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  2. Congrats on 100 pages hf and keep improving
  3. You're already able to see your assets and time played etc on the UCP.
  4. as the title says, there should be a tab with shows our characters stats.. just like how it shows ingame or kinda the same way.
  5. Those forums used to exist, unless I'm misremembering (even with their own moderators). I distinctly remember the Spanish subforum because I'm spanish. They don't anymore, and to be fair there's no real need for them because the server is an English-speaking community, even if it isn't necessarily made up of EFL people.
  6. ((Locked pending PM investigation, please do not sell in the meantime)) ((Edit: Unlocked, the sale may proceed))
  7. As 99% of the comments I'm also going to say this is an English speaking server, you speak English. I don't know what's the need of having a subforum for foreigners, sounds just unnecessary and requires lots of moderation. I'm a foreigner, English isn't my mother language but I still can find people of the same origin as myself without having the need for a subforum. In addition to that, you get to develop your English so it's kinda beneficial to speak English and just stick to it when you're on here.
  8. Starting. Never mind, offering buyout ph: 764-135-23
  9. (Thread updated) Backstory: Scarlett Tapa was born in 2001 (currently) in the Davis area, she never saw her father because her mother split up with him when she was super young. All of her life she saw various men walk in and walk out of her home, her mom always got herself new boyfriends being a "hood" mom she is, getting herself into problems until she got herself addicted to Crystal Meth after one of her recent boyfriends represented her to the drug. Scarlett always saw her mom get new "male" friends and always saw her crying afterward when they split up and her mom kept repeating again and again through Scarlett teenage years that you can't trust males, Scarlett developed some kind of personality that she can't really trust men because her mom kept repeating for her "all men are the same"; "all men are pigs". Scarlett did pretty well in school before her mom got herself into the "drug" world, then her grades dropped drastically, she started to escape from the troubles with people in social media and things like that spending most of her time online or outside with friends not doing the basic things that a high-schooler needs to do. A lot of years passed by she started to smoke weed (the only drug she tried to this day, she's super careful with that stuff because of seeing her mom suffer from it) to keep her "relaxed" and to remove the stress that her mom and her new "male friends" kept causing on a daily bases. When she was 17 she started to talk back to her mom and getting herself into "difficult" situations until one day she got into a super-serious argument that gave her the name "Scar" because her mom left her a big scar on the left side of her head after smashing a beer bottle while arguing with her (You will see the screenshots later about the story or in my character story that you can find in #character-threads). That day Scarlett went out of her mom's house and went to live with Amosa Naea (her cousin). And that's basically it, the whole "not deep" story of Scarlett till the present day. TL;DR The only drug she abuses is WEED. Tries to tell people around NOT TO USE DRUGS. DOESN'T REALLY TRUST PEOPLE that easily, especially males. HATES NEEDLES (that's why she doesn't have tattoos). ADDICTED TO SOCIAL MEDIA.
  10. Today
  11. what does this have to do with anything? You're comparing a neighborhood established over the years compromised by chinese immigrants who found out more chinese immigrants lived there so they could bring their customs over and don't lose their identity (which then ended up in the creation of chinese gangs and mini-triads), a neighborhood so big the government can't exactly control and has no reason or really a way to make disperse, a neighborhood so vital to New York that if they were to finally make everyone scatter New York would be losing part of its identity to a forum section so you can speak your own language and ultimately metagame friendship with other people who speak the same language. I reiterate, this is an English speaking server, you speak English.
  12. 207 Power Street (( Property Information )) Market price: $105,000 Furniture worth: $88,843 Gallery Starting bid $185,000 Minimum Increase $5000 Current bid / Buyout $320,000
  13. Looking for a Lawyer who's aware of basic American laws and rights and isn't full of shit. Paying well, Please contact me at : [email protected] ((Forum PM me))
  14. It's been suggested a number of times and it has been a no. Please use the search function.
  15. I don't think this is a great idea. I'm honestly on board with a discord channel for this imo. Knowing if someone was CKed OOCly helps if someone plays in a different time zone and they possibly wouldn't know if they were CKed. I think major thing is that the passage of time in game is never 1:1 in real life and time skips happen somewhat often. Especially if someone has to go to the hospital in character for a major injury. I don't see anyone wanting to wait around several days to guess if someone's been CKed they'd likely RP wondering about it after a day or potentially time skip to wondering where said person has been in character right away.
  16. Paddy_McGee

    The O'Hara Boys

    Go raibh mΓ­le maith agat, you pasta boy you.
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