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  1. go to c:/ragem:/server-files and delete it. if you don't play on different servers, then you shouldn't be concerned. then rejoin and wait, it takes some time and it depends on your internet too.
  2. Hi, it;s not a server bug - moving to player support.
  3. use lsbets if you want to bet. you also have in-game casinos.
  4. It only takes about 40 miles to circle the entire state; I don't see the benefits of pay-per-mileage in the game, especially when you can and may pay per day and get a message if your insurance is invalid.
  5. None of your threads or replies were archived or deleted. You had one pending post automatically hidden and assigned for staff manual check as it contained a link and/or an image. I reviewed and approved the image in question.
  6. It'll end up with SAHP stopping every second car on the way to Paleto Bay because he did 101 in 100. Quite frankly, I don't see the benefits of such an agency. We have LSPD and LSSD. At some point, I thought about suggesting that those factions be merged into one extensive police department, but now we have two significant law enforcement agencies, and that's enough.
  7. Don't commit a crime if you don't want to pay for the time. The same goes for fines. Frankly, 16k in GTA World is nothing. You also probably did it before, so it summed up as a 2x fine or, most likely, more. If you still want to discuss this, you must contact SA-GOV. It has nothing to do with OOC suggestion; it's an IC thing - not OOC, so I'll close this thread.
  8. Not going to happen according to @SleepyMode.
  9. It's called 'GTA Online driving,' and it's against the rules. If you see a player, or even a vehicle, driving unrealistically - report them, and we (admins) will deal with them. Giving out the vehicle model and area will satisfy us; you don't need to catch their IDs.
  10. There is nothing new since the last update, maybe a very few things I haven't even bothered to log. Just a quick stats update; Tracking 609 links, 15,270 clicks, and counting! Thank you for using https://gtaw.gg
  11. Yes, join SADCR's discord and ask for the inmate role.
  12. The problem is the player, not the character. If you experience any issues with a minor character, you can report the player, and they'll be punished if they fail to roleplay correctly. If you find any unrealistic minor character and character development is your concern, you can forward a roleplay quality report to RPQM, and we'll check it.
  13. It's not a thing for a reason. You can't keep doing insanities and, at some point, name-change your character to avoid payment. It works with jail time, and it's okay, but one way to help the economy is fines. If you commit a crime, just be ready to pay the fine; it's as simple as that. Name change deletes your IC record and wipes your prison time. It does not delete your fines; it usually 'only' reaches up to, say, $20-30k if you did something pretty serious.
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