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Found 17 results

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gp5JCrSXkJY&list=PLCGcelpRfnj6NvkwlP1SD15Dlu6N-MvIj&index=3 Name: Angel Marsini D.O.B: 12/09/1998 P.O.B: New York City, NY Angel Marsini, born in New York City, was a hired assailant in various crimes involving multiple organizations, including that of the Colombo Crime Family, as well as a small faction of Armenian-based terrorists. His current location is unknown, due to cut ties with said Colombo Family due to internal affairs. His criminal activity spanned from vandalism to first-degree murder, with several years of prison time under his belt. Angel was born in Brooklyn, New York to both a loving father and mother, although later on the skeletons in their closets would be revealed to their son. Angel was a roughneck child, who loved to work and be active. He was on various sports teams from his middle school years to his high school years, earning multiple awards and titles as of it. But with the good, came the bad, as Angel was more or less a “kingpin” in school, in which he involved himself in the contribution of Cannabis, or more vaguely known to people as Marijuana or “Weed”, as well as the contraband of it as well, within school walls. On multiple occasions did Angel get caught in the act, but he cared little, as he was also moving it outside of school as well. His supplier was a member of the Colombo Crime Family, although this business wasn’t of the Colombo Family’s, as this unknown member was using this as a side-business to stack cash for other situations. Angel would receive 35% of whatever he had gotten from selling, giving the 65% to this stranger. During the latter years of his High School career, both his mother and father would have overdosed on Methamphetamine, due to years of usage whilst caring for Angel. After eventually graduating from High-School, Angel was losing stock in this Marijuana business, in which his supplier was already planning for, as later on, he would be introduced to the art and trade of racketeering. Angel at the age of 20, took charge, alongside other members of the Colombo Family, of a small faction of the ILA Union. A few months later though, various members of the family were arrested and charged on various crimes, but the latter of them being charged in Labor-Racketeering. Angel however wasn’t caught, as the day this bust had happened, Angel was upstate on a “mission” from the Colombo Family, in which he was to apprehend files from a buyer of unknown origin, or atleast to Angel. It was revealed soon that this unknown group was a small group of Armenian terrorists, which acquired files from a larger organization that has ties with La Cosa Nostra. After Retrieving these said files, Angel would return to Brooklyn, hearing news beforehand of the bust, in which he would pack his things and leave New York City, heading towards Los Santos, in which he would stay to lie low for some time, hearing of other members of the Colombo family in Angelo Sisca Jr. and Paul Longo were already there, each with their own operations as well. As for Angel, this meant starting from scratch, but nothing he hasn’t done beforehand. As of now, no one knows of Angel’s whereabouts, although more than likely, he is heading directly to Los Santos to lay low, but for now, it is unknown.
  2. STATUS: Hustling; 0 stars | CREDITS: Character Sheet Created By Discord User Rōnin#6023. This thread will unfold DeMarcus Tāufaʻāhau Davis Jr.'s life and development. 𝕲𝖊𝖓𝖊𝖗𝖆𝖑 𝕴𝖓𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖒𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓 Legal Name: DeMarcus Tāufaʻāhau Davis Jr. Legal Title: Jr. Nick Name(s): N/A Age: 12 Date of Birth: 03/07/2010 Place of Birth: Central Los Santos Medical Center Nationality: American Race: African American / Tongan American Gender: Male Language(s) Spoken: English Accent: South Los Santos Accent Address: 413 Grove Street, Davis Occupation: Davis Middle–High School Student 𝕻𝖍𝖞𝖘𝖎𝖈𝖆𝖑 𝕴𝖓𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖒𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓 Height: ~5'4" Ft. (~163 Cm.) Weight: 121 lbs. (~55 kg) Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Body Build: Ectomorph Dominant Hand: Left Race: African American / Tongan American Distinguishing Features: Gauze wraps around his neck and head (a hat covers the head) and chest. Physical Description: ~5'4" Ft. (~163 Cm.). A Tongan American boy who sports black dreadlocks which flail out in sundry directions. Straight-and-narrow brows are raised above dark brown charred-orbs—which blaze with fury. He has a small, nubby nose; and ectomorph, lean body build. White socks clash with his timeworn, non-Brand, generic black sneakers. Somewhat deep voice. South Central accent. Small stab wound in rib cage and bullet scar at the gut. Gauze wraps around his neck and head (a hat covers the head) and chest. Voice Description: Somewhat deep voice. South Central accent. 𝕾𝖙𝖆𝖙𝖘 Respect: ▰▰ Stamina: ▰▰▰▰ Muscle: ▰▰ Fat: ▰ 𝕸𝖊𝖉𝖎𝖈𝖆𝖑 𝕴𝖓𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖒𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓 Blood-type: AB+ Medical History: DeMarcus got stabbed-. . by a pen in the gut—a minor injury barely worth noting. DeMarcus's hoodie blanketed the stabbing. But the pen entreated deep enough for the pen to stick out of his gut. DeMarcus also got shot in the upper-chest and another bullet skimmed his head, but didn't damage anything vital. Medical Information: ADHD diagnosis. In excellent physical shape other than being too light-weight for his age. Notes: Doctor's Recommendation: Build some muscle and fat. 𝕮𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖎𝖓𝖆𝖑 𝕽𝖊𝖈𝖔𝖗𝖉 N/A 𝕬𝖉𝖉𝖎𝖈𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓𝖘 ⟴ Coffee 𝕻𝖊𝖗𝖘𝖔𝖓𝖆𝖑𝖎𝖙𝖞 Mental State: DeMarcus is in a frenzied state, feeling like an animal backed into a corner. Financial pressures keep building up, his mother needs money for insulin shots to survive, and thugs keep picking on him because he is young and weak; DeMarcus has been forced to grow up fast. Not to mention puberty is beginning for him. Daily his morality is tested and slowly DeMarcus finds himself crossing every moral line, but a very recent conversation with a mechanic named Johnny has given him hope by suggesting he stick to an outlaws' moral code since that's the life sucking DeMarcus in. He'll do whatever it takes in order for him and his mother to survive. Religion: Mormon Alignment: Neutral Good Sexuality: Heterosexual Fear(s): Loosing his mother, dying in the streets (like his father did), and dying poor and alone. Hobbies: Rugby/Football, mixing rap beats (he sucks at it but likes messing around with the programs), beatboxing (he is alright at it), freestyling (he sucks at it), joyriding in the family whip, and bribing his way or sneaking into night clubs underage to party and cop booze on the down low, underage. Skills: Lockpicking, stealth, slippery like a snake, basic parkour ability, a fist sponge (constant beatings built up a high pain tolerance in DeMarcus) who stands in-battle for a while (but he sucks at fighting), and perceptive as Hell. Positive Traits: Good-natured, perceptive; chill as ice, but beginning to be more on guard and aware of people trying to rip him off; cool to people he can trust at least a little, but still on edge; extremely adaptable in situations and to circumstances; intelligent, strategic, quick learner, intuitive; empathetic, but knows when to hide that trait; quick-witted, and quick-footed. Neutral Traits: Mellowed out when high. Negative Traits: Trust-issues, paranoia, hyperactivity; extremely impressionable and prone to peer pressure; a mean drunk, tenfold when cross-faded; and sometimes makes risky plays toward the ends of his plans. 𝕻𝖗𝖔𝖑𝖔𝖌𝖚𝖊 DeMarcus Tāufaʻāhau Davis Jr.’s story starts 3 Generations back . . . 1941, Tongan natives Kelekolio and Laaka Nukuʻalofa—husband and wife—legally immigrate from Nukuʻalofa, Tongatapu, Tonga to Idlewood, Los Santos, San Andreas, The United States of America—thanks to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ assist in the process. Kailao Nuku‘alofa was born on April 4th, 1943, at the Central Los Santos Medical Center; he was raised by two Mormon-convert Pacific Islander parents. Kailao grew up facing discrimination—socially and systemically—on the basis of his skin color in an era of high racial tensions, in spite of being a Pacific Islander and not of African American descent; racism pushed Kailao toward activism, inspiring him to pursue a degree in political science at the University of Los Santos, San Andreas (ULSA). October 15th, 1966, The Black Panther Party for self-defense (BPP) was founded by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale in Oakland, San Fierro, San Andreas—the BPP was a revolutionary organization with an ideology of Black nationalism, socialism, and armed self-defense, specifically against police brutality. The BPP formed in the midst of the Black Power movement and in response to failures of the Civil Rights Movement, turning it toward militancy. 1967, Kailao joined the BPP at age 23 early in the organization’s lifespan when numbers were low. Kailao increasingly involved\himself in political activism avidly that year, particularly for Black rights. Kailao legally changed his name to “DeMarcus” to both Americanize himself more and to identify himself synonymously with the Black Power movement. May 2nd, 1967, 26 panthers led by Seale from Oakland traveled to the Sacramento State House to protest the Mulford Act—a bill prohibiting the closed or open carry of loaded firearms. This event rapidly spread awareness of the BPP. The BPP pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of disrupting a legislative session. Kailao/DeMarcus was among the 26 armed men charged, putting him on the Federals’ radar. Kailao/DeMarcus rose to prominence within the BPP overtime. Following a complex history of interactions, Kailao/DeMarcus—a Malcolm X follower—met, fell in love with, started dating, and eventually married fellow activist—devout Martin Luther King Jr. follower—Malika Davis, a muslim African American female. They adopted Malika’s surname as the family name since it was more American than Kailao’s/DeMarcus’s. Multiple street gangs formed and rose to power to combat intimidation from white supremacy gangs. 1980s–1990s, an event known as the “Crack Epidemic” where cocaine flooded major Urban Centers across The Nation transpired. Early-1980s, Kailao/DeMarcus and Malika Davis purchased a house on Grove Street, Davis. Kailao/DeMarcus and Malika continued activism years into the Crack Epidemic . . . Kailao’s/DeMarcus’s parents Kelekolio and Laaka passed away at ages 71 and 77 due to old age. Divers socioeconomic factors—the Crack Epidemic, high racial tensions, a rising hate crime rate—pressured violence in inner-City neighborhoods, consequently skyrocketing the crime rate. Anti-crime legislation passed through congress and red taping policies negatively affected African American communities, which Kailao/DeMarcus and Malika duly protested against. Multiple street gangs rose to Power out of competition over resources. Particularly, The Crips were founded in 1969 by Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams at Fremont and Washington High School and they led the East and West Side Crips respectively. Williams reflected in his 2004 memoir Blue Rage, Black Redemption: A Memoir The Crips “depicted a fighting alliance against street gangs—nothing more, nothing less.” 1972,\ The Bloods federation formed out of numerous gangs’ collective bitter rivalries with The Crips. The Bloods. Innumerable Crip and Blood sets established themselves all over Los Santos, San Andreas. Bloods were outnumbered by Crips 3–1. Davis slowly transformed into one of America’s most notorious and dangerous hoods. 1970s–1980s, The Tongan Crip Gang (TCG) formed in Idlewood, Los Santos, San Andreas. Early-July 2002, Malika was announced pregnant. On February 8th, 2002, Felecia Davis was born. Early-July 2003, Malika was announced pregnant. On January 13th, 2003, Malik Azikiwe Davis, named after his mother, middle-name derived from Nnamdi Benjamin Azikiwe’s last name (the “Father of Nigerian Nationalism,” a Nigerian statesman and political leader considered a driving force behind the Nation’s Independence who served as the first President of Nigeria from 1963–1966). July 13th, 1988, Kailao/DeMarcus was found dead riddled with lead in the middle of Grove Street. Some suspect a white supremacy gang or FBI/CIA assassinated him. Malika slipped into a severe depression; Malika quit activism and took to an unhealthy degree of comfort eating fast and sugary foods. As if things could not get worse, on October 19th 1987, Black Monday—a financial crisis—triggered a wave of deleveraging with significant macroeconomic consequences; by February, the market lost 60% of its value and Malika fell below the poverty line, becoming eligible for the food stamp program. Malika got addicted to PCP to cope. DeMarcus Tāufaʻāhau Davis Jr. was born on March 7th, 2010 at Central Los Santos Medical Center, bordered by Capital Boulevard, Crusade Road, Davis Avenue, and Innocence Boulevard within Los Santos, San Andreas. He was named after and in honor of his father. “Tāufaʻāhau”—DeMarcus Jr.'s middle-name—references a young Tongan warrior, strategist, and orator named Tāufaʻāhau who united Tonga into a kingdom in 1845. DeMarcus Davis Jr.’s last name is adopted from his widowed mother’s birth-name. DeMarcus Davis Jr. grew up in The Projects—the poverty-plunged Hellhole of The CIty of Davis—the Murder Capitol of Los Santos, trapped in a perpetual cycle of violence—flooded with narcotics and populated by gang-affiliated ballers and poser-bustas. DeMarcus Jr.’s father was raised Mormon and converted Malika to religion, so DeMarcus Jr. was born, raised, and still is a devout Mormon; while devout, DeMarcus Jr. is a “Mormon” by name only practically, besides how it affects his budding moral compass and his occasional prayers. In 2016, DeMarcus Davis Jr’s older brother Malik began banging with the TCG, around when DeMarcus was merely age 6. Malik earned the alias “Cane,” after proving to be a demon-child. Malik became the black sheep of the Davis family from a young age. However, in 2020 Cane ditched the gang after disagreement over the TCG’s future and direction with the O.G.s. Malik moved to New York City, New York with ambitions of becoming an East-side player. 2017, Cane joined the Murderous Mad Dogs Blood-affiliated street gang set based in New York, Brooklyn. DeMarcus Jr. loathed Malik for his betrayal of his hood and turning his back on his own family. To DeMarcus Jr., Malik is dead. CONTINUE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uABO0isv0n20wrKEGvC0QPfb8imF4IsL-3G98CqXfI0/edit?usp=sharing
  3. Maxim Yahontov DoB: 03/11/1984 Place of Birth: Med Tsentr “Kavkaz”, Chechnya Nationality: Chechen Early Life: Maxim was born in 1984 in the town of Gudermes in Chechnya. He was an only child, raised by his Mother Khava and his Soldier Father Anzor. The Chechen republic was a tough place to grow up in, filled with struggle and hardships, but his mother and father did the best they could for Maxim. His father being a soldier, taught Maxim Discipline and Respect and how to defend himself whenever he was around. Maxim always had food in front of him and clothes on his back despite the hard times, albeit rugged. He did well in school in his early years, having an affinity for numeracy and money. He mostly kept to himself and focused on his work. He was always a driven boy, trying to impress his father and walk in his footsteps. Crime was prevalent in his hometown even before the war. But like so many others the war changed his life. During the first Chechen war for independence, his father was killed in action, leaving only Maxim and his mother, before his father left, he said to him “My son you are the man of the family while I am gone, look after your mother for me”. Since then, Maxim strived to do better, to do whatever it takes to look after his mother, she was all he had left. Chechen Soldiers: Chechen War 1994-1996 Teenage Years: After the war had ended in 1996 Maxim was 12 years old, the horrors of the war had left him scarred, his town ruined, his father died, and his mother bitter. Since his father’s passing his mother hadn’t been the same, she became closed and scornful. She couldn’t look at Maxim the same way, Maxim never understood why but none the less she was his mother, and he had vowed to himself to protect her. Once the country returned to some sort of normality Maxim returned to school, trying his best so he can provide for himself and his mother. Financially Maxim and his mother were not doing well, as the weeks went on money became more and more of an issue. In school, he heard of some kids making extra money doing odd jobs for someone called “The scrapper”. Deciding that he needed to take matters into his own hands to put food on the table he approached one of his peers asking about the jobs, after chatting for some time the other boy asked him to tag along and see what it was about. The jobs consisted of going around the derelict and destroyed parts of the town and scavenging any metal that was left behind from the war, including building materials, former military weaponry/machine parts. The catch was that they had to avoid the police and military patrols in the area if not they would be punished extensively for trespassing. His first time out with the group went well, after that he was hooked on doing more and more odd jobs for “The Scrapper”. His only motivation was the scraps of cash he received for the jobs, Maxim never saw it as bad, just a means to an end. His mother never questioned where the money came from, she didn’t care, no matter what Maxim did she never thanked him, she never really even acknowledged him, just fed him, watered him, and left him to his own devices. Hellbent on fulfilling his father’s wishes he never thought twice about the way she treated him, he just got on with it. As Maxim got older and the more jobs he did for “The Scrapper” the more he was recognised and rewarded for his work. When Maxim was 19 “The Scrapper” asked to have a meeting with Maxim and discuss what he called “Career Opportunities”. Learning that Maxim was good with numbers and money he offered him a job as an accountant of sorts, running the books for his scrapping business and other activities. Maxim considered the position not knowing what rabbit hole it would lead him down, but the pay was too good to turn up, he hesitantly accepted, and “The Scrapper” put him to work. Police Sketch from Eyewitnesses of "The Scrapper" Adult Life: Running and making the books for “The Scrapper” became his full-time job, he didn’t know the man’s real name until he was 24, but even still he never cared much for his real name, Maxim always called him Scrapper and that was that. Maxim worked under Scrapper for years, helping him grow his business and watching it sprout roots into other industries like Insurance, Loans, and even building development. Of course, each of these business ventures had an anterior motive, however, Maxim never cared about the moral choices, all he cared about was results and profits, much to Scrapper’s delight. But like all tall and proud structures, at some point in time, they will begin to crumble. Maxim never really knew Scrapper’s age, but he could see him getting old, the older Scrapper got the looser his grip was physically and metaphorically speaking. His businesses started to become sloppy, his choices less calculated, and his judgment more clouded. Police inquiries were becoming more frequent, beat cops became men in suits flashing badges, things were starting to go bad. The decline was slow and steady at first, but Maxim could see it in the figures, he saw the ship was slowly sinking and decided he would not go down with it. Thinking only for himself and his mother, who now was getting old herself, he began secretly hiding cash away, stealing small portions from each business, and rigging the books to make it look legit. As soon as the ship was about to go under, he would take a step back and watch it sink from the shore. Of course, this was no easy feat, working so closely with Scrapper meant that eyes would also be on him, when he left, he had to vanish, but then he thought about his mother, she couldn’t disappear. Thinking back on how his mother had treated him the last 30 years she treated him like he was invisible anyway, he decided he could look after her from afar, not as if she would notice anyway. It took a few years for the police to crack down on Scrapper’s empire, during this time Maxim carefully articulated his escape plan, slowly depositing his stolen money into an offshore account, acquiring a fake ID to cross the border into Georgia then fly overseas from there. His plan worked, he left a note to his mother along with some cash stating that he will send more whenever he can, he was out of the country before Scrapper was even arrested. He felt like he should have said goodbye to Scrapper, after all they had worked together for nearly 20 years, but despite this, Maxim never really cared much for the man, only the work and money he provided. Maxim fled to the states, more specifically Los Santos where he used the money to set himself up for a quiet but comfortable life, he thought of it as an early retirement of sorts, after all, he had worked hard his whole life. Image of the mentioned stolen Cash. Present Day: Maxim is 37 years of age now, he has been living in Los Santos for nearly a year now, the first few months were bliss, and he enjoyed his “retirement”, spending days at the beach, going to the gym, sending money back to his mother every couple of weeks along with a letter asking how she was doing. The money was always received but he never ever got a letter in return. After nearly 5 months of living in the states, each day was becoming the same, there was no excitement, no variety just living. Maxim decided he needs to start doing something again, but what he decides remains to be seen…
  4. this thread follows the progress of devote shakur, the son of Tupac Shakur and the leader of the west side KILLAZ
  5. Name: Edgar Certillo Age: 16 Birthplace: Pillbox Hospital Family: Auntie (Alive), Mom (Deceased), Dad (Unknown) Backstory: Edgar was born and raised in East Vinewood on Bridge Street. From a young age, Edgar was exposed to a lot of crime, growing up in an area riddled with gangs and gang members, but his mother insisted on him going to school as he tried his best to stay away from this life. Since the first grade of middle school, Edgar met one of his closest friends, later becoming his best friend. As they grew up, both of them were staying away from known gang members, which made them the subject of a lot of bullying, especially Edgar. The other peers at school looked at gang banging as a cool hobby, not knowing the problems this life comes with or what drove you to pursue this kind of lifestyle. As Edgar grew up, the bullying only intensified as his best friend started to hang out around more popular kids, leaving Edgar without any friends. It didn't take a long time until Marcus (Edgar's best friend) started to hang around known gang members, even being put on into a rival gang, 18th Street. Edgar didn't really care about Marcus being affiliated to a different neighborhood as he didn't gang bang, but as one year passes Marcus is the subject of a drive-by shooting, leaving him paralyzed. His gang member homies stopped hanging around him as they didn't tolerate handicapped people around them so Edgar and Marcus got close again. Soon the rival gang started to ridicule Marcus for being left handicapped, bringing a lot of shame to the 18th Street gang. This led to Marcus being gunned down as he was walking back home one day. The news made Edgar depressed as he had to bury his day one homie. One year passes as Edgar and his mother are driving towards one of their favorite fast food places, as a reward for Edgar's good grades. The car is involved in a deadly accident that left his mother dead and left Edgar with a hearing problem, making him very sensitive to loud noises. This event made Edgar consider his life as he dropped out of high school, turning his back to a normal education and diving straight into gang life. Since then Edgar has been seen hanging out with known gang members of the El Monte Flores gang. Notable Details about Edgar Certillo: I. Risky is a careless human being, also a loner.II. Edgar is known for having a hearing problem, but he rarely mentions it and tries to ignore it as much as he can.III. Edgar would have his hair braided, and has never been seen without that hairstyle as he has been pressed multiple time over him being a hispanic with a haircut like this. IV. Risky has been known for putting in work for his gang, as he has recently been posting on Instagram about being affiliated and he would usually use the platform to diss/clown his rival gang members. Characteristics of Edgar Fashion — This character is into fashion heavy. They want the newest Jordans that came out, and are willing to do anything to get them. This character is also probably heavy on social media, trying to flex on their peers with the newest clothes and shoes. Robber — This character steals things. He's breaking into homes or robbing others at gunpoint. You can recruit others to help you with your schemes, or do these missions solo. The items are probably sold online, or to others in the neighborhood. Trapstar — This character focuses on the sale of illegal narcotics. This character probably knows someone who they can get drugs from wholesale, and either distributes to smaller dealers or deals on the streets themselves. They probably join the gang for protection of their operation or get their drugs through current gang members, which leads to them joining. Money Oriented — This character is always after money, getting it any way they can. Crash Dummy — A send-off kid, usually reckless and wild. This is a person that you could send off to do anything and everything that you wanted, no matter how dangerous it can turn. It's evident that this person is fueled by adrenaline, and they like it so they do whatever they can to keep themselves riled up. Crash dummies are more than likely going to end up dead or prison at a young age and are one of those types of people you wouldn't wanna always hang with because of the danger level. Ghetto — This character has a broken down home, not having enough money to move as he stays on the streets almost all day, not having problems about how long he stays out. Social media: https://face.gta.world/hoesloveedgar
  6. WetEmUP

    Cedric Coleman

    Cedric Coleman is an 18 year old male who lives on Covenant street with his grandma. He works at the Davis gas station and when he's not doing that he's usually just hanging around outside or smoking marijuana. He doesn't have anyone he really considers a friend and he doesn't really look for them either. At the age of 16 his best friend Shaun "Beezy" Evans was shot and killed while attempting to rob someone in their home. Since then Cedric has pretty much kept to himself, proclaiming to have a small circle and that he doesn't need new friends. His criminal record is small, though he has been arrested for shoplifting and on two occasions he got arrested for possession of a controlled substance when he was caught with a bottle of percocets that did not belong to him.
  7. Eight Years Ago... One Year Ago... This thread will focus on the development of Calvin Bennett.
  8. DENZEL "DENZ" BENNETT & VICTORIA "VICKY" DAVIS PERSONAL INFORMATION: Alias(es): Denz, lowly Benny or DB. Likes: Partying, drugs, narcotics, overall enjoying with his people and thinking to thrive further. Dislikes: Unloyal people, fake friends or hoes. Flaws: Deals with anger issues, depression & anxiety, often doing a fatal error in a very important situation. CRIMINAL RECORD: Previous Charges (if any): None. [will be updated]. Current Charges (if any): None. Thoughts abouts TTCF: A violent and miserable place filled with people like him and his father. FAMILY: Father (STATUS: DECEASED) MOTHER (STATUS: DECEASED) BROTHER (STATUS: DECEASED) UNCLE (STATUS: ALIVE - ILL) AUNT (STATUS: DECEASED). IMPORTANT BACK-HAND INFORMATION: QUOTE: "People aren't born to act as demons, the circumstances prove to make them demons".
  9. This thread will follow the life of the West Side Tongan Crip Gang Leader, Rafi "Raf" Thompson.
  10. senia

    sore losers

    how come its a standard on lsrp/gtaw for people to rp super violent thugs who insult people for no reason and escalate to drawing knives/guns over the tiniest reasons to file a forum report every time they are on the losing end of a scenario? it seems everyone wants to rp being an omega lesbian gun toting OG but they need to file a forum report whenever they get themselves shot for it. these kind of people who file petty reports where they are clearly fishing for a punishment out of spite should get warnings for doing so and in extreme cases maybe be restricted from engaging in illegal RP since they are incapable of handling the outcome of an IC 'loss' or death in a situation they've brought upon themselves. jamming people up in lengthy forum reports and having admins waste their time digging through logs and such because you are a baby is really lame and wasting everyone's time.
  11. Luca Ross Luca Ross, was born in South Central Los Santos to a single mother. He is clueless to his father's whereabouts his mother said he was just gone. Luca presided in Davis during his childhood including present day still being a "Groove" Street local to this day. At the age of six, His mother started dating a local drug dealer he took good care of the family until his unfortunate passing on Luca's 14th birthday in a gang related shooting. This event led to Luca deciding the life was dangerous and distancing himself from it until his mother became an addict this lead to Luca having to become the breadwinner of the house with nobody wanting to hire a sixteen year old from his demographic he started Stealing, Scamming, and Dealing. His long term goals include building a client base for his dealing, joining the local hoover set, and learning more skills to keep him alive in the streets. Pictured: Luca after tagging a wall. Pictured: Luca posted on the block.
  12. The South Side Carson Crips (SSCC), also known as the South Side Davis Crips (SSDC) or the South Side Crips (SSC), is a predominantly black Crip gang in the city of Davis in South Los Santos. The gang is currently pushing into it's fifth decade with a mix of an older & newer generation of locs. Before the South Side Carson Crips sought out and formed as it's own identity, they were known as the US Boys (United South Boys). The US Boys took on the Davis Crip identity after Derek "D Dogg" Wilkinson was beaten into a coma by the Lynwood Park Pirus (LPP), who were at the time called the Lynwood Park Hustlers. As soon as the gang fell through with the alliance with the Crips, they waged war against other rival neighborhoods. At one point the South Side Carson Crips were deeply respected by all Davis Crips gangs so much that they were free to roam in other Crip hoods. All was well for the Davis Crips up until 1983 when crack cocaine hit the streets of South Los Santos. With the introduction to crack cocaine to the street, came the enticement for young poverty suffering males to make a profit and feed their families. South Side Carson Crips became one of the main Crip affiliated hubs in Davis to purchase crack cocaine as well as other gangs. The supply & demand for cocaine in Davis at the time was so high that neighborhood friendships turned into rivalries. And in 1984, the E/S Santana Blocc Davis Crips (ESSBDC) kicked off an everlasting war with their once close ally, the South Side Davis Crips (SSDC). The war between the gangs started from a fight at a house party over owed drug money from a South Side Davis Crips member by the name of Otis "S Capone" Wallace. The Santana Blocc Crips beat & robbed Otis in the backyard and shot him three times as he tried to escape. Otis' cousin, South Side Davis Crip member Travis "Baby Crip Cat" Wallace, went back for retaliation the very next night with Devon "Bad Lucc" Webb. Both SSDCs armed with pistols, pulled up to N Roy Lowenstein Blvd & Francis Avenue and opened fire upon a crowd of Santana Blocc Crips who were celebrating the graduation of OG Slicc's daughter. In the process of the shooting, OG Slicc's daughter Tamryn Greg was shot 7 times and died at the hospital. The 36 years long war was on between the SSDC and the SBDCs. Throughout the years of the war, the SSDCs went through a series of phases identity wise. From the early 1980s all the way until the early 2000s, the gang was known as the South Side Davis Crips. That was up until the gang's first & second generation finally started to die out and fade. The gang's fourth generation picked up the slack that the gang was lacking on in 2005, and the name changed from South Side Davis Crips into the South Side Carson Crips to honor the alliance they had formed with other Crips who are located on Carson Avenue. The gang's 4th generation OGs also veered away from the Crips' traditional formatting of rank. The South Side Carson Crips (SSCC), also known as the South Side Crips (SSC) or the Double S Gang are an internationally known African-American street gang based on the East Side in the Southeast (also known as the South Side) area in Davis, San Andreas. They are infamously known for being linked to high-profile murders, including rapper Tupac Shakur and Yetunde Price, the sister of tennis players Venus and Serena Williams. Despite their geoghaphical location being on the Davis' East Side, they claim South Side, due to their turf being in the Southern area of Carson Avenue. Members are known to wear apparel by the Seattle Mariners with the "S" (for South) to signify their affiliation with the South Side Crips. THE HISTORY OF THE SOUTH SIDE CARSON CRIP GANG FROM 1968 - 2010s (Crip Formation) 1. The 5100 block (Brouge Avenue & Carson Avenue) and the 5500 (Roy Lowenstein Blvd & Carson Avenue) block communities were always close, they made the US (United South Boys/Girls) in 1968. 2. Turned Crip in 1973 after constant beef with modern day Bloods from E/S Davis & Rancho (MOB Piru, Neighborhood Piru). 3. Formed alliance with W/S Nutty Blocc Carson Crip (Strawberry Ave & Carson Avenue) and S/S Carson Drive Carson Crip (Forum Drive & Carson Avenue) in 1980s, known as Nutty-South-Carson. (Gang Rivals) 1. Santana Blocc Carson Crip (Rancho, Jamestown Street & Carson Avenue) since 1980s 2. MOB Piru (Rancho, Jamestown Street & Macdonald Street) since 1970s even before Bloods & Crip alliances. 3. Kelly Park Carson Crip (Chamberlain Hills, Forum Drive & Carson Avenue) since 1984 4. E/S Outlaw 20s Bloods (Davis, Covenant Avenue) since 2008, on and off. 5. N/S Roy Neighborhood Piru (Rancho, Roy Lowenstein Blvd & Macdonald Street) 6. All Neighborhood Crips, Blocc Crips, and Hustler Crips (x2) (Davis & South Central Los Santos) 7. Florencia 13 (Rancho, defunct) 8. Chamberlain Varrio Tortilla Flats 13 (Chamberlain Hills, Strawberry Avenue) 9. E/S 43 Hoover Criminals (Davis, Grove Street) 10. E/S Playboys 13 (Rancho) 11. E/S Harpys 13 (Davis) 12. E/S 5900 Block Hoover Criminals (Davis) (Gang Allies) 1. S/S Forum Drive Carson Crip (Strawberry) [based on Atlantic Drive Compton Crip] 2. W/S Nutty Blocc Carson Crip (Chamberlain Hills) 3. E/S Grape Street Rancho Crip (Rancho) 4. S/W Carson Asian Boyz (Davis, Davis Avenue) 5. All Mafia Crips (x2) & Gangster Crips (x3) 6. Hillside 13 (El Burro Heights) (51 to 55 to 53) 1. SSCC was founded on Brouge Avenue & Carson Avenue. The 51s (originally known as Brouge Ave Crew) birthed the 55s (originally known as Low Lines). 2. The 5500 block gang members would have the most generation/structure changes due to the nature of gang life on Roy Lowenstein Boulevard. (Hence is why 5500 has so many names compared to the 51 Baby Locs) (Clique Name Formations Over The Years) -> (US Boys > Brouge Avenue Crew > Brouge Baby Locs > Baby Loc Crips) 5100 Block Clique -> (US Boys > Low Line > Tiny Bully Crips > Bully Aves > Low Life Bully Mafia) 5500 -> (Parkside A-Lines >) 5300 3. 5300 block used to be territory for a new clique of the Florencia 13 in West Rancho. The SSCC (51 and 55) killed them off and birthed the 5300 clique there. (Gang Signs) 1. The S/S 51 Baby Loc Carson Crip (SSBLCC) [Brouge Avenue & Carson Avenue] 2. The S/S 55 Low Life Bully Mafia Carson Crip (SSLLMCC) [Roy Lowenstein Blvd & Carson Avenue] 3. The S/S 53 Parkside A-Line Carson Crip (SSPALCC) [Davis Avenue / Innocence Blvd / Roy Lowenstein Blvd] (Rank) 1. The ranks in the hood originally went as OBG > BG > TG (mid 1980s - 1990s). Everyone in the hood in both cliques were TGs in the 1980s and 1990s -> The TGs eventually took younger homies under their wings and made them TGs (OBG > BG > OTG > TG; 1990 to early 2000s) -> Then the youngest TGs went on to have younger homies and made them YTGs (OBG > BG > OTG > TG > YTG; mid 2000s to present) -> The TGs from the 1980s and 1990s who were still alive flipped the ranking system in 2003, separating them by clique. -> Everyone who was put on the hood after 2003's ranks are according to clique, which is why there are OTGs from 5100 Baby Loc & 5500 Low Life Mafia. 2. Anyone with the 5 in their name was known for committing homicides for the gang. The meaning was taken seriously back in the early 2000s. 3. The SGs is ranking specific to the 5300 clique it was formed by the 51s and 55s to continue to traditional clique separation ranking. 4. In the early 2000s there was multiple friendly fire shootings that led to a brief 51 to 55 civil war. This led into 51s taking up the (OBG > BG > YBG) ranking system while the 55s took the (OTG > TG > YTG) rank system. Eventually the war died out, but the ranks were agreed upon to stay changed by various old heads.
  13. David Galinsky is a twenty six year old who works as a second hand auto salesman with ties to organized crime. Born and raised in the middle class suburbs of Mirror Park, David has always had things handed to him. His mother working as a civil attorney his father a banker at Maze Bank. His parents began to suffer cracks in there marriage when David was only sixteen, faced with the many pressures of being a teenager along with a potential divorce didn't bode well for the spoiled youth. He found himself resorting to opioids and developed a strong drinking habit not to mention the fixed stipends his parents gave him every month he became a degenerate gambler. Attending ULSA for a bachelors in criminal justice David could not handle the pressures of college life eventually dropping out. Upon dropping out of school David was cut off from his parents including the monthly allowances, he tried selling party drugs for some time at the local clubs in Vinewood, not liking the style of business he'd try a different avenue for "fast cash". This is how he'd meet Ronald Lynch a prominent gangster in LS getting himself involved in house robberies and car boosting/chopping. Upon working for Ronald for some time David became more and more in tune with the criminal underworld developing the name Dodgy Dave. ((OOC NOTE: This is the first time I've actually written a character story, this should be fun.))
  14. Nicholas James Trisano (born October 17, 1982) is an American mafia soldier in the Conti crime family. He is a member of North Vinewood’s Clinton Avenue Crew. Trisano has a hand in gambling operations, the sex industry, and leads a burglary ring out the Dirty Duke Social Club. Nicholas Trisano was born and raised in East Hook, Broker, Liberty City to an underworld bookmaker and a housekeeper. He was described as a bright student with a talent for mathematics but reportedly struggled with concentration issues and mouthiness in class. Nicholas had a Sunday job mowing Gerald Marchetti’s lawn as a result of his father’s close friendship with Marchetti. In high school, Nicholas regularly sold stolen cigarettes and, in some cases, even marijuana. Nicholas’ tall, imposing look—with gaunt, hard features and a long jaw that resembled a bird’s beak—juxtaposed against his amiable nature.[1] He had no violent tendencies and had never been in contact with the police. Trisano went on to study applied mathematics at St. Matthias University but did not finish his studies, citing a lack of competence.[2] He spent his last years in Liberty City working as a bookmaker due to his proficiency with numbers. Trisano was lured to the West Coast at the promise of a lucrative job offer but had a dispute with his employer. Instead, he became a doorman for a downtown nightclub called The Escape.[3] He extorted drug dealers by granting them free entry and obfuscating their dealings in exchange for a percentage of their profit. Disillusioned with his career choice, Nicholas decided on a life of low-level crime on the side. This included B&Es, stick-ups and all forms of thievery alongside his associate Henry Callahan. Their ill-gotten gains were moved through a Sandy Shore Fence, Charles Meade. Nicholas’ tardiness resulted in another run in with his employer, and he was subsequently fired.[4] In 2020, Trisano reunited with family friend Gerald Marchetti, a Conti soldier, and made connections with various organized crime figures. He worked as a private jeweller, serving high-rollers and businessmen in late hours of the night and fostered an interest in jewelry and gemology.[5] Nicholas established a fruitful friendship with Broker native John Capra, another up-and-coming associate, and organized illegal gambling games in the backrooms of various mafia connected establishments. This caught Conti underboss Dominic Altomare’s attention who officially put him on record with the mafia.[6] Altomare mentored Trisano in the fading ways of La Cosa Nostra. He began dabbling in the sex industry, operating Marchetti’s strip club Stargaze Gentlemen’s Club while running a small time prostitution ring under the guise of an escort agency. Trisano purchased and renovated a decayed property and named it the Dirty Duke Social Club on Clinton Avenue and Alta Street, Vinewood. As of May 2020, Nicholas uses the club as his headquarters, basing his prostitution, gambling and burglary operations from there. Trisano’s growing underworld prestige led to a ringleader position within the Clinton Avenue Crew. [7] The mafia's long, stressful hours and Nicholas’ erratic behavior began taking its toll. He became dependent on amphetamines to work himself through the day, and used benzodiazepines to sedate him at night—resulting in his traditional “dead-eyed look.” Trisano’s drug use led to the development of an anxiety and panic disorder for which he was eventually treated. In June 2020, Trisano and Capra organized a scam and robbery of a former associate, Yoska Makula, who was allegedly responsible for the indictment of a fellow Clinton Avenue associate. Their take amounted to a total of $671,000 in cash and loot and helped the pair earn more ground in Vinewood's underworld. Makula disappeared and his body was never found. Later on, Trisano was inducted in the Conti crime family alongside his day one partner-in-crime, John Capra. He served as a made man in the Clinton Avenue Crew. Credits & thanks to @Chef for the template.
  15. Date and place of birth: January 3rd 1998, Hamburg (Germany) Full name and last name: Kristoffer Gabriel Braunstein Location: Los Santos, San Andreas Occupation: Unknown Chapter one: Childhood. (1998-2018) Kristoffer's childhood went easy, without much problems within the first ten years of his life. As his life progressed though, he became a nightmare to his parents, whom have kicked Kristoffer out of their house along with his brother Matthias. Chapter two: What happened then? (2018) Matthias - his brother has already been twenty three by that time, Kristoffer - just twenty years old. Both brothers were small-time criminals from Berlin, who have also happened to be fans of the 187 Strassenbande music group. Cities in Germany, especially Hamburg were full of people such as Kristoffer and Matthias - young kids, most of which have dropped out of school to then become criminals, inspired by the 187 lifestyle. It was a way of life, on the streets of Hamburg. Something about it simply attracted many young boys' attention. Kristoffer became a drug dealer; selling cocaine, amphetamine and marijuana in Hamburg. The money which he had saved up let him and his brother fly away to the United States, in pursue of bigger money and spreading Polish product (amphetamine) around the American streets. His brother had already established contact with the Paleto Bay's German community, mostly compiled of neo-nazis and German gangsters. As soon as Matthias got a chance to meet up with his fellow friends in Paleto Bay, Kristoffer was trying to straighten his life out in Los Santos. He had bought a small apartment in Paleto Bay for him and his brother to sleep in, and used to drive for a long time everyday to Los Santos for work. Meanwhile his brother was rolling in cash, destroying bars, beating people up and bringing the 187 lifestyle over to Paleto Bay. Kristoffer, seeing his brother's success decided to give up on any legal jobs to pursue the life of a drug dealer. Chapter three: Paleto Bay's German gangsters are succesfully wiped out from the area. (late 2018-2019) After that happened, most of the German community, well... got literally wiped out from Paleto Bay. The Sheriff's operation was a success, leading to multiple arrests and deaths of the group members. The Braunstein brothers were forced to escape the area and pursuit a different lifestyle, somewhere else. Matthias has then returned back to Hamburg from the United States, while back in Germany he became a very succesful rapper. Kristoffer decided to stay in Los Santos for a few reasons. One of them being the fact that he wasn't affiliated with the group that much, but was rather someone who just hanged out along with them in bars and clubs. Obviously, the second reason was that as a young man he found Los Santos to be just perfect for him. Both to live in, and to sell drugs in. Chapter four: what's up with Kristoffer now? (2019) Life has been very lucky for Kristoffer in Los Santos. As he started to look around the city more and more, he had found people he can count on. Currently having contacts with the Jamestown Mafia and the Crips - Kristoffer is well set up, without even being a member in neither of the organizations. His plan is to have good contacts with everyone in Los Santos, just in case anyone has something interesting in offer. One of the reasons that prevents Kristoffer from joining any organized crime groups is the scenario of a conflict in between two, or more organizations. He would never appreciate being a side of such conflict, hence it could potentialy make it nasty for him and his business. As of now, Kristoffer owns a small apartment in Vespucci, which is the place he is usually seen at. Daily driving a grey Oracle XS, enjoying his life in the morning and the afternoon, and selling weed in the evening. ((OOC NOTE <spoiler>))
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