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  1. Express Car Service - leader of the Private Transportation Industry About us: At Express Car Service, we're not just about transportation; we're about crafting unforgettable experiences on wheels. Picture this: cruising through the cityscape in sleek, top-of-the-line vehicles, with the wind in your hair and excitement pulsing through your veins. Whether you're headed to a business meeting, a night out on the town, or simply exploring the vibrant corners of Los Santos, we've got you covered. But we're more than just a ride. We're your reliable partner in navigating the urban jungle, offering a range of services tailored to your needs. Need a quick pick-up from the airport? We'll be there, waiting with a warm welcome and a comfortable ride. Planning a special event and want to arrive in style? Look no further than our fleet of luxurious vehicles, guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go. And here's the best part: with Express Car Service, you're not just a passenger; you're part of our family. Our team of professional drivers is dedicated to ensuring your journey is not just smooth, but downright exhilarating. So buckle up, hold on tight, and get ready for the ride of your life with Express Car Service. Let's hit the road and make memories together! Where to find us: Express Car Service, South Shambles Street, El Burro Heights, Los Santos, SA. Our Services: We are HIRING experienced and unexperienced personnel for the following positions: 🚕 ➼Taxi cab operators (OPEN) 🚕 Join the vibrant world of Express Car Service as a taxi driver in the bustling streets of Los Santos! Every day, embark on an exhilarating adventure, serving as the city's navigator and ambassador. Glide through the urban landscape, utilizing state-of-the-art GPS technology to deliver passengers swiftly to their destinations. Your role is not just about driving; it's about crafting memorable experiences for our diverse clientele. Be the epitome of professionalism and hospitality, ensuring every passenger feels like a VIP. With Express Car Service, you're not just a driver; you're a vital part of the pulse of city life, making each journey an exciting chapter in the Los Santos story. Join us today and become the driving force behind unforgettable moments in the city that never sleeps! ⚙️ ➼Tow truck operators (OPEN) ⚙️ Rev up your career with Express Car Service as a Tow Truck Operator in the vibrant streets of Los Santos! Join our elite team and be the backbone of our partnership with the Sheriff's Office, performing vehicle impounds on their behalf. Every day, you'll be at the forefront of keeping our city safe and orderly. Navigate the urban jungle with precision and efficiency, utilizing top-of-the-line tow trucks and equipment. Your mission? To ensure the seamless removal of vehicles in compliance with regulations, maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. As a Tow Truck Operator with Express Car Service, you're not just towing vehicles; you're upholding the law and contributing to the smooth flow of city life. Join our dynamic team today and become an essential part of the Los Santos community, where every tow is a step towards a safer and more organized city! 📋 ➼HR Assistants (OPEN) 📋 Embark on an exciting career journey with Express Car Service as an HR Assistant in the vibrant streets of Los Santos! Join our dynamic team and play a pivotal role in shaping our workforce and fostering a positive work environment. As an HR Assistant, your main task is to be the driving force behind our hiring process, ensuring we recruit top talent to fuel our success. Dive into the bustling world of HR, where you'll also excel in resolving employee conflicts and promoting harmonious relationships within our team. Navigate the intricacies of employee relations with finesse and empathy, serving as a trusted resource for our staff. With Express Car Service, you're not just an HR Assistant; you're a key player in our mission to create a workplace where every employee thrives. 👷‍♂️ ➼Health and Safety Officers (OPEN) 👷‍♂️ As a Health and Safety Officer, your primary responsibility is to champion a culture of safety, implementing and enforcing rigorous health and safety protocols. From conducting risk assessments to providing training and guidance, you'll be at the forefront of safeguarding our workforce. Navigate the intricacies of workplace safety with precision and diligence, collaborating with team members to mitigate hazards and promote best practices. With Express Car Service, you're not just a Health and Safety Officer; you're a guardian of our employees' well-being, ensuring they return home safely every day. 👮‍♂️ ➼Security Guards (OPEN) 👮‍♂️ As a Security Guard, your primary mission is to be the frontline defender of our workplace, preventing unauthorized access and maintaining a safe environment. From conducting regular patrols to monitoring surveillance systems, you'll be instrumental in deterring threats and responding swiftly to incidents. Navigate the complexities of security with professionalism and diligence, collaborating closely with team members to mitigate risks and uphold our commitment to employee safety. With Express Car Service, you're not just a Security Guard; you're a guardian of our workforce, ensuring peace of mind for everyone who steps through our doors. 🪣 ➼Janitorial staff (OPEN) 🪣 As a Janitorial Staff member, your main task is to be the unsung hero behind the scenes, keeping our depot sparkling clean and organized. From sweeping floors to disinfecting surfaces, you'll be instrumental in creating a welcoming and hygienic workspace for our team. Navigate the duties of janitorial work with efficiency and attention to detail, taking pride in your contribution to the smooth functioning of our facility. 🛠️ ➼Fleet assistants (OPEN) 🛠️ As a Fleet Assistant, your primary responsibility is to be the backbone of our transportation network, performing essential tasks to keep our vehicles in pristine condition. From regular maintenance checks to coordinating repairs, you'll be instrumental in maximizing the reliability and performance of our fleet. Navigate the intricacies of fleet management with precision and dedication, collaborating closely with team members to uphold our commitment to excellence. With Express Car Service, you're not just a Fleet Assistant; you're a key player in our mission to deliver superior transportation solutions to our customers. ☎️ CONTACT US TODAY☎️ 📞 Boris Sokolov - 7835 📞 Aleksei Morozov - 112112 **THE WEBSITE HAS COMMENTS DISABLED FOR ANYBODY WITHOUT ACCESS TO SECURE EXPRESS CAR SERVICE SYSTEMS**
  2. Bobcat Security are Hiring both Licensed and Unlicensed Security Agents Trainee Security Agents; Status: Open Trainee Security Agents are unlicensed trainee Security Guards, Bobcat Security's main workforce. Trainees have very few requirements. Among their duties are patrolling client properties and acting as security for client openings. In order to progress through the agency, we ask that you apply for a PF or Guard Card as soon as possible. Upon obtaining both your PF and Guard Cards, you are eligible for promotion to Junior Security Agent. Employees are paid based on their performance each week. Supervisors; Status: Open We are currently looking for more supervisors to expand our ranks! To be considered for a supervisor position, you must have prior experience in the security sector or in law enforcement. Some responsibilities a supervisor will have would be meeting with clients and managing a small team. As with all the other positions, supervisors will be paid weekly, but they will get significantly more. PR Manager; Status: Open We are seeking a Public Relations Manager for a new role within Bobcat Security. The PR Manager will help us push our name out to more people and will be involved in running our social media accounts, as well as maintaining a good relationship with our clients. The PR Manager will also help with the marketing for the company. As with the other roles, it will be paid weekly depending on your performance. Want to Apply? Click this link here and fill out our application! https://gtaw.link/JoinBobcat
  3. University of Los Santos San Andreas, Picture Perfect Drive, Richman. Think you have what it takes to work at the number 1 public university in the city and help pave the way for the minds of tomorrow? Apply now! (( https://gtaw.link/ulsacareers )) Why ULSA? Limitless Opportunities As one of the largest employers in San Andreas, ULSA prides itself on being a large and diverse team of talented individuals working to secure future generations and provide a public service to the city of Los Santos and the nation. With a focus on inclusivity, there is always a place for individual talents to grow! Work with Purpose Join a community of fellows, build a career, and work with a purpose! We Focus on safe employment and safe flourishment of individuals. Feel part of a team! Our Values We commit ourselves to uphold the highest ethical standards and a safe work environment. Our focal point is education, research, and service to all our ULSA Beavers! Read more about our values here We invest in you We have a balance and purposeful work-life balance initiative, focusing on efficiency and investing in each individual, helping them grow their career and opportunities. We access our limitless resources, and the Faculty at ULSA will feel enriched every workday.
  4. BANZAI MUSCLE 警備 THE GOAL OF THIS GROUP IS TO ACTIVELY PORTRAY THE CORRECT NIGHT CLUB ENVIRONMENT AND RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN BOUNCER AND PATRON. WE'RE LESS OF YOUR STEREOTYPICAL "TRAINED KILLERS IN SUITS" PARAMILITARY RENT-A-COP SECURITY THAT WE'VE CONSIDERED THE STANDARD, AND MORE YOUR GYM RAT, STEROID ABUSING, EX-FELON AND COMMON STRONG ARM. USING INTIMIDATION AND FISTS ALONE TO WORK CROWD CONTROL. A man was killed when three bouncers pinned him down in an "extremely dangerous" hold after they denied him entry to a Little Seoul nightclub, a court has heard. Sean Benoist, then 24, was held down by the doormen for around six minutes outside of Ji-OK in Little Seoul, Los Santos, in the early hours of 6 December 2021. He passed out and was taken to hospital, where he later died. Benoist had been asphyxiated, jurors were told on Monday at the Davis Courts Building where Isaac Aoki, 22, Samuel Okada, 21, and Nick Furuya, 22, are on trial for manslaughter by gross negligence. Prosecutor Duncan Atkinson told jurors the men had used "excessive force" when they held Benoist down in a hold he claimed was contrary to good practice and training. The court heard he had consumed alcohol, but was described as "exuberant" rather than drunk before he arrived at Ji-OK. He had already been turned away from the club once, but returned after also being refused entry to a nearby venue, Ikigai Dive Bar. Atkinson said there had been a row, after which the victim became verbally abusive. He may also have hit one of the defendants, Furuya, the court heard. Atkinson said: "He seems to have appeared angry and aggressive – the very type of person that door supervisors like the defendants would be expected to deal with, and who they were trained to deal with using the minimum level of force, if any at all was required, and trained to deal with without posing any risk to his health and wellbeing. "In fact, after another member of the door security team, Dean Egushi, had taken Benoist to the ground, the defendants sought to restrain him there, pinning Benoist to the floor for around six minutes. "Furuya held his legs while Okada and Aoki held Benoist's body and head respectively. "A number of those who witnessed what was going on saw that Benoist had stopped sturggling and told Okada, Aoki and Furuya this. They eventually realized that Benoist was unconscious and released him." An examination of his body found that "excessive and inappropriate pressure was applied to his neck and/or his chest which, in combination with the rigidity and duration of the restraint, would have seriously restricted Benoist's ability to breathe", Atkinson said. In particular, he said, the way Aoki and Okada restrained Benoist involved the use of "excessive force" contrary to good practice, while Furuya was negligent in allowing the restraint to go on while he held Benoist's feet. Instead of calling emergency services once Benoist became unconscious, Furuya threw water in his face, the court heard. Okada, Furuya, and Aoki, of Little Tokyo, Los Santos, deny the charges against them.
  5. To get in touch with management, please email us at: [email protected] ((Forum PM @SparkMyte)) Or [email protected] ((Forum PM @Solar1x-)). ((Join the discord too! https://discord.gg/dvmv7Em2tR))
  6. Hey all! I'm from Bobcat. I just wanna know how the community feels about security firms as a whole, not just Bobcat. What do you think of us? What could we do better? Do you enjoy roleplaying with G6/Bobcat/Raven etc? Feel free to say whatever you want whether it's positive or negative Thanks!
  7. http://www.hollandprivatesecurity.nl ****All the IC information you need is on the website!
  8. A couple of well looked after vehicles carefully maintained and come with performance and security modifications listed below. If you are interested in buying a vehicle, please mention below with your offer or alternatively you can email me at [email protected] ((Forum PM @Cynthia)) Declasse Granger 3600LX Price: $190,000 (( OOC Vehicle Statistics (Granger 3600LX); )) Lampadati Komoda Price: $145,000 SOLD! (( OOC Vehicle Statistics (Komoda): )) Lampadati Felon Price: $145,000 (( OOC Vehicle Statistics (Felon); ))
  9. Saints Security Protecting others, because that's what Saints do. Armed Security Guard Your primary job responsibilities will involve; - Personal Protection - Event Security - VIP Transport The ideal candidate will; - Be in good physical condition - Good communication skills - Ability to think on their feet, and make excellent split second decisions - Have experience in the security industry (not essential) A PF License is a MUST before you apply, guard card is preferred, however a good candidate will be considered as long as they obtain a guard card within two days of starting employment, OR prove that they have an outstanding application. Send your application to [email protected] to be considered. ((Forum PM)) Join our team, become a Saint!
  10. Annis Euros SB: $------ Minimum Bid-Step: $------ BO: $------ Auction ENDED ✔️Various security upgrades including: -Aftermaket Alarm -Anti-Theft System providing the best security(accesible via smartphone) ✔️Various performance track day modifications including: -K&N Performance Air Intake System -Track Clutch and Transmission Kit -Brembo High Performance Brake Kit AND MORE! Viewings CONTACT: PH:------ E-MAIL: -------- Gallery: ((STATS))
  11. The Rebla GTS has just under 800 miles on the clock, it has one of the best security systems installed. The security includes a remote kill switch and a tracking device. The Rebla GTS also has performance upgrades done such as more horse power and a stronger braking system. Buyout price: $200.000 (( OOC Statistics: ))
  12. 2018 Obey Tailgater S PREVIOUS OWNERS REVIEW: For sale is my 2018 Obey Tailgater S which was orginally on a finance plan over a year but recently got money from family which meant I was able to pay off the last four months of the payments on the car. The car has not been ragged in any sense, it was previously on coilovers but I took them off because it was just ruining the ride completely, but I've thrown 30mm lowering springs on all around which have done no harm to the ride it's self, obviously it's a little stiffer and sits lower, you don't really notice the difference until you're taking corners and it sticks a ton more than it would usually, but I'm willing to include the coilovers in the sale followed by a set of grey RPF's which I had on the car a few months, I'm selling the car mostly because I need something less fancy for the drive that I'm having to do for work every day as it's just stacking up the mileage on the car. Spec list is below. Car: 2018 Obey Tailgater S APR Stage2 (385hp/505Nm, 2.0 Turbo) Performance: 0-100kmh(62mph): Estimated 3.7 seconds Color: Amalfi white Location: Paleto Bay (Willing to drop it off though) Engine tuning: APR Stage 2 ECU, APR Intake, APR Intercooler, APR Downpipe, ECS Resonator Delete Exterior tuning: front lip from Method Effects, rear wing from RW Carbon, Honeycomb Grille. Security: Reinforced locks, modern alarm system which'll notify you if the alarm is set off, it also has a mobile kill switch which allows you to track and turn off the vehicle if it was stolen. Bad points: Admittedly, the car has a few stone-chips in the hood as this car was used to get from Paleto to LS daily, so it's gathered up, I believe the exhaust is slightly blowing from the manifold to the center-pipe as it's gotten a little bit louder from beneath my feet when driving the car, a rather easy fix for anyone who's got time though. The car was also previously in an MVA, where the front-end was mildly damaged but has been repaired to a high-standard using OEM parts besides the grille which is as mentioned before as a honeycomb grille, As the bumper, the left headlight grille and license plate was destroyed or broken beyond repair. besides that the car is solid with zero issues, just had four new tires as the rear two were close to illegal. (These have been noted in the price, what you buy is what you get.) Looking for $120,000 ONO ((OOC Details))
  13. OPEN TO: Any work opportunities - part-time/contractor - security company/agency or businesses in need of security services. ABOUT ME: I possess all of the required licenses and knowledge, and I have a military and law enforcement background. CAN OFFER: Any and all security services needed, armed or unarmed. CONTACT: For more information or any opportunities, please reach me by email at [email protected].
  14. Lannaghan's Security is hiring securities, bouncers and doormen. Call now: 600-96967 Send e-mail: [email protected] ((PM)).
  15. Los Santos Meteor is open under new management and is looking for RELIABLE and hard working dancers, bartenders and security. We will need you to be able to commit to working two hours between (but not limited to) the hours of 8pm and midnight, and we plan to open three or four times per week. Shifts are planned through our own app and work is given out on a first come, first served basis. Pay is competitive and paid at the end of each shift. Please call or SMS Santi on 2802 or email [email protected] ((discord: Reklaw#1909)) for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.
  16. http://www.hollandprivatesecurity.nl ****All the IC information you need is on the website!
  17. Vapid Flash GT Asking price: $155,000 * Custom Plate, Performance & Security INCLUDED If interested or would like to offer, please comment below.
  18. Ocelot Jackal The Ocelot Jackal is a type of Coupe Vehicle. The Ocelot Jackal is considered as a Coupe although it has 4-doors, suggesting that it is a ‘four-door coupe’ or a fastback sedan. The overall performance of the Ocelot Jackal makes it an excellent choice for a daily vehicle. It corners surprisingly well for such a big sedan. This vehicle comes with Performance & Security package. Asking Price: $88,000 Email me at [email protected] (@Talia) if you are interested in buying this vehicle or Call 6865797.
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