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  1. Hey, sorry, I'm withdrawing the bid.
  2. Try setting your DNS to Google's. Helped with my stuttering.
  3. It was really nice RP-ing with you today. This looks good, keep it up 🙂
  4. RATwood huh? hope not . .. looking good brother, keep it up
  5. Thank you for the offer but nah, just looking to get rid of it.
  6. Selling a Vapid Scout, painted black, comes with off-road wheels and 1600 miles on the odometer. It also comes with some engine tuning, new breaks, a turbo-charger installed, new transmission system, and a better alarm and lock system. Looking to get about $90,000 from it. (( OOC stuff ))
  7. Noted. If there's no other, it's yours in 24 hours.
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