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  1. Feature Showcase: Helicopter Camera Information To immerse the Air Support Division and all Government Air Divisions, a Camera-System has been implemented which allows the Operator of the Camera to fully turn and zoom the camera into desired spots. Furthermore, it allows the operator to lock the camera onto vehicles as well as to direct the now synchronized Helicopter Spotlight and utilize Nightvision-Filters. Press E whilst in a Law Enforcement Helicopter to activate the camera. The camera can only be operated by one person at a time. Move the Mouse and use the Scrollwheel to Rotate and Zoom. To lock on a vehicle, use LMB and RMB to unlock from the Target. Any obstacle between the locked laser and the vehicle will unlock it from the target. Use N to cycle through the Camera-Filters (Default, Nightvision). Use H to enable the Spotlight and point it in your desired direction, All Controls are compatible with your Controller. Only passengers can operate this camera. Spotlight The System now brings the benefit of a Spotlight which will (unlike the native Grand Theft Auto V one) work during Day and Night as well as be synchronized for every person seeing it. This is beneficial for directing Ground Units to a location or highlighting certain areas. Commands & Keys E - To use the Camera. Mouse / Scrollwheel - To look around and Zoom in. LMB - When over a vehicle with your camera-crosshair; to lock onto it. RMB - To unlock from a previously locked target. N - To switch through the camera modes. H - To enable the Spotlight.
  2. Go to your GTA-V Folder (Where GTAV.exe is inside) create a file named commandline.txt Content of this file should be: -verify Save then start rage, try to connect on the server. NOW, your social club will close again and open back up after logging you in (If not manually open Social Club Launcher). Press Play on GTA:V inside the Social Club Launcher. @kartoffel
  3. Part of Los Santos City Government LOS SANTOS PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT MISSION STATEMENT Public Works has proven to be a phenomenon worth investing in since antiquity because of the overall economic and health benefits to society. Through its public infrastructure, the City sustains and encourages economic growth needed to maintain prosperity and well-being for its community. In quiet times the Department of Public Works ensures the continued maintenance, upkeep, and development of our public infrastructure. The department strives to support and enhance the high quality of life for the City’s residents, businesses and visitors by providing well planned, environmentally sensitive, cost-effective infrastructure and services to promote public health, personal safety, transportation, economic growth, and civic vitality. In times of crisis the department responds to, and aids in recovery from, earthquakes, storms, and other emergencies as an integral part of providing and managing public works services. Without public works, our city would submerge in darkness. Without public works, our roads would become impassable. Without public works, our faucets would run dry. Public works may not always enjoy the limelight, but its existence is unmistakably important. AUXILIARY BUREAUS To accomplish its mission, the Department of Public Works relied on three bureaus: Public Utilities, City Contracts, and Public Transit. Today, the Public Works Department is fully focused on Public Utilities. BUREAU OF PUBLIC UTILITIES (ACTIVE) The Bureau of Public Utilities is dedicated to maintaining the infrastructure of Los Santos and the surrounding counties in San Andreas. The bureau is responsible for the maintenance, construction, renovation, operation, and cleanliness of public facilities and infrastructure. BUREAU OF CITY CONTRACTS (HISTORY) In certain cases, the government decides to hire a third party for the performance of the aforementioned services. When the government decides to call upon the services of a business, it is required to follow the rules and regulations of public procurement. Any B2B or even B2C business can offer its services to the government, but a government contract can only be awarded through a meticulous process in which multiple companies compete for the same contract. All government contracts are overseen by the Bureau of City Contracts. BUREAU OF PUBLIC TRANSIT (HISTORY) The Bureau of Public Transit strives to be the citizen's smart traveling-companion in the entire State of San Andreas. The bureau attaches great importance to the customer's travel needs by offering a wide range of durable and qualitative transportation solutions. Safety, reliability, and efficiency take center stage in the bureau's mission. Additionally, the Bureau of Transportation is an important contributor to the city's economic, ecological, and social development. The activities of this bureau are currently up for bidding and shall be procured through a government contract. PUBLIC WORKS HEADQUARTERS The department's main headquarters is located in Vinewood Hills. In addition to housing offices where paperwork carries information across the department, the new facility also incorporates protected storage for all of the department's vehicles and equipment, indoor maintenance bays for vehicle and equipment repair and storage, protected areas for storage of repair parts and maintenance materials, and sufficient open area to allow for the flow of equipment and machinery to maintain the City's infrastructure. Taking site space constraints into account, two on-site buildings provide tuck-under workspaces to offer adequate separation between clean and dirty activities. The elevated office spaces also offer PW staff views of site features and access to daylight to create a pleasant interior work environment. The facility is a gathering place for city employees only and restricted to the public. For the safety of the general public and the security of public works operations, it is important to secure the site, especially in an urban context. Addressing that need with extensive fencing was an important factor within the compound's design narrative. TAKING YOUR FIRST STEPS First and foremost every Public Works Technician is also considered a full-fledged City Employee. They are entitled to the same rights and are bound by the same rules. Irrespective of rank and department all City Employees are required to abide by the City's Code of Conduct. JOB CLASSIFICATIONS There are two job classifications within the bureau's workforce. Upon successfully passing your induction training you will receive your General Service Technician (GST) Certification. The GST certification provides all members of the bureau, irrespective of rank, with an elementary knowledge of our public infrastructure as well as the necessary skills and competencies by incorporating theory into practice through extensive induction training. Upon gaining more experience and acquiring certifications in particular fields of expertise Technicians become eligible for a promotion to the position of Public Works Lead. Eligibility requirements and more information regarding the process can be found below. CHAIN OF COMMAND General Service Technicians receive their briefings and on-the-job instructions from a Public Works Lead in his capacity of immediate supervisor. All leads answer directly to the Deputy Director and by extension to the Director of the department. It is the responsibility of the lead to monitor and oversee ongoing public works projects to ensure the correct execution of plans and to uphold the bureau's professional standards. Certifications can be acquired through the bureau's extensive training program which allows technicians to further build on their competencies as well as to improve their knowledge and skills. The continuous training of technicians is crucial to the effectiveness and efficiency with which the bureau continues to operate. BASIC CERTIFICATIONS As a result of passing the induction training, every member of the bureau automatically receives the title of General Service Technician which entails the "General Repair Services" & the "General Maintenance Services" certifications. Even though a "GST" is considered a full-fledged technician, the Bureau of Public Utilities has several fields that require further training. ADVANCED CERTIFICATIONS Any other certification that is not granted upon becoming a GST, falls under the advanced category and is obtained in a specifically designed training program. Advanced Certifications fall under one of four (4) fields of expertise, also known as certification classes. Acquiring all certifications within a field of expertise grants the opportunity to gain a classification title and a promotion to Public Works Lead. Below you may find an overview of the four fields of expertise and their certifications: DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS CERTIFICATION CLASSES POWER & ENERGY WATERWORKS TRANSPORTATION ENVIRONMENT
  4. Feature Showcase: Weapon-Wheel Information A more compact Weapon-Wheel has been implemented which allows HotKey-Access to the Weapon-Slots and sets the base for the correct implementation of possible new weapon mods in the future. Furthermore, you can use this Weapon-Wheel inside of your Vehicle as well, in order to benefit from the Quick-Switching and Selection in Drive-Bys. Press TAB and hold it to open the Selection. After that, either use your Mouse or Press the According Slot-Key (Indicated as the Small number on each Slot) to Switch to your desired Slot. Should you have more than one Weapon on your Slot, use your Mouse and Scrollwheel to switch through the said Slot. Should you want to go back or switch between the Native GTA-V WeaponWheel and this one, use /togww. Weapon-Addons This Revamp was not only necessary in order to break down the GTA-V Weapon-Wheel, with its excessive Slots, into a more Roleplay-Environment friendly one, but also to lay the base for Addon Weapons, which otherwise would have no Icon on the Old Display. Commands & Keys TAB-Key- To open the Selection. TAB-Key + HOTKEY-SLOT- To quickly switch to a Slot (OVER A SLOT) MOUSEWHEEL - To switch through the weapons inside of the Slot. Left Mouse Button - To Select the Weapon that is hovered by your Mouse /togww - To toggle between the old and new Weapon-Wheel.
  5. Implemented. More Information on:
  6. Feature Showcase: Lockpicking Information Breaking into a vehicle and hotwiring the engine are now linked to a lockpicking skillgame, allowing for less random-generated lockpicking and a more interactive experience. Rotate the Lockpin and probe for a Solution by holding the Left Mouse Button and inspecting the stiffness and resistance of your Lockpin. Once close to a Solution, your Lockpin will twitch less and you will hear fewer sounds of resistance from inside of the Cylinder. Once this is the case, hold the Left Mouse Button even longer, to drive the Lockpin in and loosen the internal Pin. Continue the procedure, until all Pins inside the Cylinder have lost their tension (Circular Progress). Be careful with your Lockpin, pressing for too long against too much resistance will break it. Anti-Theft Of course, better Locks and Anti-Theft Hardware provide a more difficult experience for the Lockpicker. The Lockpick will be prone to taking damage on quality locks and in general finding the pin will be more difficult as the width of the spot for a solution will decrease. High Alarm-Kits of course trigger once someone or something touches their Lock-Mechanism, so be aware of that when lockpicking highly secured vehicles. Breaking your pin and letting the mechanism fall back will likely (Random-Chance Based) result in setting off the Alarm as well. Commands & Keys /vbreakin - To start lockpicking a vehicle door. /hotwire - To start lockpicking the engine-ignition A-Key & D-Key - To rotate the Lockpick. Left Mouse Button - To stick the Lockpick in and try to rotate the Cylinder. F4 - To abort the lockpicking.
  7. Coincidentally Stefan and I took this over at the same time, I'm glad to have the chance to bring this back, however the minigame will be designed to be a bit harder than it used to be in order to not rely on spending so many lockpicks but rather the time lockpicking, of course the lockpicks themselves will still break upon failure.
  8. Implemented, use /togambience to re-enable them after next update.
  9. Feature Showcase: Weapon Components Information Weapon-Components (Suppressors, Grips, Camouflages, etc...) are now available. Obtain components, attach and customize your Firearm for more functionality or individuality! Several LEO Firearms have already been equipped with a Kit of Components. Factions and Characters alike are soon to be exposed to these Items through Faction Management or a restricted set of Legal Components purchasable by PF-Holders inside of regular Ammunations. Commands /useitem [Component Item-ID] - This will attach the Item within your Inventory to your currently held Firearm. Ensure that the Weapon-Type in Brackets behind the Item-Name matches with the type of your Firearm, as well as considering that some Components are not compatible with all Weapons (e.g. putting a Suppressor on a Revolver). A Suppressor that is compatible with Rifles. /inv - This will display your weapons as usual, however, it will also display all Attachments of your Firearms listed one by one with their own Indexes. An Assault-Rifle that has four components attached to it. /detach [Weapon-Index] - This will completly disassemble a weapon that you have equipped. You will receive all your components back, as long as it fits into your inventory. Otherwise, the excessive Components will remain attached to your Firearm. /detach [Weapon-Index] [Component-Index] - This will remove a specific Component from a weapon that you have equipped. Note: All Components once attached are stored on your Weapon, even after Logging out. You will only need to equip them and all previous Components will be on it, so long as they of course have not been removed by /detach before. Camouflages are sprayed on the Weapons and cannot be simply removed by disassembling the weapon! Check your Key-Controls (By Default the 'E' Key) to enable / disable Component-Functions such as the Flashlight, Nightvision-Scope, etc., ... Legal Components Apart from Components given out to Law Enforcement, a set of Legal Components will be purchasable by PF-License Holders at regular Ammunations. Note: The Screenshot below is just for demonstration purposes and not reflecting the final components that will be ingame at all. The final list of components and their prices are yet to be determined. Ilegal Components All other components such as Suppressors, Drum Magazines, Barrel-Modifications, Sights, etc., will be distributed by the Faction Management and their Supplier Program. Component-List The list includes ALL "technically available" components, but many of them aren't approved to be ingame (incendiary round for example)
  10. City of Los Santos — Public Works Department The Public Works Department of the City of Los Santos is hiring Technicians! ‣ Your Profile Are you a skilled technician, interested in taking on tasks from fields such as Power & Energy, Environment or Transport? Are you confident enough to operate and use large vehicles and machinery? → Then apply to the position of Technician inside the Department of Public Works! ‣ Links APPLICATION PROFILE SUBMIT APPLICATION ‣ What The Department Offers Secure position within the City of Los Santos with real opportunities of progression! Stable income; Set increase of payment upon career progression! A professional and disciplined team that upholds work safety and regulations!
  11. We could work something out in cooperation with it, that without a doubt, again what I just want is not to have this to be in a Public Works versus your company state. Just that I read here for the first time that anything was about more than private technician services. You've got my Discord there for more OOC-Related stuff.
  12. I was aware of the utility services your company provided, due to the business registration, however, it was the first time here, that I read, that the company intended to access city infrastructure / facilities. I don't intend that you close down the business, neither does anyone here, what I just state is the fact about the city infrastructure. Contact me on Discord if you want to discuss things or disagree with the statement.. Strobe#8152
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