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Found 5 results

  1. "The American FBI still frighten their citizens with the phantom of communism and the Soviet mafia emerging from it. Described as "ruthless, stone-cold bandits lacking any feelings and compassion" — which turned out to be nothing more than myth, as it's now known that almost the entire criminal component of the Russian mafia in the States has been aimed at financial structures for the last decade. " * * * PROLOGUE A small group of friends included Mikhail Chaplin and his old friend Anatoly Tukachevsky who were engaged in more than 60% of large, complex and entangled web of Medicaid fraud in New York State alone. Their income was also supplemented by the sale of stolen cars with spoofed VINs and their spare parts through intermediaries and shestyorkas with whom they have no direct connection. They were named "Shushary Cooperative" by the independent Russian media, after the Township of Shushary, a place where they embezzled large amounts from the RUNE automotive factory as board members. THE COOPERATIVE In fact, the “Shushary Cooperative” is a canonical fragment of real Russia itself. It's full of disgusting bastards, with little piggy eyes, like most illegitimate Russian businessmen. Crooks that pose as friendly well-wishers, when in reality - their character and mindset has long been rotten away. However, a dubious desire to ruin someone else's life, for the sake of their meager profit arose as well. They may seem smart and highly intelligent, but there was never a concept of true friendship in their ideas about life. Behind the backs of those who smile in the eyes, these rats are ready to stab anyone who disagrees or is no longer valuable to them in the back. There's no self-conscience or regret here. Only such principles, albeit dubious, help Russian entrepreneurs to remain authoritative figures in their circles. Orders and laws, as such, cannot exist in the world of these non-humans. Perhaps only a sluggish idea of such. In fact, brute force and money decide. If you are well-established in life, then these mice will grovel in front of you, considering you to be authority. But in the shadows of their reflections, they will plan to destroy you, with the aim of seizing all your property to enrich their egos. OUT OF CHARACTER Our faction strives to portray a realistic; modern Russian organized crime network primarily focused on diverse financial crimes. We value passive roleplay and character development from our members more than anything. Our RP is heavily centered around fraud and white collar crimes, with the minority focusing on car thefts and prostitution. We have an amount of Russian speaking players as members, however the OOC knowledge of Russian is not required to join by any means. We are transnational, which means that your character does not have to be exclusively Russian in order to join, however he needs to be a 1st or 2nd gen immigrant from one of the countries from the post-USSR space. This faction is invite-only. The only way to join us is through IC means.
  2. She's a senator, smart and single! Swipe right on Valeria Reyes and discover more about her. Senator Valeria Reyes shares details of her personal life and introduces her new bill: legalization of sex work. By Nina Garavano Hello Ms. Reyes, welcome. Can you tell me about your background? How did you manage to become the senator you are now? Sure, so I was born in Rancho but grew up in Chamberlain Hills, Forum Drive and Carson. I went to Davis High School, and worked on the side at my dad's small restaurant. Mostly cooking the finest Hispanic food in South LS. After saving up some money, and with the help of my family, I went to ULSA with my sister. We both studied Criminal Justice. She joined the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department, whilst I went more into politics. I've done a lot of community events and activities in Chamberlain, and still continue to do so. I eventually got noticed by Senator Jones from the Democratic Party. I applied to become a candidate, and made it through the party's selection. Won the elections, and that is how I'm now here! That's great! Must be very rewarding for you, but with a lot of responsibilities.How do you handle the pressure of being a senator? Is it hard to achieve balance between your work and personal life? Friends, relationships? Obviously, it was somewhat of a challenge to adapt. I had to experience the harshness of politics right from the start of my campaign, in regards to the rivalry with the Republic Party and my opponent Joseph Hoffman. It's also been very time-consuming, I unfortunately haven't got a lot of time left for personal things. Then of course the more simpler things. From being able to wear jerseys and sneakers, to suits and heels. Having to wear heels everyday was the most difficult part. Well, even the most busy people need some time for themselves. What do you enjoy doing in your free time? I don't want to be that person— but I usually spend my free time watching Netflix. I also love cooking, and sports wise I love watching basketball, football and soccer. I'm a big supporter of the ULSA football team, actually. Oh that's great! They've had a great campaign this year. A very good one. Shout out to their captain, Justin! And are you currently in a relationship? Aha— during my campaign I was in a relationship, and after my victory in the elections I turned single. I suppose one of the sacrifices I had to make, I haven't got a lot of time for dating now to be honest. Have you tried Quick Date yet? Well, I've registered on that site out of curiosity, and didn't actually use it to meet anyone to be honest. And what happened with you and your last partner? Can you share more details? I'd like to keep that part private if you don't mind. I'm going to get criticized on everything I say or do, so that's the part I want to keep private. Don't want people getting involved in that part of my life. Ah yes, that's understandable. Moving on, we all know that Los Santos and San Andreas as a whole host one of the biggest LGBT communities in the country. Yet that creates a lot of hate from conservative people. What are your thoughts about the subject? I'm a proud supporter of the LGBTQ community, and so is my party. We've recently voiced our support on Facebrowser. We've long fought towards a more inclusive society where everyone can live openly without fear, no matter their religion, racial background, and yes, sexual preferences too. Despite the hate from some conservatives indeed, I think we can be proud as a state that we're one of the most progressive states in the United States. Of course, personally while being a straight woman, I see I get a lot of attention from girls too. Did that ever happen to you? Hah, I can relate. Yes.I see it as a positive. It's good that there is no fear for people of being who they are. Though I do feel like men may struggle more than women in this topic, as being gay as a male is often less tolerated than being gay as a female. It's a bridge we have to build together. Yes, that's true. I see your point. But as a woman, what do you feel when you are approached, either by men or women, trying to flirt in a pushy or straightforward way? I give them hints or let them verbally know I am interested or not interested, so I don't waste people's time, nor my own time. Yes, I believe your time is very valuable. Let me know more about the bills you are currently working on. Sure. I recently tried pushing a bill that combats crime caused by illegal firearms, but it was blocked unfortunately. I am now focusing on a new bill I recently introduced with Riley King, my staffer. It's the state legalization of sex work. I've been approached by many women who struggle in the adult industry, be it strip clubs or escorts. I've heard concerning stories about how they are often mistreated by both customers and employees, and because it is a questionable topic in terms of law, they are not able to do anything about it. Rather than prohibiting it, we should regulate it so the illegal human and sex trafficking comes to an end. This topic is often compared to when alcohol was prohibited, it only made things worse. Now there is a regulation for it, and all is perfectly fine.Of course, this is a sensitive topic that conservatives will be strongly opposed to and that I am perhaps entering dangerous waters, but I hope they see the bigger picture and that regulation is needed to end terrible crimes happening in our cities. I see, who holds the responsibility in those struggles you mention? Is it the State? The clients? The employees? At first, the state— because the issue is that we're trying to prohibit it, which only makes it worse. And what would you say to all the girls working in this business, what is your message to them? If you are being mistreated or abused, get out of there. If you think you might be in danger trying to leave the business, seek out help from law enforcement regardless of the law right now. I will try my best to provide a safe working environment for you, and I hope my colleagues will support the bill to get this done. And why do you think a girl would choose that career path, instead of any other? Out of desperation, I'd say. This career path is usually a last resort, I believe. But very well, it is their bodies, their choices, their freedom and their responsibilities to do it, and I respect and support their rights. We should acknowledge it like a profession and business like any other.It is however our duty as a government to provide safety and care, and respect their rights. Any final words do you want to add? A message to our readers? I hope that we can strive to become a community where everyone respects each other. Let people be who they are, and treat each other with respect and dignity. Say no to hate, say no to discrimination, and say no to racism. If you witness it, help each other out. Do not be afraid to come to someone's aid. Be the change this society needs you to be. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  3. This thread will show the development of Herman Cox (22).
  4. The following will showcase the development of Ezra Bardin and his assimilation into organized crime in Los Santos.
  5. Sex Trafficking - When an adult engages in a commercial sex act, such as prostitution, as the result of force, threats of force, fraud, coercion or any combination of such means, that person is a victim of trafficking. Carmen "Coco" Ortega is a Jamestown local resident who, under extreme circumstances, is forced into prostitution and subject to almost daily humiliation. Carmen "Coco" Ortega, a former street hooker, has recently been freed from her former life by her newfound lover, William Iovino, a member of the mob and a man more than twice her age. Her hustle, however, never stops. This thread will follow her development. Viewer discretion is advised. DISCLAIMER While no overly explicit screenshots (nudity, detailed sexual RP) will be posted, certain scenes may include innuendos or suggestive lines. Therefore, it's best for individuals under 18 to stay away from this thread. The identities of anyone who does any kind of explicit RP with Carmen will be strictly kept confidential OOC. If certain explicit scenes are crucial to Carmen's development, I will ask for your permission to reveal your identity in the screens. If not, I may simply use "XX" as your identity. There is no pressure for you to ERP either. A fade-to-black is sufficient to further your character's development (and mine) and can be requested. Thank you and I look forward to roleplaying with you!
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