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  1. Pete what the fuck u do agai nman This is unnaceptable
  2. Name: ada ivy fan #2 Comment: Lieutenant Tashyn Glynn SHE FIRED AN INNOCENT AZERBEJANI DEPUTY FOR ALLEGEDLY "STEALING" HER DOORDASH ORDER... IN REALITY?? SHE ATE IT AND WAS GUILT TRIPPING... FUCKIN BITCH.... Captain Alice Goethe (She got fired for engaging in a [redacted] with her executive aide during work hours at the 5th Floor of HAll of Justice!!!!!!!!!Donny gibson you have to Look into this. Iheard that aidee's name is Michael "Gao" .. curious As to why he's still on the job... Aparently Dudes gonna release revenge porn too ??? If they dont hire her back ?/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  3. Name: ada ivy fan #2 Comment: POLICE OFFICER ADA IVY
  4. Fuck yeah i wanna be able to see where the opps at for i slide......
  5. Good Rp media... pete and Galeb i Am ig tonight We Rp.
  6. Dusty.. papa is coming ig to Roleplay.. meet U at jamestown Street in 30 minutes.
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