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  1. Del Perro, January 5th, 2024, The Dolce Vita Phase, January 12th, 2024 OOC We aim to portray an organized crime group in the early stages. As time goes on, this group will continuously develop and grow into a bigger and more organised network. Our current members are still heavily developing their characters as this is our main focus. We do not have an OOC ranking system, it is all done in game and will remain that way to keep things raw and authentic. Recruitment will be minimal, and must make sense ICly, we take both new and seasoned players who are committed to great character development and portrayal (IC and OOC). There will be no handouts, "friends from the past" or any way around getting a higher ranking. All recruitment is strictly in character. This will be a long process. You will not be given access to our discord or invited to the faction script until we think you are ready. Development is key, not just a word to be thrown around loosely. Our main focus is to really start something from the beginning with no past but to then create our own story/history. Our core group is a mix of mainly Italian decedents however, there are no limits on ethnicity. So long as the character is realistic, the roleplay is quality and your characters ambitions match up with our lore. Feel free to forum PM myself @Streetsoldier or @JayR if you have any questions.
  2. The hottest tea, the spiciest gossip, the fiercest commentary and no fucking censorship. We are the Los Santos VIXEN. Hope you've been doing your kegels, babe. Letter from the editor: Sis, stop reading the story and BE the story. Submit your gossip to our handy and under-fucking-utilized gossip submission form. Chop chop. Also Like, Subscribe, Share, is this your first time online? Click HERE ! LSVIXEN XOXO ❤️ Bar Review: Diving into Games at 'The Diving Board Pub' (3/5) (Located under the Del Perro Pier) Rating: 💋💋💋 Curious about the rating scale and what it means? Read more HERE Soooo babes, I totally got a day job, but fear not. It does not mean I'm abandoning my tireless mission of serving you up the hottest reviews, gossip, and spicy spots to get nasty. On the contrary, cuties, I'm now just like you. A working stiff. A nine-to-fiver. So after a hard days work I wanted nothing more than a cold beer and chill vibes. That's when I found this little spot nestled underneath the Del Perro Pier. Here's my review of The Diving Board Pub. Enjoy! A platform for local bands? Sweet! 🎸 (The entrance on the right is right next to the stage and jukebox.) The first, first, first thing you notice when you walk in is the stage to the right of the entrance. Immediately my mind filled up with images of cute old retirees forming cover bands for bands like Phish or local college students cutting their teeth on some original material for the first time at this unassuming locale. A more pretentious version of me would be off-put by untested bands in a dive bar, but Los Santos has changed me, babes. I love the idea that performers can express themselves in such a warm and cozy environment. I like this and I'll be keeping an eye out for local performances. Arcade machines and makeshift tables. 👁️‍🗨️ (A view of the arcade machines and 'creative' table setups.) We'll get to more fun and games later, but for starters, I love arcade games and can get kinda sucked in, so I was happy to see these to the left of the entrance when I walked in. My only teensy weensy anxiety was that as a clumsy gal, a real clonker, a bumper and a booper, a disorientation express if you will the barrel/pallet combo tables get me nervous that I'm gonna knock stuff over. Also I was nervous I'd get splinters. I don't know if this is an aesthetic choice or if the owner's are going through a tough time financially but I'm totally down to donate some sturdy wooden tables. If only to prevent my dummy thicc and clumsy ass from knocking them over while jamming out to the classic rock streaming from the speakers. The drinks, crowd, and the main bar! 💿 (The main floor of The Diving Board Pub.) After work crowd alert! It's the usual mix of blue collar workers, leather jackety dudes, and nice locals all trying to mellow out after their respectively tricky days in the above-ground world. I like crowds like this when I'm tired. Just nice people shooting the shit, taking zero bullshit, and getting themselves properly sloshed after a long day. Also of note was a gentleman in a Los Santos Panic jacket! We're all pretty hyped about the Panic these days. So cool to see that hype trickle down even under the pier. As for drinks, the price point is pretty normal I guess. Two hundred for a Corona. I will say further south at Vespucci Community Center they sell Miller Lites for like 60 to 80 bucks so I'm unsure if VCP is just a really low-priced dive-bar or if The Diving Board Pub is just a little pricier than your average after work dive. EIther way, probably worth mentioning. The dress code is whatever you were wearing that day. Nobody cares. Just be comfy and happy. More games, games, games, games!! 🎮 (Slots and Billiards, fab ways to burn a paycheck.) Fuckity fuck fuck yes! Gambling and beer after work are a killer and dangerous combo. I tried my hands at the slot machine and managed to both lose and win one thousand dollars. By the time I hit my last spin on the slots, my beer was almost gone and my mind smoothed over from a rough week. A glance at the Billiards table also filled me with imaginings of locals hustling each-other for a few low stakes games of pool and earning back their drink money through strategic savvy. Love to see it. ALL IN ALL It's a pub, babes. You get what you expect. Beer. Games. The prospect of live music. And no judgement. That's all we can really ask for from a pub, y'know? If it gets too fancy, it gets pretentious and awkward. If it's too low-grade, it starts attracting sleazeballs. In this case, traveling the middle course served them well. An excellent after work drink. Plus you can walk the pier after and watch the sunset. And that's a super-duper fucking cute feature. Happy drinking. XOXO, DISCLAIMER >Comments are enabled!
  3. Sandcastle Way Apartment 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom ~750 sq ft $30.000 / month Leased until the 21st of September, 2021 About This Property Recently renovated beachside apartment, perfect for singles or couples. Located 2 minutes from the beach and 5 minutes from Del Perro pier. Contact [email protected] Photos Day Gallery Night Gallery Location Property Address: Sandcastle Way / Magellan Avenue, Del Perro, Los Santos, SA Features Garage Balcony Ceiling Fans Heating Washer / Dryer Microwave Tub / Shower Stainless Steel Appliances Hardwood floors Sliding doors Points of Interest Sightseeing Del Perro Pier Del Perro Beach Vespucci Beach ATMs Maze Bank Shopping Prosperity Street Promenade Vespucci Clothing Store Food and Drinks Vespucci Bean Machine Out of Towners Burgershot Recreation Bahama Mamas Dionysia Event Hall The Emissary Casino Fitness Ursus MMA Transportation Closest Subway Del Perro Closest Bus Vespucci Beach: Line 2 - Magellan / Mirror Park, Line 3 - Del Perro Beach / Hangar Way Del Perro Pier: Line 10 - Bus Station (Loop) Lease Details Payment method: Bank transfer For one-month leases, payment must be made within 3 days from the beginning of the agreement. For longer leases, payments must be made within the first week of the month. If payment isn't received within the specified time frame, the agreement will be terminated and the tenant evicted. ((Active users will be prioritized)) Lease options: 1-12 months Pets allowed
  4. 1143 Palomino Avenue is Sold Specifications of this Apartment: 1 Room, 1 Bathroom with Jacuzzi, Spacious Living Room (including work desk) and Kitchen, and a Balcony The property is the one in the middle of the photo. Photos ((OOC Information)) Buyout: $800.000 Starting Bid: $400.000 (bid increments $5.000 or above) You can also contact me through e-mail: [email protected] ((PM Forum))
  5. Bobb

    Pharaoh Cosmetics

    Los Santos' gateway into the beauty world Pharaoh Cosmetics is a brand-new cosmetics store in the heart of Del Perro on Prosperity Street Promenade. We sell a wide variety of perfumes, makeup products, skincare products, nail polish and much more. We also provide makeup sessions for those who want a professional to take care of their face. Make sure to check our store out when we open! In the mean time, visit our socials and our interactive online catalog. Book an appointment with me if you'd like to get your makeup done or even a tanning session through my email or Facebrowser, or even order some products that aren't on display, we'll order them for you for a reasonable [email protected] Follow us on Facebrowser! Visit Pharaoh Boutique, Burton's Website Visit Pharaoh, Del Perro's Website © 2023 by PHARAOH COSMETICS.
  6. New Times World Wide Crime and Public Safety Latest News Crime Politics Environment Science Education Health Transportation San-Andreas Nation NEWS > CRIME AND PUBLIC SAFETY 19-year-old Vespucci man arrested on suspicion of selling narcotics By AERIUS ENTERPRISE-RECORD | PUBLISHED: August 28, 2021 at 4:32 p.m. | UPDATED: August 29, 2021 at 5:38 p.m. VESPUCCI — At least one man was arrested after Butte Interagency Narcotics Task Force agents served a search warrant at an San Andreas residence as part of an investigation into a number of Fentanyl overdoses by young adults. Corey Parks, 19, was arrested July 22 when BINTF agents, along with Butte County Sheriff’s Office Investigations and Special Enforcement units, searched a residence in the Perrera Beach Motel, in the Bay City Avenue area. Corey was arrested on suspicion selling Methamphetamine and narcotics to minors, then while being transported to the Butte County Jail, officers alleged he attempted to escape custody by running away from and resisting officers, according to a press release from the BINTF. The BINTF has continued to warn residents against the use of all illicit prescription medications, many of which are now being counterfeited and often contain Fentanyl, which can cause overdose and death in minute qualities. Earlier in July, BINTF Commander Mike O’Brien reported there were 75 overdose deaths in Butte County in 2020, marking a 34 percent increase from 2019. Of the 75 deaths, methamphetamine was involved in 54, opioids (excluding Fentanyl) were involved in 17, while fentanyl was involved in nine, O’Brien said. Del Perro Peckerwoods and general information Del Perro Peckerwoods is a typical Peckerwood gang, located in the Del Perro/Bay City Avenue area, an area known for drug use and crime. This small group is fairly new as they started off as a punk group called "Gunhill Alley" and later on switched to Del Perro Peckerwoods as they got more and more involved in the drug trade around them. Compared to other pro-white street gangs in the area, they would be small in number and would be rarely seen alone, their internal politics would make the group more exclusivist then others and they would be hard to approach or be recruited into. Members primarily sell meth-amphetamines and commit residential burglaries alongside other crimes. The 19th century saw the invention of the word Peckerwood. It was a disparaging word that Southern blacks used to refer to rural or economically disadvantaged Southern whites. Black people saw the blackbird as a depiction of themselves, whereas white people saw the red-headed woodpecker as a symbol of themselves. Early in the 1970s, white prisoners who were prepared to fight to escape being raped or robbed were referred to as "wood" in San Andreas prison slang that originated in the 1940s. The phrase "peckerwood" gradually became a source of pride for inmates. The recruitment of young people into many of the nation's prisons in the late 1980s contributed to the rise of Skinhead-like pro-white street gangs. Women in this movement are called Featherwoods . The typical Peckerwood gang has 5 to 20 members who range in age from their early teens to their mid-20s. The majority of these gangs lack direction and organization. The Peckerwoods display the traditional Aryan emblems in a variety of ways to show that they embrace the philosophy of white supremacy. They frequently have the words "Peckerwood," "Pure Peckerwood," "100% Peckerwood," "Pure Peck," "Pure Wood," "Peckerwood Inc," "Peckerwood Tribe," or pictures of the woodpecker bird in their tattoos to denote their allegiance with a particular set. Peckerwoods like to get tattoos of Woody Woodpecker and the "Mr. Horsepower" logo by Clay Smith. Except for one significant distinction, Peckerwoods and Skinheads are very similar. Drugs. Skinheads who identify as Neo-Nazis are categorically opposed to drug use. Like other street gangs, Peckerwoods primarily profit from the selling of illegal substances. The "Peckerwood look" is influenced by both Skinheads and Latino gangs (Pendleton shirts and baggy pants) (Doc Marten boots, flight jackets, and in some instances, shaven heads). Theft, burglaries, vehicle thefts, accusations involving weapons, as well as the possession and sale of illegal drugs, are among the criminal offenses committed by Peckerwoods. They have also been linked to numerous killings and attacks with racial undertones. OOC Information Perrera Beach Motel is a notorious area in Del Perro for its high crime statistics. Prostitution and heavy drug abuse is common in the area. We strongly recommend every character that wishes to join us to roleplay as someone renting a room or living in the area. Our faction is heavily focused on each and every single character created for it and we strongly recommend creating character background story and thread. All racist actions are not a reflection of OOC racism and we don't condone any OOC racism in our faction, any members that get involved in that will receive an instant kick. All and every rule break punished by admins will result in a kick. All recruitment is done in game, you can PM @delperropeckerwoods if you need any help on approaching us ICly.
  7. This follows the life of local junkie/wanna-be thug Chad Millwood as he adjusts to living in the ever-growing gang culture that surrounds his area of residence in Del Perro. Chad grew up in the bustling city of Del Perro in Los Santos. He had a loving family, but he was always drawn to the excitement of the streets. As he got older, he fell in love with the enticements the streets have to offer. Chad falling deep into the clutches of the street-life and drug fueled lifestyle that came with it. it was just marijuana and a few pills here and there at first, but eventually, Chad was introduced to methamphetamine. He became hooked on the drug and would spend all of his money and time searching for his next fix. This lead to Chad developing a paranoia and distrust of the government as he goes through the stages of Methamphetamine induced psychosis along with him encountering some rather shady characters.
  8. Origins Of The Troubles The West Side 51 Trouble Gangster Crips are a well-active and expanding small mutual racial gang filled with blacks and Hispanics. They originally started as a tagging crew in the early 1990s, called Nothing but Troubles. Later down the line, they started to go by 51 Trouble Gangster Crips. They stretch from 51st Street and Halldale Avenue, between Western Avenue all the way down to Vermont Avenue. The Troubles were the main reason the 52 Hoovers stayed under the Gangster Crip Car. The Troubles and the Hoover Gangster Crips got so close that they ended up combining both of their gangs together, making the 512 alliance. The 51 Trouble Gangster Crips support three different known cliques within the gang called FSG, NSG, and HDG, which is an acronym for Figside Ganstas, Normandie Gangstas, and Hadalleside Gangstas. There was a small tension between a side or you can say clique from the 51 troubles with the 52 Hoover’s for a small amount of time. It wasn’t as serious as people thought it was it was more of a disagreement because no blood was shed and nobody got hurt behind it and it got squashed pretty fast, but by the names you can tell that the figside gangstas stay on fig as the Normandieside Gangstas stay on Normandie as well as the Hadalleside Gangstas staying on Hadalle. Havoc In The Fifties Keith Moore, a purported member of the 55 Neighborhood Crips, was sitting on the sidewalk outside by his mother's house in April 2009 when Double Owe Seven opened fire as Keith was entering the house. Keith ultimately managed to survive and escape the incident completely unharmed. Let's go to June 2009. Moore and his girlfriend watched as Double Owe Seven and another man connected to Double Owe Seven fired roughly five rounds at Keith's mother's house while they were at the crime scene. Again, no injuries were reportedly present at the crime scene. A residence on 54th Street and Denker Avenue was where Keith, his girlfriend, and other associates of the 55 Neighborhood Crips were standing in July 2009. Double Owe Seven eventually passed 54th Street while being followed by another vehicle. In the end, the automobile behind Double Owe Seven started shooting at the other group of men as well as Keith and his girlfriend.After returning fire at the moving truck, Keith managed to escape the situation unharmed once more with the help of his friends and his fiancée. Later, Double Owe Seven arrived at Keith and his girlfriend's side of the street, banged his set on them, and piled 51 Trouble Gangster Crip linked gang signs on the two. Double Owe Seven pursued them after Keith accelerated off. Keith and his girlfriend exited the vehicle and dashed to the Denker Avenue mini-mart. After exiting, Double Owe Seven began firing at Keith. Then his rifle began to jam.Then Double Owen Seven ultimately left the area. Keith was discovered dead on Denker Avenue and 55th Street on September 5, 2009. Witnesses identified Double Oh Seven as the gunman during their depositions against him. Due to the murder of Keith Moore, a member of the 55 Neighborhood Crips, Double Owe Seven now faces a sentence ranging from 80 years to life in prison. Given that Double Owe Seven shot at Keith five times in the course of a few months, many believe that this was more than just ordinary gang fighting. Instead, they believe that it was a personal dispute between Double Owe Seven and Keith. The War with South Los 13 Throughout Los Santos, many gang wars have risen and emerged in Los Santos. The war with South Los 13 primarily a Hispanic gang against the primarily African-American gang, 51 Trouble Gangster Crips has risen. This war wasn't like no other war with a few bodies only being dropped, this war has gotten so bad to the point when whenever the gangs crossed paths with each other it usually came down to gun-fire, factors of both sides have been lost in this upcoming gang war, with the shootings that have led to today's current time, many members of the South Los 13s and the 51 Trouble Gangster Crips have only faced two outcomes of the war, either you end up dead or in Jail. Benjamin Whitaker or Benji also known as was a member of the 51 Trouble Gangster Crips, who resided on Halldale street, he claimed Halldaleside Gangstas, BabyChink was seen as a hood trophy in the Troubles for the things he took part in, one of the main things BabyChink was known for was for being a problematic type of person in and out of the hood, he was seen as a threat to many other rival sets, until one day. On August, 15, 2022, Benjamin was killed in broad day light on that Monday morning just around 11:34am, only thirty minutes into the afternoon. Rumors had said, that the South Los 13 were responsible for the death of BabyChink, so the 51 Trouble Gangster Crips were quick to relate. As days when on the South Los 13 retaliated, which leads into today's current time frame. The cycle continues to repeat; the war between the 51 Trouble Gangster Crips and the South Los 13 gang continues to go on. Rivalry between the gang is still here, with the younger generations of both sides still carrying a strong hatred for each other. Only The Troubles \Let's discuss the 51 Trouble Gangster Crip's modern allies and rivals. The 51 Troubles are rivals with other gangs in Los Angeles, as is well known, making them active participants in the city's streets. The Troubles are known to pick fights with the Hoovers; they essentially have similar allies and rivals. Under the Rolling and Neighborhood Car, they engage in conflict with the 59 East Coast Crip, 66 East Coast Crip, 67 East Coast Crip, 68 East Coast Crip, Rollin 30's Harlem Crips, Rollin 40s, Rolling 50s, and a few more gangs. They fight with all the Brims as well, but their biggest opponent has always been the Rolling 50s ever since they started claiming 51 Street and adopted the moniker "gangster crip." Despite having several rivals, they also have allies, like the 52 Hoover Gangster Crips, who are among their closest associates, and the Hoover Criminals. The eight tray gangster Crips and a few other gangs operating under the Gangsta Crip Car are among their close allies. Since the 4 pacc gangster Crips hang out with east coast Crips and with the troubles being known to pick up on Hoover's beef from the beginning of them being associated with the 52 Hoover Crip gang, they don't get along with the 97 gangstas, 87 gangstas, and the four pacc gangsta Crips.
  9. Jalen Beal

    Jalen Beal

    Character Name and Alias: Jalen Beal A/K/A JuJu Occupation/Status: Lightskin. Freshmen at Del Perro Polytechnic High, and a first-string wide receiver for the football team. Known For: Being an upbeat goofy person who loves to joke around. He's heavily invested in playing football and has high hopes to make the league one day. Usually seen with a new girl every couple weeks. https://face.gta.world/JuJu
  10. This thread will follow Anthony, a 19 year old shotcaller with the Del Perro 13 gang, a small street gang in Vespucci beach.
  11. Selling this first story 2 bed 2 bath beach-side Condo in Del Perro, Playa Vista. Near beach/Pacific Bluffs. Furniture Worth: $89,765 Starting: $350,000 (MP) Minimum bid increase: $10,000 Buyout: $1,800,000 Click for pictures below. Interior pics Pinfo:
  12. Selling this first story 2 bed 2 bath beach-side Condo in Del Perro, Playa Vista. Near beach/Pacific Bluffs. Starting: $350,000 Minimum bid increase: $10,000 Buyout: $1,139,000 Click for Pictures below. Interior pics
  13. Looking to sell a spacious Magellan Avenue apartment. Two bedrooms, one bathroom, large open space kitchen and living area, and walk-in closet. Private parking lot. (( Property information )) Asking price 450.000$ or best offer. Building photos Entrance view Living room view Living room and kitchen view 2 Guest bedroom Bathroom Master bedroom view 1 Master bedroom view 2
  14. The fall of the communist regime after the 1989 Revolution offers the chance for the development of Romanian organized crime groups internationally, consolidating underworld ties with the Balkan mafias, neighboring Romania. Networks of human trafficking and pimping that procure victims in the east of the country and in Moldova, easily manipulated women who grew up in the captivity of poverty of the previous century and men eager to work hard to support their families, create the possibility of mafia intervention in the future docile people. Thus, the neighborhood crooks who noticed this opportunity associated with the underworld groups and gave birth to an entire mafia operation on Romanian territory. One of the largest organizations at the beginning of the 21th century was led by the son of the former commissioner of the Romanian police in Bucharest, Lucian Cotoi, also known as Sacalul, who was unmasked by the Directorate for the Investigation of Crimes of Organized Crime and Terrorism in 2005 for fraudulent employment contracts of Bucharest's workers who were promised salaries of thousands of euros in Bulgaria, Ukraine and Greece, but which proved to be signed documents that force the employee to 15 hours of slavery in construction sites and sanitation. Following an investigation, Lucian Cotoi and his brother-in-law were convicted of human trafficking and corruption, but the two were released after Judge Mihail Grigorescu received 50,000 thousand euros from the mafia network of which the two were part. The degeneration of the Romanian faction took place during the intervention of the General Anticorruption Directorate, which put an end to the manipulative chain of public employees on the Muntenian thieves. A number of 31 people were investigated from the beginning to the end of this operation, 31 of which 24 were arrested in 2008. Prosecutor Tudor Constantinescu proves the existence of a mafia hierarchy organized under the leadership of Lucian Cotoi and his brother-in-law, Andrei Tudose , which includes 28 characters suspected of drug and weapons trafficking, armed robberies and burglaries, fraud and pimping. The 3 people heard in the end: Judge Mihail Grigorescu, prosecutor Victor Chirila and Deputy Commissioner Eusebiu Flavius, Costel Podgoreanu, were also arrested for corruption, bribery, fraud and money laundering through legal affairs run by this underworld group from Bucharest The rebirth of the Cotoi clan resumed in 2010, this time with the cooperative support of the Balkan Mafia from the United States of America, under the uncertain leadership of a Kickboxing fighter, Cristian Simionescu, and his Hungarian manager, Miksa Szabolcs. The two rose through the American underworld due to the countertops arranged for the matches of the young Transylvanian. Then came fraud, tax evasion, pimping, human trafficking and even narcotics and arms trafficking during communism, sanctions applied to the two mafia bosses who would build an empire. The modern theme of the Romanian groups from the States stands out, especially, through the mafia ensemble from Los Santos, San Andreas, directed by Gigi Dumitrescu from Craiova. The fluidity of his criminal operations and his associates, but also the possibilities offered to Balkan immigrants, strengthened the notoriety of the underworld group. As a result, the international organization for police cooperation, Interpol, decided to open a case in order to stop the evolution of this mafia group in the United States of America. But learned with the discretion and circumvention of the law, the Romanian-Moldovan clan led by Simionescu strongly protected themselves from the descendants, Interlop informants and traitors from the group. The downfall of his partner, Miksa Szabolcs, was when the organization became vulnerable. The loss of the legal man, the one who not only knew every plan of the organization, every banknote he washed and every scam made, but he was also the only one who had something to lose if he had not poured Cristian Simionescu in front of the agents. The year 2015 meant for the Cotoi Brigade the end and start of a new mafia era for the family of the same name. Supported by the underworld minds with which they have been affiliated for the last 5 years, Lucian Cotoi's son and nephew, Cristian and Petrica, would find a place in Europe to develop, both individually and jointly, their own bases. of their groups. The family was already living on millions of euros in cocaine trafficking from Greece. All that was left for the two young men to do was to gain the trust of the Balkan captains who controlled the network. Emil Pirvulescu, also known as Emi Caiac, immediately infiltrated the Balkan Mafia template, standing under the wing of Liviu Tudose in England. But Cristian was not so lucky. At the age of 20, Cristian Cotoi did not have the necessary reputation to be integrated into the nightlife that his family lived. His conduct revolved around pimping. Having money, fucking around, but also a stable character of neighborhood gentleman, Cristian enrolled at the National University of Physical Education and Sports, from where he started his own pimping system in the dormitories in Bucharest. The deportation of Cristian Simionescu was not a total success. In Serbia, he was handed over to the corrupt Romanian authorities, who, turning their face to Simionescu and looking at the 100,000 euros promised by the Serbian mafia, allowed the Moldovan thief 5 minutes of tolerance, during which time he was extracted from scene with a fish transport van. The mobster remained hidden in Belgrade for another 2 months, until the Romanian inspector Viorel Lupascu tracked them down, in February 2012. The meeting between the two ended with gunfire, two people died as a result of the heat and Cristian Simionescu was injured. . After returning from the hospital, the thief was sentenced to 70 years in prison, breaking the American dream and the mafia paradise in which he lived for only 4 years. The collapse of the mafia branch in the United States offered Cristian Cotoi the chance to expand his horizons to America. His cousin, Petrica, was already a brigader leader in England, producing tens of millions of euros a year with the Balkan mob. Cristian saw his interest in a growing group in 2017, under the wing of the Mircu brothers, in Los Santos, San Andreas. For 3 years, Cristian Cotoi made a name for himself in the Romanian regime in the States, but he followed a more serious approach, avoiding other ethnicities and working only with the Romanians he trusted. In terms of Out of Character, the faction follows a more organized development process than the one presented so far. The old members, but also the players who will join the project will be influenced to raise their role-playing standards in order to portray a Romanian-American clan as close to reality as possible. Thus, we focus on creating stable relationships with the characters we interact with and aim not to enter into unfavorable conflicts in terms of role-playing or forced partnerships Out of Character. The management recommends all members to focus mainly on the development of the character and to put in the background its place in the faction, because we follow the evolution of the associates and reward it based on their influence in the character. The leadership reserves the right to elect its members, even if the faction is not invite-only. The members will present a specialized role-play on the theme of the Slavic underworld, not on the style of the typical romanian men. For this reason, the faction, especially its leadership, has the right to conclude any connection with players who do not have a remarkable role-play, who do not show mafia development and who cause quarrels or disgust through his actions. At the same time, anyone who has associated with the faction assumes the opportunity to receive Character Kill at one time or another, for whatever reason. For any questions you can contact me through forum or discord: Lenny#7709
  15. The story of Angelica Vazquez, police officer of the Los Santos Police Department.
  16. Looking to purchase a house or industrial building in the area of Vespucci, Vespucci Beach, or Del Perro. No apartments please. Industrial space considered. Contact: EMAIL ((Forum PM))
  17. 106 Playa Vista – Del Perro Description: My luxurious two-story, 1-bedroom apartment has everything you need. The unit comes with parking garage and a small office. During your stay, you can also enjoy using a convenient private bathroom, kitchen, and living room. The unit is within walking distance to several popular restaurants, bars, and Vespucci Beach! An ideal base to explore Del Perro and Vespucci overall. Market Value: $200,000.00 Furnishing Value: $11,775.00 Starting Bid: $275,000.00 Minimum Raise: $10,000.00 Buyout: $400,000.00 Interior Exterior (( OOC INFO ))
  18. The Varrio Del Perro 17th Street, also known as Del Perro Trece, Del Perro 13 or DPG(for Del Perro Gang), are a vicious Mexican American street gang based in the Sandcastle neighborhood of Del Perro, San Andreas. The Del Perro Gang was the first gang to originate on the Westside of Los Santos in the 1920's. They are mostly known for their decades-old rivalries with neighboring gangs in Vespucci, Del Perro, and West Los Santos. Even though Del Perro 13 is a Sureño gang, they wear their traditional black bandanas. The acronym DP17 refers to Del Perro 17th Street, which is the Del Perro Trece's primary subset or "clique". They write up "DPG" or "Del Perro Gang" to show solidarity. History of Del Perro Gang The creation of the Del Perro Gang dates back to the aftermath of World War I. They were originally known as the Del Perro Tomato Patch Gang. At that time, Mexican nationals tended to group up to provide fellow Latinos with protection against both other gangs, racial persecution, and ultra-nationalist groups. They were organizing neighborhood patrols, which were slowly turning into gangs. The heightened number of Mexicans who came to the United States to work in the factories built to fuel the war effort made it easy to find people willing to cross the line in order to survive. The Del Perro Gang wasn't known until the 1950s. Following the birth of La eMe, the group notoriously known as the Del Perro Tomato Patch Gang would soon be known as Del Perro 13. The band of criminals included both Mexican and Mexican-American members. It is known that the gang eventually expanded beyond its original border, managing to reach and conquer territory in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Some gangs, such as the Del Perro 13, resorted to the production of methamphetamine to fund their operations following the introduction of stricter laws in San Andreas. All the other prominent cliques in Del Perro 13 had gone defunct due to either severe gentrification or because they have decayed because of police presence, injunctions, or the arrest of important key figures in the gangs operation. Other than that the only active and remaining clique in current times is the "Little Locos". Little Locos Clique Little Locos (LLS) were a small tag crew that first appeared on the walls of Del Perro in the 1980's. This crew was noticed by older members of Del Perro 13, and taken advantage of to distribute drugs. The solidification of the crew occurred in the 1990s during the height of the bloody gang feuds that happened then. As a result of that, the Little Locos became more involved with the "front line" of the gang. After that, the Little Locos gained further notoriety for their relentless methods of distributing drugs such as methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, and crack cocaine throughout the neighborhood. However, this function had been put to a strong halt after the arrest of one of the most prominent figures within the Little Locos clique, Hector 'Sleepy' Garza in the early 2000s. This had sent the clique into an intramural power struggle as several people put themselves forward for the position to hold the keys. In more present times, the Little Locos clique re-built their ill-famed stature within the region of Del Perro by continuing what allowed them to rise to fame, dealing narcotics. Whilst the crew still was not structurally sound from the feud that had brewed beforehand, they had settled their differences once the prospective leaders liaised and put an end to the internal dispute. This then allowed the group to continue expanding their market by moving onto the exchange of firearms, the theft of automobiles, extortion, and robberies. Nowadays, they resume their operations, some of which could be considered a form of crime that can be monetized; murder, assault, and tag-banging. Del Perro Gang Today The gang continues to grow despite the ongoing gentrification. The gang primarily finances its operations through methamphetamine trafficking. The gang is known to beef with the surrounding gangs. Del Perro 13, much like the other gangs in the area, has gone through numerous gang injunctions since the 1990s.
  19. As the title of my ad suggests, I'm looking for a house or apartment in one of the above areas, My maximum budget is 400.000 Criteria for houses: Must be stand-alone. Garage or driveway. In a low crime level area. Criteria for Apartments: Stand-alone preferred. Garage or driveway. In a low crime level area. Please include links to sales pages & pictures of interior and exterior. Contact: EMAIL ((PM))
  20. A beautiful and unfurnished apartment on the top floor. Includes private parking in front, and an astonishing view of many parts of the city, including the beach. Includes a single bedroom, a large bathroom and a large living room connected to a kitchen. Market price: $130,000 Furniture worth: $43,500 Buyout price: $433,500 Current bid: $200,000 Feel free to bid but please remember that the minimum bid increment is $10,000
  21. Bay City Avenue bottom floor: West Eclipse Blvd Duplex/Apartment: Please contact me at [email protected] ((PM ME)) if you have a spot in one of these areas for sale.
  22. The apartment is located in Burton, Los Santos. One block away from the Police Station. The neighborhood is in general very quiet. The apartment has a backdoor that leads to the parking lot behind the property. The apartment includes three floors. First floor is the living room, a kitchen with all the basic utensils and a toilet room. Going on the second floor you will see an entertainment room in which you will find a Billiard table, a table-tennis table and three arcade machines. The second floor does also include a chilling area in which you will find a couch and a computer system. On the third floor you find the bed room. The bedroom includes of course, a bed and a medium sized television in front of it. The room also includes a bath tub and two couches to relax. The last special thing that the third floor contains is the sky-view window and a telescope. ((OOC Information)) Contact: 8606759 or send an email for more questions. ((Forum pm)) Market Price: $115,000 Furniture Value: $54,830 Starting Bid: $300,000 (10,000$ outbid minimum)
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