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Found 6 results

  1. It starts right after the trial against one of the biggest importation companies - and no, this time they weren't really importing drugs and shit. So, there was a fat asshole and a journalist in the back of a yellow cab. The mustache of the Muslim taxi driver on the rear-view couldn't say if he was looking at them or just driving on, it was just hot. Hell kind-a hot. The fat guy was wearing a pretty expensive suit - we could say about to 20 hundred bucks on that suit. He was sweating, and barely had hair on his head. Fuck, he was not good looking, but he had other ways, as it seems. You could only hear his stuffy voice going loud - "It was about Friday, 5th of January, wasn't it? Or was it February? Ah, they both sound the same, give me a break - The thing is, at the beginning of 2017, I was released from custody. They had me in for 4 days. It was jail, man, there was smelly people and hookers. Street fucking hookers. They asked about the cocaine in my car, and they had my name and my company's. They asked questions about the company's income, and I took the Fifth. I didn't even know what I was stopped for, and they stripped me all the way up to down. And I tell you, that cocaine? It's not my problem if my brother is addicted, alright? That is a health care problem! The government should deal with it!". And after listening to that, I'm pretty sure even the cab driver knows who that fucker is - That's Aldington. Alphonse fucking Aldington, and he's talking about Charles Aldington, he's pretty well known as his shady brother. Known for all the shenanigans that would go down in every where he'd be. He wouldn't be scared of jail, he actually been there some times, and probably know some of the hookers Alphonse is talking about. The thing is, that guy was getting interviewed by one of the biggest magazines in Los Santos, and they would put every word he say in paper. You know why? Because he's got his ways with words. He is almost a politician, well educated, so much that he knows how to fool the IRS as a professional. His company, Aldington Imports & Exports was being trial for securities fraud, corporate fraud, and money laundering. And as funny as it sounds, things weren't going good for the Aldington Brothers at the time they committed their crimes. First of all, it's probably never a good thing to do business with your family. The last time this was a thing, the FBI had almost all of the Mafias down and in jail for a long time, really long time. And when they started that it was because they got locked up for other crimes. When did it become a solution to be a criminal? I mean, they were just like mischievous kids. They got about to two years for battery assault after beating up a trucker for money. And right after they leave jail, they think they can run their father's company and just solve it all avoiding taxes? Hell no. THIS is America, buddy. You can not avoid taxes - neither extort truckers, of course, this isn't '50 Jimmy Hoffa era. But these guys were dumb, and it's not cool when influencing dumb people talk. He continued with the interview, telling all about how the government wasn't liking how much money they were making while being good white people and not giving it back to the people - "So let's say I really did avoid taxes, huh? That don't give a damn right for them to take out people's job, right? Look at the many people that will go unemployed if we lose this?! This is non sense!", and on he goes with his stuffy fatso voice. But that's just a shortage. In less than a year, after he won the trial and got away paying just a small fee, his brothers tried to show that they didn't learn that lesson. Alphonse and Charles had a little brother. The little brother was a lost kid from Detroit, where the family actually is from. The kid didn't want to go to college, neither get a job. Their mother just sent him over to his brother to do something with his life. We once heard of him in a situation. Some dude got into an argument with Alphonse over payment for his transports with Aldington trucks, and after all, he paid whatever he wanted and left the place. Later that day, we got Charles and him, the kid, it was Pete they called him - They stole and thrashed the dude's car while taking pictures of it. They got away with two days in jail for that. That was when we got to know Peter Aldington. And, as I said, the magazine wanted to publish Alphonse's words as it's a good way to make profit in the news business. We didn't want that. And we could say Alphonse and his brothers were helping us out - not directly, of course. These guys use to work with the police as a last resource, but they still do at some point, ain't that funny? They met with a really smart guy. A black guy, for what this matters. He was a business specialist, if you can say that. But he really had hands for that work, and he was the one that kept these three guys out of jail while doing dirty money business with importation and exportation in the docks. He was the manager. We only go to know his name later, when he was already making big contacts for the Aldington Corporation, as they were starting to call themselves. Aaaaand, I assume you have heard of the term 'white collar', right? Not the good one. White collar crimes. They began to be popular in the 40s, and after that, we been hunting down big corps and their evil suits. There is a saying in this field of investigation that goes like, if it's too good to be true, it usually is. Basically their company was doing too good, thanks to the black guy - and oh, he was Isaac Hilton, a soccer fanatic and proud to be a black entrepreneur. He associated with the Aldingtons, and guess what? He managed to get these guys a lot of money through the wrong way, and all of that while keeping it clean. And, when they wanted to do dirty work? They'd call a gay blondie for that matter. He would mess anybody's face in the blink of an eye for talking loud to the Aldington. He was their hiring gun - Leon Porcher. They were too clean, and had it all set. But we were waiting for the right time... One week before the magazine was going to publish their interview with Alphonse Aldington on the cover, we busted them. It was during working time, noon. They were having a meeting with some shady people from Downtown. We knew them too - it was a group of clumsy mobster, we wouldn't even call that Organized Crime, really. We blasted through the door, and two or three men had firearms and shot at us, but they were down really quick. And one of them was Leon Porcher, Alphonse's best hands on dirty matters, unfortunately. What lead us to them? It was easy. Hill wasn't perfect, he was just good. The IRS sent us a paper about how Hill was doing his maneuvers to deal with all Alphonse's problems, and we also had some cues on Porcher - we basically used their best guys as a work case and Charles - that mess. Two days before that meeting,the LSPD caught Charles in an incident where he accidentally killed a prostitute in the act. He was drunk and reacted badly with the cops, he tried to fight them both and made a really bad decision of trying to go for one of the cop's guns. He was shot in sight and died. With the IRS papers, we could keep Alphonse and his group in for a long time, even if they would pay for his damages - which was funny, because they couldn't afford it after all. His company was in a deep debt after the IRS papers was released, and they were going through some financial trouble after a good ending. In the end the magazine gave up on publishing their interview as Alphonse, Peter and Isaac were caught for racketeering, money laundering - again, bank fraud and wire fraud with shares of the company. That got them around only 4 years in, each, with a huge debt to pay afterwards. Isaac made a deal and got his sentence reduced for 2 years. He increased Alphonse's time for plus 2 years, and gave in all of the company's fraud and other companies they'd work with. He left in 2019 and was hired as a columnist for a news paper. Peter got out after the family's lawyer managed to released him earlier, and you won't believe - he got out in the end of 2020 and ran away with all of the secure fund Alphonse had with both brothers, and is probably in Europe by now, from what we know. Guess a lost kid is always gonna be a troubled lost kid, right? And the good news is that Alphonse is about to be released this year. I don't know what you guys shall wait for, but I'll keep doing my job, you bet. Surveillance on the Aldington Family and part of their group during a business trip to L. Vegas. Out of Character Information The whole group context follows on In Character events from other server(universe IC'ly) - and it's a hell of a good reading too, if I were you, I'd give it a try - and we plan to continue it here, and let it go with what happens. Despite the group name being highlighted as a Gang in it's title, we're not necessarily an explicit Criminal Group, our characters are more of a white collar criminals, it's only a title, let's say something the investigators would name. That also doesn't mean we could not evolve deep into crime, but we'd like to take it step by step and totally In Character. We like to have a good role playing environment and keeping it totally In Character during our plays. We are also not really accepting any scripted membership to the group - that means if you want to role play with us, you'd have to go In Character and develop anything that can make you reasonably part of the thing, and we play under the server rules at all time. We like to see things being developed In Character, and to deeply involve our character's life with the environment we're playing in. You still can contact any of us for guidance if you really want to join us ICly. Keep in mind that this is just something we're doing for fun, and we are all grown up people by now that only plays in their little free time - for fun. So, that might say we'll not be fully active, but still are gonna keep a decent activity to keep the group alive enough for us and other people role play with. Have fun! Hope you enjoy our role play.
  2. ((All information in this post are OOC and cannot be used IG))
  3. FACTION VIDEO A GLIMPSE — FBI REPORT ON AVONDRE ROBERSON, NOVEMBER 29th, 2039, ONE OF MANY. MODUS OPERANDI — ORGANIZED CRIMINALS The group participates mainly in forgery, fraud, money laundering, tax evasion and grand theft auto. It is unclear how they are structured, however, it seems that a high degree of flexibility and independence is allowed within the group, as affiliates can go months without even communicating. Furthermore, the group seems to immediately drop connections with convicted felons, as seen with ██████████████████ (b)(6). Multiple potential money mules are currently under financial surveillance. While affiliates of the group such as Tanner Davis have been seen in the past involved in drug sales, it seems that for the most part the group does not actively engage in illegal drugs and as such unlike previous suggestions — as seen in reports ████████████ and ████████████ (b)(7)(A) — is not subject to being a Continuing Criminal Enterprise under section 848 of Chapter 13, Subchapter I, Part D. AFFILIATES AND HISTORY Avondre Roberson — ULSA alumnus. Suspicion of tax evasion and complex shelling schemes. Name was among the many listed in the second Panama Papers released in 2027. Numerous transactions occurred between shell companies stationed in Panama. Often accompanied by his cousin Carter Williams and Payton Coleman. Tanner Davis — Suspicion of vehicle theft and robbery. Phone location history surveillance show multiple overlaps between possible location and stolen vehicles' last GPS locations. CCTV along with physical monitoring show him in constant presence of Khalid Turner, Quantavius Chambers and Jay-Jay Firebird. CASE IN PROGRESS The majority of the individuals listed attended Davis High as the initial P.O.C. It is suspected that as early as 2022 the group had initiated in fraud (refer to case #██████ — acquired from the Los Santos Sheriff's Department).
  4. Eugene Kilhaney is a recently released fifty year old convicted felon. He serves under Francis MacArthur, a gruesome criminal and supposed boss of the MacArthur Organized Crime Group as his second-in-command. Kilhaney was born in Los Santos to a poor, La Mesa based family. His mother, a local prostitute, raised Kilhaney without his absent father. Mimicking similar upbringings, Kilhaney dropped out of school at the young age of sixteen to pursue a life of crime. Infamous for his burly figure, Kilhaney was recruited by local La Mesa loansharks as their debt collector. It was there where he and MacArthur crossed paths. MacArthur headed up a lucrative loansharking scheme, comprising of small low level crooks to collect MacArthur's outstanding loans. The brawny Kilhaney quickly caught the eye of the Scot through his merciless means of collecting debts, his keen eye for robbing the right places and his success in recruiting new members to MacArthur's posse. Throughout the early-to-mid 2000s, Kilhaney worked closely with MacArthur and his gang of thieves, rising through the ranks to become the second-in-command. However, in December 2009 both he and MacArthur, as well as fellow associate Ronald Lynch were arrested. The charges show Kilhaney had a part to play in the severe beating of two local bookmakers who were accused of skimming profits and not paying their dues to the duo. Kilhaney was doomed to ten years in prison, MacArthur to eleven. Without their figureheads at the helm, the MacArthur Gang quickly disbanded. Now, a decade later of scheming and planning, Kilhaney has been released from prison with orders from MacArthur to reform the gang and bring back their golden era. ((OOC note: Eugene Kilhaney is my new character. I'm excited to start a new chapter of roleplay. This thread will showcase screenshots of Kilhaney's character and criminal life.))
  5. Debt - a sum of money that is owed. Debt can occur in a number of ways, borrowing money, borrowing a car, breaking someones property or in most cases having a cunt for a ex-wife. The worst thing about my life? Knowing I had something, I had a booming business looking after them items you didn't want the authorities to find. You had something hot to sell? I'd buy it and make it cold. The SUV, the house, food, beer and more food, it was all mine. Until that bitch fucked off and took the lot, you women are all the same I'm telling you. Well that's not the end of me, Gary's making his comeback. ((I'm keen to let the character develop rather than determine too much with a backstory. The idea is for a middle-aged divorced man trying to start his life again.))
  6. NEIGHBORHOOD SPANNING DRUG/VIOLENT NETWORK EXPOSED? By Saskia Valentina THE LAW STRIKES AGAIN? Official reports from the Los Santos Police Department confirm the potential risk of an expanding drug/firearms involved gang, believed to be operating within a number of impoverished neighbourhoods across Los Santos. Officials state they are reluctant to release information thus far, as investigations are currently pending following a shoot out that took place within the tall-standing apartments of Alta last weekend. Two suspects were declared dead-on-arrival from EMS, along with one believed by passer who was left in critical condition after the gruesome scene had taken place. Along with casualties involved of the crime scene, sources confirm that a mass amount of crack cocaine methamphetamine and Xanax were recovered from a totalled vehicle on scene. An automatic and numerous semi-automatic weapons were also recovered by peace officers that night. The remaining suspects, who are still at large were seen leaving the area in a '12 Blacked out Honda Accord. The vehicle in question was recovered in the late hours of Thursday night, totalled and burnt out within the south-sides Davis area. Law enforcement has commented and urged anybody with information in regards to the the Honda Civic's occupants to come forward, assuring the public that all leads will be followed up with promptly. "Sadly, we do not deal with these time of crimes in an area such as Alta, it saddens me deeply that these crimes are being commited in such an area. Those involved will be held accountable for their actions, if it takes days or months. They will make a mistake, and we'll be watching when they do." Detective Charlie Wilson stated when questioned on scene. With the recent upraise in ethnic minorities in the area it is known to the Los Santos Police Department that statistically the ethnic groups suspected of said crimes were of a Hispanic descent. These groups of minorities that are suspected to be the cause of the rise in violent-attacks within the area as-well as narcotic usage/distribution increase are under the magnifying glass of the Police Department, it is known to themselves that these individuals often named to be "Ladrones which translates to pirate, bandit, burglar in Spanish or Spanish-America". These Ladrones crew individuals are known to partake in numerous amount of activities that not only range in distribution of narcotics/firearms, these activities are suspected to be hostage-taking, racketeering, extortion, home invasions/robberies as-well as prostitution, due to these increase of these crimes within the once known to be a crime-free place it is believed there has been an increase of pressure from the Los Santos Police Department in an overall area to crack down on the crimes which are being caused by the minority group. OUT OF CHARACTER INFORMATION The faction is aims to portray a loose drug/firearms network operating within a variety of different areas within Los Santos, mostly operating within the certain districts. Anyone wishing to role-play with the faction is expected to make their way in through In-Character means. Thread will be updated in time, any questions regarding the faction, or how to join can be directed to myself. Those wanting to progress and post screenshots with the faction will be required to send CK permission to the leadership Kizzy.
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