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  1. honestly theyre kinda cute ngl
  2. The Sadler because it's the OG werk trok; and because I have fond memories of rolling in 4 deep with a laborer crew.
  3. FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE im calling the fire dept you got this on lock dog 100%
  4. Isn't people showing up at protests with the sole and overt intent to start shit pretty extremely realistic?
  5. Riots can't be interesting if some parties choose not to roleplay consequences. I don't think it's really good roleplay to pretend the station's front desk to be pristine the day after what's essentially an armed intrusion. You said people wouldn't like LSPD reacting? I don't think anybody would complain if there were units permanently stationed around Mission Row to protect city property and equipment. The building's layout lends itself well to perfectly plausible fortifications.
  6. ay this whack thread is dead lmfao @admins lock it, inactive smh
  7. I'm really gifted overall and I have no weaknesses.
  8. why did everyone disable messages on their public feeds

    1. arrdef


      Not me

  9. why did everyone disable messages on their public feeds

    1. Valkyria


      Not me

  10. I like the production value in that last episodic content. Can't wait to discover the deep values and motives of this character.
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