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  1. I got this to work in single player but in Rage/GTAW it would not 😞
  2. I used it and I'm still alive. Didn't really find any high population areas to stress test it though. But didn't notice any negative effects so far.
  3. Is this the do-it-yourself version of FiveM's "extended texture budget"?
  4. Coroner can also be a fun legal job, a bit different and very in demand.
  5. I agree, it will be busy for max a month then it will be deserted.
  6. You can't really do anything ICly. But if you record it you can just make their faction look bad OOC until they enforce the rules better internally
  7. All that /praying finally paid off. Take that atheists!
  8. "If the traffic light displays a yellow light that is going to a green light, then it is to be treated as a green light" The lights don't even work that way anymore...
  9. I think there would be benefit in maybe not "rewarding" but recognising certain activity that improves the server for everyone. If you make an effort to set up and run an event, there should be some kind of recognition, or thank you from the server. Same if you run an interesting faction which provides some unique RP that isn't cops and robbers. Not sure the best way to do it, but I think it would help retain people willing to put effort in for everyone's benefit. Panda Points in its current form does not seem to be the answer. Maybe some kind of special status for those who regularly organise good public events, which includes essentials to do more of them: free event map markers and 5 outdoor furnitures? And a special status on forum.
  10. I think this would be fine. The rules are just kind of general guidelines, I believe if you can show there is a decent reasoning which leads to something...you should be ok. Just make sure you record any event which somebody COULD complain about. Of course, it depends on the admin and their current mood, if you get reported.
  11. Make sure "hibernate when a game is running" is ticked, in the settings of the rockstar launcher. Then it goes to sleep when GTA5 is running.
  12. Usually the most simple answer is the right one, and tbh it's just your weak computer. The CPU, the GPU. Even top gaming setups are having stuttering and occasional lagouts. Easy AntiCheat causes a lot of lag, plus all the custom assets we have now. Have you set textures to "normal" in GTA5? And everything as low as it will go? It will look like crap but might ease things. Pray that Rage devs let EAC be disabled soon.
  13. Just curious because the top seems quite nice, but I can't find a single torso that goes with it. Has anyone found the secret?
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