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  1. can't wait for the hype to be overblown and the game to be absolutely garbage
  2. get rid of it, it brings no 'character development' to the story, apart from being fucked up to roleplay.
  3. Luis Espinoza walks free following Capital Murder case Sarah Harper - Legal Affairs Reporter On Wednesday the 11th of November, 2020, the Superior Court of San Andreas ruled that Luis Espinoza was not guilty on all charges laid against him by the District Attorney's Office. Luis was accused of Capital Murder, discharging a firearm and carrying a unlicensed firearm. The case was brought forward on the 22nd of September, 2020. The court case lasted two months, Luis Espinoza was represented by Terrence Fogel, a high profile criminal defense attorney. During the case, the defense provided multiple sworn statements mentioning that Luis was with them at the time of the shooting. The prosecution didn't serve the subpoena's to the two witnesses, Mia Vasquez and Sylvia Taylor, alleging that "phone calls went unanswered". The Justice issued his ruling on the 11th which cleared Luis of all charges laid against him, siding with the Defense's sworn affidavits from three witnesses that state Luis was with them at the time of the shooting, the Justice also noted while Luis' DNA was located in the vehicle, it was his vehicle after all so that's not out of ordinary. Along with a missing murder weapon, the court was unable to find enough reasonable doubt that Luis was involved and or was the shooter. The Court did acknowledge that there was time discrepancies and noted a GSR test would of helped, but finished the filing off that the prosecution had failed to meet the burden of proof. Full court judgement - Court Documents Both Terrence Fogel and the District Attorney provided a statement to Los Santos News. On Wednesday, November 12, 2020, the Superior Court of San Andreas found Mr. Luis Espinoza, 47, not guilty of the murder of Officer Wade Carter. We are disappointed with the outcome as the evidence clearly linked Mr. Espinoza to the crimes; however, the burden for proof in criminal cases is set to the highest bar making it imperative that witnesses immediately report any crimes they have witnessed. We grieve with the family and friends of Officer Carter and regret we could not help them find closure with the conviction of Officer Carter's killer. - District Attorney Spokesperson I'm happy to see that the justice system saw through the reeking bullshit the case was - even though the burden on the defense was high. I hope the real killers are caught and that the memory of officer Carter is laid to rest - Terrence Fogel** ** Statement is slightly edited to resolve a typo issue with Officer Carter, previously Certer VISIT OUR WEBSITE - CLICK HERE
  4. No Mans Sky is really fun, runs decent on low end machines.
  5. User: LSNNHarper Comment: she doesn't work for Los Santos news anymore
  6. We are still active and are taking clients, we have updated our application forms for simplicity in mind!
  7. Your vehicle isn't registered, is what it means. Basically, if your in your own parking space that's not on a red line / blocking traffic, you should be good.
  8. Comments are enabled: Username: Comment:
  9. Cop killer sentenced to death Sarah Harper Two months after the brutal, cold blooded ambush of four officers in Strawberry, the Office of the District Attorney revealed multiple Capital Murder charges against Erick Moruga on the 7th of October. Erick was a affiliate of the Tortilla Flats 13, a gang that's been hit by multiple Gang Injunctions due to the killings against Law Enforcement. The court case lasted two weeks and the prosecution provided a plethora of evidence to the court, including video footage and forensic evidence. The defense did not contest the evidence in court nor objected to the evidence provided. The conviction appears to be strengthened by the fact of a CI (Confidential Informant) within Tortilla Flats 13 who shared extensive details with the Los Santos Police Department. Erick Moruga's execution is scheduled in 30 days, unless he appeals the charges against him, the death penalty will be administered by lethal injection in accordance with State Guidelines. This is the second ever Capital Punishment case in Los Santos Court Judgement against Erick Moruga. - Credits: Superior court of San Andreas #CF-347 The Los Santos Police Department and the Office of the District Attorney provided the following statements. "At this time the Los Santos Police Department has no immediate comment, however an official press release will be published in the coming days to share details regarding the conclusion of the case." - Spokesperson Anne Nance "On Tuesday, October 19, 2020, the Superior Court of San Andreas found Mr. Erick Moruga, 19, an affiliate of the Tortila Flats 13, guilty of three counts of capital murder and one charge of first degree murder in the killing of four uniformed police officers including Police Officer III+1 Dan Buchanan, Police Officer II Antoine Vallois, and Police Officer II Sophia Hirose. Video footage and forensic evidence linked the crimes to Mr. Moruga beyond a reasonable doubt and, in accordance to sentencing guidelines set forth by the San Andreas Penal Code, he was sentenced to death by lethal injection." Assistant District Attorney Victor Hawkins, the prosecutor assigned to the case, noted: "There's nothing we can do to bring back the lives of the fallen officers, but this is the closest to justice we can get for the victims and their families." - Spokesperson William Eden VISIT OUR WEBSITE - CLICK HERE
  10. User: unholymythic Comment: I approve of this female, she supported my Firefighter when she gunned down a innocent child over mere words, that female was Ashe Fjellhol, she made my Fire Department proud that day. I'm proud that firefighters can gun down innocent children in broad daylight and get away with it, a total nutcase that belongs in prison like Hillary Clinton. *theres no VPNs or IP masking software used to provide this comment. It has been edited once*
  11. Face attributes from previous characters should be stored inside the character UCP page with a list of the attributes you collected, this is helpful for returning back to a character that's been 'on vacation' or one that's been put away. It's also good to 'avoid' using the same facial attributes when making a brand new character,
  12. Mitch

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    Get rid, burn them, don't bring them back
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