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Found 7 results

  1. This thread will follow the life of Raymond “El Japo” Ota, a Japanese-American, native to East Los Santos who gets twisted up in the Chicano culture that surrounded him his whole life.
  2. The greenlight worked like a charm. Under this set up, la eMe controlled not only tens of thousands of gang members and drug dealers but anyone else who got in their way. There was some resistance. The Maravilla neighborhoods in East Los Santos — which had a long and bitter battle with la eMe — brought five hundred gang members together for a meeting of their own. The Barrio Maravilla consist of several smaller individual Mexican-American street gangs who originated in Unincorporated East Los Santos, San Andreas. The Maravillas has been around since the early 1930s and are considered one of the first gangs in East Los Santos. They are notorious for being one of the first gangs who refused to be taxed or share a portion of their criminal earnings with the Mexican Mafia (eMe). This act of defiance led to them being "green-lighted" by the Mexican Mafia and becoming enemies of all Sureno gangs. Except for a small pocket of token resistance, Maravilla gang members are now considered Surenos. The scattered few Maravilla gangs who oppose eMe’s rule remain on the "green-light" list. Over time Maravilla gangs spread throughout the San Chianski Valley, the Inland Empire and out toward Nevada. Today in Los Santos they can be found dotted along the eastern side of the Del Perro FWY. History of the East Los Maravilla Valley Maravilla (VMV) was formed in 2023 after the dissolution of Happy Perros Maravilla (HPMV). Following the detachment of the Frontyard Lokos clique on Amarillo Ave and their subsequent formation into Front Yard Maravilla, a wedge of division was jammed between the lower subsets of HPMV. Remaining members of the Alley Boys clicque, Joker and Smiley, utilised their control over younger family members within the tag-banging crew, Get Back Official (GBO), to sway the younger generation of impressionable brown kids in the varrio to follow them. Under waning leadership from HPMV, with key figures either incarcerated, with FYMV, or having moved on, Joker had managed to take control of a modest portion of the narcotics trade in East Los Santos. He enlisted them to get product moving on the corners through members of GBO. With HPMV now mostly defunct, Joker put on his most loyal followers under a new banner, Valley Maravilla. Valley Maravilla hold no discontent towards their predecessors and allows the history of the varrio to be on proud display by leaving their graffiti untouched. In an effort to disassociate themselves from the other MV gangs that they withdrew from, VMV proudly green-rag in order to pay homage to the "Los Maravillosos" (the marvelous ones), who were "green lit" by the Mexican Mafia. Barrio Maravilla Maravilla gangs are their own worst enemy, for instance, the Arizona Maravilla, Lote Maravilla and Lopez Maravilla are bitter enemies fighting for control over the same neighborhood. However, the Maravilla have made several attempts to reconcile their differents by attending truce meetings in hopes of coexisting peacefully as neighbors. This also happens with Valley Maravilla and Front Yard Maravilla, fighting for control in El Burro as neighboring hoods before Front Yard Maravilla went defunct. One of their biggest rivalries is with the White Fence, these gangs has been feuding for over thirty years. This animosity between the two gangs has led to some deadly encounters costing both sides casualties and grief. Valley Maravilla also known for their beefs with Indiana Dukes 13 and Parkside Gangsters 13 prior to these gangs going defunct. Nowadays they continue to have a strong community and hold over their neighborhood in El Burro, alongside the neighboring hood on the upper part of Fudge Lane. The Majority of MV Gangs in Los Santos, who carry the Maravilla moniker are not necessarily affiliated with each other, they just sprouted in the same neighborhood, Maravilla. Other MV Gangs (active and defunct) Fudge Lane Maravilla, Gage Maravilla, El Rancho Maravillians, Project Boys Maravillas, Gallows Hill Maravilla, High Times Maravilla, Maravilla Projects, Rock Maravilla, Juarez Maravilla, Raskals Maravilla, Hoyo Maravilla, Lopez Maravilla, Lote Maravilla, Gage Maravilla, Happy Perros MaraVilla, Home Boyz Maravilla, Ford Maravilla, Frazier Maravilla, Maravilla Rifa, Opal Maravilla, Moeriya Maravilla, Lomita Maravilla, Pomeroy Maravilla, Fisher St. Lokos Maravilla Projects, Marianna Maravilla, Arizona Maravilla, Front Yard Maravilla, Valley Maravilla and Puente Maravilla. OOC INFO ((Varrio Maravilla strives to portray a modern example of the culture ingrained within the Maravilla varrios. We hope to be able to mimic the current generational shift in East LA and show the progression from the very familiar 90s-esque Sureno factions heading toward the more modern era. It’s true that time moves a little slower in the varrio and a lot of traditions carry on, and this is something that we want to explore.)) ((We are open to join and happy to guide new and old roleplayers alike who have a positive attitude. If you would like to join please PM @EAST LOS MARVELOUSor join our discord at https://discord.gg/zBjPSBwJbd))
  3. ((Play this one loudly...)) Our Marvelous Home... (East Los... El Burro, Murrieta Heights, La Mesa, & Cypress Flats.) The Del Perro FWY ran across the East Los like a train at night, you'd hear that motherfucker hustling and bustling throughout the varrio... the year was 1967, in the town of our Gente - Maravilla(MV). It's where La Raza lived before the major stadiums robbed our Gente of their homes... before the wall, when we came across back to our neighborhood freely to work & get-up in our vidas. East Los has always been... our marvelous home... Our own Gente policed the calles, they were called Pachucos or Zoot Suiters from The Hole(a MV gang known as El Hoyo Maravilla.) - mischievous Chicano youth that eventually spread out all through the barrios of Maravilla(La Mesa, Murrieta Heights, El Burro Heights, & Cypress Flats.) who combated against each-other & gained their own respected histories. (Pachucos or "Zoot-Suiters" of the El Hoyo MV gang from the late 1940s.) Maravilla Barrios within East Los Santos; Fudge Lane Maravilla Gage Maravilla El Rancho Maravillians Project Boys Maravillas Gallows Hill Maravilla High Times Maravilla Maravilla Projects Rock Maravilla Juarez Maravilla Raskals Maravilla Hoyo Maravilla Lopez Maravilla Lote Maravilla Gage Maravilla Happy Perros MaraVilla Home Boyz Maravilla Ford Maravilla Frazier Maravilla Frontyard Maravilla Maravilla Rifa Opal Maravilla Moeriya Maravilla Lomita Maravilla Pomeroy Maravilla Fisher St. Lokos Maravilla Projects Marianna Maravilla Arizona Maravilla (El Hoyo Maravilla gang-members posted, El Burro circa late 1950s.) One of these Maravilla barrios by the name of Happy Perros MV(HPMV) hung in the Back Lott... a grassy knoll under the Del Perro FWY & Elysian Fields FWY intersection, it's a football field's size & a landmark within Murrieta Heights. The older gente dubbed the crowd of youngsters the nickname "Happy Perros" due to the large amount of stray dogs ditched after illegal dog fights in the barrio - so the crowd of stoner Hispanic youth adopted the name as their own. Perro meaning "Dog" in Spanish only brings more reference to the original gang spot of HPMV, all in all... the Hispanic youth were just a band of happy dogs playing in the Back Lott. Since then the Happy Perros MV represent their barrio color as black, just like the many black haired mutts that loitered the Back Lott in the late 1970s - when HPMV first broke into the Maravilla gang scene. The NFL football team such as The Raiders are displayed as gang attire by HPMV members due to the team's black & silver coloring. (An infamous group of O.G. brothers from the original HPMV during the early 70s, known as the "Wild Bunch" or "The Villa Brothers" - Snoopy, Scooby, Yogi, & K-9.) (Two of the few original "Wanderers" clique founders out of HPMV(Shy Dog sitting inside & Oso posing outside) at a car meet in La Mesa mid 1970s.) The barrio came out during the “Stoner era” of the 1970s when Hispanic street socialization was centered around parties, drinking and doing light weight drugs. Every Saturday night about 20 to 40 Happy Perros gang-members would head down to the Back Lott under the Del Perro & Elysian Fields FWY intersection to get loaded... eventually transforming into a traditional street gang, already having rivalries with El Hoyo Maravilla, Fudge Lane Maravilla, Homeboyz Maravilla, & El Rancho Maravilla which were all previously Stoner groups as well. Many of the HPMV gang-members earn dog tattoos that represent work they've put in or respect earned... characters such as "Snoopy" from Charlie Brown or the dog "Scooby-Do" are major gang mascots(even some gang-member's nicknames are a reference to iconic Dog characters.). (The infamous "Back Lott" where the original HPMV gang-members hung out & claimed as theirs.) During Happy Perros emergence, the Maravilla barrios of East Los had an increasing segment of their varrios aligned with the Mexican Mafia. Especially after Frank “Quemado” Venegas(a member of El hoyo MV) was murdered by Nuestra Familia(NF) member Robert “Daira” Medina. Daira had kitted Quemado, asking for assistance against La Eme members that were ordered to take his life... Quemado remained neutral in the situation due to the module being ran by La Eme. In result, Daira stabbed Quemado to death in his cell. This incident only solidified NF as an enemy to Maravillas, therefore Happy Perros had naturally allied with La Eme membership. Other MV barrios had their members even align with the Nuestra Familia... Manuel "Creeper" Trejo from Gallows Hill MV had gained membership within the family. (A cluster of seasoned Maravilla gang-members taking a photo together; Raider from HPMV, Turtle from Fudge Lane MV, the mysterious Manuel "Creeper" Trejo of Gallows Hill MV - also Nuestra Familia member during the late '70s, Creeper and select few Maravillas have been known members of "Our Family".) During Happy Perros emergence, the Maravilla barrios of East Los had an increasing segment of their varrios aligned with the Mexican Mafia. Especially after Frank “Quemado” Venegas(a member of El hoyo MV) was murdered by Nuestra Familia(NF) member Robert “Daira” Medina. Daira had kitted Quemado, asking for assistance against La Eme members that were ordered to take his life... Quemado remained neutral in the situation due to the module being ran by La Eme. In result, Daira stabbed Quemado to death in his cell. This incident only solidified NF as an enemy to Maravillas, therefore Happy Perros had naturally allied with La Eme membership. Other MV barrios had their members even align with the Nuestra Familia... Manuel "Creeper" Trejo from Gallows Hill MV had gained membership within the family. (Different Maravilla gang-members posing for gang photos within Maravilla modules of Los Santos' Men's Central jail.) In the sixty-three year history of La Eme, twenty-two carnales have originated from Maravilla barrios. Seventeen of these members were from El Hoyo MV. From the 1980s & into the 1990s - many Maravilla gang-members walked the mainline while incarcerated, but were looked down upon by La Eme. As Maravilla convicts would win their release on state parole their veteranos would began to spread anti-EME sentiment inside their barrios. Warning them of La Eme's dog-eat-dog mentality & fake unionization of La Raza as a whole... everything was either for power or feria, there was no true brotherhood amongst it's snakes. (Veteranos of HPMV & allies of the gang posing for a photo in the Back Lott at a BBQ of older homeboys after prison.) Beginning in the early 1990’s, Maravilla gangs openly declared their opposition to EME’s authority and refused to pay taxes, Happy Perros MV being one of many Maravilla gangs partaking in this rebellion. These Maravilla tax resistors called themselves “Los Maravillosos” (the marvelous ones) & identified themselves as "TAX FREE". The EME response was swift and merciless. Maravilla gang members were targeted in county jails and prisons throughout California. Brutal attacks occurred and all Sureño gangs turned against them, many Maravilla veteranos & youngsters lost their lives to this decision. The EME “green light” on Maravilla necessitated a response from the law enforcement community to protect these inmates upon entry into their jail facilities. Los Santos Men’s Central Jail(MCJ) initiated a mandate in which every incoming member of a Maravilla gang would be housed in their own "Maravilla" gang module... just as the Bloods & Crips had their own module to reduce conflict amongst each-other. (Gang photo of HPMV during the early Millennium, this was during the "Cyclones" clique era of the barrio, many Cyclones were either killed behind bars or taken out on the streets by Sureños.) The Green-light kill-on-sight by Eme was eventually taken off the Maravilla barrios by the mid 2000s, when established Maravilla members within La Eme began to politic & gain good standings with the fellas for Maravilla barrios. One name in particular was Alfred “Chato” Sandoval from Arizona MV, for many years Chato had held East Los as territory(which includes collecting taxes) for the Mexican Mafia & sourced many varrios to be "with the program" - HPMV being one of those many now considered Sureños when behind the wall. There were a select few Maravilla hoods that remained on the green-light for total disobedience of Chato & were considered "Los Maravillosos"(the marvelous ones), these varrios have long been taken out or members are in deep hiding... Happy Perros MV on the other hand - has fully been swallowed up by the Mexican Mafia's criminal umbrella. (Cricket & Ghost out of the HPMV's Alley Boys clique take a gang flick while partying in the Back Lott.) (Few members from the Frontyard Lokos & Back Lott Strangers clique out of HPMV, circa 2019.) Today's modern day HPMV is small but actively growing within the neighborhood, a lot of the youngsters being put-on the varrio through generational membership. Also the mass influx of Hispanic families moving back into the barrio due to gentrification of neighboring barrios such as Mirror Park. Fudge Lane Strangers & Tiny Lokas are the up and coming clique of HPMV, being the generation after the Strangers & Alley Boys clique that initially began HPMV's cooperation with Chato's reign as the Eme's tax collector for Maravilla barrios. With that being said, several tag banging crews are directly linked to HPMV, almost as an entry recruitment into the varrio(the minor leagues). Tag Banger Crews under HPMV: Always Gettin Faded(AGF) Sick Ass Perros(SAP) So Hated Krew(SHK) Frontyard Stoners (FYS - removed from the HPMV barrio due to Frontyard LKS splitting off into their own.) Get Back Official (GBO) (The main-heads of the Frontyard Stoners(FYS) were three brothers; Gangster, Payback, & Turbo (pictured here with their homeboy Pancho.)- new up & coming youngsters out of (S) Amarillo ST. earning a name within HPMV as potential homeboys of the gang, swallowing up their tag crew FYS into HPMV and giving a nod to their original tagger crew being "Frontyard" to the (W) Fudge Lane clique... Fontyard Lokos(FYL). The Velas eventually aligned their tag banger crew FYS to Frontyard Lokos(FYL) under HPMV... due to the incarceration of many surrounding MV & Sureño barrios, FYS hadn't been recruited to any older barrios yet. Bringing the Velas & other influential youth across (S) Amarillo into (W) Fudge LN.), representing then for the Happy Perros MaraVilla.) The Happy Perros Maravilla's original territory is smack-dab in-between La Mesa & Murrieta Heights... wrapping around the unincorporated neighborhoods of East Los Santos like a box. The old hood(which is now industrial buildings) was Popular ST. in La Mesa - cutting east down Vespucci BLVD throughout Supply ST. all the way to the Back Lott(the grassy knoll under the Del Perro & Elysian Fields FWY intersection.) on El Rancho BLVD. in Murrieta Heights. This original La Mesa varrio has split into El Burro & Murrieta Heights(the Back Lott) in the recent years. Happy Perros MV originally controlled the north side barrio of Popular Street (n) to Supply Street (e) between El Rancho Boulevard (N) and Vespucci Boulevard. Present day HPMV controls the area between El Rancho Boulevard (south) to Fudge Lane (west). Happy Perros MaraVilla is a much smaller turf today than the one they controlled during the 1970s and 1990s but its location is still consistent with the core area they originally covered. (The old hood of HPMV is at the border of La Mesa & Murrieta Heights to the West & East of the Del Perro & Elysian Fields FWY intersection.) The La Mesa hood of Happy Perros M.V. is their more historical & forgotten side of their barrio. The community of La Mesa has undergone some significant changes as the neighborhood has changed from a residential community that once occupied the streets of Supply Street and Vespucci Boulevard to an industrial and commercial zone during the 1990s with very little residential population. The clicks of La Mesa & the Back Lott include the Popular Street Raskals(PSR), Alley Boys (ABS), Strangers, Cyclones, and Wanderers (WNDRS). –Happy Perros MaraVilla 1st Hood(non-existant): in the industrial & textile warehouse buildings that were once residential communities in La Mesa. –Happy Perros MaraVilla 2nd Hood(current hood): in the El Burro neighborhood of East Los Santos along El Rancho BLVD, between Capital BLVD. & Fudge LN. During the green-light era of all Maravilla barrios, HPMV was in the Cyclones clique era who's members mainly were taken out in prison or hunted down by up & coming Sureños making a name for themselves with The Fellas. A lot of the Happy Perros went into hiding & fled the state of San Andreas, while others held their ground & eventually were taken care of. Today's modern day HPMV is small but actively growing within the El Burro neighborhood(Fudge Lane), a lot of the youngsters being put-on tag banging crews that weren't swallowed up by existing varrios... but also generational members from HPMV cliques such as (ABS) & (STRS) living now in El Burro with family members & spouses. Also the mass influx of Hispanic families moving back into El Burro due to gentrification of neighboring hoods such as Mirror Park, La Mesa, & East Vinewood. (The new hood claimed by Fudge LN. STRS & Tiny Lokas, occupying west Fudge LN. along with the San An Taco & El Burro Heights Gas.) Front Yard Lokos(FYL)(Perros coming out from the Frontyard Stoners tag-banging crew) & Tiny Lokas(homegirl clique) were the up & coming 2020s generation of Happy Perros MV. Frontyard Lokos clique is the generation after the (STRS) & (ABS) HPMV cliques that initially began HPMV's cooperation with Chato's reign as the Eme's tax collector for Maravilla barrios after the green-light era. With that being said, several tag banging crews are directly linked to HPMV, almost as an entry recruitment into the varrio(the minor leagues). Frontyard Stoners tagging crew was swallowed up by HPMV as one of it's crews - due to surrounding Sureño & other Maravilla barrios being inactive... existing (ABS) & (STRS) members residing in El Burro put them on as HPMV. With many of those now put-on Perros coming out of the (FYS) tagging crew - the (ABS) & (STRS) generation called them Frontyard Lokos(FYL) giving them recognition to their original tagging crew name Frontyard Stoners(FYS)(which no longer exists in HPMV now). The infamous Vela brothers & their influence of youngsters in El Burro who were all very well respected & original residents to south-western Amarillo ST. felt the FYLs should represent the original residents of their neighborhood... that being now Frontyard Maravilla(FYMV). Today the Fudge LN. STRS consist of residents that originally lived on (W) Fudge LN. & claimed FYLs at the time, after the split pushing Fudge LN. STRANGERS(a new clique name) in bitterness of FYMV breaking off from Happy Perros to establish their own Maravilla(East Los) neighborhood. The two are now separate MV varrios & operate on different wave lengths, a history of rivalry & arrogance is still held between the two... so they usually avoid each-other but tolerate each-others existence as long as neither get in the way of one another. (G-Eyes (FYL) & Payback(FYL) out of Frontyard Lokos banging for the camera as they walk down Fudge LN. towards southern Amarillo ST.) (Original STRS clique members out the Back Lott & Frontyard Lokos; Wyno(STRS), Spooky(STRS), & Swifty(FYL) posing for a gang flicka, Swifty is crossed out for snitching out Wyno & Spooky after the trio were busted for a robbery gone wrong in Cypress Flats resulting in the murder of a gas station attendant... Wyno & Spooky are rumored to have gone to the rancho in Mexico to evade gang-unit detectives. This only added fuel to the fire for the FYLs to split from HPMV & represent their own as FYMV.) This faction is a portrayal of modern Maravilla gangs within East L.A., the characters are portrayed from traditional Mexican-American households that have deep roots to their Chicano heritage. The gang-members from this particular part of Los Angeles use more traditional Mexican slang than they do African-American gang terms that maybe a Mexican gang out of South L.A. would use(Although if pulled-off correctly like for example... a young Paisa gang banger using the N word - it maybe can work). We portray a Maravilla gang that has its representatives & main heads who pay taxes to La Eme members for their jurisdiction of East Los, unlike a “Los Maravillosos” clique would do who is "Tax-Free" & still green-lit by La eMe today. This thread was a collision of information gathered by old & present Maravilla interviews & documentaries... as well as quotes written in guides posted by Large Hazard & Sureño Commission. Initial entry into the faction is through one of the tag banger crews, you may RP being from one of the tag banger crews to help your initial RP encounters blend in naturally. If interested please DM Asesino or Keep It Marvelous & join our Discord to learn more and get acquainted with Maravilla RP. (Smiley out of (ABS) & Casper from (FYL) throw up the barrio behind Fudge Lane: Happy Perros MV. The remaining youth who were more established on (W) Fudge LN. stayed loyal to Happy Perros MV & represent the (w) Fudge LN. Strangers clique out of HPMV. The main heads are a slew of ABS(from the old hood in La Mesa), STRS(out of the back lott), and original residents of (w) Fudge LN. that still maintain control of their marvelous home...)
  4. This thread follows the development of Omar "Slick" Pineda, E/S Gage MaraVilla affiliate.
  5. Michael Cruz, now known as SMOKES a/k/a SMOKEY, was born on April 27th 2005, at the Central Los Santos Medical Center located in Davis, Los Santos. Before Michael’s first birthday, he was already being cared for at the local orphanage center. Unbeknownst to his biological parents, Michael was forced into foster care and was adopted by foster parents, a Mr. Kenneth Hayes, aged 37, and a Mrs. Elizabeth Hayes, aged 31, shortly after his 4th birthday. Mr. Hayes was coerced by his wife into adopting the young child due to her being unable to conceive children. He was a bus driver within the Los Santos Transit Authority and faced alcoholism most of his adult life. His personal weaknesses led to abuse at home onto his wife and the young child. Before Michael’s 8th birthday, he was forced to leave the Hayes’ household by Child Protective Services and was released back into the system. Michael spent his 9th, 10th and 11th birthday in an orphanage. Becoming a victim of bullying and his past abuse made Michael develop depression at a young age. In turn, his depression created addiction to tranquilizers as he was fed medication by the medical staff to keep him stable. Before his 12th birthday, he was taken into foster care by a Ms. Catalina Marquez, aged 52, a recent widow. Ms. Marquez was a frequent visitor to local orphanages in search of a child after her husband’s passing, due to her desire to cease the feeling of never fulfilling a personal obligation of being a parent. Ms. Marquez lived in a concentrated poverty neighborhood, El Burro Heights, located in East Los Santos. Ms. Marquez introduced respect and responsibility for actions onto Michael, something which was unknown to him. Michael developed a deep respect for his foster mother but never seen her as a parent, rather just as a guardian. While Michael was a good student, forced to attend school every day by Ms. Marquez, he immediately fell in with a group at the local schools. He became acquainted with one of his peers, Brandon Villalobos, known as SWIFTY, a local tagger from Rancho and spent most of his time with him. Michael became heavily involved in graffiti, theft and smoking marijuana. The two would car hop frequently, stealing valuables from the interior of vehicles in order to pool cash together to buy marijuana. This would end up leading to a juvenile delinquent arrest of the two, charged with Petit Larceny, and Michael was placed on a two year probation at the age of 14. Due to parole obligations, Michael was forced to attend school and was contained to a house arrest with recurrent visits from his parole officer. Michael was allowed to stay on the street his home address was on and met local Adrian Soto, known as MIDGET. The two became acquainted quickly due to similar interests. Upon Michael’s completion of probation at the age of 16, he started becoming active in the neighborhood meeting local hoods David Ordaz, known as LAZY, and Emilio Castillo, known as TRAMPOSO. Michael was nicknamed “SMOKEY” by Lazy due to his smoking habit, chain smoking marijuana rolled joints and Newport cigarettes. Michael’s introduction to the gang life happened rather quickly as he was involved in crimes, such as assault, armed robbery and drug dealing. While Michael respected his legal guardian, Ms. Marquez, he felt embarrassed to bring home illegal items to the home, such as narcotics and a recently acquired Glock 43X loaded handgun from a robbery. Michael being a heavy drug user at a young age immediately fell in with the local crowd as he was easily influenced into the lifestyle. Spending most of his time around the gang members would fill Michael with guilt to his legal guardian, Ms. Marquez, preventing him from returning home and spending most nights at Tramposo’s house in order to convince himself of the reality he’s placed into. In search for an actual family his entire life, Michael finds refuge in the local gang, Gage MaraVilla Rifa, and considers his close friends as brothers.
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