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  1. OK, could you elaborate? These reasons are everything but obvious to me. There is no single logic argument why we should keep the current system.
  2. There is easy ways to handle that. For example a rule where you can not sell for 3x of the property's market price. There is always workarounds. And just because the supply might be low, definitely doesn't mean we need PM to decide who gets what property or not, thus making it even worse than it might be. I do not see the logic here.
  3. Hello, dear members of this community, I wanted to address this problem for quite a while now. Right now, PM is controlling the whole market of properties, leases, and for some parts even vehicles. This means, that players can usually not sell properties as they please, PM always interferes and often cancels these transactions. It takes weeks, sometimes months to get the property you want from PM. In a free market, properties could be purchased and sold much more easily without PM interfering. My initial problem with PM is the unbearable communism-like style of how they run the subteam. They decide who gets what property and in my opinion, the free market should take care of that. If anything, RPQM should be responsible for deciding whether or not someone is doing a good portrayal of their character. PM is not responsible for judging your character's roleplay, thus limiting your experience on this server. A perfect PM would set house and business markers all around the map so people don't have to request them on the UCP, but can just buy them IG which makes things much more uncomplicated. These properties can be sold whenever the original owner likes and should not be blocked by PM at any cost. This means if you want a property, you don't have to go through a very tiring bureaucracy until you can finally roleplay something on this game. PM makes things much more complicated than they should be. This takes off all the weight on PM's shoulders and would make it much more enjoyable for RP as nobody would have to go through an endless cycle of bureaucracy. I believe that PM is well aware of these flaws and intentionally doesn't want to do it the way I explained above, which is creating markers all over the map for houses and businesses, so they don't lose any of their relevance. But as a community, we have to address this unbelievably out-of-date system. As for any "RP quality" concerns --- that is what RPQM is for. What do you think? This thread is not meant to be a bashing on PM, but more a way of laying out an alternative to their system.
  4. Even worse our PARK RANGERS already act like a highway patrol. But I believe many people actually want to RP in the county but it is almost impossible to get a property there.
  5. 🤣 i have a better idea there is no RP for you? Close the faction, join PD or SD instead of pushing your own private faction that had no reason to exist to begin with. i can already see all the patrol vehicles on the highway waiting for people to speed so they can finally do something.
  6. IC issues require IC solutions. There is absolutetely no need to limit people's RP by banning masks outside of crime. There is an IC government, let them work on a law where cops are allowed to frisk anyone who is masked and this epidemic will stop immediately.
  7. Username: Donald Gibson Comment: i don’t want feminists on my article, men are superior. God made Eve with one of Adam‘s ribs.
  8. Username: Donald Gibson Comment: Yo, what the fuck? This article is about the ITALIAN mafia, not the MEXICAN....What the hell is you on about nigga, nobody attacked yo ass?!!?!??! mexicans were never mentioned, you are the one dragging hard working mexicans into this. you are probably italian and want to blame the poor mexicans for all these crimes.
  9. Username: Donald Gibson Comment: Who the fuck is Rival Ayala? I was talkin about another nigga, what the fuck? I think you just exposed your own nigga.....
  10. Good people of Los Santos. This is your host, Donald Gibson with the Donald Gibson Media Group, with a Donald Gibson special. I am Donald Gibson and I have been spending the past ten years infiltrating a major Italian Mafia. It All Started During My Days As A Deputy As many of you already know, I was a Deputy Sheriff for almost thirty years before I was discharged by Joseph Cline for speaking out against the oppression and racism towards the black Deputies. But nobody knows that I was involved in a huge operation to take out the Italian Mafia in Los Santos. Today I will be telling you all the ins and outs you need to know, which businesses you need to avoid and most importantly: How to spot a mobster. I Am A Victim Of Mob Violence I never told someone, but last summer I was brutally beaten up by these mobsters. They kidnapped me after accusing me of stealing their vehicle. They have taken me to the desert to break my fingers, this was never reported to the police by the way. I took it like the man I am and moved on. Confirmed Mob Businesses Goldie's: The Red Piano Horizon Developers LLC Interview with Ex-Mob Wife (anonymous) I wrote another article about one of these people previously! Check it out! FACT CHECKED BY AMERICAN PATRIOTS TO BE CONTINUED, PART II WILL BE RELEASED SOON
  11. *Donald Gibson refreshes the site and notices his comment disappeared. He writes a very long text in which he insults the creator of the article and their family while also trying to make it clear he is being framed by the LSSD. It takes him an hour to write the text before he posts. He immediately notices the post disappears and all his work was for nothing. He sighs and his sigh slowly transforms into heavy breathing, followed by a loud scream. He yells nonsense and starts punching air.*
  12. *Donald Gibson wakes up with a rolling paper sticked on his forehead. He opens his laptop and starts browsing the Internet until he stumbles upon this article. He widens his eyes and writes a comment* Name: Donald Gibson Comment: Ayo what the fugg is this shit I was never in Syria I am a true AMERICAN PATRIOT!!!!! WHAT THE FUGGGG??
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