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  1. THE LIFE OF S-J It all began when Sebastian Jones was 15 he had grouped up with a group of males that's was around his area in Morningwood and they named they-self The Athens Park Bloods and they used to go around fighting with the other groups that's around they area. As time goes by and three years will go by Sebastian will turn 18 and also the group of males will slowly depart from each-other they start going out and doing they own thing in life as time go by.
  2. OOC Information: Island Pride hopes to portray a realistic and immersive (albeit fictional) crew of native Los Santos residents with Pacific Islander / Polynesian heritage. Characters in this faction are local teens to young adults from a background of poverty. Appropriate ethnicities for this faction include: Samoan, Hawaiian, Tongan, Māori, and similar. We strive to ensure high roleplay quality and realistic character development. If you are interested in joining or want to learn more about the faction, contact @Sass or @KFA Discord: https://discord.gg/mXFgMZHVwF
  3. Bay City Peckerwoods (BCPW) is a white criminal gang located in the heart of Morning Wood, also referred to as “Murder Wood '' from the amount of violent crime that goes on and the surrounding areas. Bay City Peckerwoods can also be found in the Twin Towers Correctional Facility, where one of their top shot callers, Joseph “Slick” Nicholson can be found. Bay City Peckerwoods were formed by the previously mentioned Joseph “Slick” Nicholson, Samuel “Misfit” Waters, Keiron “Knuckles” Baker and William “Gonzo” Percy. The name Bay City Peckerwood is named after the street in Morning Wood, Bay City Avenue. The Beginnings The idea first came to the mind of Joseph “Slick” Nicholson and Samuel “Misfit” Waters when they were on the phone to each other. Joseph “Slick” Nicholson is currently locked up on a First Degree Murder charge and is serving all day. Slick introduced the idea to Misfit, and he reached out to some friends he knew of from around the county and the city. That’s when the loosely knit group of white criminals began running with each other. They all moved to an area called Morning Wood, and decided to name themselves the “Bay City Peckerwoods”, named after a nearby street “Bay City” where they hang out. Present Day The present day Bay City Peckerwoods are maintaining their presence in Morning Wood actively. The crimes that Bay City Peckerwoods are involved in include: Drug trafficking, weapon smuggling, murder, extortion , robbery, car theft and a range of others. The Bay City Peckerwoods main goal is to profit off their crimes. They will normally have racial issues but the reason why most of them are involved is to maintain an income through any means necessary. The Bay City Peckerwoods are often identified through tattoos such as woody woodpeckers, 100%, 23/16 and 14/88. OOC INFORMATION This faction aims to accurately portray a modern day Peckerwood Gang in the city. We aim to keep our roleplay realistic and unique. The Bay City Peckerwoods are looking for quality role players, who would like to build development. Our main goal is character development, and we will be enforcing this throughout the roleplay, while keeping it fun. You will need to fill out Character Kill Permissions upon joining our discord. Any questions, concerns or interest can be sent to @Finesse@cartii.
  4. 500 Cougar Avenue - Apartment 106 Selling a cozy, renovated apartment in the heart of Morningwood. 1 Bedroom • 1 Bathroom • Walk-in Closet • Dishwasher & Modern Appliances Included This apartment features an open floor plan that allows it to feel spacious, yet cozy. It's on the ground floor, one quick turn from the building's front door. The small patio on the ground-floor level allows you to quickly head in & out from the parking area, without using the building's main entrances. The building also has its own parking garage as well. Starting bid — 283k Buyout — N/A Interior Exterior & Patio (( /pinfo ))
  5. After the demise of the Romanians, many groups attempted to take their power, but none managed to do what Gruparea Interlopa Berceni-Morningwood did. Many months after their absence, the area they used to occupy fell into the hands of many gangs, which before stayed out due to the group's power, control, and bloodshed willingness to be spilt over the turf. The documented downfall of the Morningwood-Berceni connection came with heavy sentences and even death in some of the member's cases, some going into hiding back in the old country of Romania. Some of the most notorious members, such as Cristian Ionescu, paid for their influence and lack of regard for human life with their ability to enjoy life. Recently, one of the believed leaders of the organization was spotted back in Los Santos, he was believed to go into hiding and return to Romania, but for a year no one knew of his whereabouts, Marian Petrescu is back. I. Cristian Ionescu's current situation and his demise. A couple of months before the group's disappearance a mistake was made by one of the younger members, a sloppy murder in Vespucci that left too many traces to the group. The situation was complex, with multiple people wanting the individual murdered but the hit hadn't been confirmed yet to which the younger member jumped the gun by putting everyone at risk. With the LSSD starting to catch onto his mistakes, Saul's body was found in a ditch on the side of a river only four days later. His corpse being found linked him back to Romania and his affiliations with Bogdan Stoica, which ultimately would be the key factor of the investigation and the first act of the organization's downfall. Cristian is one of the members known for his brutality who would be caught in a shooting that left three high-ranking members of a rival Russian-Ukranian group dead and four other affiliates of theirs in the same state. With multiple police officers responding to the scene, Cristian was identified on a vehicle dashcam after hopping out with an AR-15 assault rifle, discharging hundreds of bullets, and ultimately murdering 6 police officers. Another masked individual that took part in the shootings would still not be identified due to sustaining multiple gunshot wounds and in the end, disappearing with no trace. The masked associate would be rumored to have been Marian himself, but nothing could ever be proven due to a lack of evidence. An arrest warrant for Cristian was issued and a reward of 10.000 dollars would be put up for his arrest, he is still to this day considered to be one of the most notorious Romanian immigrants in the US, leaving behind a total of 13 murders. A couple of months ago, Cristian made the mistake of walking inside a store without a mask on, a mistake that ended up with him being caught and extradited to Romania where he faced trial and received 7 consecutive life sentences. He has not been heard from since and his current state is unknown. II. Costi Draghici's situation and his lucky escape. As the organization was going downhill, Costi's involvement was unknown due to his attitude and well-thought-out actions. Costi was apprehended for his involvement in firearms and narcotics trafficking, tax fraud, and an alleged Church scheme in which the group would steal donations and clean money through various loopholes within the State of San Andreas legislation, which states that Churces are tax-free properties, not being taxed for income, property or local tax. His luck came with surprise witnesses which took the blame for him, taking him out of the equation when it came to jail time and only receiving a couple of heavy fines and 1 year in jail, which was reduced to zero days due to his time served. His forced return to Romania for his trial was the end of his career as a high-stakes partner in the criminal organization. He now leads a series of successful gambling parlors and has been staying out of trouble. III. Bogdan Stoica's downfall and his disappearance. Bogdan's involvement in the organization was key, being the legal front for the group through opening multiple businesses and partaking in an illegal car renting service and an underground gambling parlor. Bogdan would ultimately be the first to disappear, also being the first to be raided and classified as a fugitive. He is still on the run and his whereabouts are still unknown, with a reward of around 30.000 dollars for any information that would lead to an arrest. Bogdan was trialed and sentenced in Romania for tax fraud, the same Church scheme in which Costi was involved, taking all the blame from the surprise witness and in the end, the murder of Saul Neacsu. He was sentenced to 85 years in jail and most of his properties in San Andreas, including multiple luxury cars and properties, were taken. IV. The Petrescu Continuation. With Bogdan's apartment receiving an unannounced visit from LSSD, Marian Petrescu went into hiding, never being heard from again for around one year. His involvement in the group as one of the leaders was unknown to the police, other than his involvement in the legal side of the group, nothing was ever traced back to him and with his disappearance, Marian was never heard from again, rather decided to stay far away. Six days ago when his return to Los Santos was made public by an article in the news. To this day Marian was never charged with anything and was never considered to be involved in the eyes of the law. ((Old Thread and Information about the showcase)) Almost everything here is based of IC actions with some fillers for more of a dramatic effect. This is not a faction and should not be treated as such, the "recruitment" process is all done ICly, there is no discord or anything like that, everything is done ICly. If you need tips or help on how to approach us you can Forum PM me. This is just the continuation of the older faction. The story fucking continues, we ain't done.
  6. "Millionaires without remorse" The Romanian group under the name of "Gruparea Interlopa Berceni-Morningwood" is known from making money trough a loan sharking, prostitution rings, drug dealing and dirty money laundry. Their reign over their home town came to a stop when Romanian authorities arrested multiple high ranking members of the organization. As the group split up, certain crews moved to different countries, slowly losing touch with the other crews. Multiple firearms, hundreds of thousands of illegally obtained euros and kilos of weed. Most of the firearms retrieved by authorities were linked to homicides, which landed members of the initial group heavy sentences. Gruparea Interlopa Berceni-Morningwood is one of the crews that split up from the old group, moving 13 hours away by plane in an attempt to deceive Romanian authorities 14th of December, 2021 Authorities raid a home of one of the associates.
  7. Los Santos, San Andreas – A government excellent jury has restored an overriding arraignment charging 10 affirmed individuals from the North Side Playboy Gangster Crips in Morningwood with racketeering and medication intrigues, murder and attack with a hazardous weapon in guide of racketeering, burglary, and related guns charges. The supplanting arraignment was returned on July 20, 2020, and unlocked upon the capture of six of the respondents. Four different respondents were at that point in care. The overriding arrangement was reported by San Andreas Attorney for the District of Los Santos Payton P. Sutton; Special Agent in Charge Martin Edwards of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Los Santos Field Office; and Commissioner Keonte Edwards of the Los Santos Police Department. S.A. Attorney Payton P. Sutton expressed, "This is the second government prosecution recorded in a little while charging Los Santos gangsters who threaten their neighborhoods with drug managing, firearm savagery, and witness terrorizing. We keep on uncovering the drivers of vicious wrongdoing and savage medication management and consider responsible individuals who carry them to our roads. These respondents currently face a very long time in government jail, where there are no suspended sentences or parole—ever. What's more, witness terrorizing and counter won't go on without serious consequences—period. We need the network's assistance to proceed with these endeavors." "Individuals from the North Side Playboy Gangster Crips utilized viciousness as their calling card, departing that card everywhere in this neighborhood with an objective of flooding the roads with dread while they attempted to destroy our areas. We can't let them pull it off," said Martin Edwards, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Los Santos Field Office. "These arrangements make an impression on all gangsters in West Los Santos and past – we will be tireless in our quest for brutal gangsters who have attacked networks like La Alturas Heights and the Morningwood neighborhood for a really long time." The North Side Playboy Gangster Crips were a rough subset of the african-american gang that worked in the city and in restorative offices in Los Santos and somewhere else. For a long time, the North Side Playboy Gangster Crips controlled the medication exchange specific domains in Los Santos City, including the region around the convergence between Prosperity Street and South Liberty Street in West Los Santos (the “Morningwood neighborhood"), the zone around the crossing point between Blvd Del Perro Street and Cougar Avenue (the "La Alturas area"). La Alturas Apartments: The North Side Playboy Gangster Crips started in Morningwood, Los Santos during the 2010s, and got their name from the complex located in Morningwood, where they were framed. Inside the Playboy Gangster Crips, different clubs arose compared to various neighborhoods in Los Santos, for example, the Morningwood Gangster Crip in West Los Santos and the North Side Rabbit Gang In North Los Santos. Ultimately, the North Side Playboy Gangster Crips spread the nation over, and they got pervasive in Los Santos starting during the 2010s. The North Side Playboy Gangster Crips were coordinated progressively, with individuals climbing the positions from "TYG’z" (Tiny Young Gangster), to "TG’z" (Tiny Gangster), to "OTG’z" (Original Tiny Gangsters), etc. NorthSide Playboy Gangster Crips individuals were needed to keep certain standards of lead. Individuals who abused these standards or who defied a request from a better person were oppressed by disciplinary measures called "sanctions," which went from fines to kill. Infringement that were deserving of homicide included "squealing" (i.e., helping out law requirement); "homosexuality"; and killing an individual Crip without a "greenlight" (i.e., approval and endorsement from the gang administration). As per the 12-tally overriding arraignment, from at any rate 2019 through the date of the supplanting prosecution, the respondents took an interest in a racketeering intrigue identified with their group exercises, which included homicide, burglary, drug appropriation, witness altering, and witness counter. The overriding prosecution asserts that the acting head of the Morningwood Playboy Gangster Crips in Los Santos was Cameron Hookins, who was alluded to as a "TG’z" of the group. In or around 2019, Hookins traveled to Los Santos to meet with East Coast heads of the North Side Playboys and gain their official endorsement for his Morningwood Gangster Crip set in Los Santos. The Morningwood Gangster Crip worked road level medication dispersion "shops" in Los Santos, disseminating heroin, cocaine, rocks, and pot, among other controlled substances. Non-individuals who endeavored to sell drugs in the Morningwood Gangster Crip regions were focused on viciousness by Morningwood Gangster Crip individuals. The group's essential medication shops were situated in the Morningwood neighborhood (which the Morningwood Gangster Crip viewed as their base camp), the Morningwood area, and the La Alturas Apartment Complex. The North Side Playboy Gangster Crips supposedly utilized online media sites to declare their case to specific medication regions, threaten rival gangs and observers against the pack, upgrade the North Side Playboy Gangster Crips' status, and improve singular individuals' status inside the group. Individuals from the North Side Playboy Gangster Crips posted photos and rap recordings to these web-based media sites in which they paraded guns and took steps to slaughter the individuals who disrupted the general flow of the gang. As nitty gritty in the overriding prosecution, the respondents offered sedates and submitted thefts to bring in cash for the endeavor. Individuals from the group supposedly bought, kept up, and coursed guns, which they used to submit murders and burglaries, and to additional their medication dealing movement. Further, the overriding prosecution charges that from July 2019 through December 2019, individuals from the North Side Playboy Gangster Crips plotted to kill individuals from the Jackson Avenue drug dealing association, whose region the North Side Playboy Gangster Crips had dominated. The North Side Playboy Gangster Crips purportedly killed two individuals from the Jackson Avenue association and shot a few others. As indicated by the supplanting arraignment, North Side Playboy Gangster Crips individuals likewise undermined an observer who affirmed against an individual gangster in a state murder preliminary, posting the observer's photo via web-based media, naming the observer as a "nark," and taking steps to execute that observer as counter. The accompanying respondents, all from Los Santos, are charged in the supplanting prosecution: Johanen Desean Gaulden , a/k/a Knucklez, age 29; Derrick Brown, a/k/a D-Dirt, age 34; Jamal Glover, a/k/a Malcolm, age 30; Malcolm Graham, a/k/a HitsticK #5, age 28; Jordan McCoy, a/k/a Slappy Doo, age 25; Yahira Islah, a/k/a Osama, age 29; TeDarius Brown, a/k/a Buddha #2, age 27; Dayvon Curry, a/k/a Goofy, age 29; Melanie Singh, a/k/a Lady Buddha, age 30 Whenever indicted, the litigants all face a most extreme sentence of 20 years in government jail for the racketeering trick and a limit of 40 years in administrative jail for the medication dealing scheme. Curry likewise faces a maximum sentence of death or life in government jail for every one of two counts of homicide in the guise of racketeering. Lane faces a limit of 20 years in government jail for attack with a fatal weapon in guide of racketeering; Lane and Addison face a limit of life in jail for utilizing, conveying, shaking, or potentially releasing a gun during and according to a wrongdoing of brutality; Islah faces a limit of 20 years in jail for every one of two checks of business theft; and Vea, James, and Gaulden face a limit of 10 years in jail for being a criminal possessing a gun. Genuine sentences for felonies are ordinarily not exactly the most extreme punishments. A government area court judge will decide any sentence in the wake of considering the S.A. Condemning Guidelines and other legal components. The litigants had their underlying appearances today in S.A. Region Court in Los Santos. S.A. Officer Judge Mathis P. Jays requested the litigants be kept forthcoming detainment hearings planned to start on Friday, October 9, 2020. This case is essential for Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN), a program uniting all degrees of law implementation and the networks they serve to decrease savage wrongdoing and make our neighborhoods more secure for everybody. Task Safe Neighborhoods (TSN) is the focal point of the Department of Justice's fierce wrongdoing and decreased endeavors. TSN is a proof based program demonstrated to be viable at diminishing savage wrongdoing. Through PSN, an expansive range of partners cooperate to recognize the most pressing savage wrongdoing issues in the network and create thorough answers to address them. As a feature of this methodology, PSN centers implementation endeavors around the most brutal wrongdoers and accomplices with privately based counteraction and reemergence programs for enduring decreases in wrongdoing. . US Attorney Payton P. Sutton lauded the FBI and the Los Santos Police Department for their work in the examination and expressed gratitude toward the Drug Enforcement Administration, the ATF, the Los Santos Attorney General's Office, the Morningwood County Police Department and the San Andreas State County Police Department for their help. Mr. Sutton expressed gratitude toward Assistant S.A. Lawyers Concord Levens and Agua Haights, who are indicting this Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force case. OOC Information: North Side Playboy Gangster Crip is a African American gang loosely based off of the Los Santos gang or set. We're vigorously impacted by the West Coast regarding our vernacular. We plan to depict a sensible road gang with a network-esque climate. Our principle center is the character improvement behind every player, we urge others to have a similar core interest. We do require screen capture consent to post on our string. Try not to be debilitated if your screen captures are not worthy and additionally eliminated. We are here to help anybody make upgrades for their screen captures. To get a further understanding into our foundation join our private gatherings as it is our primary wellspring of correspondence. There are a couple of essentials that you must have to experience before authoritatively being added into a user group. The Playboy Gangster Crips are here to provide a realistic depiction of a hybrid African American street gang. Before you can begin role-playing with our faction, you must first complete a few tasks. We require that all of our members conduct research and have a basic understanding of gang roleplay. If you're not serious about roleplaying with us and don't have any quality roleplay to contribute to the faction then this is not the faction for you. We accept members who are open to constructive criticism and eager to learn. If you have any question regarding the faction feel free to contact me on the forums or on discord. @Poasty PoastUp#8815
  8. OOC The Mighty Bush is a business that offers gardening services and/or landscaping provisions throughout the LS City. The main objective is to provide a realistic blue-collar roleplay environment to the server together with its services which fit the green environment areas in Los Santos city. If you're interested in to RP a groundskeeper you're cordially invited to join our discord here - https://discord.gg/CSjHbxwS
  9. "Millionaires without remorse" The Romanian group under the name of "Gruparea Interlopa Berceni-Morningwood" is known from making money trough a loan sharking, prostitution rings, drug dealing and dirty money laundry. Their reign over their home town came to a stop when Romanian authorities arrested multiple high ranking members of the organization. As the group split up, certain crews moved to different countries, slowly losing touch with the other crews. Multiple firearms, hundreds of thousands of illegally obtained euros and kilos of weed. Most of the firearms retrieved by authorities were linked to homicides, which landed members of the initial group heavy sentences. Gruparea Interlopa Berceni-Morningwood is one of the crews that split up from the old group, moving 13 hours away by plane in an attempt to deceive Romanian authorities. 14th of December, 2021 Authorities raid a home of one of the associates.
  10. 500 Cougar Avenue Apartment 107 Listed for: $105,000 This one bed, one bathroom apartment is located in the safe, quaint Morningwood area, which is less than a five-minute drive from downtown LS, Vinewood Boulevard, and the beach/boardwalk. ((OOC Information))
  11. Crime Ratio The bar graph to the right showcases the exact crime rate, involving arrest for Murders, Drugs, Prostitution, Grand Theft Autos, and Robberies with Davis being at the top of course. The history of street-gangs in the United States begins with their emergence on the West Coast around the 1960s, as the Black Panther Movement ended. Street-gangs developed mostly in Davis, which can seen on the exact reason why the crime rate of the city is mostly in Davis. The Los Santos Police Department has the responsibility to collect crime statistics from crime scenes and submit the information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for inclusion into a crime rate graph national crime statistics program. The department publishes an annual crime report and provides the data in a searchable format on the Los Santos Police website. Peter Conti's Death Peter Conti the ex-boss of the Conti Crime Family was killed early in 2021. Peter Conti was killed on live-television in front of millions of viewers, its known to be a fact Conti was going to testify on his entire Crime Family. The Police Department were on scene to protect Conti but were also gunned down by the group who did the attacking. This officially made Los Santos very dangerous, seeing how quick people were to shoot active Officers, taking their lives for protecting someone proclaimed as a Snitch. Section Eight Housing Los Santos has very low-end areas, mostly on the West and Eastside. The picture to the left shows a prime example of these housings. People use areas like these to produce drugs, and hide weapons places like this is usually used as a stash spot of all weapons, money, and The city of Los Santos pays forth about $200 Million dollars in Section Eight homes "that they say", but instead it seems that this is not true, people live in poverty and there is no changing it. The reason of our children being drug dealers and killers is due to them attempting to make it out this area. Raising Children In Section Eight Homes Parents are forced into working minimum wage jobs due to their living style. They are profiled by where they live, and its mostly African-Americans. Parents have their children sleeping on floors, and are pleading for help as the City of Los Santos watches and doesn't help with anything. This information is very important, with protest and reasons of groups like the Black Panthers being made. You can call the Black Panthers the first ever gang, feared by Police these were groups of African Americans who stood on sidewalks with hand guns, shooting things and breaking into stores, they were not a peaceful group, they raised havoc on the street. Morningwood Morningwood is located in the Del Perro district on the East side of Los Santos. Surrounded by mostly what people would call a good area, this place is known to have a dark-night (crime-sprees). The Morningwood has a known tagging crew in the area, called the Murdawood Goes Wild crew, and the 3rd Street Murdawood Boys, an African American group locaed in the Pacific Bluffs Projects. Poly High School Poly High School is a school deep in the Vespucci area most of the African American children attend this school. This is were school groups are made and you have your own personal circles. Gangs like the Blacc Bandit Crips attended the school some of the members played sports which is a way they were known in the school. Juvenile Detention Juvenile Hall serves as an institutional setting that temporarily houses youth for primarily two reasons: prior to their court dates and/or after their adjudication, pending transitional placement/services. Most children who are from the Juvenile Hall come out with an ankle monitor or a probation. Inside of the Juvenile Halls children still have schools to learn and their eligible to graduate from the Juvenile Detention Center, its also possible they'll keep you on the inside until your eight-teen to charge you as an adult. The Morningwood Troublemakers The 3rd Street Boys are a group of young teenagers that attend Poly High School these teenagers are interested into the drug-game mostly with them mostly have the dream to be one of the people who make money from selling drugs on corners. Their considered prospects with them have their own personal traits and skills on how they personally want to earn money. The group of teenagers grew up in a Section Eight housing complex, while their parents sleep these kids are at the park figuring out ways to make money. These children range from the ages 14-15 years of age and are currently freshman of the Poly High School. The group was originally made by Sheldon Ford, and Juvante Garner gathering all his friends to be apart of the crew in 7th Grade were they all shared the same exact dream to make money the group can be seen around Poly High School walking in groups. And usually at the park in their groups looking to make something shake for their families. A known dealer by the name Cisco runs a group of dealers around Little Seoul. With his little brother being a member of the 6500 Boys group. Dope Boy Dreams Every child has a dream to be something in life, and their different ways for them to do it. Living in a Section Eight area, you only believe in one way of making it out of that area, and most teenagers don't look towards a 9-5 job, these teens turn to the streets as their best resource. Even though teenagers do play basketball, football, and other sports, they still find that the streets are the best way to make money. By turning to the streets you will run into a lot of problems, which the 3rd Street Boys will fall into unknowingly, there isn't much they know about the drug-game. But they'll find out quickly. These children are attempting to grow up way to fast, which can end up badly on their end. Every dream doesn't end well, and theirs might not. Experiences as a Freshman The children still attend parties, and play sports in the middle of being in the street-life. Vandalism and smoking in the bathroom and pissing on the floors are common habits of childish teenagers, which they are. Teenagers around this age strictly make beef over unnecessary things. Its possible that they'll have a uneasiness with the Koreans in the area, some younger ones may even become apart of the group. They are peaceful with the adults but very ruthless with African Americans teenagers.
  12. Arcangelo Crime Family Five Points New York For the first two centuries, of European colonization it was one of the few main sources of drinking water for the locals within Manhattan which it eventually become the decline of the area in the future years. Beginning of the early 18th Century, various of commercial companies were built among the shores of the Pond. It become the most influential area for a short period of time. Five Points New York Slums At the height of occupation of Five Points, only certain areas weren't effected with the famine that had shuriken the Pond Area. Within the primarily areas London's East End had turned into complete chaos it had decreased population, infant and child mortality, unemployment, prostitutions rings, violent crimes. Many common illness had stricken the city causing complete chaos, It had become what is known today as "New Points Melting Point Period". After the Emancipation led to the end of slavery in early 1827, July 4th. Rise of Arcangelo Originated primarily from the slums of New York Five Points, Manhattan, Arcangelo Familia formed after the fall of Mussolini causing various of Arcangelo's to flee to New York where they felt they could fine themselves. The first step to succeed in New York after such a victorious time for the Americans was rising from Five Points up into Northern area of Manhattan. Alfonso "Strong-Arm" Arcangelo - Born in 1882, Joined arms with Italia in 1938. Alfonso grew up in a small town in Sicily, Cefalù. Once he had finished his services for Italy in 1948, He knew eventually he was gonna have to leave Italy since the Americans consistently finding smaller organized Paramilitary groups still serving under Mussolini flag and eradicating them, or placing them into work camps along with many of the other Arcangelo's. Alfonso's Arrival in Five Points, Manhattan After arriving in Five-Points, He noticed something that the American Government stood against, which was poverty and persecution. Many Italian-Americans were in more conditions, some were starving or constant crimes were occurring right under the Police's eyes. Alfonso had felt the need to do something about this reoccurring race-war between his own people, He had a proposition that could unite the people into one whole territory. Which this could lead the endeavor into toning down but Alfonso knew that if he had done this he would've been a target with many people deep in the south of Five Points. Arcangelo Family Members Alise Arcangelo From a young age, Alise had been trapped in a cloud of hopelessness. After Mussolini's fall and the majority of Arcangelo's left Sicily, she and her "papa" were left to fend for themselves back at home. Her father ran a small bar on the outskirts of the Sicilian slums. When she came of age her papa allowed her to help around the business, from morning to night she worked, earning every dollar and penny with her own blood sweat, and tears. By the time she was 20, she had given life to her firstborn son, Gio, and by then her papa had passed, leaving her with a baby and a business to run all on her lonesome at the age of 14. As time went on she grew her family back in Sicily, although not blood related, she had tens of men and women to stand by her side. She began with exploiting the people of the Sicilian slums, offering them and their families protection in exchange for money, if the people of the slums rejected her offer, she brought tragedy down on them and their families. On her 30th birthday, she celebrated in her family-owned bar, the Arcangelo name was large in the Sicilian slums thanks to her, but with all the attention, it brought along conflict. Her clients began to revolt, trashing her business, they saw the wealth she had exploited off them and they decided to take back what was theirs, in Alise's eyes what was theirs was hers, as she had rightfully taken it. In a panic, she withdrew her .38 and fired into the crowd, and with that, she had had her first taste of blood. Late into her 41st year of life, she had received a call from her brother, Vinny Arcangelo. He spoke of his whereabouts in America, and his attempts at success with his two kids in running their own business. Her brother's stories attracted her, gravitated her to the American dream. On the 21st of February, 2022, she took a flight with her son, Gio, now 28, to Los Santos where she would once again be reunited with her brother. Almost instantly she began to take control of the Arcangelo's operation in the city of Los Santos, she ordering around the ranks and suggesting new business plans. And with that, the new Arcangelo legacy had begun. Vinny Arcangelo was born on March 26th, 1962, in Cefalu, Sicily. Vinny was always close with his sister Alise, feeling he could really communicate his own struggles with emotional issues he had in his younger years. When he had felt down Alise was always there to assist him, he knew she was also struggling having to assist Vinny and help her father maintain income in the family. Since Vinny had lived in the slums within Cefalu he always started trouble with the local gangs that'd rob stores, vandalize and sell illegal firearms. When he had became a teen-ager it was a peak of his life, feeling he could actually be himself. And grow into his own person without his father shadowing him judging him for his appearance and his personality, His father had asked him to assist with the growth of the family business, His father had ran a bar for sometime in Cefalu it was well-known across the town. When it had been raided by local police they had found a certain substance that had Vinny and his family fleeing to New York, rushing to get his family out of the city his father had gave him a decent amount of money to afford for him and his sister to make their arrival into Five Points New York. When they had arrived, he noticed that it was a bit better then Cefalu but not as organized at it should've been. One of his family members prior we're in the location but had fled to a place Vinny himself always falls into a daze dreaming about which was Los Santos, he knew if he had made a name for himself in Five Point it'd be enough to get him down to Santos where he could feel a fresh start. And the nice breeze of air without people consistently judging him, and feeling the need to be ashamed of his family name. MORE INFORMATION ARRIVING SOON..(SMALL SCALE GROUP, TRYING TO EARN REPUTATION)
  13. Richard Lupo, a former blue-collar, is an owner of a blue-collar business at the northern-end of the city, at Morningwood as known as The Mighty Bush. Richard Lupo is also holder of the dubious telephone sex line, 1-800-LIPS that provide call girls to moonlight in his hotline. He is one of the go-to members of the society in Morningwood & Del Perro together with Christopher Julio and Samuel Reale. He's the Vice President member of the coveted Morningwood - Del Perro Chamber of Commerce (MDP-CoC). His unofficial involvements also include a car-theft operation and more with Patrick Cinghia and Samuel Reale. Dick / Rich Lupo is a former resident of 2333 Jamestown Street in Rancho who lost his house due to the housing crisis in the local area in advance.
  14. This thread follows the story of Patrick Cinghia, a blue collar criminal from Morningwood and his family.
  15. Ali

    Tigran Saroyan

    Tigran Saroyan (born July 15th, 2000) is a 19 year old youth of Armenian heritage living in Morningwood. Born in Morningwood, Los Santos; Tigran spent most of his adolescent life in the neighborhood where he was born. The community, widely referred to as Los Santos' Little Armenia, is home to a modern age organized criminal enterprise known as Armenian Power or West Side Armenian Power Gang (W/S AP Gang). Prelude Both Arman and Milena hailed from the town of Alaverdi, Armenia. His mother, Milena Garbedian was a mathematics tutor in their town and aimed to become a teacher, whereas his father, Arman Saroyan was an apprentice to an electrician. The couple decided to migrate with their first child and Tigran’s older sister - Arev Sayoran after significant hardship faced by the family. Due to their rural location near the border of Azerbaijan, the family was directly impacted by both the Armenian energy crisis of the 90s and the Nagorno-Karabakh war which began in 1988 and ended in 1995. Due to this, the family was able to gain asylum in the United States with the help of family already established within the country. It is estimated that around this time approximately 700,000 Armenians fled the country of which most went to Russia and others to the US and Europe. Early Life Tigran was born in the summer of 2000 to Arman Saroyan and Milena Saroyan (nee. Garabedian) in Morningwood, Los Santos. The family had a difficult time adjusting to life in America however eventually both Arman and Milena found work and were able to support their family to the best of their ability. However due to financial hardship, the couple often fought which almost always turned physical leading to a hostile home-environment for both Tigran and his older sister, Arev. Due to the troubles at home, Tigran in turn then invested as much time as he could outside home - having a very close bond with his mother she would often tutor him at home in a bid to give him the skills necessary to succeed academically and to have a successful career. In school, Tigran was considered the class clown and albeit being intelligent in history and mathematics did not perform well due to his nonchalant attitude towards academia. His sister, Arev on the other hand excelled academically. SAYA - San Andreas Youth Authority As time passed and Tigran grew older, he became more and more involved with the illicit activities that occurred around him. Starting with petty crime and harmless acts such as vandalism escalating to assault and robbery. It was also around this time that his parents separated and his father moved to Del Perro. Due to the troublesome home-life, Tigran spent more and more time with his friends on the streets which subsequently led to his detainment in the San Andreas Youth Authority, also known as ‘Gladiator School’ due to the frequent brawling that took place within. It was here that Tigran at the age of 16 would spend the next year and a half of his life and try to cultivate himself into a man. During his time at SAYA, Tigran got invested into fitness and began working out and following a specific routine daily. It was also at SAYA where Tigran learned how to handle himself under pressure and to fight as it was a regular occurence amongst the hot-blooded youths housed within the facility. At the age of 17, Tigran was released from SAYA and his mother decided it’s best to put him in the care of his father which in turn lead to more trouble as the duo often disagreed and Tigran harboured significant resentment towards his father due to the divorce. Shortly after living with his father, Tigran returned back to Morningwood to be with his mother. Present-Day Tigran Saroyan is now a 19 year old man who works in construction as a labourer while doing odd-jobs here and there to provide financially for his Mother who has been made redundant due to severe arthritis. His sister, Arev thrived off of academic success and subsequently moved out of state which has led to their relationship deteriorating significantly. Tigran is considered a talkative and light-hearted individual who often jokes around with his peers, however is known to have anger-issues at times. He is a tall and toned young man due to his focus on fitness, however he has several vices which provides an uneven balance to his lifestyle.
  16. Selling a lovely 1bedroom apartment in the heart of Morningwood. Accommodating residents and close by to multiple stores for convenience. Comes with a decent safe and multiple spots for parking!
  17. LUXURY BAR FOR SALE! Luxury bar located in Morningwood, some furnishing needs to be done. Can be whatever you want it to be, depends on your design. There's a huge parking lot by the side of the bar. Option for three floors! Starting Price: 600 Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/kGyPIEi You may contact me through phone or e-mail: [email protected] ((Forum PM)) Contact Number: 7007
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