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  1. Illegal roleplayers are instigating lol. Just doing it as a blanket seems unreasonable to me, especially if we're gonna say the criminal who failed in one way or another gets to just PK and move on, just my perspective. For clarity I'm not saying there isn't any situation where that should happen, nor do I think CCW holders should be acting as vigilantes.
  2. I'm responding to a guy saying people who use their CCWs should automatically be arrested for up to 72 hours when that would result in many cases where they iced some would be robber or shooter of some type who then gets to just accept death and move on? That isn't silly?
  3. No I'm just assuming a proper use of CCW, being someone defending themselves against a criminal. Idk any catgirls brother.
  4. If we're gonna do that then it shouldn't just be an accept death PK and move on for the criminal that literally instigates this entire thing.
  5. How's about the fact you were seemingly complaining CCW holders use them to kill illegal roleplayers as if that isn't sorta what it's intended for.
  6. Should probably spell dyslexic right if you're gonna call people retarded in the same sentence.
  7. A lot of the mech prices don't really correlate to the amount of time needed to actually do the work. For example changing the locks on a car in reality would take way less time than doing a full respray, yet the prices don't really show that.
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