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  1. Rest in peace Patrick.

  2. Haven’t you read the starting bid? If you don’t want to pay the minimum don’t offer.
  3. For Sale: A great penthouse in a safe place. Bidding starts at: 750.000 Buyout: 1.100.000 ((OOC))
  4. No discussions please, 285 is a starting bid.
  5. For sale.. An Obey 8F Drafter. Bidding starts at $285.000,- Well maintained vehicle with a fairly low mileage.
  6. I have an apartment for sale for about 225.000 Dollars.
  7. Username: JustineKolk Comment: Quality by Nadler, as always!
  8. Selling this beauty. Starting bid: 200.000 Buyout: 250.000
  9. Buying the following vehicles: Obey Argento Obey 8F Drafter Enus Paragon Albany V-STR Contact me!
  10. Are you still interested in a raiden?
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