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  1. Another problem, guys related to character development. So, at the mean time I developing an Italian-American character he is roleplaying with a sub-faction that is part of the Italian mafia faction. Now, the issue I have is that at that point, I am not able to progress with character development because I want to start a small business, and due to my RP I am roleplaying that this character is not reach or poor, but he is in the middle. Now I am afraid from one thing, that if I planned to start a RP business (Not clubs or bars) I may break my character development, because my character RPly still doesn't have money to buy an office and physical location he can use to start the business. So, I was wondering is there anyway I approach that kind of RP and my character RPly is not reach to be able to get the business ready or no? I really like to progress the character development in a way that opening a business will come naturally with Roleplaying. So, how can I start a business without breaking my character development plan or how can I approach that kind of RP without breaking my character development?
  2. I like the character development. Keep up the good rp.
  3. Keep up yhe good roleplay guys.
  4. Okay, so I did as you said my character actually have two jobs, he work as a trucker for a company and he is working for a mechanic garage in the city due to the lack of hiring in the countryside garages. Actually, I am doing all of that like I need to know what type of lifestyle the character can I go for to make a believable biker character. I need to know what my character can do during his off duty from the mechanic job and trucker, like the everyday life. Like do I need to make my character to be living in a trailer park or do I need him to buy a trailer. I am looking for what types of activities my character can do during his free time without breaking the character development.
  5. I made a lot of biker characters, but the problem I have every time I create a new character is how can I develop the biker character solo during the time the faction member are not around or when I am still trying to make my way inside the faction. Like how to develop a biker character in a good way to make it fine during the times the members are not around. Like what is the day to day life of biker character, like how does the day to day life of a hanground or trying to be a biker goes. That the problem I need to know how can I develop a biker character. I know that some of you will say that the way of developing the character is up to you, but I would like to get some advice how to develop ad realistic countryside guy in a way that will turn him into a biker.
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