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  1. If you running a Holset turbo and LOWERING springs on an Elegy, you deserve to give it to me for free. But since I'm generous I'll offer $2, a philly cheese steak, and Kidz Pop 13 on CD
  2. BIG SUPPORT As a skater irl I’ve always wanted to have my character skate but I’ve only been limited to BMX. Adding this would be a huge plus to the server and add LOTS of roleplay opportunities. If I can finally pull a backside 360 off the set over at the pier like in Sorry I will kiss Nervous himself on the lips.
  3. This man has clearly never been on Chinese liveleak
  4. F in the chat bro TJ still a poser
  5. everyone gangsta till Tohyon pulls out the Blackberry
  6. LETS GOOO, now my character can look properly like a cuck for other ppl now
  7. User: Mashallah Habibi Comment: haram
  8. RIP smol poser goth (ex) gf ? F in the chat, o7
  9. Jin let Vincent win, I swear
  10. smh Jasper just needs to start vibin'
  11. erp thread??? POGGERS
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