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  1. Pretty much what Westen said. It's way too easy to pull off headshots. There's already enough problems with people taking advantage of sync to get 6 headshots before the other party even sees a gun being pulled.
  2. What I was taught over two years ago is that having a headshot while being downed means that the player needs to RP death. The reason for this is that there was a ton of situations where players would try to RP surviving to either get revenge themselves or tell someone that could. Then we'd end up getting a report about revenge killing or metagaming because the party that shot them originally got killed thinking the person they shot was dead. This is something that admins enforced since then but due to the team expanding exponentially and timezone differences, not everyone was aware of the
  3. This is a pretty relevant post that might have been missed on the previous page. Both departments usually have several helicopters up 24 hours a day. If there's a police officer that needs backup for anything that isn't routine in the city of LA, you can almost guarantee a helicopter is going to be above within a minute or two. This can expand to two or three helicopters in pursuits and shooting incidents too.
  4. Deploying faction vehicles doesn't cost more than the fuel, maintenance and hourly pay of the person operating the vehicle assuming they haven't hit the 20 hour pay limit for that week. From a script perspective, that's all the factions need to worry about. It's on them to take realism into consideration.
  5. The two factions can't be compared when it comes to spending. Quite a lot of money in SD goes towards the faction expanding. By that I mean more vehicles as the faction grows and new interiors. We actually had to hold off on some new vehicles and new interiors in the jail and for SEB because we almost ran out of money. This is because the faction grew much faster than we predicted. Meanwhile with PD, they're already a lot more established in the sense that they already have the vast majority of mapped interiors they need and vehicles they need. As said above, it has to be re
  6. The same rules apply to all players regardless of what faction they're in. If you have any evidence to suggest any players are using keybinds or macros to their advantage, then you should report it. Tazers don't fall under this rule though as they're counted as smaller weapons. They don't have to be RPed as per server rules. I'm not a fan of any automatic RP lines (from the script, that is) myself and I've been going through the formal process to request their removal ever since I got back into doing LEO RP. They're left over from a time where the old Legal Faction Management team gave
  7. @Crocker is going to be rich from all the trespassing lawsuits.
  8. In these kinds of situations you have to keep realism in mind. People often see that in singleplayer they can just change the color of their car or change the wheels to get away from the cops. In singleplayer, these are instant. We're on an RP server so these kinds of things take time. Painting a car, including the drying process after, takes quite a while. A lot of mechanic shops do it in 5 to 10 minutes for convenience sake. It's something I'm against personally as players like to rush mechanics but that's another topic entirely. Changing the appearance of your car, especially when it giv
  9. I skimmed over the thread and didn't read most of the replies so I apologize if I repeat any points that were made previously. The opinions shown here and my own and don't represent the opinions of the staff team. To give some context, I've consistently patrolled around the county as an LSSD deputy for the past few months. People that RP in the county, Paleto and Sandy in particular, will be able to back me up on that. From regular civilians to members of illegal factions, a lot of characters know my character and other deputies on a first name basis. Why? Because there are members of the L
  10. I have to echo what the faction leader has said as it got pushed to the previous page. The purpose of this thread is to gain feedback from the community on how we're doing. Stick to commenting on the LSSD specifically. It makes our job a lot easier to go through all the feedback. I can speak on behalf of the rest of the leadership team when I say we're delighted by all the positive feedback so far. We're glad to see we achieved what we aimed for since the beginning of the faction. Of course, this couldn't have been done without all the faction members that have contributed over the past ye
  11. (( This is getting the same treatment as the other thread. As it has the potential to cause confusion in the community, especially when you're claiming fire stations already claimed by the existing fire department, I'll have to shut this thread down. None of this is to be taken IC. ))
  12. (( I'll be shutting this down on an OOC basis on behalf of Continuity Management. These posts are causing some confusion within the community, especially the newer community members. This looks like something ripped right from a FiveM and/or voice roleplay server. I could probably find the source for this if I looked. The fact that there's vehicles that are not lore friendly included breaks the continuity that has and continues to be established. Showing screenshots of mods that are not present on the server, and certainly won't be added, misrepresents the type of server we are. I can'
  13. Being detailed in admin jails and bans serves two purposes. The primary purpose is so if an admin deals with that specific player again, either as a regular admin or as a senior admin looking into a staff report, they can see exactly why that particular player was admin jailed or banned. It's much easier to understand what's going on if someone has "Powergaming - failed to RP injuries after jumping off the 5th floor of a building" vs just reading "Powergaming" in someone's admin record. So if someone fails to RP injuries again, they can be spoken to in more detail. The second purpo
  14. short /mes in the streets, long /mes in the sheets tbh OT: It's all about where you are, what you're doing and who you're interacting with. Adapting the length of your RP lines to fit the scene is how it should be done in my opinion. A fast paced situation can be completely disrupted by someone that feels that their character's eye color and words obtained from thesaurus.com are required. Thankfully I haven't seen it happen here but in another community there was someone that RPed a paramedic that enjoyed being as descriptive as possible. It just turned into frustration for ever
  15. Keane


    We'll have snow if it rains in LA County again. The weather is mostly in line with LA and we plan on keeping it that way. The only thing I'd change personally is having a lot less rain and slightly warmer weather since the script isn't quite 1:1 with real life.
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