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Optimus Dime

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  1. Hey, Optimus Dime. Would you want to play cs with me and @Ikechukwu? R.S.V.P. and I'll note your name down. Thanks.

    1. Pascal


      Please reply @Optimus Dime


      Send reply now

  2. Optimus Dime

    EDIT: Time to get back into this thread. Probably one of my favorite ones from LS-RP, can’t wait to show you nerds the weird shifts in music I listen to
  3. Optimus Dime

    I'm more a fan of GoDaddy.com myself
  4. Optimus Dime

    @Ethanol head of roleplay quality?
  5. Optimus Dime

    We also have a desert to the north of the city of Los Santos so...
  6. Optimus Dime

    We also constantly reset the weather back to sunny at times whenever we notice it "raining"
  7. Optimus Dime

  8. Optimus Dime

    Well looks like it's time to chargeback. @Nervous On a serious note congrats everyone!
  9. Optimus Dime

    Wasn't really around when you roleplayed but it sucks to hear about this. Stay strong and remain positive
  10. Optimus Dime

    Hi @Rumbunctious, We're glad to inform you that your request has been approved. The property you've chosen is a laundromat located around the Rancho area, which is known as a low-income area. The business’s exterior is quite run down as well as being on the smaller side, the business is quite fitting for the area and we are expecting some well-done roleplaying to be generated alongside this request. Although the business is eligible for an entry fee, we aren’t expecting the same revenue as well as let’s say a club or bar for example with the door fee. The interior you are planning on using will match the exterior very well as well. Being a unique request as well as using a custom interior will decrease the initial price, all of this has been thought out when coming up with the base price. -Basic material cost price has been determined to be $50,000 (taxes and fees) + 60 refined iron + 100 unrefined copper. Please note that you must post an IC construction request(s) to proceed. Note the prices above are basic, material cost prices and not the final installation price. Please consult ICly with a construction company for the full actual price. Once you have reached a decision, post the required construction bidding request(s) in THIS section. If you have any OOC questions, PM any member from property management. All IC questions must be handled ICly with a construction company. This offer is valid for 10 days. -Property Management
  11. Optimus Dime

    @Taunky is pretty cool ig. On a serious note, he was a very underappreciated staff member when he was around and had done a lot of work no one really got to see in regards of DoC, as well as many other legal factions.
  12. Nice team idiot


  13. Optimus Dime

    Congrats to the brodie @Ikechukwu You bust your ass for this server everyday no matter what. Well deserved my homie. Big things to come still