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  1. Honestly, "snitch" as much as you can. Criminals need to learn to be more subtle in their actions. There are so many open-air shootings on public squares, it's unreal. If you don't want to have the police called on you, don't do your crime infront of witnesses. Plan your action out to happen somewhere away from the public eye. 9/10 times people get the police called on them it's because of them not being careful at all. Such people have no right to hunt down anyone for 'snitching' and especially have no right to CK anyone over it just because they don't know how not to commit a felony in the open.
  2. in plenty of countries, bestiality and necrophilia are illegal to be portrayed in fiction. to my knowledge, this is not the case for cannibalism.
  3. Currently, Cannibalism-RP is completely forbidden under rule 9. This means that it is not allowed to happen at all. I'd like to suggest for this to change and that it will be treated like torture roleplay instead, where it may happen but has to be done outside of public locations and probably with consent of the victims. The reason for this being that the cannibal has been a popular "bad guy" trope ever since storytelling became a thing - and a well portrayed cannibal would make for some decent interactions, especially for LEO factions and perhaps some sort of sick cult that could form around the practice of this. A nice change to the mostly monotonous gang crime happening in LS right now. This sort of crime is also not unheard of both in history and real life - and even today there's people who practise it. Additionally, other than the depiction of bestiality, necrophilia (both understandably banned here) or the glorification of national socialism, the portrayal of cannibalist acts in fiction is, to my knowledge, largely unregulated. Some information on the IRL occurence of this in the US: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7488386/ https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/cannibalism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_incidents_of_cannibalism
  4. cannibalism rp should be allowed. its a popular "bad guy" trope since the dawn of time and there's people irl who practise it to some extent, believe it or not. A well portrayed cannibal serial killer or something would be a nice contrast to the usual gang crime we have going around
  5. SAPR and SAPA have hands down the best uniforms.
  6. Would be acceptable if the screen effects at least stayed for the full 120 minutes the game tells you you're high. However, right now it disappears after a single minute, maybe two.
  7. Detailed Description Have the screen effects of drugs stay permanently until manually turned off via /stopeffect. Relevant Commands/Items N/A How will it benefit the server? There is already a command to manually have the effects stop. There is no reason for them to be put on a countdown at which point they automatically stop, which currently is only about a minute, maybe two after taking the drugs. Screen effecst are -for those that can stomach them- a great help to be further immersed into the drug usuage roleplay and also help with properly displaying the movements and driving of a character who is on said drugs.
  8. Rekhoem


    Detailed Description A command that would allow someone who has broken into a car to leave behind a description of what the car's owner would find, such as /carjackclue The vehicle was quite smelly and it was clear someone has driven it. A handwritten note on the steering wheel reads 'Sorry' with a sad smiley drawn under it. The car's owner, or anyone entering the car, would have the entered text appear in their chatbox. This would happen every time someone enters the car until the car's owner does /clearcarjackclues or the vehicle gets /vparked or otherwise diseappears. Relevant Commands/Items /carjackclues /clearcarjackclues /cjc /clearcjc How will it benefit the server? More flavor RP to carjackings, allowing for RP to happen beyond the current "my car has moved" and "my car is gone"
  9. I just want my Blimp 😞 (These vehicle leases are a nice way of controlling certain vehicles tho)
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