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  1. Looking to buy a Coquette Targa. Feel free to send an email ((forum pm)) or reach out at 2308.
  2. Detailed Description One of the main reasons professional poker tournaments are private is that people can not spectate poker games. As a casino owner, we would like to create a professional poker league, but the script limitation does not allow us to do so. It can only be done if people could spectate the poker table and actively see the game. We don't need much, only the command /spectable to let us see the chat and graphic UI of the poker game, just like the blackjack table. I'm sure it was suggested before, somewhere on archived posts, but it's time to raise it again. Relevant Commands/Items Add poker tables to /spectable How will it benefit the server? Increase the roleplay around poke tournaments and allow people to develop their character stories properly and publicly as professional poker players.
  3. I will take it today for 160.
  4. I'll take it for 190 today.
  5. Dor

    [4SALE] Annis Remus

    I'll take the Jester RR for $180,000.
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