true engaging love story. Yeah... these are just crumbles of it all. It's enough material for a book, really. Let's get back to your career, what are your plans for the future? Well. I'm currently working with Torwald Pictures. So I'm very excited about that. I wish I had something to tell you, but unfortunately, at this point everything is still being kept very secretive, but I'm sure we will all see great things from Torwald Pictures to come. Oh I see... but should we expect to see the one and only Alicia Johansson back on the big screen? Absolutely, I do my best every day to make that a reality. Torwald Pictures is actually quite sizable already, they have a big team of very talented people and they have some great facilities down at the studio lot. My impressions of Torwald Pictures is that they are very professional and I'm very happy to be a part of it. What will their next movie be about? I wish I could tell you, Nina. I really do, but I'm afraid you'll just have to wait a little bit longer. I promise I'll share with you whatever I can when I can. Your readers will just have to stay tuned. I'd like to keep going, but let's wrap things up. What would you say to other aspiring actresses who want to follow your steps? Chase your dreams! And get representation! There are so many people in this city that want to try to take advantage of young actresses, so you have to be careful. If you can get representation, you'll have an agent that will help you find real work, and it keeps the creeps away. I'm very grateful to the agents I've worked with, like James Burke. He's got a character for sure, but he gets results. Any final words? Anything else you want to add? Thank you for having me! Oh, thank you Alicia! It was my pleasure! > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  9. LS-Youth Festival Vote Now @ Doppler Cinema Facebrowser Pre-show starts at 8:20 PM Main event at 9:00 PM Archive & Location
  10. Looking to buy a property in Blaine County (Sandy Shores, Paleto, etc.) / Vinewood area. Will take regardless if it's a house, apartment or a trailer. Leave the property information below or contact me privately via email.
  11. Various posters and flyers can be found around the city held by staples, tape and adhesive.
  12. Renting out my spare bedroom in 924 Las Lagunas Boulevard Availability : Not Available The bedroom has a pretty comfy bed with two cabinets, a ceiling fan and a TV. In general the apartment has two bedrooms, one bathroom and a living room with an open kitchen. (for photos click here) The rent is set at 2500$ a week. If you are interested or have any questions contact me via: [email protected] ((Forum PM)) ((Only active players, pleace. I don't want an inactive tenant which takes the oppertunity away from an active player.))
  13. Angela

    Marchese Films

    Brand new Film Production Company aiming to break into the Vinewood Movie industry , bringing quality independent feature films to Los Santos. Created by Angela Marchese, passionate film creator and actress, willing to introduce fresh and creative ideas into Los Santos movie scene. We are currently hiring, make your dreams come true! If you are willing to be a star on the screen, or want to help behind the camera, fill the following application and send it to [email protected] ((Forum PM)) Subject: Career in Marchese Films Name: Phone no.: Age: About you: Role you are applying for: Expectations from the job: Additional information: (( Timezone and active hours(by server time): )) ((OOC Info: The purpose of this company is not to create fancy videos using menyoo, but to actully roleplay acting, shooting scenes, posting SS of the roleplay as if they were movies and eventually gain IC recognition))
  14. John "Tuna" Capra is a late thirties LS based mobster, primarily serving as a made man/soldier in The Conti Crime Family. It is rumored Capra arrived in Los Santos with ambitions to continue his semi-successful sales career. However, his lust for money seems to have taken a turn for the worse after introduction to Gerald Marchetti, at the time, a leading solider in The Conti Crime Family. The introduction seems to have occurred due to Capra's ownership of Zampa's Quality Meats & Deli, once owned by long-term associate of The Los Santos Crime Family, Paul "The Butcher" Zampa. It is said that Capra was hosting an underground card game alongside Nicholas Trisano where he first came on Marchetti's radar and subsequently put on record with the mafia. Since taking the role of manager in famous, fine dining restaurant Giovanni's Trattoria, it is believed Capra answered to long-term consigliere Joseph Campagna. However, his brief stint with Campagna was short lived as he left to Europe for unknown reasons. Capra returned to Marchetti and helped create the foundations of the Clinton Avenue Crew as the crew's ringleader alongside long term partner Nicholas Trisano. In late-April Capra used his accumulated financial wealth from his numerous rackets to invest in a rundown warehouse building in Clinton Avenue, Vinewood. This new business venture has led to Capra being the sole founder of The Lucky Fish casino, supposedly named by Conti underboss Dominic Altomare after Capra's nickname "Tuna". As well as Zampa's Quality Meats & Deli, it is believed to be the home of Capra's operations which span from extortion, bookmaking, drug trafficking and loansharking. During Capra's time as an associate in the Clinton Avenue Crew, led by newly promoted captain Gerald Marchetti, he was noticed by leaders of the Conti Crime Family after pulling off the biggest heist in the borgata's history. In early May, Capra and Trisano walked away from Bad Day Goods, a pawn shop used as a front for arms trafficking, with a $671,000.00 take. It was dubbed by criminal circles as the "Bad Days Haul." Yoska Makula, the owner of Bad Days Goods, disappeared and in typical mob fashion his body was never found. Shortly after, Marchetti vouched for Capra's membership into the borgata. Capra received his button and was inducted into the America Mafia at the prime age of 39. After the brutal daylight murder of Marco Caruso at the hands of the young Melrose Crew, chaos ensued in the Conti family. Campagna, once Capra's mentor and leader demanded compensation for the death of Caruso, who was falsely on record with the consiglierie. The amounted totaled to $200,000.00. He believed the duo were at fault as the Melrose Crew answered to the pair. Although against Cosa Nostra principles, Conti sanctioned the request at an upstairs meeting inside Clinton Avenue's Dirty Duke. During the sit-down, Capra was able to negotiate the fee down to a measly $60,000.00 claiming that Caruso's murderers in fact answered to Conti solider, Henry D'Amico. Nonetheless, Capra and Trisano out of respect to mafia traditions, asked for the stubborn boss to change his verdict. Conti gifted Capra the compensation under the false pretext that the situation was put to bed. However, on the eve of the 17th of July Clinton crew associate, James Donnelli, requested Capra to leave the Lucky Fish casino which was housing a high stakes poker game at the time. Trisano followed, both under the ruse that Donnelli had information regarding the upcoming indictments via his corrupt police official. Trisano and Capra were set up and fatally shot, both their bodies were never found. The Clinton Avenue crew spiraled out of control, those who had once claimed their loyalty to captain Gerald Marchetti had shown their true colors after associate Benjamin Nicci and lower level crew members kidnapped and shot Marchetti loyalists in an act of vengeance. The San Andreas Bureau of Investigation luckily brought a stop to the potential war, arresting key figures such as Lawrence Zampa and Joseph Agresta, one of who had been conspiring to murder Marchetti. Clinton Avenue was in shambles with at least twenty associates either fleeing after the murders of Capra and Trisano or switching allegiances to the government. Luckily for the Conti administration, aware of the looming federal threat, the forever self interested John Tuna Capra had already asked his lawyer, Tito Mendez, to draft a leniency deal in return for his cooperation. But as the age old saying goes: dead men cannot speak. ((John Capra has been my character for the last few months. I've wanted to create a character topic for a while but feared it was too late. Though, after consideration have decided to go for it. I'll update regularly with screenshots and upload important ones below that were integral to John's character development. The character story will host recycled LCN based screens from The Conti Crime Family faction thread and showcase screenshots that are either lore relevant or show off John's character. ))
  15. Selling this beautiful apartment located in the heart of Los Santos. It comes with 1 bedroom, a private balcony and discreet pool out front. MP: $135,000 SB: $200,000 CB: Exterior: Interior:
  16. EASTSIDE VINEWOOD SKINHEADS COMMUNITY AND ENVIROMENT A few short years after the unconditional surrender of the Axis Powers in WW2 and the blast of new opportunity that came with the start of the baby boomer generation, the area that is now known today as Vinewood was suddenly sparked to life with family, businesses and an overall bigger and flourishing community. New housing and property projects continued to pop up over the years, eventually turning what was originally farmland and the occasional home into the area we now know as East Vinewood. Eventually, East Vinewood grew into and became a great value neighborhood for new families and those with lower income, situated by the newly constructed highway; with lots to offer in the terms of homes and housing for its predominantly Caucasian residents. The community continued to do somewhat well throughout the years, but as better housing and community started popping up in different areas, the mainstay of Vinewood itself being generally known as a more rich, and unaffordable area, and the east side not generally having much to offer in terms of tourism, things to do, etc. It ended up being abandoned in the eyes of potential investors and anyone looking for a place to move in. As we hit the early 1980’s, property and living costs continued to rise, and in the middle of a drug and crack cocaine epidemic, the community wasn’t doing to great to say the least. The neighborhood’s reputation steadily declined, and the crime rate drastically rose, with many residents during this era left with empty pockets and addicted to drugs. Burglary happened often, and it was always a running joke to never forget to lock your car, or someone WILL break the window to take what pocket change is there. Years it continued and couldn't go unnoticed or be ignored, many complaints from residents across the board, the city of Los Santos attempted to remedy the problem with some half ditch efforts of installing new skate parks, inciting a neighborhood watch program, and even some new playgrounds and community centers. The new skate park park built in the area connected new and experienced skaters and random neighborhood kids alike, bonding over the new trends and culture that skating and Punk Rock brought up with its popularity. Also seen in places such as Vespucci and the rest of Vinewood at this time. It gave kids and teenagers alike something to do in their summers, often entire communities of kids and teenagers coming from all over the neighborhood to participate in local skate competitions and underground Punk Rock concerts, but overtime drug use has been glorified in the community, now a mainstay in the culture, but now known as one of the last standing communities in Vinewood that hasn't been touched by gentrification, Most households have had the same family for generations and scared to let go; the old designed buildings and abandoned apartments stuck in time from many generations ago is still what many people call home. built in the area connected new and experienced skaters and random neighborhood kids alike, bonding over the new trends and culture that skating and Punk Rock brought up with its popularity. Also seen in places such as Vespucci and the rest of Vinewood at this time. It gave kids and teenagers alike something to do in their summers, often entire communities of kids and teenagers coming from all over the neighborhood to participate in local skate competitions and underground Punk Rock concerts, but overtime drug use has been glorified in the community, now a mainstay in the culture, but now known as one of the last standing communities in Vinewood that hasn't been touched by gentrification, Most households have had the same family for generations and scared to let go; the old designed buildings and abandoned apartments stuck in time from many generations ago is still what many people call home. Ryder (Incarcerated), Grumps (Deceased) and Jack (Alive) Jack's going away party, circa 1994 EARLY DAYS/STARTUP Originally starting from a small tight-knit friend group of friends and other local teenagers around the neighborhood of Glory Way in the early 1990’s, most of these friends not meeting through school, but instead meeting through skateboarding, or their parents being friends with another family who happened to have children as well. They always got along well, hanging out every day and even starting their own garage band. During their time at Vinewood High, these teens would almost always stick together with their friends, family, and kids from the same neighborhood, as many other students liked to point fingers and tease and bully some students from the area, often yelling on the bus and screaming about “White trash”, “Hillbilly!”, “Hick!” and other things, generally based around the fact that East Vinewood is seen as the thumb of the area, and often avoided because of the mostly white population, and while not a neighborhood stricken with poverty, it’s a “lower class” area, especially compared to the rest of Vinewood.More often then not, this constant teasing and problems at school led to students skipping, or even full out dropping out. Often turning to drugs and petty crime such as vandalism, theft and alcohol to pass the time and get a cheap thrill. This escalated quickly, and eventually most of the friends ended up dropping out of school together, not wanting to be alone in classes. As things escalated from just small things like smoking weed, it quickly started turning to doing things like psychedelics, cocaine, and things like that as it became plentiful and easy to get in the area. Now hyped up on drugs, jobless and without much education, these now late-teens started bringing down younger generations with them, teaching them things about drugs, and getting them to shoplift for them so they don’t risk getting banned from stores. This, mixed with heavy drug use, eventually rose to teens running around with their father’s rifles, robbing nearby community gas stations and forming stick-up crews. Heavily influenced by skateboarding and punk rock music at this time, they often took most of their culture from Vespucci beach, which also happens to be predominantly white. With the skateboarding and drug culture, also came the skinhead culture of local gangs in that area. The group slowly and surely started and pinning their hate, lack of money, and drug problems on those from other neighborhoods who originally bullied them at school, or even those who wouldn’t hang out with them. Quickly adapting their hate of those specific teenagers to instead take pride in themselves and take pride in their own race, now mixed with the skinhead culture, being proud of being called things such as “White trash” and “Hick”, where originally kids felt ashamed. The small warband of Caucasian teenagers had heavy influence from nearby skinhead gangs, and through the culture of skateboarding, was taken under the wings of the older heads. The formerly innocent group of white kids quickly adapted and took on the skinhead culture, and in their prime, was a very violent group of teenagers, often thought to be the culprit of many racist attacks and hate crimes. They were also largely involved in the methamphetamine trade in the area.Drugs thrived throughout Los Santos; Methamphetamine being a common hit in the drug trade, a cheap substitute for the addictive and expensive pills that were prescribed. Once the infamous drug "Tweak/Crank/Scante" hit Los Santos, the word came out that a new drug that was more affordable and easier to get their hands on. Rapidly violent crimes spread through ought the city like wildfire for the small crystals that gave a liveliness, energetic, addictive high. MODERN DAY/ADAPTING THE M's Considered as a "newer" founded skinhead gang but following the same rules and structure as any other skinhead gang. What was originally a misfit group of kids eventually adapted recruiting new members and living a new way of life. The younger heads eventually coining the name "Meth, Money, Murder", "Triple M Gang", and many other nicknames for the crew. The once small and tight-knit group of teenagers in the 90’s exploding in growth over the years, recruiting their children, siblings, friends, and others around the neighborhood. Exploiting the poverty-stricken Caucasian teenagers throughout East Vinewood. Meth, Money, Murder deliberately recruited from high schools’ areas, middle schools and took in kids who came from unstable house holds and dysfunctional families. Taking advantages of kids who just wanted friends and a sense of a real family, picking them out and their traits; some being crash dummies and some being smart, the list goes on. Forcing many of the kids into difficult situations and seeing how they react. Learning from what their older generation taught them of street gang warfare tactics. Their tactics functioned heavily on younger kids, brainwashing them and training them as a "soldier" in their eyes; their militant ways caused heavy racial attacks and crime throughout Los Santos. Selling whatever they get their hands on, ranging from all types of drugs from psychedelic drugs to hardcore narcotics. Typically using the "Get Down or Lay Down" tactic to extort local Laundromats, convenience stores, and other small-time businesses and residents in different areas to make some money, but always having brotherhood like love to everyone in their community and neighborhood families who raised them. This war band of skinheads mostly tend to keep sticking to themselves, generally spotted at a local park either drinking, skating, or senseless fighting for fun. Still remembering their roots and passing down knowledge through the generations as the older heads ended up dead, serving life in prison or still roaming the streets.
  17. Hello! I am looking for a house or big enough apartment for 2-3 people to live in central/north/west LS (I would prefer Richman/Vespucci Beach/Vinewood/Rockford Hills/Burton/Hawick or any other good and safe area). I am looking for 2 bedrooms at a minimum (could be more). Maximum price range: $160,000-$200,000 (could be more if the offer is reasonable) I will take a look at the cheaper offers to! Don't worry and offer for me everything that you have!
  18. "You can learn a lot from a dog: obedience, loyalty, and the importance of turning around three times before lying down." Name: Zacarías Alejandro Evans Birthday: September 28, 1994 Nationality: Mother - Puerto Rican, Father - Irish - from Liberty City, South Bohan. Height: 6'2 Feet Weight: 198 Pounds Build: Muscular Toned Voice: Deep & Soft Pet Name: Zeus ( Rottweiler ) Initials: Eye Color: Light Blue Hair Color: Black-ish dark brown. Hairstyle: Bald / Buzzed Skin Tone: Light Brown. Scars: Has three total for now. One in the shape of an Ace on his middle finger ( burn mark ), another two scars on the side of his left cheek ( knife fight ) Tattoos: Not too many tattoos. A tattoo would "ACE" would be seen on his neck, another tattoo of a $ sign on the left side of his neck & a tattoo of a larger $ sign on his left pec with two daggers piercings through each side, last but not least would be the tattoo on the right side of his neck wording out " S I N N E R " ( find the rest out ic ) Disorder/Issues: Unforgiving & Vindictive ( find the rest out IC ) Clothes: Loose, casual & street-wear, red or black attire. Very rarely wears 'high class' clothing, unless needed. Mood: Relaxed & friendly. Overly silent in most "questionable" situations. Always watching someone for their first move, pretty confrontational if his family or loved ones are threatened. Place of Interest: Vinewood, Power Street, Davis & The Beach. Unique Items: His fathers' switchblade & car. Love: Very loyal, protective and overly fond and caring when in a relationship. - Currently Single. Orientation: ( Figure it out IC ) Rap, Music, Working out, BMX, Cooking, Movies and more! ( Figure out the rest IG/IC ) Tattoos: He loves ink, thinks of it as an art, doesn't really find the time or place to judge anyone for it, has quite a few himself. Scarification: Only one on his middle finger in the shape of an Ace. Alcohol: Who doesn't love a beer or more with the family even better with the woman around. Drugs: Depends on the time and place, doesn't do much hard shit. Mainly sticks to weed and party drugs such as MDMA, Molly and once in a blue moon will do a bump or two. Junk food: Loves his junk-food -.. hot dogs, Twinkies, donuts, pastries & just about anything from the 24/7 or gas stations, but usually tries to burn it off shortly after the next week following. Gangs: Without family, what would there be? Smoking: Weed, Cigarettes and that's just about it! Murder: There's a place and time for everything, let it be in the alleyway or in public to send a message. Races: He loves everyone unconditionally until they make him see otherwise, hates racists. Racists: Hates them with a fiery passion, wishes them dead. Police: The worst, nothing but goody-two-shoes and stuck up snobs. Music: Rap, Lofi, Hip-Hop & Instrumentals. Guns: Needed in "important" and dangerous situations. Early Years Zacarías Alejandro Evans was born in Southern Bohan, Liberty City. Thought it was a poor and quiet household, he had his loving parents, three wild older brothers, and his younger brother, Osirus. Being the second youngest wasn't the best, but he still had what he needed; his family, his father ( Irish ) and mother ( Puerto Rican ), and his best pal 'Mikey'. Nonetheless, this area of Bohan was not the safest, by any means and most often filled with hoodlums, gangs and plenty more. As the second youngest, he was always looking up to his older brothers, even though they were often committing pretty crimes; let it be selling weed for his father or stealing out of cars on the streets. Jail time was a common occurrence amongst the household, especially with his father, Benjamin. Benjamin was a hard and rough man. He worked at the warehouse docks, usually as a Laborer most days. He would often be moving boxes, hanging around, and sometimes working under the table for the 'higher' ups around the area; typically running as a mule for those around. Usually he was forced to run packages of coke, weed and sometimes ammunition around Bohan in order to pay off his debt to his boss, Peter, or as people like to call him "Big Pete". Zach's mother 'Maria' worked a fine and honest job at the Florist shop downtown, called, "Blossoms 'n Such". His parents were honest and loved their children with all they could give. They worked hard to provide them with food, a roof over their head and most of all, their love and smiling faces. However, it all came crashing down when his father was caught at a road stop, trafficking a few ounces of cocaine. Benjamin was sent to the pen for life after "Big Pete" ratted him out on various other Scandals to save his own hide. It was a fair day outside when Zach was walking down to main-street on an errand to get some milk and bread for his mother's "famous" bread pudding. Zach got home and about twenty minutes after he'd gone to go to his room to draw and play, he heard the heart-wrenching scream from downstairs. He ran as fast as he could and that's when he saw his mother weeping into the phone, curled up on the floor against the wall. His father was stabbed in the courtyard for ratting out " Big Pete" on his lies. Growing up Growing up he watched all three of his more elderly brothers get thrown in jail, various times for lesser petty crimes and or getting thrown into the cruisers of the local PD. He started dragging himself closer to his brothers as his mother had to take on a second job at the Deli, as well as the Florist job she already had. Zach was usually always left alone or with his oldest brother Sean.Growing into a finer and more sculpted younger man he was, often laundering around outside, hanging with girls he attempted to try to bring back home, sometimes succeeding or sometimes not. He was a pretty sculpted guy for his age.Zach's day to day was either working at the same warehouse where his father was working, working with the 'boys', carrying out small tasks like moving crates here or a bucket there, cleaning the table tops of the lunchroom. Nothing overly huge was pushed onto his plate until he received the word that he was asked to take care of his fathers' debt, that's when the work started to turn into further and more dangerous acts, running bricks of weed, small grams of coke for the same Boss his father use to work for. At least he was making some pretty serious cash on the side.Zach saw his family get locked up by the time he was nineteen, still working for the same scum-bag boss and his mother coming into her early depression, popping pills ( pain killers ) and drinking mostly every night. Zach was trying to get out as far as he could for his brother Osiris, trying to capture his own slice of life, something further away from Bohan. Moving on Nothing was the same now; his older brother Sean was at home and was working with Zach strongly beside "Big Pete", usually trafficking 'heat' ( pistols ) to the other end of town on their bikes and or stolen cars that would be supplied for just the occasion. Their mother was always traveling around the city, hardly ever home... no one recognized what she was really doing during her 'episodes' anymore. Zach ultimately received the big deal he'd been waiting for, moving ten ounces of blow across the bridge and towards Broker. The deal was completely fine until the guy decided there was "no deal" and pulled out a gun, Zach ran around the corner as his brother ran the other direction. Four minutes was just enough, the shooting started to pop off... his brother Sean was trying to shoot the man as Zach wrapped around the building, waiting until the time was perfect, every shot counted and noise took advantage of. Zach used every shot to get closer to the gunman, keeping silent and down to the ground, hiding behind boxes and holding his breath until Sean used his last bullet. Zach ran up to the man and slipped out his fathers' old switchblade, stabbing the gunman him three times in the back rapidly, two times in the hip and snatched his gun, running back to Sean, grabbing the drugs, money and the car as they headed back to town to discuss with "Big Pete" what happened upon the situation. Thus "Big-Pete" giving Zach the nickname "Creep" for his actions.Zach explained to the 'big boys' at the Warehouse that the man started to shoot, no one was allowed to speak, move or barely utter a peep until Pete managed to breathe and relax down. Zach was dismissed, told to never come back and was left for the dead, as well as Sean. Weeks were devoted examining the window as 'familiar' cars would drive by the block, most often slowing down outside Zachs' house, observing their mother go in and out of the neighboring dilapidated apartment. A month went by and everything was fine, Sean got a job at some construction company and abandoned the deals and wheels behind, as did Zach. The two started working together in construction just under the overpass in Eastern Dukes. It was about nine at night when Zach and Sean came home, noticing bullet holes in the window, door and the bricks layering just outside the apartment, their mother in a pool of blood just beside the kitchen sink and Osirus hiding in Zachs' closet, upset and shook. The End Zach twenty-three, Sean... Twenty-six and Osirus now seventeen. The other brother's still in jail, father and mother dead, no one was there to make 'family' worthwhile anymore, but the trio. They were not always getting along, but they were family, they where blood and most importantly... they were survivors. It's been a few years, some weeks and some hard hours. The three moved in some blocks towards central Bohan, away from the slummier area of the 'slums'. Zach came home with from a long day on the high rise, working with Sean. The two loafed in their brown and stained old couch, Osirus was playing some old video games on the computer and complaining about the food in the house, often a normal occurrence It was the same for weeks in and out until Zach came across a poster hanging up on a light-post the area where they were working. "Los Santos, where the low come to live and the high come to give", Zach quickly ripped down the poster and stuffed it into his pocket to show his brothers at home. The brothers all agreed it'd be safest to save up some money, move away from Liberty City and start anew elsewhere, far... far away from "Big-Pete" and his hoodrat gang. It took six more months and is now nearly Zachs' birthday, but it happened. They finally paid off most of the bills they had debt too, and most importantly saved some extra cash on the side, packing boxes and staying up late. Finding a cheaper apartment in the more 'safer' places in Los Santos was more difficult than planned but it wasn't exactly impossible. The three agreed on a place on Power Street, Vinewood. A place that wasn't exactly the best of the whole 'LS' lifestyle or the lowest, some would say... mediocre?Zach spent the last week visiting his older brothers in jail, promising them he'd be safe and take care of Osirus, along with Sean and the others, heartfelt discussions where had and tears where shed as he said goodbye to his best friend 'Mikey', leading off with a nice thug-hug to end it all on the spot. Zach went home and packed the car with the four boxes they had, a few sleeping bags and some pillows, little clothes and a bit of food... that was it. Los Santos was bright, vibrant, beautiful. Everyone was a lot nicer than those in Liberty City, helpful and most of all.. not trying to kill the three. They moved into a shitty apartment down in Davis. Zach got a job at the local LTD and Sean found work at the construction unit down by Alta, and Osirus mainly stayed home, keeping the house secure and cleaned up among the three, playing video games and tending to some 'weed' plants he found in the back of someone's yard. Zach came home one day after a few beers from the bar " The Banjo " and ran among a down and out man, seemed his name went by Rat, wasn't particularly the nicest man but wasn't the worst. Zach and the inked up figure spent hours talking among the situations they have both been in, the loss of friends and family among the many years and how difficult it was to find a place safe enough for his younger brother to grow up and just go to school, perhaps college. Rat mentioned a friend that has recently left the city and how his apartment was up for grabs, without further hesitation. Zach made the deal to pay 'Rat' off over time in payments, leasing the house (rent to own), the location was perfect, it was close to everything and everyone, Power Street. A few weeks went by and the brothers unpacked their belongings in their new home on Power Street, happy and content with their situation, noticing the changes and how nice things where running, life was near perfect. Osirus was studying some, pretty smart for his age too, Zach was working as a laborer with his brother Sean running a small group as a Foreman around the Alta Construction Site. Zach was relaxing on the couch playing some video games with his younger brother as Sean burst through the door with a pale and panicked face, turning dead-pan to the two, "Z, yo.. I swear to fuck I just saw some of Petes' old men by the stripper joint in Strawberry, Homie!" Zach moved uncomfortably away from the TV and grabbed Osirus by the arm gently as the trio went into the kitchen to talk about the former chaos that was terrorizing their home in Liberty City. Zach looked at the two with a calm and overly relaxed face, holding his brothers' shoulders with intent. "Maybe it's about time we stop running, look what we got manos'. We got a mother fucking house, our dog, our familia and jobs. I ain't running no more homies, these fuckers want to come into 'our' home now, they can run out of 'our' home. Fuck Big-Pete and fuck the gang, we're power street" ( Those who are more interested in the story, information or anything about The Power-Street Aces and Zach or his brothers, there is plenty to find out down the line through IC actions. As to what you'll be to Zach down the line in his story is completely up to you and the actions provided during RP. See you in game, have fun!
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