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  1. I'm concerned for performance as there's been numerous people complaining about performance in Davis and other areas, going to say no because performance should be top priority
  2. The problem with that is it doesn't exactly compare to other US states, the US doesn't have 'free' medical care. How exactly does this work?
  3. It was mentioned a few months ago, but has Continuity came to a conclusion on how medical bills work yet? Or do we still RP a state where medical bills, etc simply don't exist? I haven't been too active on the server so unsure if anything has changed in that regard.
  4. Lot of people on this server complain that the press is shit, lot of people complain there's no press on the server, when press go a bit spicy on a in character article people jump down throats. Police Activity often publishes body camera footage and news agencies often pick it up. Stop aiming for kneecaps when the leg is already broken. Being a journalist isn't easy nor do many people wanna do it.
  5. I did multiple times but the issue remained, is this rage issue or gtaw
  6. Not all the time No still had it when I logged in Thanks i shall give this a try
  7. So I got a weird bug and I dont know how to fix it other than restart my PC; I cannot pick `last location` or my house location, it only lets me pick the airport, which I dont want, it makes me sad, some help please!
  8. please stop handling reports with child gloves and giving out petty punishments that have zero impact, just go back to the old days of harsh punishments, we need 14 day temp bans again, not 15 minutes
  9. username: Patriot comment: why did LSNN change the title of the article? someone needs to fire this clown, worse than CNN!
  10. click on enable and it'll let you view that page, or does the enable thing not work?
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