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  1. monster girls are not furry
  2. Never had that issue myself, I'd try archive-fixing all your modded files again just to be sure. If that still doesn't work then I have no idea what's up wit that.
  3. Selling an apartment in Los Santos, Rancho. It comes with everything you'd need to live, bedroom, living room, kitchen area and a bathroom. It also comes with it's own music studio and a garage which can fit two full sized sedans. Auction Details: Starting bid: $125,000 Buyout: $190,000 Property Details: Market Price: $75,000 Furnitue Value: ~$39,500 Pictures of the property: https://imgur.com/a/ev9v6Vs Location of the property:
  4. a really few people ive seen have actually roleplayed their characters just over aging (idk if that makes any sense but ok) they start off they character late teens/early twenties and slowly start to work their way up to their thirties or forties, most people just want to have their character just be young for whatever reason
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