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  1. Yes, just like you ignored the purpose of the suggestion.
  2. ich belebe diesen thread hiermit wieder
  3. @Almeida @Naitor @arkan @metwad welcome guys
  4. Hey, we talked about the idea of having subforums for factions in the illegal FM chat. Now I'm just going to suggest it here too to collect opinions. The main idea was to let factions that have been around for 6 months - 1 year have their subforums. The leadership of a faction could use this as an opportunity to administrate their own thread and to moderate the topics. I'll just drop a few examples that show how subforums could be used. As a leader of a faction, I receive multiple messages per week from other players who are interested to join. I personally would use this subforum to create a Q&A thread and a "How to join" thread along with a little guide that would make it much easier to understand how recruitment in our faction works. And I would answer individual questions in the Q&A thread. I also believe, as mentioned above, it could be highly important for some factions to administrate the posts on their thread. A faction owner could be the admin of his own subforum, therefore he can just delete posts he doesn't want on his thread. Some factions that have subfactions below them could create one big subforum with all their factions. There are many more reasons but I'm sure those I've mentioned above represent the interest of other factions already.
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