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Found 8 results

  1. vespuccistoner.org - highdeas for fellow stoner bros and brolinas vespuccistoner.org post #3 : brain fog, chicks and meeting ur idles honestly dudes, ladies and everybody inbetwen? today i got brain fog... so a lot of you prob never experienced that cuz ur lower end smokers not adicts like me but guys and gals that do that shiz nit every day? yu all know that this is the freakin worst my brain feels freaking empty like 2 days a week like im blinded in the brainal cavaties. also i hired a chick to dance for me and willy boy like it was nothin at all, tell all below what causes brain fog? bascally if you get too turnt out one night and u are so high it bleeds into the next mornin? that causez brain flog, and it lasts the whole freaking day, its like a diability man it hurts the head so much that it makes youfeel like you just exist but dont say anything like when u have brain fog you ar eprety much just a rock, a stone, a fr***in nothing man. im just a pepperoni sittin on a pizza basicaly. now before any of u acall the cops on me am i feelin any strange thots? ya some what but idk dudes i realy need to chill on buddha do u even know how hard it is to take down orders at papa vics when ur brain literally only works 20% i mean lets be honest im one of the smarter guys in vespuci i know how to use a blog and shiz nit so in about 5 years from now im gonna be making more money than any of you lol so what if im wroking at a pizza place rn? gonna be on top of the world soon just watch me i paid a chick 5 grand to dance for me in my RV so like i was sayin earlier? i saw an ad on the internet that was offerin a service for dancing right? so i call that immediately i bang that line (as you guys know ive got a girlfriend sage) so either way i call the chick right she comes over and for five grand she drop down her clothes and she dancing on BIG H BABY! my girl is way hotter and shizz but either way it was cool shes this blonde chick named something russhian? idk lol but she offered me a bargain: before any of u dudes get afraid and call the cops? no i didnt say yes so basically she offered me s*x for money right? i was like "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... uhhhhhhhhhhh" i was basically really tempted here and i looked at willy and he wasnt down to smash eithor so i was out man i was like naw naw im good im good but thanks for the dance and she whispers into my ear like all hot like : "im gona do it hard next time if u pay the money" so im just like damn can u leave now lol?? im married to my girlfriend here so she dips and beau is passed out on the bed like its nothing just greened out from our sesh since he just got out of the can for posession and shit we had to smoke up and say f*** the police a few times man u know how it goes and sh** plus we were celebrating his promotion to supervisor at papa vics and shiiii**** like bro it was a good ngiht basically never meet your idles so a lot of you bros in vespucci im not gonna name the guyyy i think its weeeeird man but like theres this cool dude who works at the bike shop in vespucci and shiiiz i always thought he was a dope a** guy and shizz but man like the guy was not as chill as i thought he almost like kinda thought i stunk man like i wasnt even good or cool man honestly hart breaking to me because i idolize taht guy like hes chocolate and ive been havin the munchies for a hour idk man im bummed out by that i invite the guy to party at my rv and hes like naaa im on a date with this banging goth chick im like yea ok man fine but bros before hos right? idk bros and brolinas no disrespect to him i like him the guy too much sometimes you just wanna smoke a bowl with someone u wanna get to know you feel that? word up no slide and shiii** like for real. never meet your idels-... so umm thanks for reaaadin and shiiiit but guys im gonna question for you: is it cheating on ur girlfriend if she doesnt know and also its a hooker? let me know down below. also? heres a song by Howard from Vespucci Hosted By freeblogsls.org Comment Below! Name: Comment:
  2. vespuccistoner.org - highdeas for fellow stoner bros and brolinas vespuccistoner.org post #1 : introduction so let me introduce myself im howard, lots of ppl know me down at vespuci beach in los santos and im pretty relevant down there sort of seen as the cool dude, the successful one, etc. we can get started w what i do for a living, how old im am and what i stand for name: howard relationship status: in an relationship ( girlfriend name is sage ) age: 35 job: pizza place manager favorite strains: pineapple express, blue dream, mango haze, gorilla glue, purple kush, mostly sativa not indica it makes me tired hobbies: weed, pizza, driving, online videos, surf sometimes passion: weed decriminalization skills: sex and karate (peaceful only) so now that u know a little about me ? im gonna tell you something that happened to me and something i never want to happen to any fellow stoner out there in this state: weed is illegal even if your leg hurts and you have serious stress problems and trouble sleeping and addicted to it you can ask me if i even knew that bullshit but i got arrested for some literal bull shit recently for owning 26 grams of weed on my person at the time.. like why do anyone even care about that dude who the f*** am i harming when smoking weed so f****** ing what? holy crap and apparently now im a drug dealer according to the state? lol imagine that dude im a drug addict not a f****cking drug dealer im need it to medicate my addicton. so howd i go to prison u might ask? ill tell you. some b***ch walked up to my home and started acusing me of saying i wanted to attack her and im just lik wat i just got out of the RV? next thing u know im in prison for posesion of weed. just like that, a blink of an i. we really need to get together and fight for decriminalisaton of marijuana because whos next? some stupid B8***ch accuses a fellow stoner of some fake a** sh** and then someone else is in f***cking prison rite? its not fair. some ppl ask me whats decriminalization adn whats legalization ritghe? one sec ill explain: decriminalizaton means basically you can do w.e u want with weed, legalization means u gotta pay the cops to buy weed. worst partwas i had to learn the rules in prison aparently i have to fight sex ofender and black people if they sit at my table and sh*t like dude? ive never attaked a soul in my life, im just a weed smoke. not a fighter a lover right? so im sitting in prison praying that i get let the f*** out asap because im scared to death in there and i do not belong in prison just cuz i smoke weed. worst part is i lost so much weed i had to slave away at papa vics pizza for holy sh** man im so sick of it sometimes if u ever have been arested for owning weed please share ur opinions below in the responsses section below. by Howard from Vespucci Hosted By freeblogsls.org Comment Below! Name: Comment:
  3. vespuccistoner.org - highdeas for fellow stoner bros and brolinas vespuccistoner.org post #2 : pizza delivery - smokin on the job - alection politics as many of u who red the first blog know, im howard from vespucci and i slang piza for a living. usualy if papa v wants to open the store i am the cashier and manger but usually on a slow day i deliver the zas too so im p much just chillin on that shiz nit. lots of you guys asume that bein a piza delivery dude may suck nutz but surpsiengly enof? im makin a lot of money from tips + a lot of other percs. favorite strain to smoke on th job: MANGO haze so a lot of you probably wonderin rn; does it taste like mangos and why is it name mangkos in teresting story actualy = it is because they are made from mangos in the jar. essentially the medical benefitials from mango marijuana is it helps with really stress ful jobs like mine. a lot of u are like lol howard are you f***ing kiddin u work at a pizza place but u guys dont know how busy it gets and how stresful it is without a freakin compotant staff somet imes you gotat take the order get people dips and drinks sometimes i even have to fry the freakin wings and also sauce them. its honestly so hard and dificult to work in the store and i know papa vic reads these and i hope he gives me a freakin cover or second cashier or something like its so stressful honestly. first thing u always do when deliveries? smile at them so they tip you basically one time i got tipped 2.5 grand, 10 grand, 15 grand just for bein me (howard :3) and im just like so flatered sometimes. but sometimes i get tipped with weed nugs too so im down as a motha fuga for that. honestly prison echanged me an lot and i honestly like feel like ttrading means more than money now adays so i always exchange my moeny for weed and then i trade people for stuff w weed like chips, burgers, food like snacks, drinks like sprunks, etc. lol damn now im gettin hungry so hold up brb. ok back just traded a 15 year old some weed for a bag o chips LOL (just kidding feds ). "howard whats the best thing to order from papa v's"? - garlic diop, peperoni, uncle guidos, sprunk, wings so im alwanys an advocate for the creamy garlic diop with ur basic pepperoni slice but the place is good enough like that anything u get its so soft and hperfect cuz the homie beau (free beau from prison) used to slap those pizza pies like it was hot cakes they were the best pies in the city period over there, also the uncle guido is good too but i love chicken wings ntohing is as good as fryed chicken i always offer ppl fried chicken (regardless of race im not racist dudes and if u are get off my page) wash that shiz nit all down w some sprunk and u got like the best meal in all of liberty city and los santos combined, best meal u can get in the town that isnt gona run you over 500 bucks. respect. my thoughts on the up comin alections (rock ford was hitler) so as a lot of u dudes know los santos is havin election in octobor and im honestly gona advocate for anyone who decriminalize weed... no freaking need to keep it locked behind the government approvel, the weed commonity has been out there growing the FBEST herb out here ( know a dude who grows ) yeah yea some dudes put oregano in that shit but usually only kids smoke oregano or other poisons wher as seasoned dudes like myself only smoke the real stuff. so whoe even cares about the kids? they not supposed to smoke that anyway. im gonan vote democrat if thay decriminalize it but i want to vote green party cuz (weed is green) if they even will get an oportunity to run we got a lot of racism and bigotry in the city so im just hoping whoever runs has respect and is nice to everybody and makes weed decrminalized because honestly broskis im just so sick of having to live my life in fear from the drug watching loser moms who keep having my ass watched and arested for a simple joint + 23 more grams. so who even cares? i want my crimes deleted from my recerd and p much thats it for today thx 4 redain bros and why dont u leave a coment below what you think about up comin alections? by Howard from Vespucci Hosted By freeblogsls.org Comment Below! Name: Comment:
  4. (( If you're ever surfing the net for weed strains, you have a chance of stumbling upon Loud Boyz Dispensary, a Facebrowser account dedicated to selling and delivering cannabis and cannabis-infused products. )) (( During your research on the Loud Boyz Dispensary website, you may be tempted to click on a post of theirs which promotes the Pink Runtz strain they have in stock. ))
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