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  1. Would appreciate a contact number for a tour.
  2. I’d like to see the place later today before I send my offer. Considering to offer the buyout. I would appreciate a contact number.
  3. I'm available at 2308, feel free to call and come see the place. @Bidrift @StayGrimey
  4. Will be sold to you within twenty four hours if no counter offers.
  5. Previous buyer withdrew his offer, still for sale.
  6. Contact me for the sale.
  7. 221 Alta Street A single bedroom apartment with an amazing view. The place was recently furnished. Asking price: $360,000 Phone number: 2308 (( )) Exterior Interior Album
  8. It happened to me in three different stores.
  9. That is the error I'm getting. After trying to purchase this error pop out and the Y menu becomes invisible and nametags. I can't use it without relogging. I tested it out with two more, one could buy the deck of cards normally and the other had the same error as I did.
  10. I wanted to see how the new economic system work with the blackjack game, poker, and running casinos overall. Unfortunately every time I try to buy a deck of cards it causes my game to crash with an error. Is it only me experiencing that issue?
  11. Dor


    Still for sale!
  12. Dor


    Call me on 1506 to see the property, I'll show you around.
  13. Texas hold 'em Tournament! Card games are your passion? Do you think your mind game is the best? Good, we are looking just for you! We plan to make the first high-stakes poker tournament Los Santos has ever seen, with one winner takes it all. If you want to participate in our event, please send us an email with your details and we will contact you. [email protected] ((Forum PM)) or #1506. How does it work? We are going to invite ten players to our tournament with $300,000 each, the game continues until we have one winner who takes it all. You have the possibility to walk out with three million in your hands! The blinds gonna start at $5,000 along with the bet step of $3,500. If you are interested please contact us for more information and booking. Terms and Conditions: You must sign a contract and agree to the terms. In order to participate, you must be above the legal age to gamble. No excuses, you can't leave the tournament until you either lose it all or take it all. All bookings are final, failing to show up to the event makes you liable for a legal suit. Leave a comment for us: Username: Comment:
  14. Keeping an eye on this thread for a while now, always enjoy to see what you upload. Brilliant character, always having fun roleplaying with you.
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