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  1. Michael Cruz, now known as SMOKES a/k/a SMOKEY, was born on April 27th 2005, at the Central Los Santos Medical Center located in Davis, Los Santos. Before Michael’s first birthday, he was already being cared for at the local orphanage center. Unbeknownst to his biological parents, Michael was forced into foster care and was adopted by foster parents, a Mr. Kenneth Hayes, aged 37, and a Mrs. Elizabeth Hayes, aged 31, shortly after his 4th birthday. Mr. Hayes was coerced by his wife into adopting the young child due to her being unable to conceive children. He was a bus driver within the Los Santos Transit Authority and faced alcoholism most of his adult life. His personal weaknesses led to abuse at home onto his wife and the young child. Before Michael’s 8th birthday, he was forced to leave the Hayes’ household by Child Protective Services and was released back into the system. Michael spent his 9th, 10th and 11th birthday in an orphanage. Becoming a victim of bullying and his past abuse made Michael develop depression at a young age. In turn, his depression created addiction to tranquilizers as he was fed medication by the medical staff to keep him stable. Before his 12th birthday, he was taken into foster care by a Ms. Catalina Marquez, aged 52, a recent widow. Ms. Marquez was a frequent visitor to local orphanages in search of a child after her husband’s passing, due to her desire to cease the feeling of never fulfilling a personal obligation of being a parent. Ms. Marquez lived in a concentrated poverty neighborhood, El Burro Heights, located in East Los Santos. Ms. Marquez introduced respect and responsibility for actions onto Michael, something which was unknown to him. Michael developed a deep respect for his foster mother but never seen her as a parent, rather just as a guardian. While Michael was a good student, forced to attend school every day by Ms. Marquez, he immediately fell in with a group at the local schools. He became acquainted with one of his peers, Brandon Villalobos, known as SWIFTY, a local tagger from Rancho and spent most of his time with him. Michael became heavily involved in graffiti, theft and smoking marijuana. The two would car hop frequently, stealing valuables from the interior of vehicles in order to pool cash together to buy marijuana. This would end up leading to a juvenile delinquent arrest of the two, charged with Petit Larceny, and Michael was placed on a two year probation at the age of 14. Due to parole obligations, Michael was forced to attend school and was contained to a house arrest with recurrent visits from his parole officer. Michael was allowed to stay on the street his home address was on and met local Adrian Soto, known as MIDGET. The two became acquainted quickly due to similar interests. Upon Michael’s completion of probation at the age of 16, he started becoming active in the neighborhood meeting local hoods David Ordaz, known as LAZY, and Emilio Castillo, known as TRAMPOSO. Michael was nicknamed “SMOKEY” by Lazy due to his smoking habit, chain smoking marijuana rolled joints and Newport cigarettes. Michael’s introduction to the gang life happened rather quickly as he was involved in crimes, such as assault, armed robbery and drug dealing. While Michael respected his legal guardian, Ms. Marquez, he felt embarrassed to bring home illegal items to the home, such as narcotics and a recently acquired Glock 43X loaded handgun from a robbery. Michael being a heavy drug user at a young age immediately fell in with the local crowd as he was easily influenced into the lifestyle. Spending most of his time around the gang members would fill Michael with guilt to his legal guardian, Ms. Marquez, preventing him from returning home and spending most nights at Tramposo’s house in order to convince himself of the reality he’s placed into. In search for an actual family his entire life, Michael finds refuge in the local gang, Gage MaraVilla Rifa, and considers his close friends as brothers.
  2. "Back when he was ballin, I told bro to move outta the hood. Nigga literally said that ain't eva gone happen." - Cortez Santana. circa 04/12/21, Crystal Heights complex. Chamberlain Hills, Los Santos. 9:50 PM. (click to zoom in)
  3. Ayo Are you afraid to die?Or do you wanna live foreverTell me, what's wrong? Jayceon Rollins was born on 04/14/1995 at the Central Los Santos Medical Center in Davis, Los Santos. Being born and raised in Chamberlain Hills by his mother and two brothers brought him directly in to the street life. His mother passed away at a young age and both of his brothers were tied directly to the gang activity in the area. As a teenager, Jayceon was nick named “Rock” by his brother’s associates which is a name that was stuck till this day. Jayceon was fascinated in cars and bikes at a young age which in turn drove him to work frequently at the local auto body shop as a helper and into a technician. Jayceon got his first 150cc dirt bike when he was 14 years old and would ride it frequently with local riders from his block. Jayceon was eventually lured into the fast cash his peers and brothers were bringing in and began distributing narcotics as a full time profession. Selling crack-cocaine and heroin became an every day job and Jayceon was absorbed into the life style. Jayceon would end up serving multiple minor bids as a juvenile, which in turn developed Jayceon into becoming more violent to survive due to his multiple stints in the disciplinary housing unit known as “the box.” In 2014, when Jayceon was 19, a local beef over a robbery including the Gangster Bloods gang and the Neighborhood Crip gang started a war between the two factions which led to Jayceon’s brother being arrested and charged with second degree murder. This caused a chain of events on the block as shootings, gang assaults and robberies became extremely common. A few weeks after Jayceon’s brother arrest, his other brother was murdered in retaliation which put Jayceon into a predicament for his future. Jayceon moved to Rancho into a small apartment to escape the local gang violence and halted his current occupation as a drug dealer. Knowing going legal was not an option he took up another occupation as a full time car booster. Having worked as a technician in a body shop in his youth years he transferred his knowledge to the criminal side of vehicles. Jayceon made connects with gangs throughout South Central that were in the business: Hoover Crip gang out of Grove Street, Barrio 13 out of Tahitian Flats and other small time crews that used Jayceon for his skills. Boosting multiple cars a night was an every day thing, bringing in childhood friend Jamal Coke in on the scheme. One night out at a club downtown, Jayceon met "Eli" out of Vespucci Beach and began boosting vehicles for him as well on the regular. Jayceon and Jamal started recruiting locals to have under their wing but loyalty was an issue and they both knew eventually they would have to clique up with a single crew to survive. Now with more cash in his pockets, Jayceon along with Jamal Coke each bought their own apartment in the Crystal Heights complex located in Chamberlain Hills, Los Santos on Forum Drive. While the fast cash scheme was extremely dangerous, it paid well but the work became too inconsistent as he did not have a solid connect to work through. The money was steady but Jayceon would run into problems on his block with the local gang, Tortilla Flats Locotes, and had no crew to back him. Jayceon being an original from Forum Drive met up with old friends Benjamin Haynes and Kell "Woodie" Backwoods but still dealt with the constant harassment from local Surenos. While Jayceon kept his connects with Chamberlain Hills OG John "Pops" Jefferson and Barrio 13 it wasn't enough for his own surival. Jayceon then brought his talents to local drug plug Bryce Harrington and proposed an offer to have a consistent work place where he could bring in vehicles to work on his own rather than boost it off to other crews and in return would provide the local drug crew security and offer his gun if need be. Jayceon started using the crew’s garage at an undisclosed location and would provide security for the corner boys around Forum Drive and Carson Avenue. One of Jayceon’s first jobs came when a hit was placed on members of the Jewish Mob due to a robbery that took place. Jayceon, along with Bryce Harrington, and an unspecified Armenian Mob member, gunned down a Jewish Mob member on Main Street in Vinewood. Jayceon would end up rising in rank rather quickly obtaining the “White City Mafia” official status, signing a for-life contract with Bryce “Dopeboy” Harrington and Jevonne “Von” Love. Not long after a war between White City Mafia and local crip gang Underground Block Crips broke out, causing a lot of distress into the Forum Drive community. Jayceon would end up catching three bodies in the war and got shot in a shootout in his leg at one point. The war lasted a few weeks and when it ended, police presence was at an all-time high. Jayceon was still hustling with his car scheme, now involving long time childhood friend Jamal Coke and local Cortez Santana, now known as Tee Boogie, in on the scheme. The trio, Jamal, Tez and Jayceon began on a car jacking spree throughout Los Santos, chopping up vehicles every night at their private garage. They stockpiled enough illegal merchandise that they were bringing in $100,000 every week. Jayceon had a connect in Lil Seoul, a Korean known as "Dee" that he would sell merchandise to on the regular. The scheme was profitable to no end. While the scheme was extremely dangerous, Jayceon made sure he kept his workers strapped up with guns at all times by keeping in touch with old friend gun plug Benjamin Haynes. Reports of their massive income became known to local Enforcer Biggie and in turn Jayceon was taken into interrogation by Biggie and his girl Yaelis as word came down from main plug that he had not seen any money from the chop shop yet. Even though Jayceon had been sending $30,000 every week to Bryce Harrington, the main plug was on verge of sicking his dog Biggie on Jayceon which caused Jayceon to be taxed $100,000 for his life. In fear for his life Jayceon paid the tax but this caused a huge hit to his profits and put Jayceon in a financial crisis. While Jayceon and Dopeboy frequently spoke about breaking off from the SDS crew, this was only fuel to the fire. Jayceon met with Cortez and Dopeboy immediately after his meet with Biggie and Yaelis to speak on the situation. Due to multiple events that was happening in the White City complex, a revolution was started by Dopeboy and in turn ended White City Mafia, taking out multiple members related to the Shot Down Shooters crew within. On the brink of war between the two main blood gangs in Davis, the remaining members of WCM took up the red flag with approval from Blood Line member Babyface in order to keep the peace and form an alliance with the two cliques, Davis Family Bloods and Darkside Piru. Being a respected member of the community in Chamberlain Hills, Jayceon took interest in steering the young members in the right direction. Now working as “the plug” along with Dopeboy, Jayceon started supplying local allied gangs and crews with Cocaine. Jayceon always was a fast spender and iced himself out with 14 karat gold jewelry in every way he could to flaunt his wealth. Multiple issues arose rather quickly in the gang as Davis Family Bloods and Darkside Piru became defunct, the connect that Dopeboy received work from became null and multiple enemy gangs arose in the area. Conflicts between other gangs and between members within the faction was a regular thing. The sudden deaths of OG’s Dopeboy and Von did not help the situation and the scarcity of a narcotics plug added to the fuel putting Jayceon into a mental spiral as not many of day ones were left. While Jayceon was considered one of the shot callers in Carson Mafia Gangster Bloods, he was unable to stay on top of the young bloods actions as they ran wild throughout the streets every day and every night. A newly formed beef with the Hoover Criminals Gang and Carson Mafia Gangster Bloods arose which caused Jayceon to be shot in the left cheek in a drive by in a gang attack while he was driving a vehicle on Carson Avenue. Fighting for his life, Jayceon thought it was all over when local teenager known as "Keys" took Jayceon in a panic to the Davis hospital to be worked on by medical. Gasping for air, unable to speak and vision becoming blurry, there was no time to wait or else it was over. Jayceon being in a critical state, blood oozed from his mouth as medical worked on him in the Emergency Room attempting to keep him alive. Undergoing urgent surgery, a plate was inserted into Jayceon’s left side jawbone, stitched his face up leaving a nasty scar and removing as much lead fragment from his mouth as they could in turn saved his life. Jayceon spent about a week in the hospital but was left with the consequences of his shooting. Extreme pain in the left side of his face, lead fragments still left in his tongue unable to be removed and a slight occasional slur of his words beyond his control. Now returning back to the block he started living at his personal stash trap spot at a undisclosed location due to being unable to live safely at his Crystal Heights apartment. Knowing that his gang is in unprecedented times and he barely escaped death, he thanks God every day that he is alive and prays for the future for himself and his close friends who are still alive.
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