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  1. Great job to IFM for being proactive in their approach to combat abuse of supplier roles, there's still definitely more to be done but its a huge disparity from what used to be the status quo.
  2. Username: ItalianCivilRightsLeague Comment: This is a sad day for all Italian Americans and Americans in Los Santos. We will never see another just crime-fighter like miss Cromwell.
  3. "mafia" is just an anti Italian dogwhistle
  4. fake tough guy

    1. Pádraig


      motherless fuck 

    2. MoeLSRP


      Go suck on a Chinese toe ya stunad 

    3. Pascal
  5. I don't think focusing on the job meta or script is the correct approach to deciding whether something has merit to be on the server. If good RP is created have at it. Other great examples include the port and LSX gate guards
  6. Username: ItalianAmericanCivilRightsCouncilOfficial Comment: God bless D.A Cormwell!
  7. You Will Never Be A Real Lawyer

    1. Pádraig


      You Will Never Be A Real HVAC Repair Technician

  8. Pádraig

    Yong Law

    Username: PersecutedItalian Rating: ★★★★★ Comment: greatest lawyer living or dead in los santos!!!
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