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  1. Peak.

    [SOLD] L&A

    I offer $155,000 Let me know if you want it. @Sentryzu
  2. Browse the factions, get a good idea of what you want to portray! Law enforcement is definitely something you should look into, its easy to start and really fun. Check LSPD, LSSD, Fire Marshalls, or even Park Rangers!
  3. Wouldn't call 700-800 dead but alright 😕
  4. It's winter, everyone is back at school. Everyone will be back!
  5. Congratulations all, lets keep it going!
  6. Aren't they moving across to GTA 5? Had a blast on LS:RP, lots of memories!
  7. I'd love to see it, seemed to work back in our foundations of SAMP. Wildfire would be amazing!
  8. I myself hold said experience, I have been apart of FD, and I agree that clinically there isn't much too it. Then again, is it there fault with the player base generally calling 911 for GSWs and MVAs a very boring and repetitive part of EMS. Where's the Chest Pains, Shortness of Breath, the chronic diseases there are none. Like you say players are following guides. It takes up to three years to even learn the basics of pre-hospital medicine. I just wish LSFD had a surge of players under strong leadership.
  9. This wouldn't fix anything. It would just create a further lack of players across more companies.
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