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  1. Hey, Optimus Dime. Would you want to play cs with me and @Ikechukwu? R.S.V.P. and I'll note your name down. Thanks.

    1. Pascal


      Please reply @Optimus Dime


      Send reply now

    2. Optimus Dime

      Optimus Dime

      Sorry, was in the shower

    3. Pascal


      Sorry, was making Tesco Sandwich

  2. EDIT: Time to get back into this thread. Probably one of my favorite ones from LS-RP, can’t wait to show you nerds the weird shifts in music I listen to
  3. We also have a desert to the north of the city of Los Santos so...
  4. We also constantly reset the weather back to sunny at times whenever we notice it "raining"
  5. Well looks like it's time to chargeback. @Nervous On a serious note congrats everyone!
  6. Wasn't really around when you roleplayed but it sucks to hear about this. Stay strong and remain positive
  7. @Taunky is pretty cool ig. On a serious note, he was a very underappreciated staff member when he was around and had done a lot of work no one really got to see in regards of DoC, as well as many other legal factions.
  8. Nice team idiot


  9. Congrats to the brodie @Ikechukwu You bust your ass for this server everyday no matter what. Well deserved my homie. Big things to come still
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