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  1. Because NVE added 4K texture mods for the trees that even the textures themselves are 370MB in size, these textures aren't that optimized to be run with a bunch of mods. These textures are the core of the problem for NVE with unoptimized RAGEMP with object rendering, there was a car meet with 45+ cars and 50+ players in one area and my game textures basically just goes bye bye with only NVE even without the ENB and it just shows how heavy the game already is with NVE and added with the extra stress from RAGEMP's part with the players and cars. Try the tree mod here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/grand-theft-auto-v-remastered-add-on Go on singleplayer and compare the game with and without update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday18ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\props\vegetation.rpf removed, you'll see the difference. This is not really anyone's fault because NVE should and would run fine if you're in singleplayer since you wouldn't have too many mods to make the game this heavy, but for GTAW's case you will always face texture loss with NVE if you don't remove the vegetations and can we really blame GTAW for this? I don't think so as well, it might be even because of RAGEMP with how it renders players and cars, etc. And I don't think GTAW should remove some of its mods just because people with NVE are having an issues, if the server is fine to be run with vanilla GTA V, then in my opinion it's good. It's also been brought up to Razed and that's how we figured out vegetation.rpf was the problem. I believe you can actually run the game just fine during peak hours without those vegetation.rpf, it helps my PC atleast that during peak hours I don't see loss textures that quickly. Either way, people with Ryzen 7 5800x w/ RTX3080 are facing this problem as well with NVE when playing GTAW if they have vegetation.rpf. NVE during peak hours w/ 50+ cars, 50+ players: NVE when there's an event in Legion Square with 100+ players:
  2. Keep it like this. I see no performance impact whatsoever and the game looks more nicer.
  3. NVE is your problem. It has 4K textures for trees in patchday18ng/dlc.rpf which is why you're lagging with the extra trees.
  4. I restarted my modem regularly about once a week, unfortunately I can't change my DNS since my ISP has some stupid shadow DNS or something that basically doesn't let their customers to change their DNS, otherwise I'd have to learn how to use DNScrypt to bypass this. Though I could use Cloudflare's app so my whole system has its DNS through DNS over HTTPS but I don't know if that will affects RAGEMP -- I'll try though. Trying to connect using a DNS through europe is basically gonna give me a +5s delay or so, it does sounds stupid but sure I'll try playing the game while connected to EU thru VPN lol. I don't really have any stutters back in 0.3.7 but that might be because we have less mods back then, what I can say for sure is that I don't have the stutters as often as lately though it's almost every 10 minutes or something, you can see the screenshots and videos I've attached on the original post. So it might just be happening over time.
  5. I'm using ethernet, yes. My internet is pretty stable even though I'm from Asia but I can get 180ms - 250ms ping and it doesn't fluctuate. I understand what you mean though, because if server restarts or my internet died it will freeze the game for a bit but that's just because how RAGEMP client is I think. Though I don't know if it's related to my internet at all if a lot of people are having the same issues with the stutters. Would there be a way to monitor the internet connectivity in real time though? I've just been using MSI Afterburner to check my frametime in ms as well as my GPU and CPU usage. Yep, it's installed in my NVMe SSD. I bought the SSD and HDD last year in early 2020 when I upgraded my PC so both are still pretty new. Stutters only happens on GTAW though, other games even a more demanding games never stutters, even cyberpunk.
  6. Believe me, I tried no shadows since months and months ago but it still stutters anyway. https://streamable.com/pv4c36 I don't have any issues with FPS at all, I can run the game at any settings like I've said even if it's all normal without shadows I can get 188fps constantly or I can use ultra settings with graphics mods and it'll run 60-80fps just fine 24/7 but the problem is the stutters which always comes around no matter what I do in game. Though I'll look up what high precision event timer does and how it affects the game.
  7. Nope. None of the suggested solutions works. It still happens. I'm in pain.
  8. I'll try this. At this point I believe this is just RageMP or GTAW's problem. Yeah, my SSD is not even years old and its more than enough to run GTA V so it's weird to see.
  9. Has anyone else been experiencing huge FPS drops lately? I've been getting huge drops no matter what settings I run with or without mods, nothing really matters anymore and I've been getting FPS drops everyday sometimes it quite often and sometimes it only happens occasionally. I don't know if it's related to the game or RAGEMP is just having memory leaks or something, but I don't have any issues with any other games at all. I played FH4, B4B, Valorant, R6S, etc none of these games are having fps drops. Specs: Ryzen 5 3600 @ 4.2GHz/1.25v RAM 16GB @ 3200Mhz CL16-18-18-36 EVGA GTX 1060 SC GAMING 6GB Adata SX8200 PRO M.2 NVMe 512GB Seagate Barracuda 2TB Videos of fps drops (Yes it also happens when I'm just standing around roleplaying, not just related to driving.): https://streamable.com/zhk5la https://streamable.com/cofsf1 Screenshots of MSI Afterburner monitoring frametime (notice the sudden bumps on the graph, those frametime suddenly hits 16ms+): What I've tried: Cleaning my whole PC, which obviously from these screenshots and videos they're not thermal throttling (yes it's normal for my GPU to reach 82C it's designed to hit that temp, it only has one fan.) Removing my overclock. I usually run 4.2Ghz @ 1.25v daily for my 3600 but I thought it worth a try not to OC it to test. Turning off Nvidia overlay. Turning on Nvidia overlay BUT moving the recording and instant replay to my SSD. Checked both the SSD and HDD's health, they're both fine, not even a year old. Updating my GPU drivers to the newest. Disabling Discord overlay. I never had this to begin with. Changed gta5.exe on Nvidia control panel to High Performance, and made sure it chose the GTX1060. Changed gta5.exe priority on task manager to High. Turned down all of the settings on GTA V to the point I can hit 188fps, still fps drop to 30 occasionally. Mind you I'm using windows 11 as well, and no I don't think it has any effect on this since it was happening when I'm on windows 10 as well. I'm honestly just lost, I don't know what could be the problem. plz help.
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