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  1. I've only skimmed over this thread so forgive me if I repeat points that have already been brought up. Considering Nervous himself has admin jailed several players for going out to the forest to rob hunters, that should tell you everything about what the admin team thinks of it. Willingly targeting people with rifles makes no sense on an IC basis. It's just desirable because the hunting rifle only does 20 damage per hit. Where realistically a hunter would just need to put one shot on target to take a robber down, they now need five minimum from a bolt action rifle. Taking advantage of that
  2. The thread has been unlocked. Please keep in mind that this should be strictly used for questions and not for arguments or suggestions. Any suggestions or discussion should go to the suggestions or general discussions forums.
  3. Facebook is replaced by Facebrowser. Other social media sites exist. Promotions and what not would realistically happen over the course of years. We don't want someone to play here for two years just to get out of their probationary stage as a cop. To expand on your example, someone could spend a year here and go from being recruited to someone pretty high up in a government faction. It wouldn't be realistic to be at an executive level as a 22 or 23 year old and after a year though. In these cases, factions make characters age up as they progress. It should generally be the
  4. This is something I'll add to the list of things we're discussing. On one hand, it would be weird to have a bunch of abandoned construction sites all over the city with no work being done on them. But on the other, having some that are abandoned opens the door for some roleplay. I'll get back to you on this. Right now we're discussing what to do with other cities in California. With LA and San Francisco formally replaced, we're leaning towards having a few cities and towns renamed. Though if that's something we don't finish soon, I'll likely just have other cities in California
  5. You're correct in saying that AOC and her campaign speech exist IC. However, any lawsuits would have to be done entirely in-character by any characters that have grounds to sue. We generally don't NPC anything like that. The only part of the admin team that could NPC a lawsuit would be Legal FM.
  6. I'm not sure how many of you RPed on GTA SA, but adding mods that did not fit the look of the game ruined the whole game's feeling for a lot of people. It's why low poly modding became very popular, especially for vehicles. Players wanted vehicles that matched the overall aesthetic of the game while still having something new. Having higher quality mods (eg. a few HD cars from various racing games in the early to mid 2010s) in a game where everything had graphics from 2004 was terrible. The same thing applies here. A lot of the real life brands are taken from other games and made
  7. Both have something written up, though only the Zancudo thread has been completed and forwarded to Server Management. If accepted, Zancudo Air National Guard Base houses both the Air National Guard's 144th Fighter Wing and facilities that are used by local and federal agencies for training. Think something along the lines of Marine Corps Base Quantico that also provides training facilities for the FBI, DEA and several other agencies, but on a smaller scale. The LSPD have been using it for training pretty much since the beginning of the server so that's the in-character explanation
  8. The Brickade's purpose for GTA Online was to have an armored truck. In typical GTA Online fashion, it has a handling file that makes it go a lot faster than it should realistically. As mentioned, it's also armored so it makes it impossible to kill anyone inside. The vehicle can fill a very specific niche which is mostly covered by other vehicles. It's just a more modern looking version. As the vehicle has only one specific use and many ways to abuse it, opening it up to the public just isn't feasible at all. Even if it's restricted behind leasing, all it will take is one player to steal one wh
  9. This topic is for questions and answers. Please keep it that way. You can take the debate to PMs if you wish.
  10. From a continuity perspective, the points you've brought up are correct. Teams shouldn't be made up, nor should there be teams playing against each other that realistically wouldn't. It's not the place of Continuity Management to correct this though as it involves an approved legal faction. I believe @Cheeezy is still the ULSA faction handler so please bring that to his attention. The only lore cities currently taken IC are Los Santos and San Fierro. This is because California is the only state that's replaced. So any teams outside of California are considered to be their real li
  11. It's something that's yet to be formally decided. We aim to be similar to Los Angeles and California as much as possible. If that gets in the way of how things function in-game, changes are made. We don't use California laws for that reason as a lot of them will mess up how things operate in-game. This also applies to a small amount of federal laws which are not taken into consideration on a case by case basis. For factions, they were pretty much always required to be based on real life organizations. A lot of continuity decisions were based on previous decisions by both Ille
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