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  1. And yes! it's the way to go... Only downside to it is that a lot of systems are missing. I've been trying to run a couple games and I just couldn't find the desired module.
  2. My friends did play SKT long time ago and they enjoyed it but something similar to SKT is Curse of Strahd. I've heard it's fucking awesome. I'll look up about Mines of Phandelver.
  3. Hey! I'm sorry! I already sold it! Was going through the process of it, couldn't update the post, sorry man!
  4. Pyrite Avenue Apartments Floor 1 | Room 6 Pictures of the property. PINFO: Starting bid: $190.000 Buyout: $277.902
  5. I dont really have enough words to express what this faction has been for me. I've never found a group who welcomed me this nice and sadly like everything else, has reached an end. Throughout my stay in this faction, we've had ups and downs but the constant reminding of the people who supports you and is always there to help you keep improving has made this a true experience. For the people that will stick around, I just hope we cross our paths once again and we can keep enjoying the perfect community we've accomplished. And for those who have decided t
  6. PART ONE "This is how we do it"
  7. We are here to change the game! And we don't plan on stopping soon.
  8. I won't note anything underneith Starting bid, because, that's what it means "Starting"
  9. Buckingham Maverick for sale. Selling a brand new Maverick with low mileage on it I'm selling it because I wanted it for starting a business that sadly has been through some troubles at start, so I can no longer keep it. INFO: Starting bid: $520.000 Buyout: $600.000
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