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  1. This topic is for questions about the rules, not conversation. Pillsbury already stated that LFM will clarify the ruling soon on the report itself. The overall objective is to find a balance between what's realistic and what's fair in the game environment we have.
  2. This is actually more of a server rule question than a continuity one. Your questions are answered in the Metagaming rule, particularly the second paragraph: "All characters you create cannot interact with each other in any way. You may not use a third party to transfer IC information from one of your characters to another one of your characters either. You may not reference any of your other characters." There's also this part of the final paragraph of the rule: "You may not roleplay gathering information on your own death on any character you have, or referencing any of your dead characters on any of your other characters." And from the Character Rules rule: "None of your characters should have any impact on anything your other characters are involved in. The metagaming rule goes into more detail about this. Each of your characters should be unique from your other characters. Making similar characters that have the same motivations, goals, objectives etc. is forbidden. This is to avoid players name changing to avoid consequences. Switching names between your characters is also forbidden. Should a character be CKed or name changed, the character that comes after should have no connection to the previous character." While there are no rules about keeping the same assets after a name change (assuming the new character concept is appropriate for the assets that is), I always strongly encourage people who name change to at least buy a new phone with a different number to avoid metagaming in future. Players have been punished in the past for name changing but keeping the same friends group due to "finding" the phone of their previous dead character. I have also scrambled the plates of vehicles that someone owns after a name change assuming they don't have too many vehicles. The overall point is to make sure name changes and different characters are not used to a player's benefit, and that metagaming across characters is kept to an absolute minimum.
  3. Cars brands are strictly Rockstar models. Real cars do not exist at all in our universe. There's a bunch of reasons for this. 1) Some models are a mix of several cars and different players will interpret them differently. The Sultan for example has some players seeing it as a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI, while others believe it to be closer to a Lexus IS200/Toyota Altezza and another group that see it as a Subaru Impreza. Some vehicles even use parts from different years of the same model. 2) It would be odd to have things rebadged for just one state when a lot of vehicles are already rebadged for the NA market. 3) Having a San Andreas alternate version that is a mix of a bunch of cars existing alongside the real life cars is an inconsistency, which is something continuity as a concept is supposed to solve. 4) Real life cars existing would massively increase the demand for real life car mods. These mods, in the vast majority of cases, have a high poly count. This makes them not fit the feel of the game and worst of all, create more lag than the heavily optimized lore friendly models that are out there.
  4. Both the dark web and cryptocurrency are not permitted on GTA World. Thread closed and relevant info removed.
  5. This won't be happening. Every suggestion in the past to put restrictions on anything based on time alone have been denied and that policy is unlikely to change anytime soon. There is a large number of players that can only play at specific times and it's unfair to restrict players based on that.
  6. The rule itself was not adjusted or amended in any way since the announcement made by Nervous. The announcement by Bospy was just going into more detail as there was some confusion about the rule itself from illegal factions. They wanted clarification on how it was going to be enforced by admins. It's IFM's role to facilitate communication between the admin team and illegal factions. All that announcement was doing was communicating how it affects illegal factions specifically, not changing anything. You've misunderstood. Factions are actually held to a much higher standard. Allowing them to bypass rules that are aimed at ridding the server of poor roleplayers and malicious players is a way of reducing the amount of red tape they have to go through to RP. Rather than blanket banning everyone from committing robberies of a certain type, there's freedom given to illegal factions. Between their leadership and IFM, there's plenty of systems for quality control. The report you're referring to will either be taken by a member of IFM who is more knowledgeable and better equipped to make a ruling, or handled by another admin who will consult IFM on how to proceed. If the faction members are found to be in breach of any rules or their RP was seen as below the standard expected from factions, you can expect action to be taken against the faction itself. This is all clarified in Bospy's post that I'll link below.
  7. The general experience of the admin team and players that reached out with feedback was that the vast majority of poorly portrayed robberies/robberies just for assets were done by players that were not associated with existing illegal factions. Illegal faction leaders have a responsibility to make sure their members are not only RPing to a good standard, but they are abiding by the rules. Faction members that are involved in situations that are roleplayed badly or end up getting punished are reported to IFM. I'll let the specific process after that point be explained by someone from IFM but the summary is there is additional quality control in place for members of illegal factions. The level of quality control is lower outside of approved factions as it falls back on the rest of the admin team. It can be difficult to track problem players as they frequently go inactive, play on different characters or name change. The new rules are strict and they were written that way on purpose. As Bospy stated in his announcement, admins have been instructed on how to enforce it. We can really bring the hammer down on people who are generally out to provide shitty robbery RP. I did the other day when someone got kidnapped from the city and brought out to the county so they could essentially go through a strip search and have literally everything taken from them. The trio of robbers were also planning on driving back to the city to steal from the guy's car. The new rules made it much easier to issue punishments and explain where these players were wrong because it's clearly written in the rules. That's the purpose of this change. Illegal faction members, who in the vast majority of cases have a higher standard of RP, are able to commit crime with less restrictions than these rules impose. Their own restrictions are from their faction leaders and IFM. So if a faction based in Vespucci Beach decides to rob your character on said beach, you're much more likely to have a better RP experience and know that it is being done for RP purposes and not because it's another player or group of players that just want a shootout or guns. As for how admins determine if people are in factions or not, that can be done with one command. Admins have internal guidelines on what to do in these situations. I'm not in a position to share more information than that publicly. Just know that they're descriptive enough to make the change easy to enforce. If any admin is unsure, they can consult IFM. I have to head to work shortly so I won't be responding here until much later. Someone from IFM will likely be responding in the next few hours too to clear up any more questions. Please keep things civil to make it easier for any questions to be cleared up.
  8. Route 68 isn't included in the rule. You included Eclipse Boulevard which isn't restricted either. It should be literally Vinewood Boulevard. The building that houses the State Senate is a No Crime Zone Other than that, you got pretty much everything covered. Good work.
  9. This concept will not be able to go ahead as it does not match our current Continuity and legal business standards. A concept such as Merryweather that is extremely militarized and satirical does not fit the in-game environment that we are playing in. The name alone is enough to remind players of Merryweather's role in singleplayer. As a community that has the goal of creating a realistic environment, this idea really does not fit. Having "combat vehicles" openly advertised and intending to be used does not meet the realistic standards of a security company. If you have an interest in roleplaying security, I strongly advise you to join one of the existing companies to gain experience and learn from them. This thread as a whole is far below our expected standards.
  10. I don't want to say too much but what I will say is that many people in the admin team agree with the overall concept that punishments are too lenient. The issue is that those of us that are not lenient are either burned out from being staff reported all the time and getting harassed by the friends of players we take action against, as well as waiting for final warnings to expire for being too harsh. I do wish I could be stricter a lot of the time but like many other admins that share my opinion, we just can't be as staff reports do not go in our favor. Those few times you actually see 60 minute ajails, temp bans and permanent bans look good at first but they often get overturned entirely or reduced. There are complaints about the burden of proof being very high for reporting players but admins need as much evidence as possible or we risk decisions being overturned. I encourage you guys to bring up this issue through the right channels courteously and constructively. I've been attempting to along with other admins through our own channels over the past few months. Having the support of players might actually help our points be stronger. Please don't turn this into a shitshow where everyone is hurling insults at each other or calling specific people out. That's what gets these kinds of issues tossed out and ignored.
  11. One major thing that most people are unaware of is that cops in the US are trained to assume the worst unless they know otherwise. They are trained to treat every situation like they could die. And they really can die on literally every call they attend. It's the unfortunate reality of law enforcement in the US for quite some time. Cops can get shot or stabbed for responding to a noise complaint in real life. There was bodycam footage released recently of a cop getting shot in the head while investigating a petty theft complaint. Traffic stops and any sort of call involving a domestic property are some of the most dangerous things a cop can do. In-game this can happen at literally any scene too. Guns are extremely easy to get so everyone is treated like they're armed until the cops can be sure they're not. Not only is this in line with how things are done in real life, it is also an IC reaction to how things are. If I had the time, I could find hundreds of clips of someone pulling a concealed weapon out and headshotting one or two cops before they could really react. When the current weapon meta allows this to happen, it's pretty much a requirement that cops outnumber the people they are dealing with. This is particularly true for areas where cops get shot at for just being there. If cop pulls over a car in Rockford Hills you'll only see a backup unit if the person is likely to run. But if a traffic stop happens in anywhere in South Central, you have cops pulling up to that traffic stop for cover without being asked. Some might assume that the extra cops are there because they expect a shootout. And yes, that's absolutely true. It's not because they want to have a shootout though. It's to deter one from happening. If South Central stops being GTA World's Team Deathmatch DLC then you'll start seeing a lot less cops on scenes. I've stopped patrolling at peak time recently because the amount of shootings is genuinely demotivating. It's at a point where it's difficult to roleplay a character properly if all they do is go to shootings back to back only to see stacks of dead bodies and pick up casings. For situations that don't specifically involve gang areas, things might seem excessive when you're at the outside looking in. The other night the LSSD had at least 10 units pursuing an Emperor and someone forwarded me some screenshots of a group of players complaining about that being excessive. With those facts alone it does seem excessive but what they didn't know is that not only was the driver being pursued after walking into a medical clinic with a gun and threatening people, but they were shooting out of the vehicle too. It's very easy to see a glimpse of a pursuit going on and assume it's excessive without knowing the specifics. Then we have situations where someone is evading for something they think is minor but they have a bunch of cops on them. I'll refer back to the above paragraph and say that everyone has to be assumed to be armed and dangerous. This is why the LSSD never boxes anyone in. More and more car thieves are carrying guns on them so we have situations where the cars you least expect will have a driver with a gun operating them. I'll conclude by saying that I would much rather have it so there is less units responding. But as long as guns are so readily available and people are eager to use them against cops, it simply won't change. It's impossible to ask any of the law enforcement factions to reduce the amount of units it has on any particular scenes because it essentially makes them sitting ducks for the next DM compilation.
  12. This is something that needs to be answered by Illegal Faction Management as they have full autonomy when it comes to deciding which factions are approved or denied.
  13. In the US, jail and prison are two different things. You go to jail before court. If you are convicted and sentenced in court, you are then transferred to a prison. Sheriff's departments handle jails where correctional agencies handle prisons. We only have a jail and the LSSD so without a correctional agency to handle the prison, the prison isn't used.
  14. I discussed several solutions and presented them to LFM as they're the people that deal with the law. It's on LFM to say how California cases are referenced IC. I'll give them another nudge to see if they can get something posted. The solution I hope they accept is renaming them as you suggested but it creates one issue. As SA law is different from CA law, the specifics of some cases may not match up with SA law. So some details would have to be changed for them to be used if it differs too much.
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