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  1. server has over a dozen actual issues and other problems with it and you're worried about 5 people in davis wearing masks?
  2. Voiding scenes and situations should only be used when there are seriously no other options, not because X and Y both agreed on it after having a 10 player TDM session in the city
  3. In favor of not being able to fix broken firearms, stops the Escape From Tarkov rat mentality
  4. Seeing $300k luxury sports cars/tuners looking like the ones I showed above shouldn't be a weekly sight, daily for some even.
  5. Absolutely nothing would change, the topic is about CCWs not personal firearms license.
  6. Running around and shooting everyone in the head once after downing them like its a match of kill confirmed
  7. Heavy revolver too please
  8. seeing these would be cool https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/overhauled-trains-lore-friendly-liveries
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