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  1. The property is now SOLD. L&A please!
  2. Pictures Located in the heart of Paleto Bay, Duluoz Avenue. Outside. Interior Property information: Starting price: $450.000 The sale will end 05/04/2022. Disclosure: Sale will not go to the highest bidder, but the most suitable one, I would like to give this business to a mainly PB roleplayer with the intention to bring this little town of ours alive as I did when it was mine.
  3. Full Name: Jason Quinn Signature: Jason.Q Comment (optional): Needed!
  4. As Kreacher said, it helps setting the mood and yeah, who cares if they bump their threat? By the looks of it I believe this is some sort of complaint because you uploaded some screens and someone took your first place with a song, but what do I know. It's not like you're getting less views because you're not in the first place, just saying.
  5. Buyout, nothing to see here people, keep going
  6. Gotta bait them out somehow. https://streamable.com/8st1ss
  7. I'll be revamping the style of the thread with the upcoming screenshots.
  8. You really like hurting people... Don't you? Following, boss.
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