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  1. Chopping Revamp Overview The preexisting system for chopping vehicles has been overhauled and along with it an additional system for parked NPC vehicles has been implemented to provide car thieves with more opportunities. You will be able to chop any vehicle you believe is worth the trouble and you will receive appropriate resources based on the vehicle's worth instead of a wanted list. NPC vehicles will spawn throughout the day and they will contain random sets of items, ranging from everyday items such as chewing gum and small cash up to very rare cases of stored-away narcotics and weapons. These vehicles will belong to actual characters, although the user that created these characters is the server, and they will occasionally report the vehicle you broke into as stolen. These NPC vehicles are also equipped with random levels of security. Upon chopping a vehicle, you now receive two resources: car parts and electronic scrap. Different factors of a vehicle yield different amounts of these two resources. For example a heavy and big truck provides you with more car parts than electronic scrap. An expensive sports-car yields more electronic scrap. Over 300 individual random spawn points inside the city... Vehicles that are registered to actual random owners... Random items, with the chance to sometimes receive melee weapons, drugs and money The chance to find a temporary key inside a vehicle... One of the most significant changes of this update is the implementation of NPCVehicles. These vehicles are practically the same as every other player-owned vehicle, however, they are more persistent and don't get despawned by a player /vparking them. They randomly spawn throughout the day. Along with it, a "word on the street" page has been added to the chop-shop script in order to allow chop-shops to receive real and fake messages about possible locations for these valuable vehicles, giving them more advantages. They contain random everyday objects, including cash, inside of them and sometimes also illegal stuff such as drugs and weapons. If you're really lucky you can also break into one of these vehicles just to find a key, which gives you access to the engine of the vehicle (essentially a /vdup) and you can drive the vehicle around without having to leave the engine on the whole time. These vehicles can be stolen and chopped just like any other vehicle, however, with a certain chance they will get reported as stolen, so be careful when driving them around... New resources: CAR PARTS & ELECTRONIC SCRAP New business ventures: SELLING ILLEGAL GARAGE COMPONENTS & DEVICES Steal and chop any vehicle you want... The chopping system has been changed in order to allow you to chop any vehicle regardless of any wanted list. This means that you can now determine for yourself which vehicles are worth it by using factors such as the price of a vehicle and its weight. Depending on the price and weight you will now receive a different distribution of resources, for example, an expensive vehicle yields more electronic scrap that you can use to craft devices. A heavier vehicle, such as a truck provides you with car parts that you can use to craft metal parts and then eventually other items such as lockpicks. A crafting menu has been implemented and you can access it with the /craft command. It will provide you with recipes and items such as devices that you can craft out of these resources. Furthermore, you can now try to sell car parts that you own to other garages that can choose to buy cheaper illegal car components and then use the "convert car parts to components" option to make use of the car parts instead of legal components in order to modify and tune the vehicles of their customers. With the removal of the old blacklist system, you are now free to come up with your own lists and determine which vehicles are worth it by taking the price and mass of the vehicle into account. Each chop shop can only chop a total of 35 vehicles per week so set your priorities straight. The Illegal Faction Management and the Development Team now also have the possibility to better track how many resources were extracted in a given time and with that, they can hopefully also better adjust and tweak the system in the coming weeks should there be instances in which too many or too few resources are given out.
  2. If criminals had the opportunity to commit every crime there is in real life then there would be no need to flash a gun that often. The environment of the server is centered around violence, which is reflected in the nature of crimes. That is not bad and not good, it is the same environment that allows LEOs to just hop from TAC incident to TAC incident. A criminal for example will have to go out and rob someone, or will have more interactions that are relying on weapons because they simply can't just commit government fraud, scam individuals or make their money through cyber crime schemes as often or as easily as they would in real life. That crime environment and a small map that has the criminal activity contained within certain areas along with a high ratio of LEOs and a low amount of possible victims that are unarmed or will comply accordingly without either stalling or not roleplaying during robberies just on top of makes it more likely for someone to be spotted with their gun out. The difference being that LEO players are provided with resources such as firearms and vehicles for free after entering the faction as opposed to individual illegal players and sometimes whole illegal factions who will have to acquire the same resources more strictly and lose them with each incident.
  3. Which is fine and as you can see from what I wrote, blacklisting emotes can be done but won't solve the intrinsic issue of mass surveillance. It requires more than that for it. This issue has persisted ever since the helicopter camera itself came in (that is the "now" I refer to after talking about the old days) because after that point air resources could be used to silently patrol as opposed to what the original intent of the system was. I still see this happening to this day despite the non-camping rules. And with each iteration of rule changes it feels to me like more and more people grow disgruntled with these two scripts which in the end tarnishes the reputation of those two systems themselves to the point where they're just called play2win cop updates. Don't get me wrong here, I am not advocating for even more paragraphs inside those Air-Rules, I don't believe that they make any difference in the end given how hard it is to track rule breaks from those rules. It is evident from the reports the OP linked that the rules didn't stop operators from just scanning areas and individuals to look for any crime they could find. LEOs that only hop on to go from pursuit to pursuit and shootout to shootout have to understand that if no proper balance is maintained, they'll soon have nobody to play with. Gangs will just isolate themselves, and head back into interiors where they can't be terry frisked on each occasion and the few people that will interact with LEOs are people that will be either trolls or individuals that likely will log off the second they're caught.
  4. ASD and AERO are doing a good job and I appreciate people that are interested in that division/bureau. But this script wasn't intended to be a mass surveillance tool. It was meant to help operators during pursuits as before you would have to fly dangerously low or use the default GTAV camera to spot people on the ground. I see helicopters hovering over gang areas non-stop now. The emotes will be blacklisted from that camera, however, it won't stop the surveillance completely, and given how small the map is and the difference in population it's just unbalanced. (On here) they are meant to be support units and not patrol units and in an ideal environment, air-units would not be allowed to make crime broadcasts unless requested to do so by a ground unit. A ground unit calling them in to track a suspect is fine but just having them hover over areas such as Davis to find something going on will cause more tensions in the future. That said though, to not have ASD/AERO members get demotivated by these restrictions, ground units should also start to utilize their help more often during incidents. That way nobody would get spied on from the air but it would rather be ground units who initiate incidents and then ASD/AERO would arrive to support these ground units.
  5. Multiline would be possible theoretically
  6. That's likely the case because the camera's viewpoint now is at the actual position where the object (camera, phone) is instead of coming out directly from the character's head. That way the animation you have when using them doesn't interfere with what you see in front of you.
  7. Overlay should be fixed on the next deploy. As for the zoom level it might be bumped up from x2 to x4. However, paired with how emotes can be read now through cameras, phones will be heavily abused and you won't be able to prove Icly that someone was spying on others just by catching them with a phone inside their inventory. It has become the norm for people to just /camera and then scan crowds with a phone and that was the case even before they could read emotes or see nametags by using cameras. Now, paired with the actual surveillance information that the camera delivers I'd just advise people to just buy an actual camera item and to roleplay taking photos from a very far distance. Yes people might just resort to buying cameras now just like the other comment mentioned but at least they then have something in their inventory to prove that they had intentions to take a look at people from afar if they are suspected of it. 4x Zoom after the adjustment should be more than enough regular zoom compared to what you have in real-life and taking into account how the game-rendering is.
  8. If it doesn't affect performance then I don't see why not.
  9. FONT CONTRIBUTORS THANKS TO @Bandz for the font contribution of what is referred to as "LA Graffiti" inside the script! A very well made and optimized font! That kickstarted the project.
  10. The opacity slider is possible even though that won't change the font-weight (boldness) but just make it less visible which could be already done via the color selection and having the color match the background more and more. Moving the camera is also a good idea, it was originally planned anyway, however after spending the bigger part of the time on bypassing / finally finding a way in rage:mp to achieve something like this, it was cut short for a release. Images are not (yet) possible since I would need to find a way to achieve this inside GTA-V's flash-based userinterface System. Rotating tags will follow as well and should be no problem, some small vector math. The overspraying is in place to reduce the amount of tags in one spot, that's why the possibility of using lower- and uppercase characters has been added to cross out rival tags. The issue here is that I only have so many resources right now that I can use with this system that need to be allocated around you. Since I am taking the 5 closest sprays and drawing them around you as you move through the world right now, having many graffitis overlap each other would mean that sometimes all these graffitis are just in one spot next to you and you would have to move closer to another graffiti in the distance for it to appear first.
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