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In Game Rules

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GTA World In-Game Rules


0) Admin Discretion and The Intent of the Rules

Rule 0 is present to help understand players how rules are enforced by the admin team. 

Admin Discretion gives admins the power to punish players for offenses not listed in the rules below when a player's actions or general behavior creates a negative playing experience for another player, and/or is detrimental to the realistic roleplaying environment we aim to create on the server. Examples of Admin Discretion under Rule 0 is punishing a player for having roleplay not up to standard, directing a player to change their roleplay to better fit the server environment and punishing a player that has broken a rule despite it not being a written example of the rule. That last example brings us onto the second half of the rule.

It is impossible to list every example of each rule being broken. Players are expected to understand the intent of the rule and not abuse any loopholes in order to get around this intent. Admins may step in should a player be found to be abusing loopholes where the rule was clearly broken.



1) Common Courtesy


While out of character it is expected of you to remain respectful and calm towards others. Every player should feel welcome in the community no matter what their background is. Any form of OOC discrimination is forbidden and can result in a community ban if it is severe enough.


Always follow an administrator's instructions even if you disagree with the decision. If you feel an admin is making the wrong decision, the decision can be reviewed by a member of Staff Management.


Failing to roleplay a situation is strictly forbidden. You're expected to be roleplaying at all times, If a player breaks the rule during the situation you must finish the roleplay and report later.  You must also roleplay any injuries that occur to your character or any accidents that happen when driving, even if you are alone.


Examples of breaking this rule:

  • insulting another player through /pm or /b;
  • spamming;
  • disregarding an administrator's decision;
  • failing to roleplay a car crash, unless it was clearly caused due to desync (contact an admin through /report if you wish for a crash to be voided);
  • leaving the server intentionally to avoid roleplay or consequences of any kind;
  • taking advantage of an OOC issue to give yourself an advantage in an IC situation (stealing a vehicle from a player whose game crashed, initiating a shootout when a player involved crashed, driving off from a traffic stop when a law enforcement officer disconnects, waiting for someone to type to get an IC advantage);
  • AFK during roleplay situation;
  • ignoring an employee at an open business and just using the script to buy something, customize your character or customize your vehicle. You must roleplay with an employee if they are present. Vehicle modding must always be roleplayed in full.
  • Leaving the game just after an active situation, it is best to wait 30 minutes as people might be actively looking for your character
  • Using of /createinfomarker must be restricted to indicate mid term (few days) persistent impact on a scene : door being lockpick'd, window being broken, a graffiti on a wall... Posters or images are allowed if they're not direct advertisement for a company  / group. Major events may be advertised in authorized places previously approved by PM.



2) Powergaming


It is not allowed to perform actions which would not be possible in real life either, this is not limited to roleplay through /me. It is not allowed to force actions upon another player. You are not allowed to roleplay a non-player character.




  • Roleplay through a /me to lift up a truck.
  • Jumping from height and not roleplaying the consequences from your fall.
  • Roleplay through a /me to shoot a player with the result of the player ending up dead in the process.
  • Looting a stash without properly roleplaying its description (nor knowing about it)

It is mandatory to RP fear in situations/actions which you would usually refrain from doing realistically. Repercussions of your characters actions must always be considered, situations which result in death due to a lack of fear RP may result in a CK. 


  • Drawing a gun to rob someone in the middle of the street/populated area.
  • Running off/drawing a gun while being aimed at.


Lack of fear roleplay or fear for your life in general may result in a permanent character kill.



Looting another character can only be done in realistic situations and time frames. Your characters life and safety must always be put before looting. Prioritizing looting over the need to escape or tend to wounds will be considered powergaming. The following are examples of powergaming while looting:


  • Looting characters after a shootout in a public space. 
  • Looting characters before tending to injuries sustained. 
  • Returning to a scene to loot someone after fleeing. 
  • Looting bodies while Law Enforcement is present.
  • Looting without roleplay. 


CCTV cameras have to be mapped in before they are considered present. Attempting to claim a camera exists when there is no item there is powergaming. OOC recordings can be used as the footage pulled from CCTV cameras, in the absence of OOC recording, players are able to challenge CCTV footage if they believe the recording party may have forgotten or falsified details.


  • If desync is suspected, the contesting party may provide a video of their own to look for any inconsistencies or consult a staff member to decide. This may be looked over if the desync is clear within the original recording provided. 


  • Government building as well as server-owned stores (e.g gas stations, 24/7s, clothing stores) all have cameras by default, which law enforcement agencies have the capacity of acquiring. 
  • When using OOC footage, players are expected to keep in mind which direction the cameras are pointing. "Dome cameras" are best specified in /stashinfo, otherwise an admin will have to decide on their own. 
  • All state agencies and Government vehicles have dashcams. OOC recording rules apply to dashcam.


Property safes are supposed to remain visible at all time, you cannot hide them behind furniture.

Victims of a robbery are expected to roleplay what their robber would find based on the descriptions of the search performed on them accordingly. Only at the end of the roleplay surrounding the robbery, once the robber is done with roleplaying taking what they can take and finished with the presented search, is when the victim must /showitems upon request of the robber. These following rules go forth for Law Enforcement as-well. Those being frisked by Law Enforcement, may only ask and present the command of /frisk after the RP is said and done. 


Those that are sending a location, chopping a vehicle or doing a physical action that requires a script command after, are required at all times, to roleplay first before doing the script command. Players should not for an example, send location to a friend, and then do the RP presented. Or for another example, you must show the RP first, before chopping a vehicle. 


3) Metagaming


Providing in-character (IC) information to another player using out-of-character (OOC) means. Providing OOC information to another player using IC means. Using OOC means to find in-character information. Using OOC communication and/or information to influence anything in-character.


All characters you create cannot interact with each other in any way. You may not use a third party to transfer IC information from one of your characters to another one of your characters either. You may not reference any of your other characters.

You may only have one character involved in a particular objective and/or RP scene at the same time. Examples;

  • you and other faction members arrange a drug deal, then you show up on another character;
  • you report someone missing to the police on more than one character;
  • showing up to a business you own and spending money;
  • gathering information on one character, and using that information on another character.

Members of approved factions may have alternative characters in the same faction after approval is granted by Faction Management. These characters are given some leeway when it comes to benefiting their own faction or referencing their other characters. 


Any platforms not under the control of GTA World cannot be considered in-character unless it has been clearly approved by the appropriate team within the admin team. Factions wishing to have IC channels in their Discord must receive approval prior from Faction Management. Giving out any IC information on Discord without approval and without an admin present to supervise is considered metagaming. 


Name tags are present to make it easier to identify who is doing what in a roleplay scenes. Name tags should not be used to obtain IC information such as a player's name or their location. Players should make sure that they have clearly seen a character before they can identify them IC, rather than just relying on the nametag. Two examples of this are identifying someone in a car with tinted windows or slowing down when passing a group to read the nametags. The usage of *Describes Firstname Lastname* is considered to be metagaming as it encourages a breach of this part of the rule.


Returning to the scene of your death is also considered metagaming, even if done on another character. Some time must be given so the players on the scene can leave it. Once the players involved in your death (involved meaning present at the scene in this particular instance), you can roleplay normally in that particular area. Returning to the same neighborhood is enough to be considered returning to the scene. You may not roleplay gathering information on your own death on any character you have, or referencing any of your dead characters on any of your other characters. Interacting with your own body on any character 



  • You message a player using /pm or on Discord to pick you up at x location;
  • You use VOIP communication (Discord, Teamspeak, Skype etc.) to coordinate during a pursuit or shootout;
  • Driving around with a friend or friends on VOIP and making decisions to do things without roleplaying in-game and making these decisions IC;
  • You get CKed on one character, and someone tells one of your other characters about it so you can get revenge;
  • You use more than one character to benefit a faction or business you are a part of without FM approval;
  • One of your characters gets beat up so you @everyone on a Discord server to get in-game to help you;
  • You see the cops outside a friend's house so you PM him on Discord to warn him;
  • You PM someone that is masked to find out their real name to get around the point of the /mask system;
  • You get killed in a gang area and then return on another character to get revenge.



4) Deathmatching


Killing another player without or with poor reason to do so. This also includes you provoking others, followed by performing aggressive actions such as shooting or killing and (or) the provoked party ending up dead.


  • A character may only run over (ram) another player over if a character's life is at risk. This should not be done excessively




  • Shooting at a player because he is black and your character hates people from Afro American backgrounds.
  • Calling a player names for them to come after you so you can shoot them.



5) Character Customization

Players must create a realistic character using the customization system. Admins may request a player to change their character's customization if they deem it unfit for the server environment.

Characters must dress appropriately for the weather, or at least roleplay the downsides of wearing inappropriate clothes. The current weather can be seen by using the /weather command.

Players must only obstruct their face when they have an in-character reason to do so and it makes sense to have their face obstructed where they are. 

Using /mask to hide your player's name tag behind a mask ID may only be done when the character's face is properly obstructed. Certain items in the mask store are present for character customization and shouldn't be used to /mask unless there is another object (eg. a motorcycle helmet) present to obstruct the character's face.


Examples of this rule being broken:

  • dressing your character to resemble an alien;
  • making your body invisible or intentionally glitched;
  • wearing a balaclava while hanging out on the beach;
  • wearing a winter jacket during the summer;
  • using a mask from the mask shop that does not block your character's face but hides your name with the Mask ID.


6) Character Rules

When naming your character, you must consider the following;

  • names cannot be famous or be similar to a famous person's name;
  • names may not be the same as or similar to characters in video games, movies, TV shows or any other form of media;
  • names should match the character's background;
  • names should exist in the modern day and be reasonably common;
  • names should not be comical or reference memes or pop culture;
  • names may not contain any special characters, and they must match a Firstname Lastname format;
  • names may not be nicknames and should be full names as they would be shown on a government-issued ID; 
  • Gag names such as Ben Dover are not allowed either.


Characters must be at least 16 years old. The only exception to this rule is if you make a character with the intent on getting involved with a gang faction. This is to allow more realistic recruitment for gangs as they typically target teenagers for recruitment. These characters are allowed to be no younger than 12 years old.

Admins have the final say when it comes to a name being valid or not. Players instructed to find another name should do so.


None of your characters should have any impact on anything your other characters are involved in. The metagaming rule goes into more detail about this.

Each of your characters should be unique from your other characters. Making similar characters that have the same motivations, goals, objectives etc. is forbidden. This is to avoid players name changing to avoid consequences. Switching names between your characters is also forbidden.


Should a character be CKed or name changed, the character that comes after should have no connection to the previous character. Any character in a faction that is name changed or CKed must follow Faction Management's regulations for returning to the same faction. If a faction has no written agreement with Faction Management, then a returning character should be discussed with Faction Management. The purpose of this rule is to make sure CKs have an impact on factions.


If you are charged and your case goes to court you may not namechange until two week (14 days) after the completion of your court case. You must also ensure that any asset seizures are complied with before the namechange


All players are restricted to one UCP account per player. Under no circumstances will any player receive permission to have a second account unless it's for server administration purposes (Ex: Property Master). 


7) Third Party Modifications And Software

Any type of game modification or software which gives a player any type of advantage over another player is forbidden. This includes but is not limited to binds or hotkeys using programs such as AutoHotkey or macros on a keyboard or mouse. 


Client side modding to give an advantage is also considered a breach of the rule. Client side modding may only be done for aesthetic purposes and should never be done to change the function of anything in-game. 

Players are permitted to use a controller to play the game. However, due to the fact that controllers have aim assist they may not be used during shootings. All shooting must be done while playing with mouse and keyboard. Controller usage for driving and flying is acceptable.



  • Using a vehicle mod to change the handling of a vehicle or change the size to create an advantage;
  • Spawning in items;
  • Use of godmode or giving yourself body armour without in-character access;
  • Usage of keybinds, hotkeys or macros to replace roleplay or give an advantage in a roleplay scene.



8.) Bug Abuse

Any bugs found out by players are to be reported in the right forum section. Abusing or exploiting features in order to gain a result that is not intended by the server's script, the RageMP client and/or the game itself is considered to be bug abuse. 

Situations that are likely to be bugs should also be reported as they are found. Some examples are finding a property for sale that has a lot of weapons or drugs inside, finding a vehicle that is not available to purchase and finding a way to use certain scripts (such as scripted jobs) more efficiently outside of the intended use. Situations like these should be reported to an admin so it can be investigated before a player interacts with it.


Any bugs discovered by players must be reported on the forums HERE under the correct section or reported in-game for staff input. Players found to be abusing/exploiting bugs in the server's script are liable to be banned. Players who are also aware of the bug but do not report witnessing abuse/exploitation may also be subject to a punishment up to a permanent ban. If you think you have discovered a bug in-game and wish to test it, it may only be done under the supervision of an admin.



  • discovering a  bug that allows you to drive locked vehicles or dealership vehicles, then driving said vehicles around;
  • failing to report a bug which results in other players abusing it after;
  • finding a property for sale that costs less than it should, or has the wrong interior, then failing to report it; 
  • exploiting a reported bug that allows you to duplicate assets such as weapons and money.


9) Offensive Roleplay


The purpose of this rule is to find a balance between allowing players to be comfortable when playing while still allowing some freedom during roleplay. The roleplay that is restricted under this rule falls under the broad term of "Offensive Roleplay", but it does not mean that any roleplay that offends a player is not allowed. 


 Offensive Roleplay includes the following; 

  • torture;
  • dismemberment;
  • other roleplay that may disgust another player, for example a graphic description of an injury.

Rape roleplay is fully forbidden.

To do any of the roleplay listed above, it must be done with the OOC consent of all players involved prior to the roleplay being started.

Offensive roleplay must be conducted away from other players and areas where players are likely to stumble across it. If an admin deems a location too public, it can be considered a breach of the rule. It is the responsibility of the players participating in the offensive roleplay to try to keep it away from players that may be uncomfortable with witnessing it. Players knowingly entering an area where offensive roleplay is occurring are assumed to have consented for the purposes of this rule. An example would be entering a strip club or a location where they know a character is being tortured.

If a player is uncomfortable with the roleplay and they are a participant, they may request that it stops at any time.

If a player witnesses offensive roleplay and they do not wish to see it, they may remove themselves from the scene.



  • torturing a player without making sure they are fine with participating in that kind of roleplay;
  • describing a gruesome injury in detail when someone arrives at a scene.



The following types of roleplay are not allowed to happen on the server at all:

  • cannibalism;
  • bestiality;
  • necrophilia;
  • paedophilia.


Sexual roleplay is covered in Rule 19.

Creation of notes are under your responsability : if sexual or offensive notes that you created are found by other players, this will be considered as offensive roleplay without permission given.


10) Robbing and Scamming

It is only permitted to /rob another player for a maximum of $5,000. It is only permitted to scam another player for a maximum of $75,000. It is not allowed to scam properties. These include and are limited to vehicles and real estate. There are no limitations on drug and weapon scams, or on loans (a namechange / CK during an active loan will lead to your money being removed and given back to the loan contract owner). This applies to both scamming a player for a drugs or weapons and for scamming a player for money off a drug or weapon scam.


Large and sophisticated business robberies must be approved by IFM. They can be requested through the IFM requests board with the following information:

- Target of the robbery.

- Goal of the robbery (money, revenge, etc).

- List of participants. - Plan of action (entry, getaway, etc).


Smaller and "in the moment" robberies can be conducted without an approved IFM request. Admin permission and supervision is still required for these, /report to get it. Example: Robbing an open 24/7.


When selling a house which is linked to a garage, you must also sell the garage to the house's buyer.


Chaining robberies on your character unless adequately roleplayed will be considered unrealistic and a poor portrayal of a character, so be careful If you choose to go that way.  




  • Going door to door to each house and/or vehicle to check if it is unlocked is considered chain robbing.
  • Consistently robbing people in a very short period of time. Players should wait a while before attempting this again.


You may use /breakin to rob any property. Usage of /rent to access the inventory is forbidden and bannable. /breakin is accepted by administrators only if they have the time for it as it requires 20 minutes of active monitoring, which might be difficult to do during peak hours. If you just want to roleplay a regular property robbery without stealing real items, you may use /robprop [In development]


Players may not rob or scam money from other players while in jail, Players may only rob or scam items while in the jail. All cash is roleplayed as commissary funds and not physically with the player.




  • You rob a player and force them to pay you more money than the maximum of $5,000.
  • You scam a player for their vehicle.


Unrealistic portrayal of robberies and characters which exist only to conduct robberies is bannable, for example:

- Driving into the county as a gang member in South Central to conduct a robbery in Paleto Bay for no sensible IC reason (e.g. your path has not realistically led you to Paleto Bay for any discernable reason, this would be a significant drive on an IC basis)

- Driving on a dirt bike with masks, not communicating, but pulling up to any pedestrian to conduct a gun-point robbery at drive-by - Chaining roberies unrealistically, or unrealistic portrayal of a crime spree

- Moving from robbery to robbery and demanding victims move as quickly as possible, or clearly conducting robberies simply to gain OOC assets rather than for roleplay

- Conducting robberies with overuse of force (such as 4 assault rifles) or for the purpose of provoking conflict (seeking to rob people in a gang neighborhood for an excuse to shoot them)


It is forbidden to rob anyone when :

- You're using a motorcycle / quad / ATV, these vehicles are fully forbidden for such roleplay unless previously approved by an administrator using /report

- You've baited the victim using an advertisement or the taxi script

- You're not using /rob to force the other party to show their items

- They're using a boat to perform an activity

You may /report to perform robberies on situations involving the previous bullet points


11) Property Destruction

Destroying another player's property requires approval from an in-game administrator. This only applies to real estate such as apartments, houses and businesses.


Destroying a faction property or any arson in a faction v. faction setting should be approved through Faction Management in the respective requests section: https://forum.gta.world/en/forum/844-ifm-requests-reports/




  • Setting a house on fire without the approval from an administrator.


12) Crime-free Areas

It is not permitted to commit crimes or to provoke players within crime free areas. However it is allowed to continue the crime if the roleplay was initiated somewhere else.


Crime free areas include the following locations:


  • Government buildings (such as police and fire stations, the prison and city hall).
  • Banks (ATM's not included) 
  • Airport
  • Customization feature (the player is considered INSIDE the building)
  • Ammunation area



  • Robbing a player at a bank.



13) Abusing a Purchase Firearm License (PF License)


Admins stay out of the way of the distribution of legal firearms or ammunition unless one of the following happens:

  • a player makes a character just to sell PF weapons, but does nothing else on that character;
  • a member of an illegal organization uses PF weapons to supply their group rather than making IC contacts for illegal weapons;
  • the sale of PF weapons (or weapons in general) has OOC involvement, rather than being a strictly IC process.


14) Real World Trading  / OOC Asset Transfers


Real World Trading is defined as trading anything with value outside of the IC environment in-game for anything of value in-game. This is not allowed under any circumstances.


Trading anything in-game requires IC reasoning to match the value and importance of the item being traded. Trading items without enough IC reasoning is considered a breach of the rules. Selling firearms without establishing a proper IC relationship, giving cars away without strong IC reasons and selling a property for less money to an OOC friend are a few of the many examples this rule can be broken. 

You may not transfer anything between any of your characters without an approved asset transfer request. The forum to request approval can be found by clicking 
HERE. The same format can be used to if a friend wants to give money to help with a roleplay project when the character giving the money does not have a strong enough IC reason to do so. 


Anyone that provides assistance to another community members breaching this rule will also be punished.


Mappers can be contacted OOC for mapping projects and paid IC money for the projects. This is the one exception to the rule as the logistics behind organizing a full interior change IC (which would require a design company, a construction company with electricians, plumbers etc.) is too large for a simple task such as mapping.



  • Using donator features to make IC money (furniture slots and /bad are exceptions and are allowed);
  • Trading items that have value in real life, or items on another roleplay community or platform in return for items of value on GTA World;
  • Giving assets or money away because you're name changing, CKing or leaving the server;
  • Paying real money for GTA World money;
  • Transferring stockpiled weapons to a friend to help start their new faction;
  • Transferring money from one of your characters to another;
  • Setting up trades for OOC transfers to appear legitimate via IC means (i.e. a fake deal).


15) Scrolling Weapons

It is allowed to scroll weapons without roleplay for the following weapons:


  • Small melee weapons. (Knife, Hammer, Bottle, Dagger, KnuckleDuster, SwitchBlade, Flashlight)
  • Small handguns. (Pistol, CombatPistol, Pistol50, SNSPistol, HeavyPistol, VintagePistol, Revolver, APPistol, StunGun, FlareGun, Glock, Sig Sauer, M&P 9 Pistols.)
  • Small thrown weapons. (Grenade, SmokeGrenade, BZGas, Molotov, Flare)
  • Other small guns that can be concealed easier on your body. (MachinePistol, MiniSMG, MicroSMG)
  • If you're actively being the target of shots in a firefight, pursuit, driveby, or the like, you may directly scroll your weapon without writing out the required /me roleplay line.


It is not allowed to scroll weapons without roleplay for the following weapons and situations:


  • Larger melee weapons that would be harder to conceal on your body. (Machete, Fire Axe, Crowbar, Battle Axe, Hatchet, Golf Club)
  • Scrolling a gun in a vehicle will require roleplay regardless of the weapon, this due to the lack of animations in these situations.
  • Larger caliber and sized weapons such as rifles and shotguns will require roleplay before being scrolled. (PumpShotgun, SawnOffShotgun, DoubleBarrelShotgun, Musket/HuntingRifle, CompactRifle, Assault-/CarbineRifle, SMG, SMGMk2, CarbineRifleMk2 etc.)


  • Player scrolls a Compact Rifle without roleplay in any situation.
  • Player scrolls a Pistol50 while in a vehicle as either the driver or passenger.


16) Business rules

Factions may not own/lease more than 2 scripted business, with a maximum of 1 per type. These businesses include:

  • Factory
  • Garage
  • Clothing Store
  • Barbershop
  • Tattoo parlor
  • Plastic surgeon
  • Ammunation
  • Gas station


You may not trade back any of the money received from the script to the buyer. Example: Advertising 10% off on weapons in your ammunation, and give back 10% using 50% of the money you received in your business when the player bought the weapon.


Usage of /openbusiness is restricted to:

  • Night clubs
  • Bars
  • Any business which does not have a business script set up but needs the government bonus to survive
  • Any creative shop selling low value items such as ice creams shops, restaurants etc.


The feature is here to help money struggling business. If you can't run your business at all due to money, you can use it, we will not punish you for it. But if you use the feature to make increase your own character's money on top of your business already making money, it'll be considered an abuse. Feel free to reach Property Management for any exception.



17) Advertisement Rules


The advertisement system is there to assist in the creation of roleplay, and assist in the trade of assets and services. Illegal advertisements are not allowed even if the intent behind them is hidden or attempted to be hidden IC. Players are expected to use other IC methods to distribute illegal items or services. Gambling and card games may only be advertised by businesses that have the licensing to host these games. Private games may be organized using other methods.


Regular advertisements (/ad) is for general advertisements that are not associated with businesses or companies.


The following are considered acceptable examples of using /ad:

  • buying and selling of properties, businesses, vehicles or items of value;
  • advertisement of events that are not associated with a business or company;
  • advertisement of legal services.

You may NOT use /ad for the following under any circumstances;

  • looking for work ads, which can be put on the forums;
  • ads looking for roommates;
  • illegal advertisements of any kind;
  • ads selling or buying legal firearms or other legal weapons outside of a licensed business;
  • ads regarding the selling/buying of machetes
  • selling/buying bugs/trackers
  • ads selling/buying extended clips
  • ads regarding selling/buying narco checks
  • asking for rides;
  • making requests;
  • asking questions.


Company ads (/cad) are used by companies to advertise recruitment, events, when the companies are opening their businesses and other things associated with companies. Companies may not advertise selling/buying of the following items: extended clips, narcotic testing kits, bugs/trackers or machetes.

Business ads (/bad) are a feature for donators used to place a blip on the map to mark a business that is currently open. /bad should only be used for this purpose.


You must pick one type of advertisement (/ad, /cad or /bad) and stick to it. Players may not use other advertisement types to get around the scripted cooldown. Players also may not use other players to avoid cooldowns. 


Advertisements must not be spammed. Players are expected to be courteous when advertising. Posting several ads for the same business in a short period of time is considered a breach of this rule.


When advertising, ads must only use fully in-character terms. Selling cars that are "maxed out", or using similar terms such as fully upgraded or decked out, is considered to be a breach of this rule. You should describe it in a proper IC way rather than using "maxed out" to tell other players that it cannot be upgraded any further by the script. For properties, default interiors and fully mapped interiors should not be advertised differently. A singleplayer or GTA Online interior that is furnished is still considered furnished. Adding additional objects to one of those interiors or making an interior from scratch should not be the factor to determine if something is furnished or not when advertising.


Examples of breaking the rule:

  • making an advertisement to purchase firearms;
  • advertising the sale of knives or lock picks when the person selling does not have a licensed business to do so;
  • advertising the selling of marijuana;
  • making an advertisement looking for a date or along the lines of "a fun time";
  • making an ad about looking for an eagle from the desert, implying you're looking for a Desert Eagle;
  • advertising the search of a hitman to take someone out.



18) Jail Rules

The purpose of the Jail Rules are to ensure that a more realistic and fair environment can be created within the jail. 


Secluded Areas, CCTV Coverage, and Count Time
A secluded area is any area of the jail not covered 24/7 by CCTV or deputies. These locations are the interior of cells, alcoves, nooks, crannies, and corners of rooms. If an event occurs which deputies would feasibly witness, inmates should use /jevent to alert deputies.


The jail is manned 24/7 by custody deputies on an in-character basis who watch every cellblock and patrol inmate-access areas. This cannot always feasibly be represented in-game, but if your character is in jail, they are being watched by deputies on closed-circuit television and through one-way windows. Inmates must roleplay this appropriately. The entire exterior perimeter is monitored 24/7 by closed-circuit television cameras and deputies within watch towers, guard posts, and beyond.

Authorized prison gangs are permitted to conduct jump-ins, killings, checks, and other illicit activities within secluded areas provided they use the /jevent command to alert deputies if it would feasibly be noticed. In certain circumstances, it is permissible for these to spill out into public areas (such as an inmate attempting to flee from their own death). When this happens, the prison gang responsible should alert deputies on Discord so that a proper in-character response can be organized. If a response can not be organized within a reasonable timeframe, any roleplay concerning retaliation should be paused for 24 hours until a feasible IC response occurs.


Count times are periodically conducted on an IC basis, so any inmate missing from their cell at a designated timeframe would be noticed. This necessitates players reporting through /jevent if their character would be missing at count time for whatever reason. (For instance, if they are deceased in a different cell, escaped with authorization, or are eluding custody.)


Fear Rules
Inmates must abide by realistic standards of fear. Jail is an environment where fear rules, if inmates are needlessly provoking other inmates, causing issues, or not portraying their character correctly within the environment, they are liable to be CK'd with admin permission or administratively punished. The average person would fear jail.


NPC Roleplay - Mandatory Cases
Any roleplayed usage of tear gas or pepper-spray by the Sheriff's Department must be roleplayed by inmates. Sheriff's deputies without gas masks or facial coverings must also roleplay the use in close quarters circumstances.


/jrequest and /jevent
Abuse of the /jrequest or /jevent command can result in a ban. Inmates should only use /jevent to alert deputies of information pertinent to their own characters. For instance, it is against the rules for an inmate to use /jevent to report that a rival prison gang is dealing drugs on the yard.


Fight/Brawl/Riot/Killing Rules
1 on 1 fights between inmates are acceptable within a secluded setting so long as they do not lead to the death of an inmate and both parties mutually agree to the roleplay at any time. These fights should be fully roleplayed with /me's and avoid using the script. At any other time, any spontaneous fights between inmates must be accompanied by at least 3 custody deputies in-game - this means riots, killings, and beyond. Attacking a deputy requires a minimum of 4 deputies in-game, and a /jevent should be sent by the inmates conducting the attack if it is in a public area. If inmates gain control over a cellblock and have "knocked out" all in-game deputies, a /jevent should be sent by inmates to indicate their control.


Jail escapes, or escapes from custody, must meet the following conditions:

  • Three types of escape:
    • Spontaneous - Unplanned, uncoordinated, based purely on opportunity.
    • Planned - Coordinated, based on rigorous planning and exercise.
    • Breakout - With assistance from exterior forces.
  • Interior Escapes - A planned escape from the jail must be authorized by the administration team. Spontaneous escapes may be permissible dependent upon the condition of the jail, but this will be determined jointly by FM and Sheriff's Department leadership. Interior escapes may only be attempted if there are more than 10 deputies in-game. Planned escapes MUST, if accomplished, be accompanied by a /jevent by the escapee indicating their character was missed at count time, and if they were within the frame of CCTV tracking, also indicating how they escaped. Interior breakouts are ONLY permitted if assisted through a corrupt deputy, and only then with authorization by a level 4 administrator or above.
  • Interior Escapes - A planned escape from the jail must be authorized by the administration team. Spontaneous escapes may be permissible dependent upon the condition of the jail, but this will be determined jointly by FM and Sheriff's Department leadership. Interior escapes may only be attempted if there are more than 10 deputies in-game. Planned escapes MUST, if accomplished, be accompanied by a /jevent by the escapee indicating their character was missed at count time, and if they were within the frame of CCTV tracking, also indicating how they escaped. Interior breakouts are ONLY permitted if assisted through a corrupt deputy, and only then with authorization by a level 4 administrator or above.

    It is impossible to escape the jail with keys solely carried by custody deputies. On an in-character basis, keys carried by custody deputies solely access staff-only areas, but any exterior exit is operated manually through a CCTV control room.

  • Exterior Escapes - (such as during a work program or community service event) must be authorized by the administration team and may happen spontaneously. A minimum of 5 custody deputies must be in-game to attempt an exterior escape. Breakouts must be authorized by level 4 admins and above and must be planned extensively through IC mediums and must not be done unrealistically - it is unlikely that a criminal organization would risk killing a large number of law enforcement officers, rather they may simply leave tools or escape materials at a location.

  • Any death suffered during the escape attempt by inmates attempting or assisting the escape is automatically a character kill. After the escape is accomplished, the character is no longer at risk of being character killed.


Obstructive Behavior
Flooding a cellblock, setting fires, or feasibly altering the operation of the jail requires at minimum 4 deputies to be in-game.


Trespassing - Exterior and Staff-Only Areas

Characters trespassing on jail property requires permission from the administration team. Characters entering a staff-only area also requires the permission of the administration team. Due to CCTV monitoring, a /jevent must be sent to indicate a trespasser is within the jail perimeter or secure access area. A minimum of 4 custody deputies must be in-game.



On an IC basis, all characters are thoroughly strip searched prior to being admitted into the facility. However, characters may smuggle items into the jail at their own risk if they roleplay hiding it on their person through the use of screenshots. A player does not require permission to smuggle any items into the jail system outside of egregious materials, such as firearms, explosives, or escape material. Smuggled items may also be "stashed" with screenshot evidence to indicate items on a character are actually elsewhere.


19) Sexual Roleplay Rules


The purpose of this rule is to restrict predatory behaviour and reduce sexualization within the community.

"Player" refers to the person behind the screen. "Character" refers to the character created by the player that exists in-game.


Character descriptions must describe the character's general demeanour and appearance for players involved with roleplay. Character descriptions should not intentionally sexualize the character and should be rather neutral in describing the character. For clarification, this covers the character description script that a player can set using /attributes and another player can view using /examine.


Sexual roleplay is defined as any roleplay that can be considered to be sexual activity or can lead up to sexual activity. This includes sexual touching.

Fade to Black is defined as choosing to skip a roleplay scene as opposed to roleplaying it out in detail. Typically, the involved parties agree on what would have happened between the involved characters and simply move on.

Players who are under the age of 18 cannot participate in any form of sexual roleplay. Characters under 18 are not allowed to be involved in any form of sexual roleplay. This includes entering strip clubs or any other 'erotic' functions.


Rape roleplay (which includes all the sexual acts defined as rape by US or EU laws) is fully forbidden on the server.

Characters/Accounts that exist only for the purposes of engaging in sexual roleplay are forbidden. Every character needs to participate in roleplay outside of sexual activity in order to not be in breach of this rule.

Sexual roleplay may only happen if every player that can see the roleplay consents to it. Players who do not want to participate in sexual roleplay may freely remove themselves from the location where it is occurring. Sexual roleplay must occur in a private setting to minimize the chances of other players stumbling across the roleplay. Players may be punished if they are discovered engaging in sexual acts in public if they are unable to prove they did their best to not be discovered. 

In summary, the following must all apply before sexual roleplay can occur:

  • all involved players are 18 years old or older;
  • all involved characters are 18 years old or older;
  • each player has agreed to participate and understands that the roleplay must immediately stop if an involved player gets uncomfortable;
  • all involved players are responsible for making sure players that have not consented cannot stumble across the roleplay (eg. roleplaying in a locked interior);
  • players may not encourage other players to participate in sexual roleplay using OOC means. This may also extend to trying to convince a player to engage in sexual acts of any kind when the character is clearly unwilling to participate.

Players are strongly encouraged to report any sexual roleplay that involves characters or players under the age of 18. 

Additional Notes:
Sexual roleplay in a public location can be defined as anything from engaging in sexual activity in anywhere that isn't in an interior to engaging in sexual activity in an interior that is easily accessed by several other players (such as a business or property with lots of players renting).

Businesses that have sexual roleplay occurring inside (such as a sex shop or a club with exotic dancers) should be clearly advertised as such in order to warn players of that type of roleplay occurring.



20) Lore and Continuity

In order to create an immersive environment for players to enjoy, the admin team have defined the IC lore and continuity of the world we play in. In the same way other types of RP have their own lore, we have created our own. This rule exists to allow admins to ensure players are sticking to the lore.

Players are required to follow any lore and continuity outlined. This is to make sure everyone is on the same page. Intentionally ignoring any continuity can ruin the immersion in a given RP scene. An example is someone saying their character is from Los Angeles, which is replaced by Los Santos in our lore. 

All information can be found



GTA World Administration

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