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  1. FOR RENT Perfect cosy apartment for 2, close to local stores and restaurants, and is a very safe place to live in as the local PD is just down the road. The apartment has been well taken care of, perfect conditions to be living in. Rent is five thousand dollars a week, can be paid by cash or bank transfer whatever the tenants prefer. Tenants are free to add their own furniture if they want, and you can call for maintenance at any time. Please contact me at 2342177 to book a viewing. ((OOC INFO)) ((PICTURES OF PROPERTY))
  2. [4SALE] 2215 Bay City Avenue - Floor 2, Room 1 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, Designated Parking Lot, Pool and Waterfront Access in Vespucci Bidding closes Thursday 23rd December SOLD Market Price: $100,000 Min. Increment: $10,000 Starting Bid: $90,000 Buyout: $300,000 Gallery ((/pinfo))
  3. For Sale 100 Alta, Alta Street Floor 2 Room 4 A modern, well-furnished one bedroom apartment. Close to Hawick Ave shopping center and a front row seat to the vibrant nightlife scene of West Vinewood. Buyout at $240,000 Starting bid at $160,000 Zyva Yesayan Email: [email protected]com ((Bala#1230)) Phone: 6300 Images:
  4. STATUS: SOLD 1112 Palomino Avenue - Floor 2, Room 4 (Apartment with Garage) Bidding Ends: Ended PICTURES: https://imgur.com/a/BCpMDkp Information: Moderate Sized apartment at Vespucci Canals 2bed, 2bath Living Room Dining Room Kitchen Hallway Master Bedroom w/Ensuite Guest Bedroom Bathroom Open plan living area. Outdoor Garage Price: Market Price - $115,000 ((Furniture Worth - $145,526)) ((Market Price + Furniture Worth - $260,526 (Not including length of ownership) )) Starting Price - $260,000 Bid Increase - $10,000 Buyout Price - $500,000 Contact: Call me or send me a message: PH: 1718 Or send me an email to [email protected] ((PM on the forum)).
  5. Buying an apartment or a house, preferably in Vespucci or Mirror Park area. Open for offers though. My contact number is 6845022 or send me an email.
  6. Targuth

    L&A Please

    Selling my apartment in the 3 Alta Street complex. House features a great view along with is spacious. Perfect for a single person or a new couple looking for their own place together. Location is located only a few blocks from the hospital and police station. Plenty of bars and nightlife nearby along with The Red Dragon does deliver there. If interested please respond to the ad, private bids will not be accepted. Viewings can be scheduled with me by calling my phone at 1031. However, I feel the realtor photos will suffice. Winning Bid or Buyout Bid will have 24 hours to respond before they are skipped over and it moves on to the next person. Starting Price - $400,000 Bid Increment - $10,000 or more Buyout Price - $650,000 Bidding Ends - October 31st (At Midnight CST) HOUSE FEATURES One Bedroom One Bathroom One Spare Room (Currently used for jewelry repair and custom piece concepts) Living Room Dining Room Kitchen Area Plenty of open room to make adjustments or add your own flair. REALTOR PHOTOS https://imgur.com/a/dE57V6P
  7. **A neatly formatted ad can be seen to rent a place.** If anyone up in Blaine County, Sandy Shores, or Paleto Bay has a trailer, home, or apartment that's available for rent – please contact me! I've just moved from the city with my boyfriend and we're looking for a place that we can call home. With that in mind, we'll be a long-term tenants. Sotti Arnadottir Email: [email protected] ((Forum PM)) PH: #22377016
  8. FOR SALE! RUSH!!! Apartment in 1 Rub Street - Floor 2 Room 6 RUSH!!! STARTING BID: $80,000 BUYOUT: $99,000. Negotiable. Looking to sell spacious 2 room apartment in 1 Rub Street, Floor 2 Room 6 with balcony overlooking the surrounding waters of La Puerta and Rub Street. Leave all offers below! Would like to get rid of this ASAP. Apartment is open for viewing. Email me @[email protected] ((FORUM PM: ogsherm)) for questions. ((OOC INFO))
  9. Apartment 204 for rent at Palomino Avenue, located in Little Seoul. I am looking for someone to rent the other bedroom situated in this apartment. You will have access to the following: Bedroom Bathroom Living room (TV, Computer) Kitchen Car parking The apartment has been recently refurnished and is located in a great area in the city. Weekly Rent: $7,000 For any questions or if you wish to arrange a viewing, please reply to this advertisement or contact me via email ((PM)). Interior Exterior
  10. Prefer a house/apartment on grove street or the nearest on that side. Leave offers with the price.
  11. STARTING BID: $35,000 BUYOUT: $105,000 CURRENT BID: $60,000 YES ! You are reading this right. One luxury bedroom at the All Swell apartment building, now for auction starting as low as $35,000, easily rentable, or use it for a holiday retreat. You must move quickly ! Email now for an appointment, you won't be disappointed... Email: [email protected] ((DM))
  12. Might consider trade for another apartment but as for buyers, 120,000 or best offer.
  13. Click here for pictures of the interior! Property Type: ApartmentAddress: 3402 Magellan Avenue Area: Vespucci Beach Description: A luxurious, modern, well-designed apartment designed by Russo Architecture, perfect for those who want both city dwelling and a quick walk down to the beach at a moments notice. The property comes with two bedrooms, a large spacious modern kitchen, lounge, bathroom and a large walk-in closet. Viewings are available, get in touch via #8814 to schedule. Starting Bid: $400,000 Buyout: $500,000
  14. About the Property Coburn realty are proud to present this moderate apartment, which has been turned into a home business apartment with 4 rooms and a bathroom. - A decent-sized bathroom with the usual amenities and also a washing machine and dryer. - Living room / Office, armchairs can be turned outside working hours. CCTV covering the entire room to keep the disposable room safe as well as your entrance. - Disposable room, currently used by the owner as a place to store medical supplies and equipment. Can be used for anything. - Kitchen / Dining room, full kitchen with plenty of room for all your needs, and a beautiful modern-styled dining area. Can be used along-side the entertainment system for conferences. - Bedroom, a skeleton bedroom that you can re-furnish as you wish. All the rooms (except bathroom) have natural light shining into them and of course modern lamps. The property is secured both with a Toshi private alarm system, and regularly patrolled by G6, there are panic buttons at all the doors to request armed response. (Next payment is 1st of July, protection is valid until then). Interior and pricing. Interior and property info Market price: 105.000 (( Furniture price: 49.968 )) Buyout price: 280.000 Starting bid: 150.000 For viewings or further questions, either contact me on 210696, my email [email protected] (( Forum PM to Coburn )) or leave a comment below.
  15. 2nd Floor Apartment, Abe Milton Pkwy House. $300,000 Budget. Prior development experience required and a portfolio should accompany your statement of interest, as well as an estimated invoice. Would prefer to keep the interior reflective of the exterior, in terms of style and design. CONTACT AT: [email protected] (Forum PM)
  16. [4SALE] 107 West Eclipse Blvd - Floor 2, Room 3 I am selling this beautiful spacious fully furnished apartment located on the border of Dell Perro & Pacific Bluffs. The apartment has recently been completely overhauled and renovated and has the most beautiful views. For the rest, there are many recreational opportunities within walking or cycling distance. Green lawns and the beautiful beach are nearby, also perfect for keeping a pet. This apartment includes: - A spacious entrance, kitchen, general living room & dining room - Two bedrooms - One bathroom - Behind complex parking spot(s) Gallery Entrance Kitchen & Dining Area Living Room Bathroom Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2 Additional Pictures Parking The Area Pricing Property Information: Market price: $130,000 Furniture worth: $98,957 Auction: Starting bid: $230,000 Buyout: $475,000 ↓ Minimum bid increasement: $5,000 The auction closes and the apartment is sold when the desired amount is reached. Please note: I, as the owner of the apartment and initiator of the auction, can at any time stop, cancel or choose to withdraw the apartment from the sale.
  17. STATUS: SOLD 1170 Cougar Avenue - Floor 4, Room 4 (Apartment) PICTURES: https://imgur.com/a/BCpMDkp Information: Standard sized apartment. 2 bed, 2 bath. Master Bedroom has an ensuite. Open plan living area. Quiet Area. Close to LS Beach and Del Perro Pier. Out front parking area. Price: Market Price - $115,000 ((Furniture Worth - $88,112)) Starting Price - $200,000 Bid Increase - $10,000 Buyout Price - $285,000 Contact: Call me or send me a message: PH: 1718 Or send me an email to [email protected] ((PM on the forum)).
  18. Little Seoul Apartment - Ginger Street - Floor 1, Room 2 Hello! I am selling this cozy two-bedroom apartment situated in the heart of Little Seoul! The apartment is right next to the grocery store, gas station, other small businesses and a small park! _________ Apartment Interior: _________ Market Price: $85,000 Furniture Price: $63,706 Starting Bid: $250,000 (reserve is set at $250,000) Minimum Bid: $5000 Buyout: $318,000 _________
  19. 102 Meteor Street Starting Bid: 185k Buyout: 280k Current bid: SOLD Great location, in the heart of Downtown Vinewood, local amenities just around the corner. Any enquiries, please contact me at my email:[email protected] (( Forum PM )) Or via Call or SMS: #9749233 Photos: ((OOC Info:))
  20. [4RENT] 2110 Vespucci Blvd Apartment in Top Floor. INTERIOR EXTERIOR This is a week-by-week contract. Tenants can sign a contract for more than one week. For any questions regarding the apartment or in the case you want to arrange a viewing, send me a message via e-mail.((Forum PM)) NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!
  21. Selling a two bedroom apartment in the heart of Little Seoul. There is a parking lot across the street from it and a public pool at the back of the apartment, along with a bank, grocery store, and gas station in walking distance! Starting Bid: $165,000 Buyout: $365,324 Minimum Increments: $5,000 Interior & Exterior: https://imgur.com/a/pziWSiH
  22. High-end luxurious apartment, two bedrooms, plenty of room and a great view! 6th Floor, 2nd Room (( Market Price: $325,000 - Furniture Worth: $205,000 - Furniture Count: ~910 )) Starting bid: $600,000 Bid-step: $25,000 Buyout: $1,000,000
  23. 𝗔𝗽𝗮𝗿𝘁𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝘀𝗮𝗹𝗲 2003 San Andreas Blvd. Floor 8 - Room 3 ⠀⠀❮Pictures❯
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