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  1. patrick coarke ray moran breaking bad rolepley allat
  2. Username: Yalla Comment: Ahahaha mallcop Down 998!!!!! 998!!!!! Rest in piss
  3. https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/54436-several-inconsistencies-in-the-server-continuity/ would be cool if you could address this whole thread cause despite over 11 pages of input nothing has come out of it.
  4. to touch up on this, no. NFA as a federal act is generally a tier above state law (there's no laws nullifying it on the server) so if you brought it up in court upon being arrested with an AR you could easily dispute that. whereas yes what the management does heavily influence the gun laws theres still plenty that can be done via ic means. once again i'd like to refer you to those two cases https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/60025-gregory-walker-v-los-santos-police-department-los-santos-city-government-chief-of-los-santos-police-mayor-of-los-santos-et-al/ https://forum.gta.world/en/topic/58847-petition-for-review-gregory-walker-v-state-of-san-andreas-and-governor-of-san-andreas/
  5. I mean honestly since we're portraying California it does kinda make sense. ARs are more or less banned in Cali (https://giffords.org/lawcenter/state-laws/assault-weapons-in-california/), unless you wanna roll around with a 10 round mag lol
  6. Has anybody tried it tho? Get a m4 carbine from a weapon supplier, get arrested with it and go contest it in court. It's compliant with NFA most likely, so one way or another they're in reality legal. I realize that this is some kinda backward logic here but has anybody done that? Like, you simply can't complain about it if you haven't done anything.
  7. It was fought IC. I've single-handedly forced pd to actually abide by the IC laws. Not to mention cases that forced the senate to amend the SHAFT act. It is fully possible to fight for your 2nd amendment rights via IC means, however I must admit that there's a lot of admin interference involved. Personally I believe you should do it either way, regardless of people attempting to shun you down via OOC means.
  8. If what you described here happened on the premises of your business you had all the rights to use the weapon. The issue isn't with the laws and OOC rules surrounding them, the issue is with PF holders.
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