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  1. i love sd, nice people and good rp 🙂
  2. what kind of civilian roles do you plan / are currently hiring for? looks interesting
  3. yeah please, wanna ERP with cat ears and fuck @H04X
  4. How dare I ride on a public road, I apologize unreservedly for my selfish actions
  5. you can't pin this on IC when people are treating the server like the next fast and furious game
  6. What the fuck did I just watch, I'm assuming they roleplayed this, righhhht?
  7. What is the Continuity Management's thoughts on medical bills, do we RP them as normal? Or is SA the only state in the US to offer 'free' medical care, which is completely insanity.
  8. if you think people remotely care about likes and reactions then I dunno chief, yikes
  9. i want @Benavides in my fucking life
  10. Name: Site Admin Comment: Provide a contact email and I'll happily provide it 🙂
  11. If you file a court case, then all fines and tickets are frozen until the case is ruled upon.
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