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  1. Absolutely lovely, but there's too many hot dog stands, and not all of the benches are alligned properly. For example, there is a bench on one of these intersections, in the middle of a crossing section on the road. (https://prnt.sc/1tpiezp)
  2. @Jigurd Thank you for giving me a newfound appreciation of RP'ing the little things (and the not-so-little-things). You've made me feel supported in this unchartered territory, with top RP at that. I can't thank you enough for it ♥
  3. No more princess Robot Bubblegum cars, pretty please. We have such a beautiful array of rally cars — let's use them.
  4. I think this could be a fantastic way to broaden the way people could get creative with screenshots and different programs. The set list of games that can be utilised would avoid confusion and discussion — either the screenshot follows the rules, or it doesn't. It'd be a one-time discussion and whilst not every player would utilise this addition, it'd be a fantastic white canvas for the more creative under us.
  5. +1 — I'd love to see this change.
  6. Hi, Is it possible to open the property up for viewing? Thanks.
  7. Hi. I'd like to place a bid for $105 000. I'm looking to move in ASAP. You can contact me on my phone number to close out the deed - 69 15 327. Thanks! Jules Decker
  8. Boxxy

    Arthur Krause

    ??? He does it again ???
  9. More metalcore? Don't mind if I do!
  10. ♥ ♥ ♥ I'm gonna miss Tommy.
  11. Design looks sliiick.
  12. Hi! My house is up for rent just south of the pier, it's seventy-five dollars per paycheck. It's the second apartment in the big purple house with the overhead driveway. The room in blue is all yours if you rent if, just clean up after yourself!
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