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Found 8 results

  1. Fashion meets gambling at Swallow Longue & Casino If you’ve ever watched a casino movie or two like Ocean’s Eleven, Casino Royal, Rain Man, or Leaving Las Vegas, you’ve likely noticed all the beautiful attire and accessories the guests wear. In fact, this is one of the biggest parts of a casino. The attire, the looks, the styles, and getting all dressed up. Undoubtedly, Swallow Lounge and Casino is one of Los Santos most relevant venues where people not only gamble and entertain themselves, but also get to know other people and make always important connections. If you don’t already know it, gambling is a huge mental thing. There is a major mental and psychological aspect involved in gambling. And, you’d be surprised at just how big of an effect clothes and attire can have on your mindset. Whatever the situation, clothes and gambling attire can have a major impact on your gambling mindset. Either if you come to Swallow to play poker, blackjack or simply to drink a cocktail and mingle at the bar, it’s always important to care about your image. After all, you’ll have to be well dressed if you happen to win one of the luxury cars they raffle at the fortune wheel. Take a look at the different attires we recommend and pick your favorite! Purple mini dress ($1,800) - White heels ($1,200) - Silver Neckless ($4,500) Model: Remi Rose Left: Red cut out midi dress ($2,200) - Silver moon neckless ($3,800) Right: Cream suit ($3,200) - White shirt ($1,000) - Red tie ($700) Models: Olivia Hill and Nicholas Rizakis Black cut out mini dress ($1,800) - Black boots ($800) - Golden watch ($3,200) - Model: Nina Garavano Black and white mini dress ($2,200) - Golden neckless ($2,200) Model: Siggy Einardottir ((To roleplay buying the products and help us creating more roleplay /banktransfer Amount Nina Garavano)) **Comments are enabled, disrespectful comments would be deleted** Username: Comment:
  2. When it comes to sportsbetting, The Lucky Fish has everything you could ever want! In our fabulous casino or at home — The Lucky Fish Sports Betting has you covered! ♠️Best odds on the market! ♥️Amazing service and quick payout! ♣️Promotions, deals and events! ?LIVE action on display every week at The Lucky Fish Casino! Make an account TODAY to get started!
  3. DIAMOND EVENTS Exclusively designed events... Diamond Events & Organizations, founded by Italian designer Ralph Lorenzo in 2018 in Los Santos, aims to produce solutions to events and organizations for both companies/institutions and individuals. The company, the first and only exceptional in LS on its field, always works on customer's desires with passion. Professional team works on details to make events perfect. The company policy, doing something not done before and perfection with exclusive details, applies on every aspect of the organizations. ANYWHERE, ANYTIME The company professionals meet the clitens literally anywhere, anytime. Same appiles for the events. It could be 3AM in the morning on the top of the mountain in a cold windy day or it could be 2PM in the boiling sun in the middle of the Pacific. The service comes to you, exceptionally. The company's own events have been always different and will be so. You can contact Ralph Lorenzo at his phone 7778 or with e-mail (Forum PM) anytime. IT COULD BE ANYTHING We provide solutions for anything... •Birthday Party •Bachelor's Party •Government Meetings •Company Seminars •Grand Openings •Club Themed Nights •Bar Organizations Please contact us for many more... EXCLUSIVE •You might want to propose to your fiance at 30,000ft on a luxurious business jet. •You might want to have a birthday party on a 60 million dollars yacht at Pacific. •You might want to open your club or bar with an exceptional opening. •You might want to get lost in the wild with your friends, •Or you could be in need of an emergency afterparty at your house. It could be anything. We'll deal with it, exclusively. Sponsor(s) Our current sponsor Mirror Fashion, provides clothing for company staff and exceptional needs for the guests at events. CONTACT Ralph Lorenzo - 7778 or e-mail (Forum PM)
  4. Information Los Santos' premier gambling spot for strategy based card games. We pride ourselves for hosting competitive poker tournaments, blackjack tables and exclusive car raffles. We are hosting a type of tournament known as a sit-and-go poker tournament. This tournament will be split into two phases. During phase 1 we allow a single buy-in. You will be seated in a table with 4-10 individuals, in a room with atleast three tables. Once the phase starts we will be increasing the blinds every twenty minutes, which will result in players being knocked out. This phase will eventually end once every table has a single winner. There is a period of overtime that lasts for ten minutes and if there isn't a single winner by the end of it, the player with the most money will be considered the winner. For phase 2 we take all the winners from phase 1 and put them into a single table. The players will play for the entire pot. We will be increasing the blinds every twenty minutes and by the end of the hour we expect a single winner. There will be overtime just as phase one, except this time if no winner is set, each player walks out with what they have in their hand. Car Raffle Ocelot Lynx Brakes: 3/3 | Engine 4/4 | Suspensions: 5/4 | Transmission: 3/3 | Turbo: Yes Lock level: 3 | Alarm level: 1 | Anti-Theft level: 2 Poker Tournament - MAY/17 @ 9PM 9pm-12am (Total event duration) -------------------------------- 9:15pm - 9:30pm (Poker tournament check-in) 9:30pm - 9:45pm (Poker tournament late check-ins) 9:45pm - 10:45pm (First round, 4-10 player table, no rebuys) 11:00pm - 12:00am (Second round, winner takes the total prize pool) [First round blind structure - 4 player table] (players per table and blind increments subject to change) Buy-in: $10,000 [Time] -- blind 1. [+0:00] -- $200 2. [+0:20] -- $600 3. [+0:40] -- $2,000 4. [+1:00] -- $6,000 5. 10 minute overtime, winner will be the individual holding the most money. [Second round blind structure] Buy in: [# of players per tables during the first round] x [First round buy-in] x [80% (house takes 20%)] Blind steps will be calculated once we have determined the buy-in value. REGISTRATION INFORMATION: Buy-in: $10,000 + $2,000 (house). Preregister for the event to guarantee your seat. In order to preregister for the event feel free to send us a bank transfer. Please have your ID on you when you arrive and please use a bank account that has your name registered to it. You must be 21 years old or older to register. Send your payments to Joseph Hoffman. Under the comments add your phone number in-case we need to contact you. ((/banktransfer 12000 Joseph Hoffman [your_phone_number])) Questions or Concerns? We are always available for any questions on our email: [email protected](( Forum PM )) & via phone - 6921-9546
  5. Inside Track “Inside Track Las Venturas has been proud to provide the state of San Andreas for over 50 years with premiere computerized gambling based on the exciting world of horse racing! Each week, jockeys from around the country gather at the fabulous Caligula’s Race Track & Casino here in our beautiful city to put their prized stallions to the ultimate test, and to discover who will rise to the top! Inside Track conveniently provides you, the better, with all the most recent and accurate racer information as well as generous odds to give you the piece of mind when it comes to securing your bets. Should you decide to put it on the line and enter yourself in an opportunity to win up to six times your original bet; simply fill out the online form, follow the online banking prompt to complete your payment, and sit back and relax knowing that your bet is in the right hands. At this present time, our limitation on wagers caps at $10,000 USD, with the minimum bet being $1,000 USD. Should you rather a face-to-face, personal touch when it comes to betting with Inside Track, our bookies are certified and available 24/7 to provide you with professional, top notch services. See the listings below for your area rep, and thank you for choosing Inside Track for your gambling needs!” LV Rep - Douglas Howard (568-1245) [email protected] SF Rep - Sandra Davidson (767-0101) [email protected] LS Rep - Roy Capra (888-5877) [email protected] Betting Format Full Name: Phone Number: Horse Color & Name: Wager: Method of Payment: (Cash in person, bank transfer, etc.) (( How it works: Using an online horse racing simulation, I will record names of horses, their color, and computer generated payout odds according to each horse. This is information you can follow in-character to see what horse is seen as the most likely to win, the highest risk vs reward, etc. You can either contact my character, Roy Capra, IC with the information provided on the thread to place a bet or simply post here in the provided format and transfer me the money IG. I will run the computer generated horse race every Sunday and record the video, posting it here via a YouTube link. That way you can watch the race take place with your own eyes and roleplay in-game accordingly. The game is entirely random, based off of a real life video lottery game, which allows you as a player to rest assured that I can not manipulate who will win or who will lose. My methods have been inspected and approved by the admin team - allowing you to rest assured OOCly that things are being run clean. Along with the race results, I will post the new race date and predicted odds every weekend. ))
  6. Online Casino 18+ Caesar Online Casino is an electronic casino hosting roulette and blackjack. Offering x2 on winnings, Caesar offers a unique tailor made experience for its customers. With a reputable name, Caesar expands its operations across LS, by offering speedy delivery times on winnings whilst being in the comfort of your own home! Why get all dressed up to go to a Casino, when you can sit at home and win some money? Try now, and you will not be disappointed! How it works? We will host your game after receipt of your payment, showing you the entirety of the roulette table and the roll from start to end - ensuring complete transparency and maintaining gambling etiquette. How do you pay? Once you've decided to play, you'd place your bet by buying chips (( Command is: /banktransfer [Amount] Thomas Alo )). We also accept tangibles I.E (Vehicles & Property) our value surveyors will provide scrap/market value for each vehicle/property. How do I play? For roulette, you select either: - Red/Black - The number and their respective colour - Odd/Even - 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 The odds are calculated as followed: - Red/Black // 2.00 (I.E If you bet $1000.00 you will get $2000.00 if you win) - The number and their respective colour // 10.00 (I.E If you bet $1000.00 you will get $10000.00 if you win) - Odd/Even // 2.00 (I.E If you bet $1000.00 you will get $2000.00 if you win) - 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 // 2.00 (I.E If you bet $1000.00 you will get $2000 if you win) For Blackjack, you select either: The goal is to get 21 - above is a bust, under is fine however if the dealer gets 21 first then you lose. The odds are calculated as followed: 2.00 on all bets (I.E $1,000 gets $2,000) Rules 1. All bets are non-refundable. 2. If you say hit, then change your mind immediately after, however the action has been clicked/executed then this will stand. Meaning no re-do’s or refunds. 3. If it’s a draw in Blackjack, then it is a re-bet (meaning we go again) 4. Doubling up means you sacrifice your initial payout for a larger one. This does mean that if you lose you will not get back the initial payout. 5. A game will only be played once you fill out the form. 6. Max bet is $350,000. 7. If you're banned on the terminal (Twitch) It means you're not welcomed to play. Any bets you make will be non-refundable and your games will not be played. DISCLAIMER: FOR YOUR BET TO BE REGISTERED, YOU MUST CONFIRM YOUR PURCHASE VIA EMAIL. ((Fill out the form below)). Form: IG Name: Game/Bet type (if roulette): Screenshot: Twitch Name: Mailing List (Discord): https://discord.gg/PYBegk5 Game Screen:
  7. Playing Cards System Playing cards is something you can use with a lot of gambling games, why not make a system for it? For now the /roll system is totally randomized and has no order in it. In playing cards there is an order and you can randomize the order every time you shuffle the cards. In one deck there are 52 cards which you can slide them towards players. Example: Classic Blackjack. Classic Blackjack is the most popular and widely played game. You have a dealer/bank and like 1 to 5 players. Those players get standard two cards, you win the hand if the card total is equal to 21 but should not exceed it. If the card total is over 21 then it's a Bust deal and a losing hand. It should also be higher than the Dealer's total for you to win. As a dealer you get also two cards but one is shown and one is the hole card (the face down card). How to get playing cards? You can buy them at a 24/7 how much decks you want to buy doesn't matter. As in Blackjack you can use 1 to 8 decks or more. Commands that would come handy: /shuffle - Shuffles all your decks to a random order of cards. You also get every card you dealt back to your deck. Example: The deck order is: Click--> |CURRENT| Dealer does /shuffle and the deck gets a new order |NEW| <--Click As you can see the cards are in a different order than it was before. So, that means that first card is number 1 and the last card is 52. /deal - Deals a single card to a player, in Blackjack as an example, you deal the player on your left first, then move left to right down the remaining players. Finish by dealing yourself one card face down (/dealhide). Deal another card to each player and now you can give yourself a card face up. (Dealer) (Player) /dealhide - Deals a card face down to someone or yourself. Face card down means that nobody can see the card! /showcards - Shows all your cards that are face down. /decks - With this you can set how much decks you want to choose. Example: you type /decks 5. Now you can deal 52x5 cards = 260 cards in total. So, you can deal with 5 decks 20 Queens. (Also a notification in the chat should be placed for all players nearby so they know how much decks are being used.) If you have idea's, questions or feedback I would like to hear it!
  8. *The following ad would pop on your screen, and posters & flyers of the same would be seen all around LS* *Upon clicking the same, you'd be greeted with the same banner and the following as you scroll down* Get to enjoy the finest quality drinks.
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