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  1. Unnecessary use of server resources. Just tab out and open your browser.
  2. A couple nights ago, my character was waiting in line to get into one of the clubs, and I saw Joey Provenzano roll up and start talking to another guy who was outside the club. Joey and a couple guys he was with had said they just came from 80s night at a different club, while another person in line was talking about an experience he had at a completely different club. In that moment I felt an almost surreal amount of realism because of how normal it felt. I understand this is a very personal experience but at the same time there's zero reason to restrict business from being available or being
  3. A small apartment in dowtown Guadalajara; Jalisco, Mexico, early 2021 Victor opened a drawer on his dresser and pulled a couple of shirts out. Neither were very descript- they were bland, tasteless tee-shirts. After stuffing them into the bottom of a duffle bag, he crossed the room, heading over to his closet. The bedroom itself was basic; simply put, it looked as though nobody interesting lived there at all. The comforter covering the medium-sized bed was a plain gray, the dresser was a boring faux-wood, the lamps were boring single-beam lamps. No posters, no portraits, nothing fr
  4. Selling a Vapid Executioner V10 - $105,000. Very low miles. Includes registration, aftermarket wheels, window tint, turbo, and GPS. Call or SMS #8888.
  5. I know you posted this over a month ago, but something is in the works.
  6. Fantastic screens, way to really show the scenes taking place.
  7. i hear u like pasta

  8. I don't really remember you but I know Chris Bell has popped up a few times here and on other GTAV servers. I'm dom, was a part of Adj's mafia, did some Grove Street stuff with Jon Do, and adminned during the latter half of the server
  9. Who were you on SZR? I might've banned you at some point.
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