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  1. Sure, there is a considerable percentage of players that want us to emulate LA and California to a degree. But that degree varies. Take a look at the LSSD, LSPD, LSFD and SAPR factions. The uniforms and vehicles are all based on the real life agencies but beyond that, each of those four factions portrays the real life agencies to a different degree. I can only really comment on the LSSD because I'm one of the faction leaders. The LSSD as a faction has about three quarters of the faction that push for things to be more in line with the LASD. This is based on several polls recently on faction-wide changes. The most recent change to be more like the LASD had 80% of the faction members that voted in support. If you were to try something similar in the other three factions I mentioned, you would get very different results in each. All of the players in those four factions I mentioned are roleplaying in agencies that are portraying their LA or CA counterparts. From speaking to players in various levels in each of those factions though, I can tell you that there are many that completely disagree with portraying LA or CA agencies and want to change things up. The LSSD has been faction reported several times for being too similar to the LASD. At the same time, internal surveys have criticized the faction for straying too far away from portraying the LASD. No matter which way the faction goes, there will always be a group of players in the faction that will disagree. We can expand on the point I made about the LSSD to the community as a whole. If there can be that much disagreement in a faction that very clearly wants to be similar to the LASD, the issue is a lot worse elsewhere in the community. Portraying LA and California or portraying something else isn't a heads or tails decision. Every single community member has a different opinion and sits somewhere on a broad spectrum. If we went ahead with what you were proposing, there would be a lot more players that disagree than you might think. It's why we're leaning away from the 1:1 California simulation. It just won't work in a community this big.
  2. This was considered but decided against. There wasn't any form of recruitment we could use to make sure things can operate efficiently. If we're too selective, it results in not enough work being done and lots of complaints about certain people not being picked. If we keep it more open, we see what we're seeing on this thread. Too many people with various opinions will just bring progress to a halt. Everyone would have to be vetted thoroughly and the discussions have to be constantly monitored to make sure each opinion is considered. Everything in Continuity Management is a result of compromise. Ironically, this means that the people with the strongest opinions on topics touched by continuity are often some of the worst people to be involved. The only staff members that have been picked to join have been staff members that sit somewhere in the middle and are open to push through decisions that they disagree with. I personally disagree with some of the continuity decisions but I'm one person. The whole point is to get something written up and on the forums so everyone is on the same page. There is always going to be players that disagree with anything that's posted no matter which side of the fence it's on or how much effort was put into reaching a compromise.
  3. The manpower isn't there. It's three people plus two representatives from FM so they can give input on any continuity decisions that affect factions. The three members have commitments elsewhere in the staff team or the community in general. Due to the current workload on the staff team, continuity has to take a back seat. Everything posted publicly so far has taken weeks or even months of research and speaking to relevant people. This also doesn't include when things are forwarded to Server Management and Nervous, discussed there and then sent back to us so changes can be made. I know it seems like a lot but making decisions that affect the entire server isn't just a case of writing a few paragraphs and posting it. I'm typing up a longer post explaining things in more detail. Please stop making assumptions with no basis in the meantime.
  4. So the information I posted was presented as fact to me and considering someone in Management investigated it and reached that conclusion, I thought it was correct. I'll edit my post to reflect the new information.
  5. I can provide some context for last night's riots as I was involved from start to finish. A few days prior, the character involved decided to shoot at a deputy during a traffic stop and killed them. This lead to them being identified. SD found that person later and they ran away on foot. During the foot pursuit, he entered a vehicle. The driver turned the engine off and stepped out. He stepped out and everybody saw a gun in his hand. From their perspective, SD saw a cop killer pull a gun on them. He was then shot. This was a sync issue. The player themselves never pulled a gun. It got reported in-game but due to the incredible amount of shooting going on elsewhere at the time, no admin got to the report in a timely manner. The player decided to CK. Information was spread about the shooting. Similar to real life, false information was spread and context was omitted. This is an IC issue. The protest itself was fine for the most part and enjoyable. There was several instances of rulebreaking and poor escalation during it though. Players didn't roleplay the effects of teargas or being hit by multiple beanbag rounds. Someone decided to pull a handgun and shoot at an entire tactical team because someone got beanbagged beside him for hitting an occupied vehicle with a bat. Those are just the examples I witnessed personally but there was more that happened during the event that I didn't see. Protests always turn violent and they should be supervised by admins a lot better in my opinion. As mentioned previously, throwaway characters are a problem. Many players who have no connection to the reason for these protests show up and end up ruining them. I couldn't handle this one as an admin myself because I was on scene for the shooting. Smaller scale protests without rulebreaking can create a lot of roleplay and give consequences for IC actions.
  6. If people want to take smaller doses, that's fine. The script caters to that. They won't get the biggest benefits. If people take larger doses, they have to deal with the consequences of that. You need to read the part where I say there's three server rules that cover any instances where players take a ton of drugs and don't RP the downsides.
  7. So steroids don't give athletes any benefits at all? Sure it's not a system that's 1:1 with real life but it's better than what we have now. Players are forced to deal with addiction and the downsides of drugs. They have to come with some upsides too or the issue where nobody is buying drugs gets worse. At least with the system, there's a script that helps guides players on how to roleplay things. Admins can also deal with people who misuse them as I said in my own post. The first three server rules can be used to deal with anyone who wants to play the meta and not roleplay on a roleplay server.
  8. You don't get all of the positive effects immediately. You have to take the drugs regularly and build up a tolerance to them. While you're building up that tolerance, you also have to deal with withdrawal symptoms if applicable. There's the risk of overdosing too. Drugs also have to be sourced and bought. There's some risks that come along with that. These are just the things the script brings. Rule 1 requires players to RP at all times. So people are going to have to RP constantly around all these drugs to get the effect you want. Rule 2 defines powergaming. If someone wants to RP the upsides of all these drugs without also dealing with the negatives, they're breaking the powergaming rule. Rule 3 is metagaming. Someone using a combination drugs to give them benefits before going into a fight like they're playing Fallout is metagaming. Characters will still be expected to have IC reasons to take whatever drugs they're taking. So someone taking steroids before a boxing fight is normal but if someone takes a specific list of drugs because it's the meta, it's obvious what's going on. You really need to read over the feature thread itself and pay attention to what other people are saying here.
  9. Personally I agree that roleplaying having free healthcare while living in the US just doesn't make sense. It's something I've discussed with LFM on and off for quite a while. The main issue is that if we required players to pay money every time they went to a hospital, they would be a lot less likely to go. The same would apply to having to pay for being treated and transported by an ambulance crew. Having it free, at least from a script money point of view, encourages players to actually roleplay their injuries around the existing factions that provide those services. If there was a cost associated with medical treatment of any kind, we would have people tossed into the back seat of a car and driven to an NPC hospital to get treated. My idea was to have some sort of system there there's implied medical bills and have players roleplay around that according to how they roleplay their financial situation. It would not impact their script cash at all. It creates an awkward situation though when someone is told they have to pay a few thousand for surgery and then medical staff explain on an OOC basis that it doesn't actually cost them anything. Another idea was to actually charge players a small amount of money unless they have insurance. Insurance would be taken out of their hourly paychecks. But then that comes back to my first point where it would discourage players from actually roleplaying any in depth injuries with other players. There is no formal stance as of right now but I'll speak to LFM about it soon to try to get the discussion going again. Changing references like that is always something I've wanted to do but the way we have it set up currently doesn't work with 1.1. TTCF lost its mapping that renamed it properly when 1.1 was brought in. When the modding and dev teams figure that out, then we'll be requesting changes to line up with continuity.
  10. The decision was made to consider the entire island we play on as Los Santos County. The Salton Sea (Alamo Sea) and Desert Shores (Sandy Shores) are south-east of LA where Morro Bay (Paleto Bay) is pretty far north-west. It's pretty difficult to line parts of the map we play on up with how things are in real life because everything is north of Los Santos. Players go all over the map on a regular basis so as a gameplay compromise, we felt that having everything in one county makes the most sense.
  11. Keane

    Hunting & Robbers

    I've only skimmed over this thread so forgive me if I repeat points that have already been brought up. Considering Nervous himself has admin jailed several players for going out to the forest to rob hunters, that should tell you everything about what the admin team thinks of it. Willingly targeting people with rifles makes no sense on an IC basis. It's just desirable because the hunting rifle only does 20 damage per hit. Where realistically a hunter would just need to put one shot on target to take a robber down, they now need five minimum from a bolt action rifle. Taking advantage of that is metagaming. Targeting people who are actively armed is both looking for shootouts (which falls under the DM rule) and failing to roleplay appropriate fear. Realistically forests people hunt in are huge and you'd have a difficult time finding hunters in them in the first place. It's why gang members going from South Central to Paleto Bay just to commit robberies are punished so harshly. It just does not make sense. It's best to report it when it happens so it can be looked into. I always tell players that having the ability to save the last 5 to 10 minutes of their gameplay is a massive help when dealing with a report as an admin. If it's not reported, the players conducting these robberies can move on to do more of them. It has to be reported on the first instance for something to get done sooner. I understand that one argument is that more patrols from law enforcement will solve the issue but it won't. It's impossible to understand how big the county really is until you realize going from Paleto Bay to Sandy Shores can take five minutes. In some instances you can get to Sandy Shores quicker from the city. You could literally spend six hours in the hunting areas and have something happen during the two minutes you go AFK to grab a drink. Even if you do find something, those dirt bikes are gone within seconds. This video is an example of why it quickly becomes an admin issue to deal with as it's impossible for cops to deal with it. https://streamable.com/src1bc (cropped to remove admin info) I've always said it but the dirt bike crews in all black in the county provide no good roleplay at all. There's a consensus within the staff team that it's trash roleplay and should be punished. They've just migrated to the forest because that's where they know they're more likely to find guns. Save a video and report it. I can almost guarantee they'll face ajails and bans.
  12. The thread has been unlocked. Please keep in mind that this should be strictly used for questions and not for arguments or suggestions. Any suggestions or discussion should go to the suggestions or general discussions forums.
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