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  1. Way too low. Not planning on giving it away for 130k at any point.
  2. SOLD For Sale 1159 Palomino Ave Starting Bid - $200,000 Buyout - $300,000 Gallery
  3. Robis

    [SOLD] Comet S2

    All vehicles sold. Can lock and archive!
  4. Robis

    [SOLD] Comet S2

    Still for sale.
  5. Robis

    [SOLD] Comet S2

    Elegy and Dominator ASP has been sold! Comet S2 remaining.
  6. Robis

    [SOLD] Comet S2

    Please send me your contact information. Can't accept such offer, but thank you.
  7. Robis

    [SOLD] Comet S2

    Not interested, but thanks!
  8. Robis

    [SOLD] Comet S2

    Buyouts Elegy Retro: $250,000 SOLD Comet S2: $245,000 Dominator ASP: $99,000 SOLD Email offers ((comment below or forum PM))
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