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Found 5 results

  1. Marie Maple Name: Marie Maple Street Name: -RETRO- Crew: [REDACTED] Religion: Catholic, Agnostic. Age: 29 Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Occupation: Driver - Graffiti Writer - H8TR Workplace: IMEX Logistics. Languages: English, French Respect is a Word. Love is a war. Style is a mission. Graffiti is a message. Bombing is a religion. -RETRO- VOCABULARY Piecebook: A graffiti writers most valuable possession, It displays all of their artwork. Passed and Present, Even artwork of fri
  2. Short description: Create a scripted system to offer criminal roleplay the ability to rob trucker crates and transform it into goods. Detailed description: Right now truck robbing is a gray area and a not so common activity in the server (which is something very common in LA). At this point criminal roleplayers rob truckers for the money they carry and not the goods inside the trunk. This script would create another roleplay scenario that would improve criminal roleplay overall and help the economy to flow. How? Create a script to allow criminals to open trucking crates
  3. I am making this topic to start a discussion as it seems everyone isn't on the same page regarding melee fighting in-game. As you're quite aware, there's two types of melee fighting: script and RP. The former involves spamming LMB and manipulating desync in order to down your opponent and in my experience is widespread, with small weapons being asspulled (legitimately, as per the rules) and used to run up on foes. /mes are used but the knocking out is done scriptwise. The latter involves quite obviously /me and /do with time given to react and is used to create a scene ra
  4. this thread follows markeyvius ,,kevo" ingram through his troubled life in south los santos
  5. Vincent


    This thread documents the development and background of Sebastian "Bandit" Gonzalez. A victim of gang culture in America's low income neighborhoods. City Boys - When one time swoops. Sebastian Gonzalez was born in Vespucci to a single mother, Maria Gonzalez. Through absence of a father and a lack of mentorship from his mother he fell to the wayside, involving himself in street life and pledging allegiance to the Culver City Boys 13. Sebastian's family was a broken one, his father spending life in prison for double homicide while his mother busted her a
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