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  1. Couldn't agree more. Take it far boys.
  2. Very nice to have you back.
  3. Dor

    NVR ENB won't work

    Glad you managed to solve your issue, L&A.
  4. Dor

    NVR ENB won't work

    @KThugz Do you still need help?
  5. Dor

    Phone - Embed PNG/JPEG

    Already forwarded.
  6. I pretty much agree with Junx, using the forms plugin is going to be so useful. I remember when we had it back in the days in SA:MP and it was perfect, you can set up characters limit, specific questions, and much more. Time for a little upgrade no? Regarding the topic, I agree with the new format as it would make things much easier to read instead of a wall of text. However, I think the combination of the new format and forms plugin would be exactly what we need.
  7. I'm glad you managed to solve your issue, locked and archived.
  8. I don't think /ame needs to be that long, it needs to have a limit and last a little longer, I agree with that.
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