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  1. Purchase Price: $55,944. Retail Dealership Price: $67,123 Asking Price: $50,000. ((OOC STATS BELOW))
  2. Selling my Ubermacht Cypher, fully stocked out on modifications, engine upgraded along with performance and ect. Please contact me if you're interested or wish to know more about the vehicle PH Number: 01096080. Purchased Price: $160,000. Starting Price: $100,000. Buyout Price: $140,000. ((OOC Stats: ))
  3. Motorbike has been sold.
  4. (()) Selling this lovely off-road motorbike, hit me up with your offers.
  5. I'll give you $160,000 for it.
  6. Starting. I'd like to get a viewing for this property, contact me on 0109680
  7. Still up for sale, also, buyout price has been lowered.
  8. Selling a modern 100 Alta Street Apartment, open plan kitchen, living space, accessible private balcony along with one bedroom, and a pantry room/bathroom. Property Buyout is valued at $240,000 Feel free to contact me on: 01096080. ((OOC Apartment stats: ))
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