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  1. Username: Sarah Harper. Comment: It's nice to see journalism is still going on in the city! Props to you for producing lovely content, anyway I can donate to you?
  2. A lot of people are saying 'could write' but they're missing the crux of the issue, two people who dedicated themselves to LSNN (me and @Greyfeatherimho) we simply can't do do do, everyone wants news but literally no-one bothers to consider writing or joining, and the news gets the blame for it, its simply not fair. Burnout and exhaustion is a bitch in the news writing business, it's why I left LSNN along with many others. GL to the new leadership though.
  3. I'm planning on returning to that soon, but I'm seeking a graphics designer before I begin. It's not about 'how hard would it be', its about the time and effort to research the case, look up IRL caselaw, etc. Time and effort = no reward for the write up.
  4. Speaking as one of the former leaders of LSNN, it self imploded on itself with extensive burnout and unclear direction. I'm unsure who leads it now nor do I have anymore of a say in teh faction after I was removed by the 'new' leadership. I have at the moment left GTAW to find different avenues, at this stage LSNN should be archived, to be fair, as the new 'leadership' hasn't mentioned anything on the forums in months. News is difficult and people really underestimate how hard it is to run a news organisation and continue it for a long duration of time.
  5. Username: a fish Comment: the amount of autism this shit posts greatly surpasses the fire department lesbian crew
  6. people need to stop hyping shit up when they dont even see it in front of their eyes
  7. When you reach critical levels of hype, you fucked up. The game struggled in many areas and is buggy as shit
  8. It's been mostly cracked already, waiting on the GOG patch at midnight then it's done.
  9. You should of known G6's reputation before signing up, otherwise you wouldn't of taken the job, G6's rep has been trashed repeatedly and no-one takes them seriously. We (LSNN) have had so many tips sent to us mainly around G6 pulling people over, trying to 'arrest' someone, stupid shit like that. It's a bit over the top. Look at the feedback you're given and start from there.
  10. nah I just value morals which cdpr forgot when they pushed their developers through months of crunch despite promising not to, even worse they did it in the middle of a global pandemic, everyone is thinking this is the second coming of Christ himself, if the game is good congrats, if not oh well
  11. We're announcing today our applications are going to be closed for the foreseeable future, our services will remain open for our active 54 radio hosting clients. Cheers and thanks for the fish.
  12. can't wait for the hype to be overblown and the game to be absolutely garbage
  13. get rid of it, it brings no 'character development' to the story, apart from being fucked up to roleplay.
  14. Luis Espinoza walks free following Capital Murder case Sarah Harper - Legal Affairs Reporter On Wednesday the 11th of November, 2020, the Superior Court of San Andreas ruled that Luis Espinoza was not guilty on all charges laid against him by the District Attorney's Office. Luis was accused of Capital Murder, discharging a firearm and carrying a unlicensed firearm. The case was brought forward on the 22nd of September, 2020. The court case lasted two months, Luis Espinoza was represented by Terrence Fogel, a high profile criminal defense attorney
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