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  1. ((Vehicle Stats: https://ibb.co/W25BC4r ))
  2. 1991 Ubermacht Sentinel Classic for sale:- White.- Turbocharged 2.5 Litre S14 Motor.- Getrag 265 6-speed Transmission.- Ground control suspension installed.- Custom brake kit installed.- Aftermarket locks and alarm systems installed. - Anti-Theft System installed.- 350+ miles, serviced and maintained by Octane Automotive.Pictures: Proof of Ownership ((OOC)): Price: $90,000 1986 Dinka Hakumai for sale: - Red.- Turbocharged B18 swapped motor.- 5 Speed LSD Transmission.- 4-wheel double-wishbone suspensions installed.- Custom brake kit installed.- 100+ miles, serviced and maintained by Octane Automotive. Pictures: Proof of Ownership ((OOC)): SOLD
  3. 1970 Bravado Gauntlet Classic for sale: - Scorch Red. - Completely Rebuilt 472 cu. in. Hemi Engine - 18 Spline Hemi 4 Speed Transmission. - Refurbished Coilover suspensions. - Four-wheel disc brakes system with a Strange Engineering master cylinder and front line lock. - Aftermarket locks and alarm systems installed. - 200+ miles, serviced and maintained by Imperial. Pictures: Proof of Ownership ((OOC)): Price: $110,000
  4. FOR SALE! RUSH!!! Apartment in 1 Rub Street - Floor 2 Room 6 RUSH!!! STARTING BID: $80,000 BUYOUT: $99,000. Negotiable. Looking to sell spacious 2 room apartment in 1 Rub Street, Floor 2 Room 6 with balcony overlooking the surrounding waters of La Puerta and Rub Street. Leave all offers below! Would like to get rid of this ASAP. Apartment is open for viewing. Email me @[email protected] ((FORUM PM: ogsherm)) for questions. ((OOC INFO))
  5. Rune Cheburek You won't find a classic like this again. Registered: Yes Miles: 240 +- Modifications: Rebuild engine with a big turbo kit, Big brake kit & Upgraded driveline. Starting bid: $40.000,- Buyout price: $50.000,- ((OOC STATS))
  6. STATUS: SOLD 1170 Cougar Avenue - Floor 4, Room 4 (Apartment) PICTURES: https://imgur.com/a/BCpMDkp Information: Standard sized apartment. 2 bed, 2 bath. Master Bedroom has an ensuite. Open plan living area. Quiet Area. Close to LS Beach and Del Perro Pier. Out front parking area. Price: Market Price - $115,000 ((Furniture Worth - $88,112)) Starting Price - $200,000 Bid Increase - $10,000 Buyout Price - $285,000 Contact: Call me or send me a message: PH: 1718 Or send me an email to [email protected] ((PM on the forum)).
  7. - FOR SALE - - DINKA SUGOI - AUCTION START - 90K BUYOUT - 100K Please contact Dakotah Wilds on [REDACTED] or reply directly for availability, low offers will not be accepted.
  8. ๐—”๐—ฝ๐—ฎ๐—ฟ๐˜๐—บ๐—ฒ๐—ป๐˜ ๐—ณ๐—ผ๐—ฟ ๐˜€๐—ฎ๐—น๐—ฒ 2003 San Andreas Blvd. Floor 8 - Room 3 โ €โ €โฎPicturesโฏ
  9. Sultan with the RS Performance Package (It is also fitted with an aftermarket blue underglow) (( OOC Info ))
  10. Rarely available standalone house in the middle of Los Santos. Parking for two cars with a balcony and back yard. Please click below for images Market Price: $105,000 Furniture Price: $262,536 Total: $367,536 Starting Bid: $400,000 Buyout: $577,000
  11. Faction with an after market engine, transmission & turbocharger. Low Mileage, Leather Seats. -- Asking Price: 60k$ --
  12. [4SALE] Name: Ocelote Jackal Insurance: 29 days Price: $88,000 #: 1995 Description: Enjoy premium quality at an affordable entry-price. With a full performance package, this car turns into a proper beast and not merely luxury. With the security package, which includes disabling the engine remotely, you will be able to park your car anywhere with a peace of mind.
  13. [4SALE] Name: PCJ 600 Insurance: 26 days Price: $27,000 #: 1995 Description: A great entry bike for people with a performance package. Low mileage, create for commuting through the busy traffic on LS. Thanks to the performance package, it has no lack of power as well, whilst offering great gas mileage.
  14. Speedo for sale. Selling my Speedo van, bought brand new last month. It's travelled a total of only 17 miles since the purchase, the Speedo comes with the full performance package aswell as security packaging including upgraded clutch and flywheel, discs, pads and callipers, turbo, lock, alarm and anti-theft system installed, along with an engine ECU remap. This van currently has 29 days left of insurance. I'm looking for $65,000 for this van, non-negotiable. Please call me on 71770092, or send an email.
  15. Declasse Granger Low Mileage, Recently Serviced, Full Vehicle Ownership History, Aftermarket Parts and Security Essentials. Asking Price: $60,000 - Firm offer, no negotiations. Log Book Vehicle Picture
  17. For Sale: Benefactor Streiter (Sedan) Vehicle data Manufacturer: Benefactor Model: Streiter (2020 Sedan) Year of manufacture: 2020 Current mileage: ~730 Color: Benefactor Stone Gray (Roof: Black) Overall condition: Like new This beautiful sedan features a state of the art GPS system, car radio, air conditioning, heated seats, electronically adjustable and heated mirrors. More than that it comes with a set of new winter tires. The car is being sold from first hand and was never involved in any accident. The paint and overall condition is spotless and the interior is properly maintained. Oil has been exchanged recently and the battery is in good condition. The vehicle is registered at the DMV and the insurance is covered until 20/AUG/2020 12:56:50. I'm looking for 75000$ for the vehicle. The proper papers (manual, registration, insurance), as well as a spare set of keys will be provided with the sale. Contact information: Phone: 96282055 e-mail: [email protected] ((forum PM)) ((OOC stats))
  18. Beautiful apartment within Eclipse Tower for sale, modern furniture, two bedrooms and one master with an en suite, located on the 9th floor. See interior pictures here: - https://imgur.com/a/ktiY3Ye Market Price: $325,000 Starting bid: $300,000 Buyout: $350,000 Very close to any interesting places in the city. Close to the main bank branch and multiple stores. The area is quiet and protected from crime. One of the two bedrooms can be turned into an office.
  20. Inverto Coquette Selling an Inverto Coquette. Details: Color: White Engine: Performance Tuning ((Max)) Brakes: Race Brakes ((Max)) Turbo: Installed Transmission: Race Transmission ((Max)) GPS: Installed Anti-theft, locks and alarm: Upgraded Aftermarket ((Max)) Insurance: ~25 days left Miles: 89 miles. Insurance cost: 21.000. Price: $215,000.
  21. Looking to sell my cozy property in Mirror Park. While the interior could do with some remodeling the exterior is gorgeous, bearing commodities such as a private hot tub, under awning parking, and more than enough room to host a party or cookout. Great area, great neighbors, kept in great shape. Starting Bid; $200,000 Current Bid; $450,000 Bidding has concluded. Exterior https://imgur.com/a/ayZB9Tm Interior https://imgur.com/a/yTAiyRn
  22. Interior: Location: Market Price: 95k Open to all offers! ((Both sheds are scripted and can be entered They have the single garage interior))
  23. Property Type: HouseAddress: 7713 Mountain View Drive Area: Sandy ShoresDescription: Wooden house, cozy not very old. The state of the structure is very good has its own fenced land, very private and secure. The interior needs repairs but it is only the masonry, the woods still conserve their strength. The neighborhood of Sandy Shores is one of the best, it is safe and the neighbors are very warm and friendly. There are all kinds of places to meet all your needs, even late at night. Starting Bid: $180,000 Current Bid: - Buyout: $220,000 Time Remaining: 5 days Contact: [email protected] ((forum MP)) / Phone : 9438326 EXTERIOR: INTERIOR:
  24. It's time to find a new owner for this beautiful bike She's probably the fastest land vehicle in all of Los Santos, so if you like speed, she's the dream. Extra info: Low mileage, pristine condition, beautiful deep-red color and matching rims MORE PICTURES
  25. Selling beautifull Sentinel cabrio sports car. Very good looking and fast. Bright red colour black leather seats. Foldable hard top roof. Four seats. Twin turbo V8 engine. 0-60 in 5.6 Seconds, top speed 145mph. Come with six speed manual transmission Starting bid 75000$ Buyout 85000$ Email me: [email protected] ((Archix)) Call mobile: 9704858 No time wasters car costs the money not accepting any offers lower then posted.
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