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Found 6 results

  1. OOC The Mighty Bush is a business that offers gardening services and/or landscaping provisions throughout the LS City. The main objective is to provide a realistic blue-collar roleplay environment to the server together with its services which fit the green environment areas in Los Santos city. If you're interested in to RP a groundskeeper you're cordially invited to join our discord here - https://discord.gg/CSjHbxwS
  2. Richard Lupo, a former blue-collar, is an owner of a blue-collar business at the northern-end of the city, at Morningwood as known as The Mighty Bush. Richard Lupo is also holder of the dubious telephone sex line, 1-800-LIPS that provide call girls to moonlight in his hotline. He is one of the go-to members of the society in Morningwood & Del Perro together with Christopher Julio and Samuel Reale. He's the Vice President member of the coveted Morningwood - Del Perro Chamber of Commerce (MDP-CoC). His unofficial involvements also include a car-theft operation and more with Patrick Cinghia and Samuel Reale. Dick / Rich Lupo is a former resident of 2333 Jamestown Street in Rancho who lost his house due to the housing crisis in the local area in advance.
  3. This thread follows the story of Patrick Cinghia, a blue collar criminal from Morningwood and his family.
  4. Ali

    Tigran Saroyan

    Tigran Saroyan (born July 15th, 2000) is a 19 year old youth of Armenian heritage living in Morningwood. Born in Morningwood, Los Santos; Tigran spent most of his adolescent life in the neighborhood where he was born. The community, widely referred to as Los Santos' Little Armenia, is home to a modern age organized criminal enterprise known as Armenian Power or West Side Armenian Power Gang (W/S AP Gang). Prelude Both Arman and Milena hailed from the town of Alaverdi, Armenia. His mother, Milena Garbedian was a mathematics tutor in their town and aimed to become a teacher, whereas his father, Arman Saroyan was an apprentice to an electrician. The couple decided to migrate with their first child and Tigran’s older sister - Arev Sayoran after significant hardship faced by the family. Due to their rural location near the border of Azerbaijan, the family was directly impacted by both the Armenian energy crisis of the 90s and the Nagorno-Karabakh war which began in 1988 and ended in 1995. Due to this, the family was able to gain asylum in the United States with the help of family already established within the country. It is estimated that around this time approximately 700,000 Armenians fled the country of which most went to Russia and others to the US and Europe. Early Life Tigran was born in the summer of 2000 to Arman Saroyan and Milena Saroyan (nee. Garabedian) in Morningwood, Los Santos. The family had a difficult time adjusting to life in America however eventually both Arman and Milena found work and were able to support their family to the best of their ability. However due to financial hardship, the couple often fought which almost always turned physical leading to a hostile home-environment for both Tigran and his older sister, Arev. Due to the troubles at home, Tigran in turn then invested as much time as he could outside home - having a very close bond with his mother she would often tutor him at home in a bid to give him the skills necessary to succeed academically and to have a successful career. In school, Tigran was considered the class clown and albeit being intelligent in history and mathematics did not perform well due to his nonchalant attitude towards academia. His sister, Arev on the other hand excelled academically. SAYA - San Andreas Youth Authority As time passed and Tigran grew older, he became more and more involved with the illicit activities that occurred around him. Starting with petty crime and harmless acts such as vandalism escalating to assault and robbery. It was also around this time that his parents separated and his father moved to Del Perro. Due to the troublesome home-life, Tigran spent more and more time with his friends on the streets which subsequently led to his detainment in the San Andreas Youth Authority, also known as ‘Gladiator School’ due to the frequent brawling that took place within. It was here that Tigran at the age of 16 would spend the next year and a half of his life and try to cultivate himself into a man. During his time at SAYA, Tigran got invested into fitness and began working out and following a specific routine daily. It was also at SAYA where Tigran learned how to handle himself under pressure and to fight as it was a regular occurence amongst the hot-blooded youths housed within the facility. At the age of 17, Tigran was released from SAYA and his mother decided it’s best to put him in the care of his father which in turn lead to more trouble as the duo often disagreed and Tigran harboured significant resentment towards his father due to the divorce. Shortly after living with his father, Tigran returned back to Morningwood to be with his mother. Present-Day Tigran Saroyan is now a 19 year old man who works in construction as a labourer while doing odd-jobs here and there to provide financially for his Mother who has been made redundant due to severe arthritis. His sister, Arev thrived off of academic success and subsequently moved out of state which has led to their relationship deteriorating significantly. Tigran is considered a talkative and light-hearted individual who often jokes around with his peers, however is known to have anger-issues at times. He is a tall and toned young man due to his focus on fitness, however he has several vices which provides an uneven balance to his lifestyle.
  5. Selling a lovely 1bedroom apartment in the heart of Morningwood. Accommodating residents and close by to multiple stores for convenience. Comes with a decent safe and multiple spots for parking!
  6. LUXURY BAR FOR SALE! Luxury bar located in Morningwood, some furnishing needs to be done. Can be whatever you want it to be, depends on your design. There's a huge parking lot by the side of the bar. Option for three floors! Starting Price: 600 Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/kGyPIEi You may contact me through phone or e-mail: [email protected] ((Forum PM)) Contact Number: 7007
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