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  1. kristofer


    This should work without any issues as far as I know. Could be used as an alternative, no broken interiors either so everyone happy???
  2. Setting a default paying method so you don't get a menu popping up every time asking if you want to pay with cash or bank. Which obviously can be disabled too.
  3. Shouldn't be NPC'd, if there aren't any quartermasters on the spot and working, officers have the ability to clean their firearms themselves. As do most departments in the US I'd imagine. This is a "heavy text based roleplay" server afterall and we shouldn't go to NPC'ing everything.
  4. Weapon jamming and malfunctioning needs to be a thing for legal factions, everything else seems good.
  5. Do we really need separate forums for /literally/ everything? Want to make a firearm's license? Register on LSPD, then on FLD to be able to make one. Want to register your business? Yup, gotta register on the GOV forums. Be a pilot? Yup, need to register in yet another forum in order to do so. OH! Fire inspection too! You guessed it, need to register in fire marshal forums. Half of those you can't even find yourself without needing to ask for someone else for a link. But yes, either add them all to additional links or can we stop making in separate forums, somehow? Thanks! It's very annoying.
  6. Well yes, but actually no To stay on topic, not that much happens outdoors in the city that makes it worth going, just asking to get robbed no matter where you are.
  7. People have been requesting for a HP faction for years already though. That aside, I personally think the faction was in a good place when it first started (From what I've seen at least) then somewhere along the lines it took a massive nosedive. The focus of the faction should've been education, community relations and everything else surrounding that. I have yet to see any real effort on that side of things myself and as of now, speed enforcement and general policing around the parks seems to be the jam at the moment.
  8. RageMP just isn't optimized to have as many objects streamed in as many as there right now. Reason why most people experience lower frame rates in certain areas.
  9. 46929892, I'm available to pick it up right now.
  10. Offering $95.000. (( @Volkoff ))
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