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  1. Drafter sold, thanks for the offer though. BOTH BIKES STILL FOR SALE.
  2. Hi, I've come to the decision to sell some of my vehicles, this including my Obey Drafter, Dinka Akuma and Carbon RS. Please see photos below: Drafter - The Drafter has the full performance package, as well as some aftermarket security features to enhance it's security. It's an incredible car to drive and is also a shame that I am selling it. Price: $280,000 Dinka Akuma - The Dinka Akuma is a great motorcycle, handles really well and is very fast for the price. I done all of the work on this motorc
  3. If you have a fist fight and you both go down, even in the wounded mode and you can /helpup players.
  4. Same thing happened to me, crashed and my 'last location' was apparently my house. +1.
  5. This thread is showing the life of Joshua Yoon, a young 18 year old lad living in Little Seoul.
  6. +1, seen it on another server, works well.
  7. To be honest, I don't know anyone who actually stops at traffic lights when on red, I thought RPly you would, but as it is only a game, you just check the intersection is clear then proceed with your travels. I know 99% of PD/SD wouldn't even stop for red lights, I guess it depends on who is behind you and their mood at the time. Also, if you were approaching an intersection and the traffic lights were green and you continued with your travels and didn't stop at-all, if there was a police officer nearby they'd still pull you for 'failure to abide a traffic control device'. Traffic
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