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  1. In regards to this, will SD consider reopening the Sheriffs Information Bureau? As someone who was in it as a civilian staff, I had an absolute blast in it and it was such a shame it was cut. I did hear whispers and murmors that it was potentially going to come back, but due to the recent command shuffles, is this still the case?
  2. i uploaded this to github gist, but it seems to just change some gameconfig settings in xml format https://gist.github.com/SC2Mitch/e0e50194eadd07424d42eea752075c1a
  3. NFTs are next, panda points is a testing bed.
  4. Fairly sure this was removed because people abused this in the past, to the point of making a Discord Bot to inform them when houses was for sale, not just apartments. Property Market already scuffed as it is.
  5. Team member of Azuracast here (source), We are aware of some of the issues people are having but these issues only impact the rolling release versions of Azuracast, rolling releases are not stable ones and we cannot guarantee its entirely bug free. We are reaching out to Everett to provide more assistance on the issues you guys are having and we aim to have a fix fairly soon. (It's narrowed down to liquidsoap sending too many requests to the internal liquidsoap API which can cause queues to fail to populate, a fix is being tested internally) We haven't been made aware of the uploading music issue, as this works on our test machines, this may be a permission issue with the GTAW XMR system, but that's for Everett to check and review, thanks for your patience 🙂
  6. Hate to burst that bubble but it does not, the sheriff information bureau was cut because of budget reasons + the command team stepped down (source: was in sib until it got shut down)
  7. Where exactly is this setting? AMD doesn't have 'Fast Sync' from what I can see in the control panel?
  8. Went from 60s a year ago to 40s, memory usage is at a all time high, it was never this bad
  9. End of Watch: Lieutenant Jose Ben-Zvi POINT OF CONTACT: Melissa Rhodes // 16/JAN/2022 REFERENCE: OS-0016 The Los Santos County Sheriffs Department can announce today as of the 16th of January, 2022, Jose Ben-Zvi, a Lieutenant who was assigned as a Watch Commander at Twin Towers Correctional Facility has died in the line of duty in the early hours of Sunday morning while on duty at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility. We can also confirm Deputy Rafael Galang and Deputy Luis Saez both sustained serious injuries but are expected to make a full recovery. Lieutenant Jose Ben-Zvi The Department currently has a number of suspects in segregation who were behind the brutal attack and paperwork with the District Attorney's Office is being processed to ensure justice is done. The Department will not rest until justice for the three deputies is done. Security footage will be collected and reviewed thoroughly by LSSD investigators to ascertain the full details of this horrific incident along with witness statements. Lieutenant Ben-Zvi had served with the Sheriff’s Department for 18 years. He is survived by his wife, young son, and adult stepdaughter. Specialist teams have been activated to ensure the family gets all the support they need. The Department will always standby and take care of them. We request that members of the media do not disturb members of Ben-Zvi's family and only refer to us for official communication. **Comments on this article are enabled but strictly moderated by Sheriff Information Bureau Staff**
  10. LOS SANTOS COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT Sheriff's Information Bureau Official Statement [OS-0015] Sheriff Department Statement on South Central Unrest Date Published: 06/JAN/2022 Point of Contact: Melissa Rhodes LSSD and LSFD joint meeting In the very late hours of Sunday, the 2nd of January 2022 the Sheriff's Department responded to civil unrest happening throughout South Central mere days after Operation Zookeeper. The Department responded swiftly alongside our partner agencies in the Los Santos Police Department, Fire Department, Fire Marshals, and Park Rangers to ensure life and property are kept safe. The Department is proud of our deputies and civilian staff who were on the front lines protecting our station and liaising with the local media as events transpired. We can confirm multiple arrests were made by ourselves and our partner agencies. Furthermore, we sadly confirm that multiple deputies were injured during the unrest. Finally, we categorically reject claims that the department put deputies and/or department staff into the protests to stir up violence. The Department reminds the public that we advocate for the 1st Amendment right to assemble and express your thoughts peacefully. We will not stand for violence and will respond swiftly to quell rioting to protect department property and the communities that we serve. We thank the Los Santos Government and all our state and federal partners for working together during difficult times. It is very apparent that crime in South Central remains extremely high. The department alongside our state and federal partners will review all avenues to ensure civilians and law enforcement are kept safe. Our number one priority is and will always be public safety. Review our full statement by Undersheriff Takada Media agencies can contact us for any extra information on the following link LSSD.gov/SIB
  11. best UN peacekeeping force ever
  12. (( Sure why not.)) Comments are enabled but are reviewed by SIB staff Username Comment
  13. LOS SANTOS COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT Sheriff's Information Bureau Official Statement [OS-0014] Operation Zookeeper concludes with 15 arrests Date Published: 31/DEC/2021 Point of Contact: Melissa Rhodes Joint task force with staff from OSSB, SEB and Patrol In the late hours of the 30th of December 2021, the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department conducted Operation Zookeeper. The operation was spearheaded by Operation Safe Streets Bureau with assistance from the Special Enforcement Bureau and it resulted in 15 arrests. The operation follows the murders of 10 deputies over the holiday season. We at the Los Santos Sheriff's Department condemn the brutal killing of our deputies over the holidays. The families of the slain deputies will never be the same and we extend our deepest condolences. We have specially trained teams assisting the families through these difficult times. The Department remains on high alert for any hostile reactions from the gangs that remain in Davis and the surrounding areas and will be ready to act swiftly at a moment's notice. Review our full statement by Undersheriff Takada Media agencies can contact us for any extra information on the following link LSSD.gov/SIB
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