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  1. Remember when the new trees from the map mod were poking into people's houses? I believe they found a way to disable the mod in interiors, so it may well work for the "snow" map mod.
  2. We got forum snow at least.
  3. I think people get too attached to one character. All good stories have a beginning and end, and so should characters. I have sometimes pondered the idea of scripted age automatically going up at some interval and eventually leading to an auto CK, with asset wipe (died of old age). Wouldn't ever happen of course because people want to be 21 forever and they are stuck in their ways of "how things have always worked", but it would probably make CKs a bit less OOC drama inducing and solve some other issues too (stockpiling of properties, weapons and the endless farming of money, because it's all temporary).
  4. Nobody wants to RP car crashes. They want to speed around at 100MPH and never stop at lights or junctions. When two people who both want to speed around finally hit each other, they just skip. The only way it will stop will be to add actual scripted consequences, but that has been coming for a long time.
  5. And now you know how it feels to reach too high, too far, too soon. Some might say you saw the whole of the moon.
  6. I don't think what you describe is metagaming, it's more just being bad at roleplay? We have people who barely grasp what RP is, so asking for much more than the very basics is gonna be hard.
  7. I originally voted keep but changed my mind to remove now. We already suffer from texture loss at certain scenes, and I have noticed places where I am getting it more. Overall, I just don't think it is worth the additional consumption of resources, considering we already struggle. Maybe there should be a new poll now that people have been using it for a while (just binary choice, keep or remove)
  8. If somebody really wants to turn a house burglary into a war then sure. But I think there would be RP quality questions if somebody brought an AK to a burglary and remember that at this stage, the admin supervising the robbery SHOULD still be observing and if you decide to start shooting at the security company they can NPC the call to the cops and enforce a CK if it was a really stupid escalation. More likely it will just give burglars a bit more time and then maybe escalate into melee conflict or foot pursuit (or just detention until LEO's arrive). But as I said I think the scope for silliness is quite low because these are scenes that are always monitored by an admin.
  9. If/when alarms go to security companies instead of directly to LEO, it will be a huge change (for the better imo). The security companies will not be able to respond quite as fast (they can't legally speed nor ignore traffic signals for example), nor bring as much manpower as PD/SD. Then it doesn't really matter if alarms are triggered or not, you'll get some more time and the possibility to fight/escape a player-run security company, which should be much easier than escaping police/sheriffs.
  10. Nevermind that weirdness then, let's just focus on finding out what the two new ones are
  11. Says two new hairtie got added in the latest update notes, but I don't see them? What are they? I only see the same options as before (plus the output seems to change...for reasons unknown...)
  12. I have always had a variety of thoughts on this. First, I think there has long existed a mismatch on what the average player wants compared to what FD gives. I believe most people want the "movie" version of FD: medics arrive to save the day, they do some stabilisation at the scene and then whisk them off to hospital. I don't think anybody outside of FD finds excessive detail like the specific type of c-collar you're putting on somebody that useful, or the specific type of bandage and the shape of the knot you tie it with. It might be technically correct and show that FD does things accurately, but I think it's wasted on most people who are not FD. Second, as has been said there is too much questioning on matters that a normal player wouldn't know about. What's your heart rate: I don't know? What's the impact if I say it's 20? 150? Is that realistic? Do I have any dizziness? I don't know, should I? To solve this, I think a medical script would be super beneficial to everyone. Heart rate, blood pressure and some other things could be scripted, injuries could change them and FD could see them scriptly. FD could help create the script so that people who are hurt are told what kind of effects they are experiencing. For example (just making it up): If blood pressure dropped due to bleeding, the player could be informed "you would start to feel light headed, and your fingers would tingle" (I don't know, i'm not a medic). THEN, the FD can get the hard stats via their RP and the person would have some guidance on what they should be roleplaying to be kind of matching with their actual injuries. For example, If somebody falls, they would be told that their "right leg hurts and they cannot move it, pain would be very high". Then, FD could use the script to actually see whatever detail they needed like the exact type of fracture, instead of expecting the player to know about types of fractures and what that means.
  13. This kind of stuff ultimately comes back to bite them because if you cling to a limited closed friend circle they will eventually leave and then we get all the stuff about "Community was best in 2020" "All the good roleplayers left, we don't have as much fun thesedays". You have to think it might be because you clung onto a fixed set of people and never welcomed in new people during the good times.
  14. I have never been in SAPR but when it was announced I really hoped all the talk of it being something new and different was true. But as I watched from the outside, that hope kind of dissipated. I think the first warning sign was how the faction initially filled up through some kind of private method: there was no public recruitment for a while but people were filling out the initial ranks anyway. I suspect these "day 1" people were long-time LEO RPers. If you seed the faction with long time LEO RPers, they are going to bring the LEO mindset, just a fact I believe. Then the forums went up and they had the same kind of sections as the PD/SD forums - it was the typical "LEO faction template". Earlier in this thread I asked why a mic was required and got the expected answer that it's needed for pursuits, which pretty much confirmed in my mind where the faction was going. Finally, I started to see a wave of PD people applying for double faction perms at SAPR - again, if you fill a faction with people who have a very rigid idea of what LEO RP is, that's what you'll get. I see that SAPR is currently having some changes though, so I still have hope that it could become something fresh and unique. Nothing here is intended to offend or upset anyone. Just my personal views.
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