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  1. RIP but justice for the bike at least!
  2. The Return Of Hovering After a temporary removal, hovering is now back. To select by hover, simply just move your mouse or controller stick to the general direction of the weapon that you want to select and release the Weapon-Wheel Key (TAB by default). Of course, you can still select the fields by using your hotkeys, as well as, clicking on each field if you do not feel like hovering over it. To quickly switch to your fist, you can just tap your Weapon-Wheel Key. Note: If you want to disable the hovering and only stick with the hotkeys and clicking on the sections use
  3. Rebind & Controller-Support The Wheel now supports rebinding and controller input. To set up your custom keys use the GTA:V Keybind-Menu. Find an image below detailling the slot to key mapping. To rebind opening and closing the wheel just rebind the Weapon Wheel Control (Default: Tab). Note: Rememeber that you can quick switch weapons on the same slot by tapping the slots-key rapidly. Note: Using Controller triggers to move your Weapon-Wheel Mouse is currently not an option as it involves a conflict of free mouse movement versus stick-mouse. If you use a
  4. I would advise anyone to stop speculating about any of the scripts I make until a feature-showcase is up. All there is in this topic is based on statements not made by me but people I see attempting to get information out from unreliable sources. I understand your concerns here @maramizo but please be aware that none of the concepts in that term for any faction are written in stone from what I know. As for anyone fearing that it might end up with a lot of bureaucracy, consider this, I won't put in 2-3 Months of my work to piss off people by forcing them to learn through t-accounts or f
  5. When in mapping mode (/fur, /rb), objects in preview disappear suddendly. Do not reappear when placing.
  6. can confirm, I live in europe and whenever I don't have to drink coffee made from snow, I have to wait in line for foodstamps. Still I agree with this thread's original post.
  7. Feature Showcase: Helicopter Camera Information To immerse the Air Support Division and all Government Air Divisions, a Camera-System has been implemented which allows the Operator of the Camera to fully turn and zoom the camera into desired spots. Furthermore, it allows the operator to lock the camera onto vehicles as well as to direct the now synchronized Helicopter Spotlight and utilize Nightvision-Filters. Press E whilst in a Law Enforcement Helicopter to activate the camera. The camera can on
  8. Go to your GTA-V Folder (Where GTAV.exe is inside) create a file named commandline.txt Content of this file should be: -verify Save then start rage, try to connect on the server. NOW, your social club will close again and open back up after logging you in (If not manually open Social Club Launcher). Press Play on GTA:V inside the Social Club Launcher. @kartoffel
  9. Feature Showcase: Weapon-Wheel Information A more compact Weapon-Wheel has been implemented which allows HotKey-Access to the Weapon-Slots and sets the base for the correct implementation of possible new weapon mods in the future. Furthermore, you can use this Weapon-Wheel inside of your Vehicle as well, in order to benefit from the Quick-Switching and Selection in Drive-Bys. Press TAB and hold it to open the Selection. After that, either use your Mouse
  10. Implemented. More Information on:
  11. Feature Showcase: Lockpicking Information Breaking into a vehicle and hotwiring the engine are now linked to a lockpicking skillgame, allowing for less random-generated lockpicking and a more interactive experience. Rotate the Lockpin and probe for a Solution by holding the Left Mouse Button and inspecting the stiffness and resistance of your Lockpin. Once close to a Solution, your Lockpin will twitch less and you will hear fewer sounds
  12. Coincidentally Stefan and I took this over at the same time, I'm glad to have the chance to bring this back, however the minigame will be designed to be a bit harder than it used to be in order to not rely on spending so many lockpicks but rather the time lockpicking, of course the lockpicks themselves will still break upon failure.
  13. Implemented, use /togambience to re-enable them after next update.
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