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  1. Thanks for the kind words @Pillsbury and thanks to everyone who has wished me the best since I've left. Congratulations to @Shanks I'm sure you'll do great in the role and great to see you stepping up to head of IFM @Bospy.
  2. FearnR, thank you so much you've been a massive help in the staff team and management team, wishing you the best. Congratulations to Groz, Pillsbury and welcome to the new support members!
  3. Shanks posted an update on this tonight it has been discussed quite a lot internally recently. The thread can be found here; https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/47664-character-kill-appeals-information-format/ In general we've changed it so that FM members can deal with appeals, the reason the appeals exist is so that the player who was CK'd can provide new evidence which may not have been known to FM at the time of them accepting the appeal (as they don't talk to the person who the CK app is against for obvious reason) or if there was a roleplay issue with how the hit was carried out, this should be able to be done by members of FM without any bias. If there is a mistake from a member of FM or there is a borderline decision, then myself or Shanks will handle the appeal, I expect this to only happen in rarer cases though.
  4. 10) Robbing and Scamming It is only permitted to rob another player for a maximum of $5,000. It is only permitted to scam another player for a maximum of $75,000. It is not allowed to scam properties. These include and are limited to vehicles and real estate. There are no limitations on drug and weapon scams, or on loans (a namechange / CK during an active loan will lead to your money being removed and given back to the loan contract owner). This applies to both scamming a player for a drugs or weapons and for scamming a player for money off a drug or weapon scam. Large and sophisticated business robberies must be approved by IFM. They can be requested through the IFM requests board with the following information: - Target of the robbery. - Goal of the robbery (money, revenge, etc). - List of participants. - Plan of action (entry, getaway, etc). Smaller and "in the moment" robberies can be conducted without an approved IFM request. Admin permission and supervision is still required for these, /report to get it. Example: Robbing an open 24/7. When selling a house which is linked to a garage, you must also sell the garage to the house's buyer. Chaining robberies on your character unless adequately roleplayed will be considered unrealistic and a poor portrayal of a character, so be careful If you choose to go that way. E.G. Going door to door to each house and/or vehicle to check if it is unlocked is considered chain robbing. Consistently robbing people in a very short period of time. Players should wait a while before attempting this again. You may use /breakin to rob any property. Usage of /rent to access the inventory is forbidden and bannable. /breakin is accepted by administrators only if they have the time for it as it requires 20 minutes of active monitoring, which might be difficult to do during peak hours. If you just want to roleplay a regular property robbery without stealing real items, you may use /robprop [In development] Players may not rob or scam money from other players while in jail, Players may only rob or scam items while in the jail. All cash is roleplayed as commissary funds and not physically with the player. E.G. You rob a player and force them to pay you more money than the maximum of $5,000. You scam a player for their vehicle.
  5. There will not be a separate investigative faction, I have spoken to PD/SD about taking on this work and we will be looking to their respective DB's to investigate these financial crimes.
  6. For my friends who play games the twitch GTA streamers have made it really easy to explain -> its the same but no voice.
  7. I think that's fair and should be left up to players, if you want to CK every time you die, all the power to you. I think we agree here, forcing a 1 life rule on players would be counter productive, but people always have the option to choose to follow that themselves.
  8. Seems like the gov have responded to this thread and said they'll work with PM to ensure licensing prices are set at a fair price. There's lots of costs/pressures associated with a business on GTAW which is one of the reasons we implemented the 4k bonus. I don't want to see this undone with licensing costs that are too high. I'll make sure legal fm is also kept in the loop regarding these costs so we can keep them managable. While this could be taken IC, admins have a lot of OOC intervention in the economy ensuring that it runs as well as possible, so I do see the need to get involved and realise why this thread was made. There's other good economy suggestions on this thread but will probably get lost here so I'd encourage you to put them in the game suggestion section if they're not already.
  9. PK/CK's are really complex and loads of people have pointed out the issues if PK's were removed. Players have been known to use PK's to avoid punishments which is why forced CK's are a thing, admittedly that's rarely used. I'd be interested to see suggestions that totally do away with the PK/CK system as it's been around for years and there must be a better way of doing things, I've not yet seen something that strikes a good balance though. People are attached to their characters, develop them over long periods of time and it's one of the reasons people keep coming back to the server. If we were a lot stricter with CK's I think we would lose a lot of quality roleplay and player satisfaction.
  10. Thank you for all your hard work @Bombie you'll be missed. Welcome to all the new support and congratulations to everyone who got promoted. 🙂
  11. Locking this thread for now as the amount of moderation that has been required on it within the past 48 hours has been way too much. I'll unlock it soon.
  12. I want to echo this and reinforce the fact that this decision was not made due to the changes Roozles was making, myself and Nervous publicly supported the changes towards a less robotic, more realistic PD. Many PD members made complaints in regards to these changes and we still worked with roozles and supported his leadership. We allowed Roozles to build his team (and while we did get involved to ensure people weren't fast tracked unfairly) let him promote people rapidly through the ranks. It is my aim that the faction will continue to push towards many of its existing goals for 2021. As Sharvit has pointed out, LFM had major issues when working with Roozles specifically and there were regular communication breakdowns across a range of topics, I have always had a positive relationship with Roozles and but cannot always be there to step in and resolve these conflicts. Many faction members shared complaints with LFM were not necessarily about the changes themselves but the way they were implemented. LFM had the sames issues when working with roozles directly.
  13. There are some good answers that address @Captain's question, within this thread, including @Sharvit's response above. To summarise it's about 90 million a quarter (this varies and some quarters it has been a lot more or less). While that seems like a big amount it isn't really when you take into account the paycheck system and the number of people within the faction. PD & SD have both got the budgets slightly wrong on occasion which has led to them falling short of money. The reason you haven't seen the PD's budget on the forums yet, like SD's is that the one they have submitted hasn't yet been made public for voting, and they haven't submitted a budget since the new political system came into place, previously it was approved by the mayor (Rockford) directly. This thread has derailed a little bit away from the original question, if you have questions about how the PD deploys or attends scenes I suggest you use this thread: Other quotes which answer the question:
  14. Wishing you all the best Canadian, thank you for all your hard work, hope to see you back soon! Congratulations to FearnR & Bombie on your promotions, as well as Sharvit & Shanks for stepping up to lead the FM teams. Look forward to working with you both. Finally welcome to the new support! Thanks everyone in the team for all your hard work in 2020, looking forward to 2021.
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