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  1. thats true. luftwaffe was a cool project but any music related rp simply isnt feasible on this server.
  2. it doesn't bother me. i'm simply criticizing this script-based approach that many people pick over roleplaying things. you don't need no script methpipe items just to have them look cool for screenshots, that's not the point at all.
  3. but why. what purpose does a useless item in your inventory serve cause im really struggling to understand what exact purpose it has
  4. What stops you from rping it. Why do you need a whole script to rp having a methpipe on you
  5. Bro honestly what is the point of emoting in order to start a fight or ask for some kinda mutual confirmation. whats gonna come next, having to ask somebody if you can shoot them or what. why are you trying to fix something that isnt broken to begin with
  6. u can have a learners license in cali if ur 16 whats the issue
  7. With the amount of criticism RPQM receives I'm really surprised it doesn't bother them at all and they just continue being useless.
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