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  2. Say it louder for the people in the back 👏👏👏
  3. Our little family apartment is for sale! Enjoy your privacy without giving up the perks of a city — this recently renovated apartment sits on the fourth floor on one of the busiest streets in Los Santos’ Little Seoul’s neighborhood, just two blocks from shopping, dining, parks and public transit. The spacious kitchen has been upgraded with granite counters and stainless steel appliances, and dining and living areas have brand-new walnut flooring. The queen-sized bedroom has captivating views of Little Seoul and Vespucci. Ample off-street parking with a private parking spot garage and room for three or more cars by the street. Easy commute to downtown Los Santos or nearby towns via car or bus. The apartment also features a panic room for your valuable items. The owners being professionals in security field, it is filled with security equipment such as 1080p CCTVs, panic buttons, fire detectors and alarms. In addition to those security systems, the apartment has been being secured by a private security company 24/7 for the past 4 months. The remaining monthly subscription for the security patrol services will be transferred to the new owner for free since it has already been paid. The outer space has a private parking spot for your beloved vehicle and a public pool in which you can actually swim with your neighbors, family and friends! To view the pictures of the apartment, please click on the following link! https://imgur.com/a/sTT6Pd9 Market Price: $240,000 Furniture Price: $4,850 Bid Starting Price: $240,000 Building entrance Parking spot Pool Apartment entrance Hall way Office Room Panic Room Kitchen Living room Bedroom Master closet Bathroom
  4. I'm willing to sell this gorgeous vehicle, suitable for cruises in town and around. Your friends will definitely appreciate this one! It comes fitted with a performance package and it has ~85 miles. photos Starting: $120.000 BUYOUT: $140.000
  5. Low rider car meets. Normal car meets are okay, but some of the low riders can look WAY nicer than the typical sports cars and muscle cars. Even though these were usually Sureno oriented from what I've seen in the past, they were usually peaceful aside from one or two times.
  6. Enus Paragon Selling my beloved Enus Paragon that I've had for more than a year. Vehicle comes with the performance and security kit by Enus. Looking to get somewhere around $400,000 but feel free to drop offers below. Contact: [email protected] ((Forum PMs))/ 7612
  7. most of the riots that happened this year, most memorable one being when the lspd precinct got stormed, lol interesting mass events like that dont really seem to happen anymore, rip
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  9. @slothy always responds to my breakins... S tier admin in my books
  10. Second favourite scene might have been with my Mexican illegal migrant character that spoked VERY limited English and often sold water bottles and peanut bars throughout Sandy Shores and Harmony. On one dark night, the man sold a water bottle to a woman on the side of a dirt road, while riding a dirt bike (pedal, not motorcycle). An S.D. cruiser pulled him over simply because the deal was suspicious, appearing to be some sort of drug deal. Man was told to "pull over". He just rode his bike through the desert, off of the road, as it was a dirt bike. The vehicle chased him on the dirt path for five minutes, straight. Eventually, the vehicle collided into a ditch, as the deputy screamed "FUCK!". My character was seconds away from being deported, but survived the encounter.
  11. Tongva-Native Rez Gang leader, Andrew "Arrow" Rivera, already has a high-risk warrant against him. There were reports of a "Native kidnapping a Native". My character, being a high-risk target for the L.S.S.D., was automatically assumed to be the suspect. Man was already carrying an AK-47 on him since he preparing for a potential shoot-out prior to the police report. Choppers hovered in the sky and the man literally had to duck under trees and valleys, near Harmony, to prevent himself from being discovered. Eventually, he sat under a tree, holding the AK-47 by his side, for thirty minutes. A random woman on a white motorcycle rolls up to him. He rises up, aims the firearm at her without saying a word, and there's fifteen seconds of eye-contact before she rides off. Man was already down to murder a cop over this (they've been hunting for him for months; after brutalizing him and his tribe, harassing him on FB, and tons of other beef towards Law enforcement), but decided to wait it out to identify the woman. Fortunately, she was just a bystander. He continues to flee, east-bound, hiding under more trees. Eventually, the L.S.S.D. and L.S.P.D. discontinued the search. Fuck a Deputy [LeMonte Diss] - Arrow (RezGang Records) - YouTube Felt like Che Guevara, for a moment... enjoyed that scene. EDIT: Most of my favourite scenes were from the first Tongva Nation. Never really had a bad scene. Many great stories, feuds, arks etc...
  12. Suprisingly, most of the scenes about shooting a porn flick. Not because erp, but because it was actually well roleplayed when it comes to staff and production company.
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