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  1. Pancho Villa - Barrio X3 ------------------- ___Description of Tavio Castrillo___ Age range: 29 to 35 Hispanic. 5 foot 11. Around 165lbs. Brown eyes. Prison build. Huge Mustache. Heavy chicano accent. - [Tattoos] "BARRIOX3" - "SOUTHSIDE" & "XIII" on his neck "PANCHO VILLA" across his forehead. Large mural of Pancho Villa on his back. "SURENO" - "SurSide" - "BARRIO3CE" on his head. Many other tattoos and prison tattoos all over his body, gang, kanpol, aztec, sureno and chicano pride related. sur
  2. This thread will serve the purpose of showcasing Juliana's struggle in Charleston.
  3. This thread will follow growth and development of Philip "Smokey" Thyan.
  4. Askari 'MARLINk REDDBØY#1' Moore (Placeholder Image) Askari Moore is characterized by his profound desire to integrate himself into the narrative of his neighbourhood. Visibly he can be identified by his surprisingly short stature, standing at 5'5'' with double strand twists and a thin build. Audibly, you'll notice him from a mile away with his shrill voice, cracking whenever he gets too excited. Born into a family jammed up with gang affiliates, notably RonBrazy from Murder Park Families & OnSight from 74 Hoovers Criminals. Askari was guided into the gang life with ease, to the point some might say he is over-confident in his ability to control oneself in the ordinary stresses of the life. Despite this, he almost never takes himself seriously and is generally considered to be a non-factor. This doesn't stop him from yearning for the attention of the Murder Park Families big homies, going lengths only classified by crash dummy activities. His close family history is monotonous with a nuclear family facing similar pressures to most in the neighbourhood. Askari, deeply stimulated by the gang activity of his cousins and friends is pushing for his put on to Murder Park Families. Way before he expected anything to occur, Askari is met with a put-on as a result of tensions rising in South Central and his connection to RonBrazy, rather than the recognition of his devotion and stripes for the gang.
  5. STATUS: Hustling; 0 stars | CREDITS: Character Sheet Created By Discord User Rōnin#6023. This thread will unfold DeMarcus Tāufaʻāhau Davis Jr.'s life and development. 𝕲𝖊𝖓𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖑 𝕴𝖓𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖒𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓 Legal Name: DeMarcus Tāufaʻāhau Davis Jr. Legal Title: Jr. Nick Name(s): N/A Age: 12 Date of Birth: 03/07/2010 Place of Birth: Central Los Santos Medical Center Nationality: American Race: African American / Tongan American Gender: Male Language(s) Spoken: English Accent: South Los Santos Accent Address: 413 Grove Street, Davis Occupation: Davis Middle–High School Student 𝕻𝖍𝖞𝖘𝖎𝖈𝖆𝖑 𝕴𝖓𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖒𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓 Height: ~5'4" Ft. (~163 Cm.) Weight: 121 lbs. (~55 kg) Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Body Build: Ectomorph Dominant Hand: Left Race: African American / Tongan American Distinguishing Features: Gauze wraps around his neck and head (a hat covers the head) and chest. Physical Description: ~5'4" Ft. (~163 Cm.). A Tongan American boy who sports black dreadlocks which flail out in sundry directions. Straight-and-narrow brows are raised above dark brown charred-orbs—which blaze with fury. He has a small, nubby nose; and ectomorph, lean body build. White socks clash with his timeworn, non-Brand, generic black sneakers. Somewhat deep voice. South Central accent. Small stab wound in rib cage and bullet scar at the gut. Gauze wraps around his neck and head (a hat covers the head) and chest. Voice Description: Somewhat deep voice. South Central accent. 𝕾𝖙𝖆𝖙𝖘 Respect: ▰▰ Stamina: ▰▰▰▰ Muscle: ▰▰ Fat: ▰ 𝕸𝖊𝖉𝖎𝖈𝖆𝖑 𝕴𝖓𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖒𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓 Blood-type: AB+ Medical History: DeMarcus got stabbed-. . by a pen in the gut—a minor injury barely worth noting. DeMarcus's hoodie blanketed the stabbing. But the pen entreated deep enough for the pen to stick out of his gut. DeMarcus also got shot in the upper-chest and another bullet skimmed his head, but didn't damage anything vital. Medical Information: ADHD diagnosis. In excellent physical shape other than being too light-weight for his age. Notes: Doctor's Recommendation: Build some muscle and fat. 𝕮𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖓𝖆𝖑 𝕽𝖊𝖈𝖔𝖗𝖉 N/A 𝕬𝖉𝖉𝖎𝖈𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓𝖘 ⟴ Coffee 𝕻𝖊𝖗𝖘𝖔𝖓𝖆𝖑𝖎𝖙𝖞 Mental State: DeMarcus is in a frenzied state, feeling like an animal backed into a corner. Financial pressures keep building up, his mother needs money for insulin shots to survive, and thugs keep picking on him because he is young and weak; DeMarcus has been forced to grow up fast. Not to mention puberty is beginning for him. Daily his morality is tested and slowly DeMarcus finds himself crossing every moral line, but a very recent conversation with a mechanic named Johnny has given him hope by suggesting he stick to an outlaws' moral code since that's the life sucking DeMarcus in. He'll do whatever it takes in order for him and his mother to survive. Religion: Mormon Alignment: Neutral Good Sexuality: Heterosexual Fear(s): Loosing his mother, dying in the streets (like his father did), and dying poor and alone. Hobbies: Rugby/Football, mixing rap beats (he sucks at it but likes messing around with the programs), beatboxing (he is alright at it), freestyling (he sucks at it), joyriding in the family whip, and bribing his way or sneaking into night clubs underage to party and cop booze on the down low, underage. Skills: Lockpicking, stealth, slippery like a snake, basic parkour ability, a fist sponge (constant beatings built up a high pain tolerance in DeMarcus) who stands in-battle for a while (but he sucks at fighting), and perceptive as Hell. Positive Traits: Good-natured, perceptive; chill as ice, but beginning to be more on guard and aware of people trying to rip him off; cool to people he can trust at least a little, but still on edge; extremely adaptable in situations and to circumstances; intelligent, strategic, quick learner, intuitive; empathetic, but knows when to hide that trait; quick-witted, and quick-footed. Neutral Traits: Mellowed out when high. Negative Traits: Trust-issues, paranoia, hyperactivity; extremely impressionable and prone to peer pressure; a mean drunk, tenfold when cross-faded; and sometimes makes risky plays toward the ends of his plans. 𝕻𝖗𝖔𝖑𝖔𝖌𝖚𝖊 DeMarcus Tāufaʻāhau Davis Jr.’s story starts 3 Generations back . . . 1941, Tongan natives Kelekolio and Laaka Nukuʻalofa—husband and wife—legally immigrate from Nukuʻalofa, Tongatapu, Tonga to Idlewood, Los Santos, San Andreas, The United States of America—thanks to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ assist in the process. Kailao Nuku‘alofa was born on April 4th, 1943, at the Central Los Santos Medical Center; he was raised by two Mormon-convert Pacific Islander parents. Kailao grew up facing discrimination—socially and systemically—on the basis of his skin color in an era of high racial tensions, in spite of being a Pacific Islander and not of African American descent; racism pushed Kailao toward activism, inspiring him to pursue a degree in political science at the University of Los Santos, San Andreas (ULSA). October 15th, 1966, The Black Panther Party for self-defense (BPP) was founded by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale in Oakland, San Fierro, San Andreas—the BPP was a revolutionary organization with an ideology of Black nationalism, socialism, and armed self-defense, specifically against police brutality. The BPP formed in the midst of the Black Power movement and in response to failures of the Civil Rights Movement, turning it toward militancy. 1967, Kailao joined the BPP at age 23 early in the organization’s lifespan when numbers were low. Kailao increasingly involved\himself in political activism avidly that year, particularly for Black rights. Kailao legally changed his name to “DeMarcus” to both Americanize himself more and to identify himself synonymously with the Black Power movement. May 2nd, 1967, 26 panthers led by Seale from Oakland traveled to the Sacramento State House to protest the Mulford Act—a bill prohibiting the closed or open carry of loaded firearms. This event rapidly spread awareness of the BPP. The BPP pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of disrupting a legislative session. Kailao/DeMarcus was among the 26 armed men charged, putting him on the Federals’ radar. Kailao/DeMarcus rose to prominence within the BPP overtime. Following a complex history of interactions, Kailao/DeMarcus—a Malcolm X follower—met, fell in love with, started dating, and eventually married fellow activist—devout Martin Luther King Jr. follower—Malika Davis, a muslim African American female. They adopted Malika’s surname as the family name since it was more American than Kailao’s/DeMarcus’s. Multiple street gangs formed and rose to power to combat intimidation from white supremacy gangs. 1980s–1990s, an event known as the “Crack Epidemic” where cocaine flooded major Urban Centers across The Nation transpired. Early-1980s, Kailao/DeMarcus and Malika Davis purchased a house on Grove Street, Davis. Kailao/DeMarcus and Malika continued activism years into the Crack Epidemic . . . Kailao’s/DeMarcus’s parents Kelekolio and Laaka passed away at ages 71 and 77 due to old age. Divers socioeconomic factors—the Crack Epidemic, high racial tensions, a rising hate crime rate—pressured violence in inner-City neighborhoods, consequently skyrocketing the crime rate. Anti-crime legislation passed through congress and red taping policies negatively affected African American communities, which Kailao/DeMarcus and Malika duly protested against. Multiple street gangs rose to Power out of competition over resources. Particularly, The Crips were founded in 1969 by Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams at Fremont and Washington High School and they led the East and West Side Crips respectively. Williams reflected in his 2004 memoir Blue Rage, Black Redemption: A Memoir The Crips “depicted a fighting alliance against street gangs—nothing more, nothing less.” 1972,\ The Bloods federation formed out of numerous gangs’ collective bitter rivalries with The Crips. The Bloods. Innumerable Crip and Blood sets established themselves all over Los Santos, San Andreas. Bloods were outnumbered by Crips 3–1. Davis slowly transformed into one of America’s most notorious and dangerous hoods. 1970s–1980s, The Tongan Crip Gang (TCG) formed in Idlewood, Los Santos, San Andreas. Early-July 2002, Malika was announced pregnant. On February 8th, 2002, Felecia Davis was born. Early-July 2003, Malika was announced pregnant. On January 13th, 2003, Malik Azikiwe Davis, named after his mother, middle-name derived from Nnamdi Benjamin Azikiwe’s last name (the “Father of Nigerian Nationalism,” a Nigerian statesman and political leader considered a driving force behind the Nation’s Independence who served as the first President of Nigeria from 1963–1966). July 13th, 1988, Kailao/DeMarcus was found dead riddled with lead in the middle of Grove Street. Some suspect a white supremacy gang or FBI/CIA assassinated him. Malika slipped into a severe depression; Malika quit activism and took to an unhealthy degree of comfort eating fast and sugary foods. As if things could not get worse, on October 19th 1987, Black Monday—a financial crisis—triggered a wave of deleveraging with significant macroeconomic consequences; by February, the market lost 60% of its value and Malika fell below the poverty line, becoming eligible for the food stamp program. Malika got addicted to PCP to cope. DeMarcus Tāufaʻāhau Davis Jr. was born on March 7th, 2010 at Central Los Santos Medical Center, bordered by Capital Boulevard, Crusade Road, Davis Avenue, and Innocence Boulevard within Los Santos, San Andreas. He was named after and in honor of his father. “Tāufaʻāhau”—DeMarcus Jr.'s middle-name—references a young Tongan warrior, strategist, and orator named Tāufaʻāhau who united Tonga into a kingdom in 1845. DeMarcus Davis Jr.’s last name is adopted from his widowed mother’s birth-name. DeMarcus Davis Jr. grew up in The Projects—the poverty-plunged Hellhole of The CIty of Davis—the Murder Capitol of Los Santos, trapped in a perpetual cycle of violence—flooded with narcotics and populated by gang-affiliated ballers and poser-bustas. DeMarcus Jr.’s father was raised Mormon and converted Malika to religion, so DeMarcus Jr. was born, raised, and still is a devout Mormon; while devout, DeMarcus Jr. is a “Mormon” by name only practically, besides how it affects his budding moral compass and his occasional prayers. In 2016, DeMarcus Davis Jr’s older brother Malik began banging with the TCG, around when DeMarcus was merely age 6. Malik earned the alias “Cane,” after proving to be a demon-child. Malik became the black sheep of the Davis family from a young age. However, in 2020 Cane ditched the gang after disagreement over the TCG’s future and direction with the O.G.s. Malik moved to New York City, New York with ambitions of becoming an East-side player. 2017, Cane joined the Murderous Mad Dogs Blood-affiliated street gang set based in New York, Brooklyn. DeMarcus Jr. loathed Malik for his betrayal of his hood and turning his back on his own family. To DeMarcus Jr., Malik is dead. CONTINUE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uABO0isv0n20wrKEGvC0QPfb8imF4IsL-3G98CqXfI0/edit?usp=sharing
  6. CASE FILE: #854-12-2154 CASE NUMBER: #A412 Kapo Nakao █ ██████ ██████ ████████, ██ █████p Kapo Nakao also known as "Capo" or "Speed" (was born December 16th, 1999, Davis, Los Santos, San Andreas) is a well known gang member that was involved in a various criminal activities in the past few years such as kidnapping, armed robbery, vandalism, disturbance of public order and failure to comply with the instructions of police officers. Biography: He's considered to be a "light-skinned Malay Mongoloid" or "light skinned Austronesian Malay". His biological father is a Caucasian (L.S. native), whilst his mother is originally from Polynesia, Tonga region. His birth parents are named Ailine Nakao and Joshua Goldsmith. His parents divorced while Kapo was a newborn. Kapo never saw his father. After divorce Ailine Nakao started to consume a lot of alcohol and light drugs. Kapo inherited his mother surname since his mother changed it while he was a kid. All of his childhood Kapo saw various men walk in and walk out of his home. Ailine Nakao was mostly focusing herself of finding a new husband and fixing her life issues while Kapo was literally living on his own at that time. Kapo never agreed with any of the new "dad's" that his mom was trying to propose for him. In Kapo's early teens everything got even worse. His mom, Ailine Nakao, managed to find out a new "potential husband" who introduced her to new drugs like crystal meth. In the meantime she started to consume some harder drugs. She wasn't taking care of Kapo anymore. Kapo, naturally, got in touch with the local guys from the neighborhood who showed him a few ways how to easily earn money on "his own". He realized that he can get a lot of "easy" cash on his own and that he can "live on his own". Influenced by various local gang members and "wannabe" gangsters he managed to start working for local gangs and build his early career and reputation all around South Central area. Kapo Nakao never seen a good example of a normal family and proper relationships. Due to a fact he barely imagines what a normal "family life means" itself. He was growing with a heavy drug addict on the side and with a bunch of random men who were changing quite a lot in his eyes. Many of those men were using a strong violence against him or his mom. Because of that he never managed to develop a proper understanding about feelings and love to other people. He doesn't really know what it means to love and have a family. From his point of view his family is the gang since the local gang members managed to grow him since he was a child. Since Kapo childhood, the guy was strongly influenced by a well known local gangster Dwayne "Wizz" Thompson who was like a father to him. Kapo Nakao never was a good student. He never really cared about the school. He was always at the lower mid tier since he was able to do whenever he wants with his life and nobody was making any kind of guidelines to him. Later on he started to run away from school and skip lessons on daily basis. Instead of that he was spending his time with his friends while selling drugs or doing graffiti's on the streets. At his youngster age he got kind of a strong addiction to video games so instead of going to school he was playing various video games in front of his TV at home. One of the biggest problems that Kapo is fighting constantly - his drug addictions. He never managed to get rid of it completely. Influenced by a bunch of locals drug addicts and constant being around the drugs made him a passive addict. He is starting to use them from time to time on a heavy basis. He is closely tied with "Tongan Crip Gang" better known as "TCG". Kapo Nakao mostly operates in southern district, Davis. SPECIAL ABILITIES AND SKILLS: Trapstar Kapo Nakao focuses on the sale of illegal narcotics. The guy knows very well where to get the drugs in wholesale for a good price and how to distribute them all around the streets. All Talk Kapo Nakao has a very loud mouth. This guy is talking the talk, and may or may not be able to walk the walk. He wants to be seen and wanna talk his shit to any and everybody. 9 to 5 Kapo Nakao has a legal job that makes some money (or covers the illegal cash flow). He owns a local "Bad Day Goods" pawn shop in Strawberry street, Davis. OG Kapo Nakao has a very strong reputation and a lot of respect on the streets. While not being a very old or a "long-time" member of the gang, he managed to earn a lot of respect with his works. It managed to earn him this title in the meantime. At the moment he is living a more reserved lifestyle after a life of constant gang-banging and crime. PERSONAL INFORMATION: TITLE: MR. FORENAME: KAPO; SURNAME: NAKAO; FULL NAME: KAPO NAKAO; OTHER NAMES: NICKNAME: CAPO (COMMONLY USED BETWEEN CLOSE FRIENDS AND RELATIVES); STREET NAME: SPEED (COMMONLY USED BY HIS INNER CIRCLE); EDIT: THIS NAME IS OLD AND FORGOTTEN, NOT USABLE IN THE MEANTIME! SSN: ███-██-████. GENERAL INFO: GENDER: MALE; DATE OF BIRTH: DECEMBER 16, 1999. CURRENT AGE: 21 Y/O. TROPICAL ZODIAC: SCORPIO. PLACE OF BIRTH: GROVE ST. ██, LOS SANTOS, SAN ANDREAS. CURRENT ADDRESS: GROVE ST. ██; DISTRICT: DAVIS; CITY: LOS SANTOS; STATE: SAN ANDREAS; PARENTS: AILINE NAKAO - MOM; STATUS: ALIVE; JOSHUA GOLDSMITH - DAD; STATUS: DEAD; RELATIVES: AVOCA NAKAO - GRANDMOTHER; STATUS: ALIVE; LANGUAGES: ENGLISH. CONTACT INFO: PHONE: ███-██-███. COUNTRY CODE: ███ E-MAIL: ███████████████████████████████ FINANCE: VISA: ████ ████ ████ ████ EXPIRES: ████ CVV2: ███ MASTER CARD: ████ ████ ████ ████ EXPIRES: ████ CVV2: ███ EMPLOYMENT: COMPANY: N/A; LOCATION OF THE COMPANY: N/A; OCCUPATION: N/A. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: HEIGHT: 6' 36" (194 centimeters) WEIGHT: 202.8 pounds (92.2 kilograms) BLOOD TYPE: O+ OTHER: FAVORITE COLOR: BLACK; VEHICLE: N/A. TRACKING NUMBER: f5a4b6f9-75d2-4380-b2ea-80914d9fcf68 PICTURES: LSPD/LSSD ARCHIVE:
  7. This thread follows the character development of Jordan Kingston, assistant Officer-In-Charge of LSPD's Gang Enforcement Detail.
  8. This page will showcase the life of Keenan Keys.
  9. Gang Killing in Strawberry. On Tuesday night 4 bodies were found outside Bert's Tool Supply Co. Three in the Alley, and one on the side walk outside the parking garage. A nearby witness claimed it was the Main St. and Families gangs fighting each other. The fight was attributed to "Gang Politics" by the witness. When pressed further, the 13 year old claimed "They just don't F*ck with each other". Upon investigation of the scene police officers found assault rifle casings. When asked what happened the Officers on scene stated they could not comment on an ongoing investigation. After going to the police station Officers said events like this occurred all the time. Are we as citizens of Los Santos just ok with this? A lack of caring? A lack of transparency form our Police force? Why are bodies piling up in the street with no answers? Is it just because it's "Gang Politics"? Do people not matter in Los Santos? These are the questions I pose to you, the reader of Sparrow News your independent news source, focusing on what's getting overlooked. Stay tuned for our next pieces on local business in Los Santos, and city biker gangs taking crime to Sandy Shores. Contact Info: 763 52 282 Response Format: Username: Comment:
  10. Naeem Gresham https://face.gta.world/greatshaman Story so far (pre-context): Naeem Gresham grew up around the Brouge-born gang community with the pre-determined fate; following his peers into the gang life. He moved in to his grandparents house at the age of four after his parents lost custody of him due to lack of care and poor housing conditions, this move across the city at such a young age desensitized Naeem to the trials and tribulations of a penniless lifestyle. While his grandparents generally supported Naeem in his endeavours, the influence of the older gang affiliates on Brouge and Carson would push him to strive for admiration and approval. The older peers in his neighborhood and his lesser-minded friends pushed Naeem into the gang life; going so far as to encourage him to commit crime, in which he ended up in court-ordered Home Confinement for petty charges. Eventually being granted with a release from his Home Confinement, Naeem didn't take long to get back to his usual antics, the lust for money and the pursuit of respect in his neighborhood would make for enough excuses to act up in Naeem's eyes. Friends would describe Naeem as high-spirited, naturally unsophisticated & openly larger than life.
  11. WetEmUP

    Cedric Coleman

    Cedric Coleman is an 18 year old male who lives on Covenant street with his grandma. He works at the Davis gas station and when he's not doing that he's usually just hanging around outside or smoking marijuana. He doesn't have anyone he really considers a friend and he doesn't really look for them either. At the age of 16 his best friend Shaun "Beezy" Evans was shot and killed while attempting to rob someone in their home. Since then Cedric has pretty much kept to himself, proclaiming to have a small circle and that he doesn't need new friends. His criminal record is small, though he has been arrested for shoplifting and on two occasions he got arrested for possession of a controlled substance when he was caught with a bottle of percocets that did not belong to him.
  12. Brooklyn's birth wasn't planned, through that she was neglected even though the act to make her seem under parental supervision was there. Growing up most of her childhood in a poor household had her realise the real value of money way too early. She does her best to socialize in the streets and often finds herself commiting and looking up to the wrong role models. She had always been a perfectionist when it came to school, though changes in mentality due to inspiration coming from all the wrong places had her lately neglect it, and the fact that she's barely facing consequences lets her comfortably do so.
  13. ((**18+ ERP WARNING**))
  14. Treyvon "Y.G. Trey Dolo" Townsend Alias: Trey Dolo - More commonly referred to amongst peers as Trey, Dolo, Dee/D etc. dolo or solo-dolo [ doh-loh ] or [ soh-loh doh-loh ] WHAT DOES DOLO MEAN? You rolling dolo? If you are, that means that you're doing it alone. It often appears as solo dolo. Story so far (pre-context): Treyvon Townsend was born and bred in the Bully Block reign of Brouge Ave. With close family ties to OG BUCK BEEZIE, Treyvon was indoctrinated from a young age to put on for the gang. Known for his rash and thoughtless exploits, he picked up the Dolo tag owing to his tendency to put in work solo, this psyche got him put in prison after a home invasion gone wrong, serving almost two years for his actions. After serving time for Aggravated Battery, Manslaughter & Home Invasion, Treyvon dropped back into the hood to a new archetype of the Dark Side gang. The seemingly sudden emphasis on hustling isn't Treyvon's MO; despite just being released from state prison, he is destined to re-offend. Most common folk in Brouge and Carson would know of Treyvon's reputation, and comparisons have been made between him and the more aggressive gang affiliates of Dark Side NHB. In Character story: More to come.
  15. https://face.gta.world/triccyloc
  16. Carlos Molina Carlos Molina was born in Davis General Hospital on the 8th of August, 2006 to two Mexican immigrants, Carolina Pousa and Eddy Molina, who moved from Sinaloa, Mexico to avoid the cartel wars going on which dragged many innocent civilians into the conflict. They illegally crossed the border for the sake of giving their son a better life and settled into the bordering states major metropolitan city which is Los Santos which has a big Hispanic population especially in the Jamestown area of Rancho and have been living there ever since they moved which prompted him to also attend the local Davis Middle School , his parents work grueling 9-5 jobs under green cards obtained after a certain amount of years living in the United States to meet ends meet with his father being a local carpenter and his mother a full time nurse working several shifts over week as well as his father working for several clients caused for them both to be largely absent in the household accept whether it be in the afternoons or picking up Carlos despite all this the family still held a pretty close bond as most Hispanic households in Mexico and other Latino countries do which stood out like a sore thumb in Rancho as most families were broken or affected by gang violence. Carlos was no stranger to this harsh reality he would mostly see it out by his window at night hearing random gunshots and loud sirens shortly afterwards, from the drugged out homeless man walking through the middle lot barely able to stand straight to the group of gangsters hanging out by the cantina with a bottle of 40oz beer on one hand and a bag of weed in the other he saw it every day walking to school but he always maintained a somewhat optimistic view of it largely due to his young age the reality of his area had not set in yet as he knew it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows but from an early age his parents taught him what do to and who to stay away from, going as far to put him in school after programs at Davis Middle School largely taking a liking to baseball and soccer where he currently plays for the schools team. This kept him away most of the time but as the shifts got longer Carlos now goes outside with his bike and rides around to seek any way of passing the time in his empty and dull home. He also does other activities like play FIFA 15 on his old XBOX 360 and watch TV which he very much enjoys, overall Carlos is a decently normal kid with interest and passions which he looks to share with by maintaining a very outgoing and friendly personality like any other children his age but not in the same environment. This thread will follow the development and day to day life of Carlos Molina.
  17. Demetrius Woods Age 17 Demetrius Woods Age 31 Demetrius Woods aka 'DeDe' [Born 17 April 1988] Demetrius was born in Los Santos to a single mum of Two, Demetrius father left his mother when they were at a young age. Demetrius and his older brother where quickly put into care at a young age due to their mother being a Drug addict and a prostitute and not being able to look after them. On 4th January 2002, Demetrius and his older brother went to live with their father Antonne Woods in the South Los Santos area. Their father would often have other Blood gang members over along with prostitutes smoking weed and getting doped up on Codeine and promethazine. Demetrius father would often make him and his brother go to meet the next junkie at the local hangout spot, Selling drugs such as Crack and Heroin. Throughout Demetrius younger years, He would hang out at the LTD Gas station on Davis Avenue mostly smoking weed and hanging with his older brother Kimetrius and other local "H" gang members selling Crack and Cocaine. When Demetrius was 14 years old him and his older brother Kimetrius 15 beat and robbed a rival gang member at the BJ Smith Recreational Center and park for trying to steal their custom, as a result, the rival gang has plotted a quick revenge shooting at the Gas station on Davis Avenue hitting Demetrius in his right arm and wounding two others before firing back. The following day Demetrius father and another 3 blood gang members Including Kimetrius robbed a rival gangs trap house stealing drugs, weapons, and a six-figure sum leaving two rival gang members dead as payback. In 2007 when Demetrius was 17 and his brother Kimetrius was 18 at the time when they robbed a 24/7 store in the Los Santos County area using a stolen motorbike as a quick getaway and stealing a five-figure sum. In 2008 Kimetrius house was raided by police finding guns including Pistols, Shotguns and an Uzi upon further searches to Kimetrius vehicle they found Crack Cocaine and Heroin, Kimetrius was not found at the scene but was later arrested at BJ Smith Recreational Center and Park with a couple of grams of Crack and a Glock 9 Pistol. Kimetrius was sentenced to life in Bolingbroke Penitentiary. In 2010 Antonne Woods was fatally shot 4 times in his car outside the vault in a result of a drive-by shooting, Antonne was rushed to hospital by ambulance but later died in died. When police confronted to tell Demetrius his father has been murdered his Indifferent attitude towards the suffering of his father's death. Demetrius had paid and organised his fathers funeral with his mother and was buried at Hill Valley Church and was welcomed by other family members and gang members. In 2016 Demetrius brought a new family member back home with him after a trip out and bought a Rottweiler dog naming him Boss and is usually always seen with Demetrius at the park or store. 2019 - The "H" Gang are still causing chaos through the streets of South Los Santos to this day and control most of the drug trade, The gang keeps expanding as the days go on and have a strict way of running things. Boss the Rottweiler Boss Woods aka 'The Rottweiler' [Born 21 April 2016] Boss was born in Hawick area from a professional dog breeder and came with papers. He is a very active and muscular dog which he weighs 135 pounds, He is a very friendly dog and is often seen with Demetrius at the Park or store. Demetrius woods father Antonne Woods aka 'DoubleK' was born in Brooklyn, New york. Antonne was a well-known Gang-Banger in the Southside 187 Homicide Bloods aka '900 Block Southside Piru' That Was a Small Street Gang Before Becoming Blood on February 5th, 1981. They Got Connected To The UBN(United Blood Nation) And are Close To the 183 Gangsta Bloods And Also Too The IBG(Insane Blood Gang) They Later Relocated To Los Santos in 1985 They Can Be Found in Almost 7 States on the Southcoast And States Outwest like Texas, Arizona. The gang Beefs With other rival Gangs Within Their Turf. They also Go By The "H" Gang Or 187 Gang. Demetrius woods mother Makena Grey was born in Los Angeles, Compton before moving to Los Santos in early 1985. More to be added to Demetrius mother.
  18. "You can learn a lot from a dog: obedience, loyalty, and the importance of turning around three times before lying down." Name: Zacarías Alejandro Evans Birthday: September 28, 1994 Nationality: Mother - Puerto Rican, Father - Irish - from Liberty City, South Bohan. Height: 6'2 Feet Weight: 198 Pounds Build: Muscular Toned Voice: Deep & Soft Pet Name: Zeus ( Rottweiler ) Initials: Eye Color: Light Blue Hair Color: Black-ish dark brown. Hairstyle: Bald / Buzzed Skin Tone: Light Brown. Scars: Has three total for now. One in the shape of an Ace on his middle finger ( burn mark ), another two scars on the side of his left cheek ( knife fight ) Tattoos: Not too many tattoos. A tattoo would "ACE" would be seen on his neck, another tattoo of a $ sign on the left side of his neck & a tattoo of a larger $ sign on his left pec with two daggers piercings through each side, last but not least would be the tattoo on the right side of his neck wording out " S I N N E R " ( find the rest out ic ) Disorder/Issues: Unforgiving & Vindictive ( find the rest out IC ) Clothes: Loose, casual & street-wear, red or black attire. Very rarely wears 'high class' clothing, unless needed. Mood: Relaxed & friendly. Overly silent in most "questionable" situations. Always watching someone for their first move, pretty confrontational if his family or loved ones are threatened. Place of Interest: Vinewood, Power Street, Davis & The Beach. Unique Items: His fathers' switchblade & car. Love: Very loyal, protective and overly fond and caring when in a relationship. - Currently Single. Orientation: ( Figure it out IC ) Rap, Music, Working out, BMX, Cooking, Movies and more! ( Figure out the rest IG/IC ) Tattoos: He loves ink, thinks of it as an art, doesn't really find the time or place to judge anyone for it, has quite a few himself. Scarification: Only one on his middle finger in the shape of an Ace. Alcohol: Who doesn't love a beer or more with the family even better with the woman around. Drugs: Depends on the time and place, doesn't do much hard shit. Mainly sticks to weed and party drugs such as MDMA, Molly and once in a blue moon will do a bump or two. Junk food: Loves his junk-food -.. hot dogs, Twinkies, donuts, pastries & just about anything from the 24/7 or gas stations, but usually tries to burn it off shortly after the next week following. Gangs: Without family, what would there be? Smoking: Weed, Cigarettes and that's just about it! Murder: There's a place and time for everything, let it be in the alleyway or in public to send a message. Races: He loves everyone unconditionally until they make him see otherwise, hates racists. Racists: Hates them with a fiery passion, wishes them dead. Police: The worst, nothing but goody-two-shoes and stuck up snobs. Music: Rap, Lofi, Hip-Hop & Instrumentals. Guns: Needed in "important" and dangerous situations. Early Years Zacarías Alejandro Evans was born in Southern Bohan, Liberty City. Thought it was a poor and quiet household, he had his loving parents, three wild older brothers, and his younger brother, Osirus. Being the second youngest wasn't the best, but he still had what he needed; his family, his father ( Irish ) and mother ( Puerto Rican ), and his best pal 'Mikey'. Nonetheless, this area of Bohan was not the safest, by any means and most often filled with hoodlums, gangs and plenty more. As the second youngest, he was always looking up to his older brothers, even though they were often committing pretty crimes; let it be selling weed for his father or stealing out of cars on the streets. Jail time was a common occurrence amongst the household, especially with his father, Benjamin. Benjamin was a hard and rough man. He worked at the warehouse docks, usually as a Laborer most days. He would often be moving boxes, hanging around, and sometimes working under the table for the 'higher' ups around the area; typically running as a mule for those around. Usually he was forced to run packages of coke, weed and sometimes ammunition around Bohan in order to pay off his debt to his boss, Peter, or as people like to call him "Big Pete". Zach's mother 'Maria' worked a fine and honest job at the Florist shop downtown, called, "Blossoms 'n Such". His parents were honest and loved their children with all they could give. They worked hard to provide them with food, a roof over their head and most of all, their love and smiling faces. However, it all came crashing down when his father was caught at a road stop, trafficking a few ounces of cocaine. Benjamin was sent to the pen for life after "Big Pete" ratted him out on various other Scandals to save his own hide. It was a fair day outside when Zach was walking down to main-street on an errand to get some milk and bread for his mother's "famous" bread pudding. Zach got home and about twenty minutes after he'd gone to go to his room to draw and play, he heard the heart-wrenching scream from downstairs. He ran as fast as he could and that's when he saw his mother weeping into the phone, curled up on the floor against the wall. His father was stabbed in the courtyard for ratting out " Big Pete" on his lies. Growing up Growing up he watched all three of his more elderly brothers get thrown in jail, various times for lesser petty crimes and or getting thrown into the cruisers of the local PD. He started dragging himself closer to his brothers as his mother had to take on a second job at the Deli, as well as the Florist job she already had. Zach was usually always left alone or with his oldest brother Sean.Growing into a finer and more sculpted younger man he was, often laundering around outside, hanging with girls he attempted to try to bring back home, sometimes succeeding or sometimes not. He was a pretty sculpted guy for his age.Zach's day to day was either working at the same warehouse where his father was working, working with the 'boys', carrying out small tasks like moving crates here or a bucket there, cleaning the table tops of the lunchroom. Nothing overly huge was pushed onto his plate until he received the word that he was asked to take care of his fathers' debt, that's when the work started to turn into further and more dangerous acts, running bricks of weed, small grams of coke for the same Boss his father use to work for. At least he was making some pretty serious cash on the side.Zach saw his family get locked up by the time he was nineteen, still working for the same scum-bag boss and his mother coming into her early depression, popping pills ( pain killers ) and drinking mostly every night. Zach was trying to get out as far as he could for his brother Osiris, trying to capture his own slice of life, something further away from Bohan. Moving on Nothing was the same now; his older brother Sean was at home and was working with Zach strongly beside "Big Pete", usually trafficking 'heat' ( pistols ) to the other end of town on their bikes and or stolen cars that would be supplied for just the occasion. Their mother was always traveling around the city, hardly ever home... no one recognized what she was really doing during her 'episodes' anymore. Zach ultimately received the big deal he'd been waiting for, moving ten ounces of blow across the bridge and towards Broker. The deal was completely fine until the guy decided there was "no deal" and pulled out a gun, Zach ran around the corner as his brother ran the other direction. Four minutes was just enough, the shooting started to pop off... his brother Sean was trying to shoot the man as Zach wrapped around the building, waiting until the time was perfect, every shot counted and noise took advantage of. Zach used every shot to get closer to the gunman, keeping silent and down to the ground, hiding behind boxes and holding his breath until Sean used his last bullet. Zach ran up to the man and slipped out his fathers' old switchblade, stabbing the gunman him three times in the back rapidly, two times in the hip and snatched his gun, running back to Sean, grabbing the drugs, money and the car as they headed back to town to discuss with "Big Pete" what happened upon the situation. Thus "Big-Pete" giving Zach the nickname "Creep" for his actions.Zach explained to the 'big boys' at the Warehouse that the man started to shoot, no one was allowed to speak, move or barely utter a peep until Pete managed to breathe and relax down. Zach was dismissed, told to never come back and was left for the dead, as well as Sean. Weeks were devoted examining the window as 'familiar' cars would drive by the block, most often slowing down outside Zachs' house, observing their mother go in and out of the neighboring dilapidated apartment. A month went by and everything was fine, Sean got a job at some construction company and abandoned the deals and wheels behind, as did Zach. The two started working together in construction just under the overpass in Eastern Dukes. It was about nine at night when Zach and Sean came home, noticing bullet holes in the window, door and the bricks layering just outside the apartment, their mother in a pool of blood just beside the kitchen sink and Osirus hiding in Zachs' closet, upset and shook. The End Zach twenty-three, Sean... Twenty-six and Osirus now seventeen. The other brother's still in jail, father and mother dead, no one was there to make 'family' worthwhile anymore, but the trio. They were not always getting along, but they were family, they where blood and most importantly... they were survivors. It's been a few years, some weeks and some hard hours. The three moved in some blocks towards central Bohan, away from the slummier area of the 'slums'. Zach came home with from a long day on the high rise, working with Sean. The two loafed in their brown and stained old couch, Osirus was playing some old video games on the computer and complaining about the food in the house, often a normal occurrence It was the same for weeks in and out until Zach came across a poster hanging up on a light-post the area where they were working. "Los Santos, where the low come to live and the high come to give", Zach quickly ripped down the poster and stuffed it into his pocket to show his brothers at home. The brothers all agreed it'd be safest to save up some money, move away from Liberty City and start anew elsewhere, far... far away from "Big-Pete" and his hoodrat gang. It took six more months and is now nearly Zachs' birthday, but it happened. They finally paid off most of the bills they had debt too, and most importantly saved some extra cash on the side, packing boxes and staying up late. Finding a cheaper apartment in the more 'safer' places in Los Santos was more difficult than planned but it wasn't exactly impossible. The three agreed on a place on Power Street, Vinewood. A place that wasn't exactly the best of the whole 'LS' lifestyle or the lowest, some would say... mediocre?Zach spent the last week visiting his older brothers in jail, promising them he'd be safe and take care of Osirus, along with Sean and the others, heartfelt discussions where had and tears where shed as he said goodbye to his best friend 'Mikey', leading off with a nice thug-hug to end it all on the spot. Zach went home and packed the car with the four boxes they had, a few sleeping bags and some pillows, little clothes and a bit of food... that was it. Los Santos was bright, vibrant, beautiful. Everyone was a lot nicer than those in Liberty City, helpful and most of all.. not trying to kill the three. They moved into a shitty apartment down in Davis. Zach got a job at the local LTD and Sean found work at the construction unit down by Alta, and Osirus mainly stayed home, keeping the house secure and cleaned up among the three, playing video games and tending to some 'weed' plants he found in the back of someone's yard. Zach came home one day after a few beers from the bar " The Banjo " and ran among a down and out man, seemed his name went by Rat, wasn't particularly the nicest man but wasn't the worst. Zach and the inked up figure spent hours talking among the situations they have both been in, the loss of friends and family among the many years and how difficult it was to find a place safe enough for his younger brother to grow up and just go to school, perhaps college. Rat mentioned a friend that has recently left the city and how his apartment was up for grabs, without further hesitation. Zach made the deal to pay 'Rat' off over time in payments, leasing the house (rent to own), the location was perfect, it was close to everything and everyone, Power Street. A few weeks went by and the brothers unpacked their belongings in their new home on Power Street, happy and content with their situation, noticing the changes and how nice things where running, life was near perfect. Osirus was studying some, pretty smart for his age too, Zach was working as a laborer with his brother Sean running a small group as a Foreman around the Alta Construction Site. Zach was relaxing on the couch playing some video games with his younger brother as Sean burst through the door with a pale and panicked face, turning dead-pan to the two, "Z, yo.. I swear to fuck I just saw some of Petes' old men by the stripper joint in Strawberry, Homie!" Zach moved uncomfortably away from the TV and grabbed Osirus by the arm gently as the trio went into the kitchen to talk about the former chaos that was terrorizing their home in Liberty City. Zach looked at the two with a calm and overly relaxed face, holding his brothers' shoulders with intent. "Maybe it's about time we stop running, look what we got manos'. We got a mother fucking house, our dog, our familia and jobs. I ain't running no more homies, these fuckers want to come into 'our' home now, they can run out of 'our' home. Fuck Big-Pete and fuck the gang, we're power street" ( Those who are more interested in the story, information or anything about The Power-Street Aces and Zach or his brothers, there is plenty to find out down the line through IC actions. As to what you'll be to Zach down the line in his story is completely up to you and the actions provided during RP. See you in game, have fun!
  19. BACKGROUND Chamberlain Hills has not had a particularly well off history. In fact, it is known for its poverty and crime rich history. The Enterprise started off as a trap that thought, "We could make more money selling drugs and prostitutes together than we ever could alone." From that day forward, the 'Enterprise' was born. They didn't start off as the Chamberlain Hills Enterprise though, originally they were the Westblock Enterprise. It was named because they originally trapped out of apartment 107 on facing the LS river. Once more of Chamberlain was invited however, they changed their name to the Chamberlain Hills Enterprise. MODERN DAY Now the Enterprise has enforcers watching the corners of Forum/Carson, Forum/Davis, and Forum/Strawberry. The heart of the empire is Crystal Heights. Their territory has Expanded to include the majority of Forum Drive. Notable locations include BJ Smith recreation center, All Swell Apartments, and Crystal Heights. HOW TO JOIN Contact me on discord @elgroucho, same name on the forums. There's no interview or anything I guess just give me your contact info for in-game and you'll be in.
  20. lamberto29


    Smuggling Detailed description:Smuggling, a prequest for Gun/Drug importing, the system would work alongside or replace the current method of importing Guns/Drugs. Rather than Guns/Drugs appearing in warehouses through an act of god, They would be fractionally or entirely dependant on imports, less so for some things than others. I.E you are not gonna grow cocoa (cocaine) in Los Santos that can only be imported/smuggled. Weed, guns and other similar things would have a element of it being smuggled in, however their will always be a home presence for this stuff (Home growers, stolen weapons with numbers removed). What we would suggest is having a system similar to the current weapon/drug import system Requiring people to apply on the forums to be a “Smuggler” giving rp reason and story behind them being this. These smugglers would evidently need to have vehicles and connections to make the logistics work, planes or boats as an example and connections both in county and foreign to be able to import/smuggle this stuff in and get rid of it. The IC/IG way this would work is that you would have smuggling factions similar to gang factions however rather than trying to own turf and become involved in gang based illegal activities they would be focused on keeping their heads below the radar and shipping in illegal goods for profit. Import goods could be broke down into two varieties. Street: Weed, Pistol, Sns Pistol, .50 Pistol, Vintage Pistol, Machine Pistol, A.P Pistol, MicroSMG Mini SMG, Shotgun, Sawn-off Import:Coke, Heroin, Smg, Assault Rifle, Carbine Rifle, vests, cuban cigars, Bullshark Tesosteron The Street ones would be attainable directly for gangs, meaning they do not need it smuggled in by a 3rd party but would be able to get it potentially at a lower price in bulk from smugglers. The Imports would only be attainable via smugglers, these smugglers would get the goods when ordered by 3rd party (i.e street gang) and get rid of them ASAP The mechanics of this would be simple, have certain locations be “spawnable points” for the package, both for the Smugglers and street gangs. The Smugglers locations would be remote islands/at sea and need bringing back to the island and then getting to the final party (person who ordered it) The street gangs who get their goods via “street” means would potentially have remote locations on island as pickup points for them to collect said goods from. In both cases the containers would be sealed and you would get no use from them until getting them to their final destination. Commands to add: /CP (/CollectPackage) /LP (/LoadPackage) /UP (/UnloadPackage) Items to add: “Packages” box to be collected with goods in. ,Boat trailer for cars/vans, allowing smugglers to take their boats to the most logical place to sail from. How would your suggestion improve the server? These suggestions would add a level of realism to the weapons and drugs on the streets being difficult to get. The opportunities for roleplay would be greatly expanded as it would give county Sheriff’s work in the remoter locations, the city police would be able to try running checkpoints etc. to try prevent them getting into the city, SEB/FIB could have operations and investigations to try and catch these smugglers/gangs in the act. All of these allowing for more meaningful and impactful roleplay rewards for good policing. This would also give the air units of LEO more reasons to take out helicopters and potentially even reason for naval trained units with boats. As for the gangs and none LEO’s, the basic civilian won’t be affected apart from occasionally seeing a checkpoint or something. The gangs that currently exist would have far more realistic roleplay for obtaining illegal goods that involves active gang interaction and a realistic risk of being caught red handed. The smugglers who bring in the “foreign” import goods would be the most affected as this would give them an ability to do work of some kind that makes sense RP wise and would also create interaction opportunities. This would allow for effective law enforcement to affect the criminal economy of the world. This would also allow for more meaningful intergang interactions of a violent nature, i.e Mexicans trying to jack the Russians as they are bringing back a van load of gear. Additional information: The crates would only be loadable in appropriate vehicles, i.e you wouldn’t be trying to sneak guns into the hood with a supercar. The smugglers would have to remain independent from gangs and should not be associated with them in any way other than selling them goods. A potential discount for smugglers who get approved for certain vehicles (Boats and certain planes) As good smugglers keep a low profile this might see an increase in bribery attempts and the use of Hush money, Both of which are criminally underused currently. On this map are some rough ideas for placements of some “package” pickup points Yellow: Street/gang based pickup points. Blue: Smuggler pickup points. (for the smugglers points anywhere in the sea could work too. This is an idea from Horratio Totsen and myself.
  21. -Carson Clique- how did it start: Max is a Greek that flew over to America to escape the Greek Police chasing him down. After getting to Los Santos, he found his cousin. After Max tried to go back to his old lifestyle and joining a gang with his cousin, he understood that most of the big gangs were based on the race and if someone that wasn't their race tried to join, they would say no or even disrespect him by humiliating him or robbing him. As more and more people were facing the same difficulties as Max, the need for a new, multiracial, organization came up. Max started recruiting loyal and honest people to start his faction. Max and his people faced lots of difficulties, like them getting robbed, kidnaped and shot multiple times. They made it through most of them and now that their numbers have grown, they won't take any more disrespect. They are ready to rule the city and the drug game. what are the goals and what makes us unique: The Goals of the organization is to have a steady income of distributing drugs/illegal firearms in the Rancho area, which means that we will have to control the area 100%. Also when we grow on numbers we will contact big cartels that can provide us with huge amounts of cocaine, weed and illegal guns. Later on, if we completely concur Rancho, we will try to get Grove street and other parts of the town. What makes us unique is that we will accept people based only on their character and not their race without losing the trust of the members to each other or the leaders. More information: The main leaders of the gang are: Maximos Katsopidis Juan Garcia The number of the gang is: 23 ooc: - If you want to join you will have to be decent at English, or at least (if not) role play as an immigrant. You will have to contact anyone of the leaders or the staff members of the faction ( leaders are mention in the ic tab and staff members change all the time so we cant write them here) - If you want to you should read the Faction information Tab on the forums (https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/forum/7-faction-information/) so you can be informed of your rights and the rules.
  22. Southside Rancheros XIII is a sureño gang that stakes its claim to the east side of Rancho (South LS). It is an average sized set that consists of sub-cliques. It is a gang which has been a major power player in the area for the past 20 years although it has been called by a number of different names by its membership during those two decades of terror. It still remains active in its historical territory of Rancho with strongholds being scattered across Jamestown Street and Roy Lowenstein Boulevard. There was never any 'social club' concept in its existence. It was a criminal enterprise from the very beginning and its members have seldom shown any remorse for committing heinous crimes in the gang's name. South Side Rancho Tokers 13 was the first independent homegrown Rancho gang to surface in the area. Prior to that point, the territory was controlled by the S/C Hang Out Boyz. The Rancho Flats clique split off from HOB 13 after a number of altercations took place between Rancho Flats & the Carson Locos Clique. After a year of bloodshed, the dispute died down with Rancho coming out on top. It was during that time period that Rancho distinguished itself from other hoods when it comes to the sheer violence it was willing to use to get its clique's name out there. During this era, the gang kept itself limited to drug trafficking, small arms trafficking, and various types of theft. Homicides took place as part of territorial disputes and beefs over matters of respect. S/S RT13 had ongoing rivalries with a number of gangs across the city including Mara Salvatrucha, Davis Original Crips, HOB 13, Playboys 13, 18th Street, Clanton 14, Covenant Block Piru, Grove Street Tyrants, Latin Kings & various Crip/Blood affiliated sets. With time, the gang eventually was unrivaled in terms of power in its immediate area and these disputes ended up dying down. Despite that, homicide statistics and stick up operations remained steady. Under the Llavero Adam Nunez who went by the alias 'Hazard', the clique regularly butted heads with the LSPD. It didn't take long for gang injunctions to get thrown out alongside indictments for many prominent and not so prominent gang members in the area. With Hazard's absence, Hector Gonzales took his place on the streets as llavero but it wasn't long before he too was indicted. The amount of heat that was brought on by Hazard's antics caused La Eme to distance itself some from Rancho. Despite drug supplies being smaller this didn't impact drug trafficking in the area. A central authority was lacking however and the gang as an organization was crippled with only three key players remaining. Samuel Mosqueda 'aka Baldy' was the only shot caller remaining from the Tokeros clique and under him were two soldiers: Galena Amezquita and Miguel Solano. Barrio Rancho Nuevo Generación 13 came about not long after Rocky's incarceration. In essence, it was middle management taking advantage of the power vacuum to take over the drug distribution in South LS. Its key figures were three tokeros that got together and decided that the balance in the area wasn't going to change. They coined themselves as the new generation of the tokeros gang. Drug distribution in the area rose during this time even with only a handful of individuals taking over. Galena Amezquita had the strongest influence in that racket among the group and used it as a means to step up in the organization. She acted as llavero and increased the gang's street presence seven-fold. She decreed that stick-ups and drug dealing weren't going to be the only things that Rancho was known for. It is suspected that the gang was providing stolen cars to numerous chop shops across San Andreas. Through Baldy and Lena's connections, the gang kept its ties with several Italian organized crime figures in Los Santos. These relationships helped keep the auto thefts as a steady income. It also allowed the clique to step up its game in weapons trafficking. While many of these guns were getting sold on the streets a portion of the stock was also being used in violent crimes carried out by the group. Contract killing became an occasional service the gang offered for a price. If there was one word to describe this era's business model it'd be diversity. This diversity didn't replace Rancho's primary source of income which was drug distribution. RNG 13 had no intention of loosening the grip it had in South LS's drug trade. To fill its own pockets and regain La Eme's favor it re-implemented taxes on other drug traffickers in the area as opposed to dominating other territories. Like its predecessor however it was no stranger to hood rivalries. Nuevo Generación 13 had ongoing disputes with a gangster disciple clique that eventually came to be known as "Eighters". Aside from this disputes had occurred with numerous individuals residing in the Stevely Arms housing projects and a short-lived dispute with a group of bloods on Jamestown Street. Despite going by a different name the 'new generation' was comparably as violent as veteran tokeros. Rancho remained an area that was generally unsafe to patrol in based on the number of shootings involving police officers. It is suspected that the gang had been funneling drug money into legitimate storefronts in the area to launder money. Southside Rancheros XIII Nuevo Generación 13 was a loosely organized drug crew for much of its existence. Occasionally because of this needless bloody disputes inside the network took place. Several members from the tokero days decided that there needed to be more order in the ranks. A new era was ushered in for the gang where old traditions were being reincorporated into the gang alongside ideological pillars that were instilled to prepare them for prison life. To symbolize the transition gang members decided to take on a new name. So long as these values were enforced in the community it has the potential to more deeply embed the main clique inside Rancho to counteract the effects of law enforcement operations. It was a key issue that Galena set out on implementing to maintain stability. Her time as llavero was hallmarked with levelheaded decisions and countless killings orchestrated against perceived enemies inside the gang, against rivals and law enforcement officers. After a time she chose to step back and pass the keys over to Baldy. Alongside him, Trigger was handpicked to keep the program going smoothly and build on it more as planned. Both men were longtime members of S/S RT 13 and alongside Miguel Solano performed well as enforcers. It can only be speculated what the effects of those changes. The membership of the gang mainly consists of Mexican-Americans but it has been known to accept descendants of other Latino nations. The gang targets Latino youths that reside in the area to fill in the lower level of its drug network. Most of the veteran gang members that are still on the streets are in their early twenties and has strong ties to the Mexican Mafia given that many of its older affiliates are incarcerated. S/S Rancheros XIII makes the bulk of its profits off pedaling narcotics. On top of that, it has been involved in small-scale arms trafficking, auto theft, armed robberies, extortion, vandalism, kidnapping, assaults, and murder.
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