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  1. Full Name: Matthew Emerson Signature: Comment (optional): Why not?
  2. i don't understand what's the issue lol
  3. I'm not sure if factions should get custom domains. I'd love to see the LS Mail website being used universally around the server, but it would change a lot on how legal factions communicate since they already have "private messages" on their forums.
  4. It does not make much sense letting people use OOC forums for IC emails when a literal IC website is made to facilitate the RP.
  5. There is an LS mail website now, so there should be an official rule prohibiting players from using GTA:W Forum PM's as IC emails.
  6. Username: JohnsonZ Comment: LOL fucking davis kids. get hit on for breaking the laws and cry about it. cringe xD go get a job
  7. Username: JohnsonZ Comment: LS County Sheriff's on top! Get all these braindead cocksuckers who shoot people as a hobby off the street!
  8. Username: JohnsonZ Comment: SHE SHOULD BE A K-POP STAR INSTEAD OF A COMMODORE. wow! she's gorgeous
  9. Username: JacksonZ Comment: America! America! God shed his grace on thee! And crowd thy hood with brotherhood from sea to shining sea! Keep communism and all that cocksuckers like the rat MeeHin and the cunt supporters trying to dismantle everything America has built.
  10. If the reported players got punished then they broke a rule, and it was report-worthy. Who is going to report you if you don't break any rules?
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