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  2. All good & I am not bashing you or anyone else in here šŸ˜„ I'm just trying to explain what we are dealing with because some people are thinking that I will buy a house in Richman (I wish). I know that people wanna know how much I've made. The final number after all the costs is 5K.* * It's without the cost of all the money that we've spend on the ads. We've never managed to count them. So yeah. Pretty crap. So here is the dark side of the server that many of people don't even know about. We've tried to work with other companies and busine
  3. The Hundred Stack Play I
  4. Oh, don't get me wrong. What you guys did was wonderful, you can see the efforts that went into it and you deserve to make a profit off of your hardwork. Coming from a pure IC perspective, money for festivals are typically funded by sponsorships and stalls within the event itself. I saw one stall that was giving alcohol away for free, I believe, but there is a lot of opportunity to generate income via the event itself that was probably a missed opportunity - but understandable considering the scale you guys went for. I think the way the server is right now, people are always com
  5. Afaik, we've been trying to contract one of those "factions" (probably LS GOV, I don't know or SAGOV even exists). I was not the one who was communicating with them, but as I've understood - they don't want to take part in these kind of activities. At least right now. @ScottieP can correct me if I am wrong on this one. We've informed LSPD/LSSD/LSFD that we are doing the event and they came to it "voluntarily". Afaik there was no plan that they will be "in the event". Anyways, big thumbs up to all these guys for coming over and helping us out to control/arrange everything. It was
  6. straight characters are minorities in ls
  7. I made it in here before the padlock. OT: Male, straight. Why? Idk, it's what he is.
  8. A slight off-topic here, but perhaps you should get in touch with SAGOV or LSGOV next time, to my knowledge huge cities like LA very often engage into some kinda partnership programs for mass events. Same way you somehow "contracted" LSPD and LSSD to provide security, and LSFD to provide medical assistance during the event, you should maybe reach out to either GOV faction and see if they'd be interested in helping you to fund an event of that kind. It could also open up some additional roleplay venues, both for you and them. Otherwise, I really like how the event worked out, really good job on
  9. Hi! There were way more than 80 ppl inside. I still don't know how much we've managed to achieve on the peak, but we've got 365 UNIQUE names who entered the property. The event was laggy because of: Rage issues (we can solve those), others issues (?) <- we are working on those. I am really happy that server didn't crashed. That was enough. (Last time we've crashed the server twice). Thank you! We've spend 2 months on planning the whole concept! We can't really control the roleplay quality, it depends on the people more or less. I a
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