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i dont wanna od in LA

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  1. A slight off-topic here, but perhaps you should get in touch with SAGOV or LSGOV next time, to my knowledge huge cities like LA very often engage into some kinda partnership programs for mass events. Same way you somehow "contracted" LSPD and LSSD to provide security, and LSFD to provide medical assistance during the event, you should maybe reach out to either GOV faction and see if they'd be interested in helping you to fund an event of that kind. It could also open up some additional roleplay venues, both for you and them. Otherwise, I really like how the event worked out, really good job on
  2. No clue about that but you can surely replace the names of areas/cities that have their counterparts in GTA5, e.g. East Los Angeles Community College -> East Los Santos Community College; Compton High School -> Davis High School etc.
  3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_high_schools_in_Los_Angeles_County,_California
  4. This tbh. The spring break festival last night was arranged in a separate dim yet with around 80 ppl in there at one time it was hella laggy and weird. I've crashed like thrice in a row whilst entering the dimension. Otherwise, obviously huge events are cool, we just need to understand that RAGE isn't quite yet adjusted for mass events.
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